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Posted: 18 days ago

Inspector AGNI RAJAWAT is the hero not the villain. And this is true. But do not know why people call him 



Obsessed person 



 And many more such medals have been awarded People are saying that he is disrespectful because he treated GARIMA s sister in a rude manner. We have also seen and the kind of spectacle susheela did in the police station. She was interrupting the process of writing FIR. She treats everyone rudely and also becomes voilent. AGNI when GARIMA in her house Even when he was talking, she was interrupting without any reason.

Just then AGNI called her sister-in-law. Do not interfere between GARIMA and me.

As I said earlier, he has fallen in love with GARIMA. He is not a stalker or an obsessed person. Dr pramod too fell in love with it. So will they also be in the stalker category? AGNI has not even blackmailed anyone yet. Rather, he helped them by sending his men so that he could reach the court without any hindrance or trouble. And I never felt anything like this creepy. 


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Posted: 18 days ago

I kind of understand both sides of the argument here. Agni is not a villain. I like him and his no BS attitude. BUT he is a tad pushy. For me, I think that's the problem. Not the stuff you mentioned. People got mad at Dr. Pramod when he said yes to getting married without asking Sushila. So Dr. Pramod already faced his share of anger being disrespectful to the choice of a woman. So same with Agni. He is a great person but pushy. He needs to pursue her as a friend, not someone who will marry him 100%. Because they just met. He loves her, but she clearly is not interested. He can keep his personality as a police officer but needs to tone it down and find a different way to get Garima to like him. There are so many other ways. 

Like, I know this is a fictional story, and reality doesn't matter, but really people need to look at it from that lens since I feel that's what many people who don't like Agni are looking at it from. Plus, entertainment media is so influential. If this behavior was done to any other girl, would or should it be accepted. Who cares if the guys are attractive or helped her with something? The women owe them nothing. Just because someone is good-looking and is in love with a girl, he should not expect her to like him back, that too immediately. If a boy likes a girl, he should not try to live at her house and say he will get her to marry him. 

I am not trying to offend you or start a fight, but this is where I am coming from. Sorry have taken way too many gender violence studies class so yes I have been noticing some behaviors from TV shows that should not be acceptable. 

This is a show on women's empowerment and rights, so I do hope they go down the track of Garima speaking her mind and telling Agni to slow down, and he does. Dr. Pramod got a lecture from his mom, who disapproved of his behavior. The same should go for Agni. 

Anyway but it seems to be you are enjoying the show so please do keep enjoying it. smiley20And I hope there is no hatred for me lol smiley31let's see what the future holds! Stay happy and keep enjoying it!

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Posted: 17 days ago

There is no hate for you

 And neither do I have any fight with anyone.

 The reason for posting me is only the one sided view of the people. In which AGNI is only the devil of a Hades. He is just being called a negative character but in different word's. And I understand what you say. And yes it is true that AGNI started saying GARIMA ❤️❤️ in the first meeting itself. But it is also true that he did not force anything on GARIMA

And neither took advantage of any of their condition for their own purpose If AGNI was so rapturous about GARIMA, then after knowing this, the girls would be afraid of their father and want to hide the fire incident and JAGAT from them right now. So he would have taken advantage of this, but he had not done so. Rather, he tried to solve this case with a lot of honesty and honesty.

I have not yet suspected anything in AGNI

as is being said. 

The serials are about women empowerment.

I cannot say anything about the future. But so far nothing like this

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