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Posted: 15 days ago


Cricketthe most popular game in India capable of thrilling many people!

And now that IPL is starting, myself and Mani are here with a new game.smiley14smiley16

Ladies and gentlemen,

fans of the 8 teams of IPL 

puts your hands together and welcome to

the first


What do you have to do?

It’s simple...Look into your magic ball, predict the following five things for each match and get points.

-Winning Team ( 4 points)

-Man of the Match ( 4 points)

-Hit most 6 ( 4 points)

-Takes most wickets ( 4 points)

-Makes most runs  ( 4 points)

And of course, you have to predict also for whole Tournament! [Each right prediction at the end of tournament gives you 100 points!]

-Winning Team of IPL 2021

-4 qualifiers

-Orange Cap Holder (leading run scorer)

-Purple Cap Holder ( leading wicket-taker)

-Most Valuable Player



-All your predictions for daily match has to be PMed to WildestDreams and braveheartdoc. 

Deadline is going be 5 minutes before match begins. The whole fixtures schedule will be posted so it’s easy keep to track of all the matches. 

[On weekends, there are two matches! So deadline will be 3.25 PM IST for first match and for second time it is  7.25 PM IST]

- No points are deducted if you make the wrong prediction for daily match. There are bonus points though which will be revealed in the first match which is Mumbai Indians vs Royal Challengers Bangalore on 9th April at 7.30 PM IST

-Predictions for the whole tournament has the following deadline: 9th April 19.00 PM IST.

In this scenario, if you make changes during the championship points will be deducted. So pick up the name carefully!smiley15


Deadline to sign up for the championship is

8th April 23.59 IST! 

Any queries, doubts feel free to ask in this thread!



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🏏  FAQ 🏏

Originally posted by Unique.Sheep

acha, so this tournament is from 9 april until 30 may right? Winner announcement will be on 31st then? Yes to both!

Tournament predictions kab bhejne hain? Deadline is 9th April 19.00 PM IST. If you change prediction during the game, it will cosg you points!

Also during tournament will we be able to discuss our predictions here or not? 

Daily match prediction can be discussed after the match begins, not before. 

Originally posted by dusk2dawn

Captain is sending the teams and stats no??

This year I missed the auction so even I don’t know much. But I know which players are in form. smiley36

I am compiling player list for each team. I will make another thread and post there along with fixture schedule. 

Originally posted by Armu4eva

Parm & Mani..great contest..

Just one query does a participant have to guess for each of the match once we sign up? What happens if we miss posting for a match? Do we get disqualified? Or only points are cut?

You only have to guess for each match daily. 

For the whole tournament, predictions has to be sent by 9th April 19.00 IST. If you make any change here, you lose points.

You aren’t disqualified if you miss a match, you simply don’t get point for that match.

Originally posted by TC_FA

Can we get a choice to put 2 names while doing whole tournament predictions? As it will be quite difficult we don't know whether that one player we are predicting will be playing the whole tournament or not.

Yes, for the whole tournament you give two nominations (except for Winning Team and 4 qualifiers of coursesmiley36) with first name being your first choice.

Originally posted by Savera84

Let me see if I got this correct or not.

We are supposed to make a prediction for the whole tournament even before a single ball is bowled for the tournament.  This is going to be interesting.

For daily matches we need to send in our predictions until 5 minutes before the start of the match. 

I have couple of questions. 

Some international players will have national commitments and they might leave the tournament half way through.

Are you going to list any such players?

If we predict someone to win an Orange cap or a Purple cap or most valuable player and it they get injured and leave the tournament, will we get to predict someone else without losing any points?

Thanks in advance.


1- I am going to list all players part of team. I will mark it down if a player has withdrawn from this season.

2- You can give nominations for Orange/Purple Cap and Most Valuable Player with first name being your first choice. If he gets injured, your second option will automatically became your first option and you won’t lose any point.

Originally posted by Unique.Sheep

so second choice ke kam points mileinge?

also for 4 qualifiers, if we got 1 or 2 of them correct, will we get any points?

When you make 2 choices, in case your first choice leaves or is eliminated,  we take your second choice as the choice in that case n it gets 100 pts if its correct. 

However if your first Choice is wrong n second one is right you get 50 points.

For the qualifiers, 2 or 3 right get you 50 pts and all 4 get you 100 pts. No points for just 1 correct. 

Originally posted by hbkrocks

Before I start my research, I have one question to ask


What happens if 2 or more player are tied for most runs/wickets in a match Will they all get points or SR and economy will be taken into consideration.

You get full points if you guess both correct however you get half points if any 1 is correct. 

Originally posted by Savera84

I have another question.

Can you please tell me out of the following predictions, where can we pick two choices and where are we restricted to pick only one choice.

For daily matches

-Winning Team

-Man of the Match

2 choices in these 3

-Hit most 6s

-Takes most wickets

-Makes most runs

However your first choice will be considered as your answer. Both the choices considered only in case of tie. So mention after a good thought. 

For the whole tournament

-Winning Team of IPL 2021

-4 qualifiers

2 choices in these 3

-Orange Cap Holder (leading run scorer)

-Purple Cap Holder ( leading wicket-taker)

-Most Valuable Player

Regarding these I've already mentioned that 2nd choice gets full points only if 1st choice player leaves. You get 50 points if your second Choice is correct.

Originally posted by Daphnes

if you make changes during the championship points will be deducted. 

How many points are going to be deducted for a change and till when we can make changes?

You can change your tournament predictions as many time as you want. You’ll lose points each time you make one change.

If you change within the first 10 matches, we deduct 10 points for each change.

11th to 25th, we deduct 20 points for each change.

26th to 40th we deduct 30 points for each change.

41st onwards 40 points for each.

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Posted: 15 days ago

Thank you so much Aloo Chaat for thissmiley31

But sadly I dont watch IPL

Except knowing the teams I have zero knowledge about Cricket

So nah I cannot playsmiley36

Posted: 15 days ago

Good efforts Mani and Parm. smiley27Lovely initiative. 

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Posted: 15 days ago

This looks better than the riddles... 

Sign me up please!!

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