3 & 4 April Episode Discussion

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Posted: 10 days ago

How was this weekend? What were your favorite performances?

Posted: 6 days ago

Finally caught up!

Gujarat vs Punjab. This was one of my fave episodes, I think I enjoyed almost every single performance and everyone was fabulous!  I also love having the other captains there to judge the teams too I like hearing their comments. I also love that little kid they bring to troll Karan, he’s honestly one of the highlights for me smiley37

So Gujarat has been my fave team from the start (Gujarat is my ancestral state lol so I’m biased) and I love Bhoomi and Javed so they’ve been my faves along with Bengal Tigers. Punjab has been growing on me, they’ve been giving fun performances and utilizing their team more. I thought it was interesting seeing Bengal have both their captains for judging, I’m assuming Payal and Ankit had been busy.

Gujarat’s Mor Bani Thangat group performance was great! I thought everyone was utilized really well and I loved the harmonies too and YES to the song from Hellaro! It’s such a great song and Bhoomi was awesome in the original. Divya’s performance was great too but I thought he sounded a bit flat (but I blame my TV’s sound for that) I kinda wish they would not let teams and single performance compete I feel that’s unfair. I liked how they did the Holi episode when both teams competed. Especially now that the teams have found their groove and can experiment more. I feel it’s unfair to compare a group performance and a solo one.

Asees-Rupali. They both were in their element and I enjoyed their performance a lot! I’m waiting for Asees to sing one of her softer songs now like Ve Maahi or Jaan Ban Gaye. Rupali’s one of my faves from the newer singers so it’s always a delight to hear her, they both harmonize really well. 
Bhoomi - had a rocking performance as well, those scores were apt! I also loved the small Neha-Bhoomi moment during her scoring.

my stream was buffering during Hemant’s performance so I couldn’t hear it much. However I did like Shehnaaz’s performance a lot

Javed-Laaj, Laaj is so underrated IMO she needs to sing more. Javed did a great job though. Punjab’s party song was great, I think it’s good that Mika and the girls perform, they do a great team performance along with good visuals IMO (also wtf was up with Rupali’s make up today) Shehnaaz did well complementing them too. He’s becoming one of my faves in the show. Divya did great too, I love how all the teams are slowly using all of their players, it’s much better than the Vande Mahatram song they did a few weeks ago. However I do agree with Shaan that Bengal does the best at utilizing all their talent and giving everyone a chance to shine and the focus was all on Mika on this one.

Javed and Divya’s performance was my fave performance of the episode! I couldn’t pick who did better they were both incredible. Overall I give Gujarat a slight edge because of that first group performance but Punjab gave them quite a takkar, I think however Punjab will end up winning the audience vote 

Posted: 6 days ago

Originally posted by Tani91

So Gujarat has been my fave team from the start (Gujarat is my ancestral state lol so I’m biased) and I love Bhoomi and Javed so they’ve been my faves along with Bengal Tigers. 

@Bold: Gujarat is my home state too! I loved Gujarat's performances this week. I was hoping to hear Mor bani thangat kare on IPML and my wish came true! It was fabulous. And their performance on Vagyo re dhol was amazing too. 🙌🏼😊

I'm glad you like Gujarat and Bengal. They are both my favorite teams too but are unfortunately at the bottom. 😢

I don't remember the rest of the episode, but I loved Shehnaaz's solo performance too and the face-off in the end. 

Still haven't watched Bengal and Mumbai's league match yet. I'm most looking forward to the face-off between Mismi and Rachit on Albela Sajan. All the new singers in this show deserve more praise: Laaj, Priyanshi, Mismi, Rachit.

Posted: 6 days ago

I honestly am baffled at Bengal being in the bottom for public votes. Shaan is arguably the most popular singer in the show, he’s the one with the lasting career and Bengal has been giving incredible performances! Akriti too has quite a following from her youtube channel  and regional songs, so I’m shocked that they’re not rated higher. Honestly they should be number 1! They haven’t had a bad performance yet IMO. Yet they’re rated lower and even during that spotlight round they critiqued Nikita the most, idk what’s up with that. Plus the Javed vs Shaan stuff is there too and it sucks because I love both of these teams and their captains and their points are valid. I think Kailash, Javed, Akriti and Shaan all have given apt scorings with good rationale and I find it so irritating that everyone expects a 6 all the time like ugh. 

And yes I have yet to see the Mumbai vs Bengal one too. Looking forward to Bengal and I hope Shilpa has returned! Honestly I am absolutely loving all the female captains and their performances! I like all 6 of the ladies, from the males I only care for Shaan and Javed. Kailash already performed Saiyan and Meri Deewani so I don’t care about him anymore lol , Sajid and Mika are meh, Ankit is also meh at times. 

Edited by Tani91 - 6 days ago
Posted: 5 days ago

Mumbai vs Bengal. Bengal is my fave team on the show and Mumbai is my 3rd fave. So I was excited to see this plus I liked everyone’s song selection so I enjoyed the episode immensely. Ok honestly now what is the point of the RJs anymore now that the captains are scoring the performances. I feel like they’re pointless tbh. Also I’m sure this is a scheduling issue but I wish that they would have one captain from each team rather than two captains of each team coming. I also think that the judges were being too lenient  with their scores too many super sixers IMO. 

 I missed Shilpasmiley13, I hope she doesn’t have covid and she comes back soon and makes a speedy recovery. Speaking of covid, I’m surprised that they’re not practicing social distancing and mask wearing etc since the cases are rising and legit everyone in bollywood has tested positive. 

The first Bengal group performance was awesome and once again, Bengal utilized everyone so wonderfully and I loved the song selection in their performance. 
Mumbai did great too, but like Punjab they focused too much on Kailash, whereas Bengal everyone had equal lines and everyone worked more harmoniously. I agreed with Javed that Bengal is the only team to implement teamwork properly.

once again I’m glad to see Javed and Shaan being more cordial towards each other lol

I’m a little glad that they’re focusing a bit on the newer singers now it was super cute to see Purva’s family being there although I’m sure covid protocols were broken for that lol. She did good, she has great energy and is a good performer. I honestly thought the judges were being nice to her because her family was there in giving her a perfect score lol.

Bengal girls - I loved the arrangement of that song! Akriti’s confidence was great! This is my fave performance by her (and I’m super biased since she’s my fave female captain of the show lol) I loved the fusion they had with the Bengali in there too! So innovative. They deserved that super sixer.

Mumbai’s Tu Jaane Na - again this is one of my favorite songs so I’m biased I thought they were great. But on a second watch, I felt like Kailash was doing too much and they didn’t harmonize as much as they should have. 

Rituraj- I think this was the performance he really got to shine and he nailed it but I did agree with Javed that he should’ve experimented with it more since this is a song that’s done to death in every reality show. It was nice to see his journey as well, shows how much struggle goes into making it into singing. 

Shaan’s Chaar Kadam and Kuch Na Kaho. Again their fusion songs are so good! Hearing Shaan sing is just bliss

Kailash - his performance was ok but I think the jumping around made him lose a lot of the notes/Sur lol and I completely agree with Shaan that Irrfan-Kailash’s performance was much better than this solo one and I agree that them being more professional singers can experiment more and should add more innovation in their songs.

Mismi - Rachit - this was my fave performance of the night! Both were brilliant. I think the last few episodes it’s hard to pick which team does better in these face offs. 

Posted: 2 days ago

Mismi and Rachit's face-off was out of this world! I've been listening to it on loop forever!! After Ankush and Rupali's Ramta Jogi, this was the best face-off yet! smiley40


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