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Posted: 23 days ago

Hi Guys And 


 I am here with a Single round Game. Like Zeal and Shibu's one. Those were Demo Sheep game this would be demo Riddle game. Don't worry it will not be harder. 

First you have to guess the theme. Which will be posted here. You guys have to guess it within certain time period and send out the answers to me through PM. 

How to play 

So it would be like this 

Riddle: I’m hot and I live in the sky. I’m bright; don’t look directly at me. I will disappear at night. What am I?

Answer: Sun

Signed Up Members 

  1. Hava_na 
  2. Radiant_eyes_
  3. Anmol_.
  4. Hasini009
  5. IF_Rida
  6. Ariyatogether
  7. Alexia_Wilson 
  8. Zeal17
  9. SilentEyes7 
  10. oye_nakhrewaali
  11. dusk2dawn
  12. SoniRSippu21
  13. Amekha 
  14. Armu4eva
  15. Unique.Sheep
  16. TheMinion
  17. tournesol
  18. ZestyZeniaZetas
  19. Daphnes
  20. Potterhead_05
  21. WildestDreams
  22. Sevenstreaks 
  23. BeautyfulMess 
  24. opsora2090
  25. BlurredLines


So Here is the Invitation of Result and Award Ceremony


 Right at 8:30 PM IST. 


Everyone who participated in this game don't forget to  come here. 

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Posted: 23 days ago


I am here with results of Theme Guessing Round 🥳🥳🥳🥳 


13 Players sent the answers out of which 5 had correct one

And the Answer/ Theme is 


 Yes the Answer is 

              BollyWood Songs

Its like that, 

Pic 1 has a footballer whose name is Matthis Bolly

Pic 2 has Laptop, mobile and tablet like a  Visual mediums where we have collection of Bollywood Songs. 

Pic 3 is of Wood

Pic 4: Some Korean actor whose name is  Song Kang 

As only 5 players cracked it right so the score is 

Dusk2Dawn: 1.5 Points

Beautyful_Mess: 1.2 Point

SoniRSippu21: 1 points 

Oye_Nakhrewaali: 0.8 points

SevenStreaks: 0.7 Points 

Hasini009( half answer was correct): 0.5 points

Guys don't get disappointed, as i insisted you guys to send answers so the rest of the players who sent the answers will get 0.35 points inspite of their wrong answers and list of these players is; 









Congratulations to the winners. Those who did not get any point don't get disappointed it  was just a start 

Let's wait for Riddles

Have Fun 

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Posted: 23 days ago

Congrats n thanks for new homesmiley37

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Posted: 23 days ago

What does this BM meansmiley23

Posted: 23 days ago

Originally posted by Anmol_.

What does this BM meansmiley23

Book marking :) 

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