This is not Love- MG || Thread II (Part 71 Page 27)

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Posted: 25 days ago

~~~~~~~This is not Love~~~~~~~~

Thread II


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QnA Time

Itsagaintime for QnA with Maan-Geet. So be ready with your questions. We will havethe QnA over the weekend. So submit your questions before that




QnA Session with Maan & Geet

This is the QnA time




This time wehave a very unique QnA coz this time we will have a separate QnA with Maan & Geet. Let’s see kuch secrets pata chalte hai ki nahi


Let’s start with Maan


This question is from Khwaishfan


Khwaishfan:  Question to Maan: Why are you afraid of commitment?


Maan: What? I am? Who said that? It’s true I never had a serious relationship but that doesn’t mean it was because of my unwillingness to commit.Is it any way related to Geet?


Nilz: Well, yes


Maan: Then that’s on her


He sighs


Maan: Anyways, she will one day leave; no matter how close we get or what oaths we make. So, I am always guarding my last layer of self against her. Kinda like always waiting for other shoe to drop. Always in defensive mode.I rather take actions and  makes others say things. But khud se bolunga toh Geet kabhi meri baat nahi manegi





Now Qn A with Geet (separately)



Khwaishfan:  Question to Geet: If you love Maan why can't take the relationship forward?


Geet: Relationship? You don’t know first thing about relationship.People must have similar backgrounds and stuff for relationship to work


Nilz: But you and Maan have super-hot chemistry


Geet: All this super-hot chemistry and stuff don’t sustain. It’s like high n low. Good relationship should be stable, borderline boring. And I feel I am not worth the amount of work Maan is putting into this “relationship”.I don’t think I am worth it, and I don’t think he is worth it even. This won’t sustain, that’s why I have a plan B, I try to work super hard on my career.Apart from that what love & relationship are we talking about? Has Maan actually uttered about anything ever? Does he ever say anything about the so-called relation & love? No. He is clearly not serious about this and I am als ohappy that this is casual, as I know it won’t work





~~~End of QnA. Hope you guys enjoyed it~~~

Part 60


He carries her to the bed


They have a satisfying night


A break from all troubles and plans and from past and future


Both were satisfied happy peaceful content all in one


Geet was still struggling with her problem but Maan makes her feel comfortable and loved and she reciprocates by pleasuring him in otherways




Maan ki neend khuli subah


He looks around


Geet nahi hai


Maan idhar udhar dekh raha tha ki kahan gayi


Soch raha hai call karu ki nahi


Geet enters the room


Maan storms at her


M-Where were you, Geet?


She frowns at sudden question


Shee doesn’t like his tone


G- I went out for a walk


M-Why did you just leave? why didn’t You tell me? Why do you always leave like this?


He grunts


G-You were sleeping


M-I thought you left


G-It’s my room. Where will I leave?


M-Hmm. You should have told me, we could have gone for a walk together


She remains silent for a moment staring at him, then looks away


G-No. It would look....couple-y


He is taken aback


He gasps


M-This is just insulting. You don’t want to be with me, and I am the one whining


G-Do you?


Maan khada hoke apna samaan sametne lagta hai


G-What? Didn’t we decide we will just be together till I am in London? Can we just have good time and not fight? These are the only memories we would have of each other. Do you wanna ruin these moments?


Geet ko samajh nahi aa raha problem kya hai


According to her, he is a man. He should be more than ok with the arrangement


He asks abruptly to stop further arguments


G-You wanna go out for breakfast?


Maan gets changed and all


Dono outdoor kahin jaate hain breakfast ke liye


Pet ke saamne sab arguments aside


Geet toh thuss rahi hai happily




She looks up


Ye toh serious hai. Kya bolega? She thinks to herself


M-You know I have issues.....abandonment issues


She stops chewing


M-Please don’t leave like that. Please


She looks down feeling guilty


G-I am sorry...I didn’t mean to…I am just afraid…that....good things would just end unceremoniously and...I won’t be able to take Iend it myself. I know this is self-sabotage....I wish I could stop doing it…but I will try


Maan keeps his warm hand on hers


They finish breakfast


Geet gets ready for her seminar and Maan heads out for work


M- See you at the island for the wedding




He stops


She moves closer to him…playing with his shirt collar


G-I am really sorry about my friends...they are stupid


M-Its okay, it doesn’t matter


G-I know you felt bad. So, it does matter


M-It was momentary. it doesn’t affect me


G-You are not asking me to let go off my friends?


M-Why should I do that? You are an adult woman, why should I dictate anything in your life?


She nods lightly




G-Will you call me after you reach?


He is little surprised


M-Yeah. I will


She smiles



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Congrats on your new thread 😍

Posted: 25 days ago

Originally posted by NeenaDd

Congrats on your new thread 😍

Thanks a lot dearsmiley31

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Congrats on the new thread!! smiley4

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Congrats on new thread di !!!! 

Posted: 25 days ago

Congrats on the new thread, Di! smiley1

Gurmeet Choudhary Drashti Dhami Geet Hui Sabse Parayi 

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