IMP : Clarification on Rules 4/04/2021

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Posted: 21 days ago

Hey guys smiley31

Spamming in forum : Do not create multiple topics with the same content/ with just one line about an episode. This will only make the forum look messy and people lose interest in the forum. If such posts are seen, it will be merged into one topic.

Sexual insinuations about minors : This is not something which we have to tell you, any sort of sexual comments regarding minors will not be accepted at all. Even indirect insinuations won't be allowed in the forum.This will get you a direct WL. 

Discussion of mature content : If the discussion is about adults shown as a couple in the show, discussion is allowed but mentioning graphic details is not allowed as per IF COC. Please also do not forget to tag mature content tag when you have such discussions. 

Reporting: Do not report every post you do not agree to. There will be differences of opinion in the forum but that does not mean it is against forum rules. Agree to disagree in a respectful manner. Please clearly mention why you are reporting the post. If the report is not clear, we cannot take any action.

Moral policing: Do not advise other members. You can disagree and give your opinion but there is no need of advising members on their point of view.

Name calling: No name calling will be accepted. Kindly use the names used in the show/official accounts only. 

For example: This is one thing i saw when I was going through reports today hence mentioning it. moon is called as chandrama in some posts. This isn't offensive but if we allow this someone will call some other character some other name and we don't want to have to decide which names would seem offensive and which does not. In this case, do not use any names apart from the ones used in the show/official accounts. 

Please ensure that these rules are followed and this thread will be updated from time to time. You can PM one of us if you have any questions. Your first point of contact will be Mannmohanaa and second point of contact will be Arziya and third point of contact will be BilliCat. 

-Imlie DT

Posted: 21 days ago

Active DT: 

Mannmohanaa :Active

Arziya: Inactive


Edited by BilliCat. - 13 days ago
Posted: 12 days ago

Hey guys,

You are free to speculate about Gashmeer and his intentions to leave the show etc based on his interviews but make sure you put it across as speculation and not spread false news with certainity. Theres a difference between the two. :)



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