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Hi ! It's my first ff here ! I don't know if anyone still Care about qh1 ! But I love this serie so much especially ayan and humiara couple , there's so many things happened in the serie which I didn't love , so when I find this set I decided to write some ff and share this with you ! This is my ff , in this ff , there's no zoyaan drama , asya get married , tanver in jail 😁 ! There are some mistakes and I apologize for that because I am not good enough in English, I hope you like it! 


- The house was decorated, a lot of roses, a lot of gifts and attendees, it was the wedding day! In front of the mirror, the bride was sitting and preparing to put some cosmetics on her face, but in fact she looked beautiful even without any point of make-up! She herself does not believe that it is her wedding day, and that she will finally marry her childhood friend and the only person she has loved all her life , ayaan ! She can't believe the truth that she will be " humiara sedeqqi Ahmet khan " ! Just a few hours later ! she have dreamed of this since childhood and the dream is coming true, but the reality looks more beautiful than the dream , And as ayaan told her, she looks beautiful in wedding clothes , The red Embroidered Georgette Saree " I don't know the name of bride clothes "  makes her looks so beautiful , and of course the jewelry that she wore added a special touch , She was wearing a lot of diamond-encrusted jewelry, of course she is her father's only princess, and it is no wonder that she possesses all this amount of jewelry ... When she finished preparing herself, she headed towards a bed and sat on it, stretched her legs towards her chest and concealed her face by the veil, in Waiting for the rest to come to take her to her wedding procession ... He opened the door gently, made her ask who was coming, and when she raised her head and looked at someone she had found her father, “Abbu!” She said with amazement! " Humiara , beta , why you are shocked? I Can't see my daughter on her special day? " Siad gaffur with a smile , " Nahi Abbu , But I was amazed, I was waiting for the girls to come to pick me up, so when I saw you, I was shocked," humiara answered ...

- " There is still some time for the procession to come, I wanted to see you before the wedding, I can't believe my little girl has become old and is going to marry! You were in my lap yesterday the size of a pea, look how old you today and you will marry ! I was the one who always said that I would never give my daughter to anyone. "He said it in a happy and sad voice at the same time!

- " Children always grow up Abbu , I am very happy because God prolonged your life and made me take a bride out of your house and under your wing! I am very happy! I know that you are sad and even I feel a little sad, but we will continue to live together in the same house, why sadness? Is it usually that we mourn and cry in the joys? "She said with a small smile

- " yes beta , children always grow up ! But I am surprised at the speed of time. My daughter, to whom I was telling stories last night, became today's bride! " He headed to her and sat next to her on the bed and continued, saying " When you was young, you were afraid to sleep alone, you used to make excuses to sleep in our room, me and your mother, you slept in the middle of us, and I used to tell you stories before bed, I did not finish the stories even when I found you fell asleep and succumbed to sleep! To day , before you become someone else's wife, and as you are still my daughter, only my daughter, I want to tell you a story, a long story!

... Several years ago, there was a rich man who belonged to a respectable and influential family, this man was married to a woman he did not know anything about her , traditional marriage, he had no objection to that at all, he married that woman and went to America to complete the business of the company, there he got acquainted with One of them fell in love with her! But he was already married, it was difficult for him to leave his wife for his beloved, so he left his beloved, basically his family did not accept this love story at all, when he left the woman he loved who was pregnant and he was not aware of this, God blessed him with a very beautiful daughter, but unfortunately he did not It was not there when her mother gave birth to her! He wouldn’t have known about her existence had it not been for the coincidences of fate. After two years, with certainty, his wife found that daughter and brought her to him, not to live with her, but to see her one time. His wife did not accept the idea that her husband had another daughter , So she allowed him to see her for one time before sending her to the orphanage, and the man met his daughter for the first and last time, he wanted to keep his daughter but he had no trick, not to mention his wife accepts his daughter, his family will never accept this daughter! And so he abandoned his daughter forever. When he met her, he wanted to give her something to tie her up with, so he gave her an egg-shaped music box, and then he kissed her and left her without looking behind him again. After years he be father for another girl who looks like the moon, he loved her very much and give her everything that he possesses, love, tenderness and everything! He never failed her right, and unlike his eldest daughter, this daughter has always grown by his side, she was his only daughter anyway, this is what fate imposed on him, on his daughter's third birthday he wanted to give her a music box which looks like an egg, but her mother stopped it, she said she was still young and had smashed it, so the father decided to hide this box until his daughter became old, the years passed and the girl got older, the father is old, and he is now ready To Give the music box to his daughter, because she has become old and mature to understand that this box is a memory of her father and a family bond " Narrated gaffur for her daughter this story , his story , With a lot of tears and a hoarse and agonizing voice ! He uncovers the egg-shaped musice box, opens it and starts playing a tune " Zoya music box tune ! " , On the other hand, there was humiara , who seemed affected by the story and was about to cry! , " What happened to the oldest daughter of this man ? " humiara Asked her father , Before gaffur said anything , humiara heared the same tune of her box music , this tune It was coming from somewhere nearby , When humiara raised her head towards the door, she found zoya there, carrying the box that emits that tone. She looked smiling despite the pain that was on her face , humiara looked at long at Zoya , once at her face and once at the music box she was carrying , " this means that me and ... " Asked humiara her father And tears began to fall on her cheeks , gaffur shook his head , "Yes, dear, you and I are sisters!" Said Zoya ! At that moment everyone was crying , gaffur , Humaira , Zoya ! Zoya wiped tears from her cheeks, opened her arms, then said, "If the bride will allow me to hug my sister, I want to hug my sister!" Humiara lifted her dress a little and got up from the bed, and went to Zoya and hugged her without warning, she lay in her lap and hugged her for a long time, it seems strange, she never thought of having a sister, and the strange thing about this is that her real sister is the same person she always considered as her sister ! Today Zoya is no longer just her friend or her predecessor's wife, today Zoya is her sister! The strange thing is that Zoya was the one who put her henna on before the wedding, she was the one who dyed her face with Haldi (turmeric) at her party " there's a party , people put the Haldi (turmeric) in face of bride , also I don't know name of this party " ! How strange that much ... " I always considered you my younger sister, I didn't know that you were really my sister! " Siad zoya , " I also have always considered you my sister, my older sister " humiara reply , After a few minutes their embrace ended, and they were meeting each other. Zoya wiped the tears from humiara's face and said, "The bride should not cry on her wedding day, you look so, very beautiful " You both look so beautiful, " gaffur said from the back , The two sisters looked at their father and smiled , Minutes later, the procession had come to take the bride. Zoya grabbed her sister and took her to the procession, and from behind her father was looking at his two daughters and he was happy , He met his two daughters, both of them are happy, one of them will marry today and the other will make him a Grandfather , "Thank you, God " Siad gaffur with a big smile , he was thankful for god ! In the other side , humiara gave a light look at ayaan , and smiled, that he is the happiest day in her life, on this day she will become the wife of the man she always loved, and she acquired a sister, and by this she will become an aunt too! She was so happy ... 

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