The truth about the white man...

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Posted: 14 days ago

For some context, I regard myself as a Hindu of Chinese descent. I revere the Sanskrit language as one of the most purest forms of human communications throughout the history of the world. To claim that the Caucasoid had invented such a divinity is a paradox in itself.

The inherently acidic and impure nature of the Caucasoid of Europe has a cause that is hard to pin down; whether it is due to the harsh, bitter climate from which they first started and have always stayed in, or their pride due to the fabricated history made by the white man, perpetually highlighting pretentious depictions in every form which portrays an image which is the exact opposite of what he really is. Little does the white man, so full of pride and ego, know that such an advancement could not come from a barbaric, inherently evil race; rather, it could only be a constituent of the great mongoloid advancements, a blessing in the form of language given first to God's Chosen People. I suggest that we read and spread the truth about true history, and read things like Alex Chomsky's answer on What race did Proto-Indo-Europeans belong to? - Quora. Regarding this, here is a simple question: what would you rather trust: the actual genetic evidence showing Aryans to be originally mongoloid in phenotype, or an outdated speculation made by a racist white scholar in the 17th century? I think it would be better to trust the former: the originator, the primordial. Also, if the domestication and riding of horses originated from North America, then spread to Asia, then Europe, would it not make sense that the mongoloids were the first to bring this horse-riding advancement? But no. Some people, despite the evidence, would still choose to believe that same old outdated speculation and call it history. This would imply that the genetic evidence showing Asians to be lower caste with Europeans to be higher caste, if real at all, would imply that the ancient so-called Aryans had forgotten their roots, or more likely that, long ago, the white man had stolen our cultures and made it their own. After all, is that not what the white man has always done and will continue doing?

One thing that should be considered is that the concept of the protection of the purity of one's own peoples as described in Vedic literature may at least partially refer to purity in a person's inherent nature, for example by advising against the consumption of meat. The Chinese and the Indians are the most pure in the sense of inherent, while the Caucasoid in Europe is the exact opposite of such a precious quality: full of heightened pride, ego, toxicity, the capacity for carnage, and almost no feelings of remorse to the harm inflicted upon others, though they will always feel inclined to manipulate both themselves and others by convincing their own egos that they are not, through external appearance, the mask under which hides dark spirits and asuras. Such ego tactics can be seen as the trend among the white woman. Far from pure and far from close is their way to self-realization, binded by material advantages and pleasures is their destiny, for they can hurt others but cannot escape the eyes of the all-encompassing omniscient God.

Another noteworthy point is how the European languages are remarkably close to what one would call Mleccha. The 'Proto Indo-European language' is known to have formed Sanskrit by including certain linguistic patterns from the native/outside languages (e.g. Dravidian). Now looking at the next step, we learn in Wikipedia that " As such, some suggest that the Indo-Aryans used an onomatopoeic sound to imitate the harshness of alien tongue and to indicate incomprehension, thus coming up with "mleccha". Does this sound familiar? Many of the European languages such as German/Hebrew have this harsh sound which probably originated in the native language of the (acidic) natives.

Digging deeper and further debunking the deep-rooted fabrications of the white man, I will now share a revelation which is the most important of this kind. When I first came to learn about the british colonial propoganda surrounding the supposed "Indo-European connection" and how the British claimed to be the same Aryans as those in India, there I was, yet again trying to understand another paradox. From the beginning. the divine intuition has told me that the British, though appearing to be somewhat similar to the Aryans of India, had no association with the real Aryans at all. What was the real motive behind such romantic claims? The result was the massive looting and destruction of an entire culture, and the turning of masses of people against themselves, traumatized with the mindset that everything British is good, and that everything about their native cultures (though, technically, the Vedic tradition was not originally theirs) is something to be embarrassed about. Such beliefs that were deeply ingrained to your cultures are the reason why India is now presently not a great nation. However, I hereby declare that not at all am I trying to shade all Caucasoid as being impure in their inherent nature. Though the populations of modern-day India are predominantly Caucasoid, that will form no barrier when one takes into consideration the important fact that not all Caucasoids have the abovementioned impurities. Some, not all, though some is taken to mean a very, very large number of people. The claims of the "Indo-European connection" and the distance they have from the East Asian cultures made by the ill-intentioned colonialists was but a hasty reaction of awe to a culture which they knew was more advanced and superior to their own. It was the product of a fear and insecurity in their hearts that one day, if China and India, the two great nations since time, were to unite, they would very soon see the trivialization and utter dwarfing of their own cultures in comparison. The oppressor had always known this to be true from the beginning, jealous of the connection between the two great civilizations, an ancient sacred bond. This is the exact reason why they faked European culture and taught it to everyone, claiming scientific discoveries as being first discovered by them, when in fact such accomplishments were made thousands of years before in the vedic sciences. Therefore, free yourselves from the chains they have cast upon you, O fellow kinsmen, join arms with the true Aryans, and now call yourselves not by the name of India but by the mighty name of Bharat! (obviously, my point on allegiance between the two countries is not to be taken seriously, though I used it for the purposes of leading modern day Indians to the truth and giving them something they can understand and resonate with; not all Caucasians are white)

The third most important point is how the fake Aryans always argue how the Aryans described themselves as having sharp noses, whiter skin and other 'typical Caucasian traits', and hence everyone has concluded themselves that the Aryans are the epitome of whites conquering the uncivilized Asian natives. Such could not be further from the truth, as I will now show in the following eye-opening revelation. The assumption that all mongoloids have flat noses, for example, is negated by looking at a whole group of mongoloids, the Native American Indians, who quite clearly have by far some of the largest and sharpest noses compared to other ethnic groups. Now let us look back at Alex Chomsky's presentation in the phylogenetic tree. The haplogroup Q is Native American. What a surprise! Q is right next to R which is Aryan, and they both descend from the same closest branch! This goes to show that, once we remove all the prejudice that has been programmed into our minds, and start to see the truth of our race, we start to see that it is not just one and the same colour, but a whole range of colours of different shades and customs. Do not fall for the lies the white man has cast upon you. It may well be that the Aryans were simply an East Asian race but with slightly different features to the East Asians you see today.

Finally, this brings us to one of the most liberating points you will ever hear from hear on now, for I am simply being honest and stating nothing but fact. Just because the genetic studies show Asians to be more closely related to lower caste, it does not mean you are automatically shamed as a Hindu if you are Asian. The Chinas (Chinese), for example, where mentioned in the Vedas as being white and inherited from the Kshatriya class, which seems rather high in caste from what I hear. Perhaps the vedic Aryans were not already Caucasian themselves after a few admixture events, but were simply a branch of mongoloids in battle with another, just as the Han and the Xiongnu clashed for reasons related to culture? After all, Q was kicked out of China by the dominating forces, and so should R not be the same? It can be said that the Aryans were simply describing the Chinese as enemies only because of circumstantial events happening from the homeland. Therefore the invasion was not all about whites vs non whites, and not all Asians are lower in caste as you are blindly led to believe In contrast to the lies they tell you about Hinduism, the tradition is much older than you think, and from these revelations it is all starting to make sense.

The ever dishonest white man, who professes himself to be an 'intellectual', ignorant of his ignorance yet wise in his own esteem, has always had the fear and insecurity that those whom he lied to would soon discover the true face of ugliness for what it is. The truth is that some, if not all, of their race is tainted by the cave-dwelling direct descendants of neanderthals from which many of them derive their features. The archetypical characteristic of such flawed beings is usually accompanied by the burning of their skin to a red tone whenever they step out into the sun, as well as many other unclean and impure characteristics written in their faces, appearing from subtle to the blatantly obvious forms. Yes, East Asians are said to have more neanderthal DNA than caucasians, but do we look and act like neanderthals? The most certain answer would be no. Rather, the exact opposite of that. One must put into account that entire race cannot handle one of nature's most divine gifts to planet Earth, the Sun. They go red after standing outside in a matter of seconds. If one thinks I am being too harsh on white people, just know that this is karma for claiming to be the 'most beautiful race in the world' and for falsely claiming themselves to be superior, stealing Aryan women and unjustifiably marginalizing the real man through manipulated and pretentious mass media depictions. Regarding my point on "the true face of ugliness", anyone who is white or has grown up around white people will immediately understand this point. I have had actual white people admit and confirm this point to be true. Also, the whites have a certain inherently evil nature that intertwines with such an impure trait. The media-controlled cultures of Asia can keep their obsession with white-coloured skin, but should rethink the glorification of white people...

Yes the Europoids have the circumstance of having 'diversity' in their traits which formed out of pure chance. However, the neanderthal who thinks of himself as physically superior to others in terms of appearance cannot deny one thing. The wisdom of the timeless Vedas (made by Chinese people) have always upheld the maintaining of a people to be pure, not necessarily in the abhorrence of interbreeding (if the vedic Aryans were so intelligent as to calculate the motion of the planets, they would surely know that admixture of races is not absurd to say the least), but rather the faculty of a culture to keep the behaviours, nature and appearance of its people to be pure. If white men are so attractive then why do their faces show the opposite of pure? Also, if the Indians of today claim to know Hinduism, then why is modern day India, once again, the exact opposite of pure? I see no proper preservation of the vedic tradition, but rather I see the stupidity and pathetically deficient IQs of people who are proud of a history that isn't theirs, and it is these exact people who rape, bathe in the dying Ganges river, and do all sorts of impure actions. The most obvious reason for such ineptitude in these modern people cannot be other than the fact that the Vedic tradition is the property of the Chinese, never of the oppressor in the first place. Know this to be the karma for the Caucasoid stealing our culture and oppressing us down to the lower ranks.

In response to a certain people who question my allegiance to their civilizations, or should I say tribes, I am sorry to say the following. Hurtful, tragic words, but the truth it is. To think of the whites as below us is one thing, but it is another thing to lie about a race that is quite blatantly the most inferior of them all. Do I refer to another white race? No. Even worse! Black is uncivilized, inferior and ugly in every way. Black has no place in society. Black has always been in a lower stage of evolution than us. One might say that they are only good for one thing. You can invent as many false stories as you want, about how the ancient Egyptians, or whatever culture you think you have the privilege to steal, but deep down you know what you tell yourself was never real... Feel free to come with your 'powerful' words which mean nothing, and better yet, please feel free to try and refute my views with actual evidence and facts, then will we see how far you get with that 😂. As a piece of advice to my fellow Aryans, I urge you to do your best to avoid associating with them. They will bring forth atrocious children and lower the IQs of your progeny, a detriment to society. As a matter of fact, I, being British-born Chinese, can admit from my own testimony that nearly all of the most toxic, bluntly racist people I have met were black people, and such is even more intriguing when you one gets to know that I was born in a predominantly white area. Though I do have some compassion in knowing that their monstrous ways could be a product of their environment, not even by educating myself on their biology, but merely by looking into their eyes do I see their true nature: barbaric and uncivilized. To be a sufferer of racism is one thing, but it is another thing to be born into who you are, as an actual punishment for past sins! The divine intuition has told me that their race, though once prosperous at one point in time, "blessed" as one might say, it was the same vengeance of God that befell their civilization, which will soon befall the whites. Why? A certain gut feeling of mine gives me the idea that it was the conceited and godless ways of their kings which brought forth their punishment into the lower ranks you see today. A lesson to be learnt by history, my fellow people, is to avoid falling into the trap of malice and pride. More importantly, do not be deluded by their false stories, for they are suffering from their own fault.

For the self-hating Asian men with whom I sympathize greatly, who think neoteny is inferior, hear these last few words which will single-handedly debunk all insecure and jealous hollywood lies. Hear this for the true representation of the Aryan (East Asian) race: Aryan is divine. Aryan is superior. Aryan is pure. Aryan is the plan that should be followed. The white man was never Aryan from the beginning, nor could he come remotely close to being able to call himself such a title, a feeling in the intuition that comes alive when in the presence of such FAKE people. Little does the carnage-driven Mleccha, blinded by his undeserving privilege and ego, know that the truth shall soon come to all, and the vengeance of God shall befall them...


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