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Posted: 1 months ago

Hello, lovely readers, hope you are doing great. Just a reminder Be safe and Take care

PS: Wrote this earlier for Shaheer - Tejasswi on their song "Ae Mere Dil" but now made slight changes for SaiRat.

Happy Reading!


How some events in life can make it difficult for you to trust people, especially loved ones.

Every broken heart gets a second chance, but it is up to you to embrace it.


PART 1: 

(A young girl wearing jeans, black kurti, and open hair comes out of her room with a bag of chips.)

Girl: Sai, walk fast we have to complete this round to win the game.

Sai: Here I am Radhika.

Radhika: Give me some too!

Sai: Of course!

(Sai and her friend, Radhika, gave the chips and continued playing the video game’s last round.)

Sai: Yes, we won! 

(Sai dances in happiness.)

Radhika: Congrats!

Sai: I knew it! We will do it!

Radhika: Yeh lo, ek game hi toh jeeti hain aur itna khush ho rahi hain. Jab pyaar ho jaaye na, tab baat karna. 

Sai: Shayadh woh bhi ho, you never know, jaane kaun kahan mil jaaye. 

Radhika: You are beautiful, sensible, to be doctor and rich. You have all the qualities, you will soon find your true love.

Sai: True love status dekh ke nahin hota, bas ho jata hain. Love is selfless which can overpower any bad memories, it has the power to heal wounds.

(Sai smiles, and wishes to meet her true love soon.)

(Change of Scene)

(A handsome young boy is staring outside of the window, remembering the tragic incident that happened in his life changing him completely.)


(A girl is being intimate with a guy when her boyfriend is not home. Little did she know her boyfriend, whom she thought went out, came home and witnessed the most heartbreaking moment. Seeing his girlfriend so close to another guy in his absence, made his heart break.)

Boy: Virat? 

(Virat wipes his tears, and fake smiles.)

Virat: Haan, bolo Sunny? 

(Sunny, Virat’s friend, understood that he was thinking about his relationship.)

Sunny: Tu phir se wahi soch raha tha na? 

(Virat, with moisty eyes and a cracking voice, responded.)

Virat: Toh kya karoon? Woh yaadein peecha hi nahin chodte. 

Sunny: Virat, it was not your fault at all. Why are you feeling that way about something you did not do? Pakhi did not deserve you. 

Virat: I gave everything to my first relationship, and that’s what I got. Why? 

Sunny: Upar waale ne tere liye acha hi socha hoga. 

Virat: Uss dard se mujhe phir nahin guzarna. I can’t make the same mistake again. 

(Virat walks out of the room holding back his tears.)

Sunny: You will see, there will be someone to heal your wounds. She will be your true love Virat.

(Sunny wishes that someone can share his pain, and fill his life with happiness.)

(Change of Scene)

1 year later

(Virat is sitting alone in a restaurant. He hears people screaming near the poolside. Virat rushes to see what is happening. He sees a girl yelling for help, as she is drowning. Without thinking, even for a second, he jumps into the save the girl. He picks her up, and lays her down.)

Virat: Are you ok?

(Radhika rushes to the pool area to see if the girl is ok.)

Radhika: Sai, are you ok? Pool mein kaise gir gayi?

Sai: Yes, I am fine. Arrey, ek bacha girne wala tha toh I tried to save him par phir mera pair phisal gaya, and I fell in.

(Virat looks at Sai, and feels a connection with her.)

Sai: Thank you for saving me.

Virat: Take care. 

(Virat leaves the restaurant, and Sai feels a connection with him.)

(Change Of Scene)

(Sai again goes to the same restaurant the next day to meet Virat. She sees him sitting in the corner table, and walks up to him.)

Sai: Hey!

Virat: Aap yahan?

Sai: Haan, woh main yahan aati jaati reheti hoon. By the way, I am Sai, Sai Joshi.

(Sai extends her hand.)

Virat: I am Virat, Virat Chavan.

(Virat shakes her hand, and both feel some connection with each other.)

Sai: Thank you so much for saving me yesterday. 

Virat: Aur aap ne kal bhi thank you kaha tha. 

Sai: Oh, sorry. 

Virat: It’s ok. Aur main bhi yahan aksar aata jaata reheta hoon 

to spend some alone time. 

Sai: Main bhi. 

(Sai could sense the sadness in his voice, and see the pain in his eyes. But she could not ask him, as it was their first meeting.)

Sai: Toh what do you do?

Virat: I am an IPS officer! 

Sai: Wow!  

(Virat gets comfortable with Sai quickly. It felt like they knew each other for so long.)

Virat: Should I drop you home?

Sai: Ok. 

(Virat and Sai leave the restaurant in Virat’s car.)

(Change of Scene)

6 months later 

~Virat and Sai have become very good friends over the span of six months. Both of them hold a very special place in each other’s life, but Sai likes Virat more than as a friend. However, Virat just sees her as his best friend. Because of the betrayal he received in the past, he does not want to fall in love with anyone again~

(Virat and Sai went out for dinner at a very beautiful beachside restaurant.)

(Virat is wearing khaki pants with a black shirt and Sai is wearing a black dress.)

Virat: Achanak dinner ka plan? Kyun?

Sai Achanak nahin. 

Virat: Ok, anything special?

Sai: I hope it is special, but let’s see. 

(Sai lovingly looks at Virat.)

Virat: ok. 

(Sai signals the waiter to come with the special dish she had ordered. Virat raises his eyebrows asking what is it?)

Sai: You were the first guy who I had felt an instant connection with after we met. I hope this does not change our friendship.

(Sai wants to propose Virat and let him know about her feelings for him, thinking he likes her too.)

(Sai removes the lid covering the plate, which has a small cake, and “Will You Be Mine Forever” written on it.

(Virat's expression changes, as he remembered how he had proposed to Pakhi a year back, and again thinks of the betrayal. Sai looks at him with hopeful eyes with a smile on her face.)

Ae Mere Dil

Na Phir Kisi Se Ishq Kar

Ae Mere Dil

Na Us Gali Se Phir Guzar

Please ignore the mistakes. 

Comment down your thoughts below ♥️

Posted: 1 months ago

Hmmmm... nice! Very interesting👍🏻👍🏻

I like how Virat and Sai didn't start fighting the moment they saw each other😂

I like how they felt a connection and it gradually progressed towards a very special friendship and not exactly pyaar ishq from the first meeting itself. Reminded me of the video Ae mere dil😊

But it felt good reading it👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Posted: 1 months ago

Interesting and another cliff hanger. I can’t take this . But it was very refreshing :)

Posted: 1 months ago

It's amazing loved it plz continue. 

Posted: 1 months ago

Oh no...Sai ne propose toh kiya but dont think virat will say yes :( 

Posted: 1 months ago

Its soo beautifulsmiley42

They did not fight at allsmiley42

I like the friendship bond between Sairatsmiley42

Im feeling scared Virat will reject Sai proposal😳

He is still hurt with the betrayal

Looking forward to read next update🤗

Posted: 1 months ago

Very  interesting  plz continue 

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 

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