Being Holmes T20 (Leaderboard with BP1 pg 18, Sheep pg 10)

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Posted: 23 days ago

“Watson how many times have I said that you see but do not observe?” asked Sherlock Holmes, interjecting into my thoughts.

Confused I looked up and asked, “What?”

“Well you have been staring at that stick for the past 2 hours and yet have not come up with any theories about the owner of this stick. You are seeing, but not observing,” Sherlock said, standing up and taking the stick in his hand.

“Really Holmes. Then what do you make of it?” I asked, somewhat miffed by his careless attitude. Yet again he had managed to make me feel like an imbecile. Sometimes I wondered why I still stood by him after so much time.

“Hmm…now that you ask, I cannot tell you much about the owner,” Sherlock started.

If I hadn’t been so used to his ways, I would have fallen for his tricks again. But I knew that he was about to astound me again, “Go on Holmes. I know you’ve got a lot to tell me about this owner.”

However, I was doomed not to learn about the owner of this stick, for there was a knock at the door. Sherlock simply shrugged, “maybe another time Watson”, put the stick down, and called out, “Enter.”

A middle-aged woman came in with Mrs. Hudson. The woman was sobbing and Mrs. Hudson was trying to calm her down. Sherlock pointed to the sofa and Mrs. Hudson steered the woman there, “There, there Emma. We’re here now. You tell Sherlock exactly what happened and I’m sure he will help you.” To Sherlock, she asked, pointedly, “Won’t you Sherlock?”

Sherlock usually lacked in the department of emotions and barbs, but somehow, here he caught on, and immediately agreed, “Of course I will Mrs. Hudson. Any friend of yours in need will get help from Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson.”

I should have known then. He usually never mentioned me. But I guess I am an imbecile at times. Nonetheless, Mrs. Hudson managed to get Emma calmed down and then she told her story. I have presented it here word-for-word. Emma said, between sniffles, “My name is Emma Thatcher. My husband, Emil, and I have been married for 10 years now. Emil was a criminal lawyer and I would run the household. For the past few weeks, Emil had been very disturbed. Usually his cases didn’t disturb him so much, but his latest case was causing him many grey hairs. He was also staying up quite late into the night working on it. Or at least that’s what I think he was working on.”

Emma paused to catch her thoughts and Sherlock asked, “What was the case about?”

“I do not know all the details. Just that it was some type of a murder case. I think. Emil wouldn’t tell me much about his cases. I would just catch snippets here and there. Whatever it was, it was disturbing him a lot. He mentioned once or twice that he suspected his client wasn’t telling him the entire truth and that he had indeed committed the murder,” Emma replied.

“How did he die?” Sherlock asked.

Emma responded in a low voice, “The detectives are saying it was suicide.”

“But you think otherwise,” Sherlock prompted.

“My Emil was a good man. He was a happy man. This case had disturbed him, but not enough for him to kill himself. Oh, Mr. Holmes. I am sure that he could not kill himself. Please help me before his case is closed as a suicide,” Emma moaned.

“Why don’t you think it’s a suicide?” Sherlock asked.

“Because Emil would and could never kill himself. The detectives are saying that he shot himself, but Emil didn’t even have a gun! When I told them that, they said he could have bought it without telling me. But Mr. Holmes, Emil was in a jovial mood yesterday. Despite his biggest rival visiting him, despite his client visiting him, despite our fight, he was in a very happy mood,” Emma responded, earnestly.

“You said Emil was a criminal lawyer. What type of cases did he usually fight?”

“Murders mostly. Especially those that came out extra-marital affairs. He said that those were the worst kinds because they involved not only killing a person, but also killing trust and humanity,” Emma responded, in a low voice, wiping tears with her handkerchief.

There was a silence that engulfed the room after that. I expected Sherlock to ask more questions about the case, but instead he asked, “Who is investigating the case?”

“Detective Inspector Lestrade,” Emma replied.

“And has the body been moved? Or any evidence removed yet?” Sherlock asked.

“I don’t think so. When I left 20 minutes ago, everything was still in the room,” Emma responded.

“Ma’am please go back and let Lestrade know that you have hired me on the case. He will know to keep everything as is until I get there,” Sherlock instructed.

“That means you’ll take the case?” Emma asked, happily.

“Of course I will. I said as much earlier,” Sherlock said. Then he turned towards me, effectively dismissing Mrs. Hudson and Emma. Once the two had left, he said, “Watson I cannot leave these rooms.”

“But what about this case?” I demanded.

“I have already solved it,” Sherlock shrugged.

“What? But how? I heard the same details you heard and yet I have no idea who committed the murder,” I demanded. I knew that it was impossible for Sherlock to have already solved the case. He was fibbing.

“Because as usual you have not observed. But I cannot leave these rooms and catch the murderer. You know the case of the vanishing cat has been occupying my time and for that I have to be in these rooms all the time. Until I do not solve the case I cannot leave. You will have to do the groundwork for me. Find the evidence, question the suspects, and catch the murderer. Take that new assistant, whatever their name is. I will be here for consultations if you get stuck, but I cannot leave this room no matter what,” Sherlock said.

“But you accepted this case! Mrs. Thatcher will be expecting you there! And what about Mrs. Hudson?” I exclaimed. I didn’t bother providing Sherlock the new assistant’s name. Not that there was any assistant, it was just a wannabe Holmes that I had mentioned once in passing.

“I will explain the situation to Mrs. Hudson and Mrs. Thatcher will be happy to see you as well. Now go before Lestrade gives up waiting for me,” Sherlock all but pushed me out of the door.

I got out of the cab and turned to Player, “Remember keep your eyes open for any important clues. We have to solve this case together and show Holmes that we are no less than him.”

Lestrade came out of the house and sighed, “Well, well, well. If it isn’t Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson here to prove Scotland Yard idiots.”

“Lestrade you know that’s not what we do. We just help people out,” I objected.

“Yes and make Scotland Yard look like a bunch of fools. Fine. The crime scene is intact inside. You can only look, no touching, and no taking anything away,” Lestrade warned. Then he looked around, “Where’s Holmes?”

“Stuck in a pressing matter. It’ll just be myself and Player. He will help us, but we will have to go back to the rooms to call on his help,” I responded.

“Well good luck then,” Lestrade shrugged.

He stepped away and I made the way to the door, looking at the ground carefully for footprints, just like Sherlock always did. Not seeing any, I stepped into the house, followed by Player, and made my way to the crime scene, Emil’s study (or office).

“Well Player, we have managed to find the clues and Lestrade has got everyone working on getting more information. And we will have to dig into Emil’s life. We need to find out more about Emil and what his past and his life is like. For that we will need to go hunting or digging for information.”

“What are we looking for?” Player asked.

“Information. Whatever we can find about Emil and why someone would want to kill him. We’ll need to go on a treasure hunt of sorts.”

“But what information will we get from the clues?”

“Well think about this way. The gun. We can get a license number from it. From that we can get the owner’s name. The shoe is interesting because it belonged to Emil, but it was found so far away. And just one shoe. Why? Was there something in them? And even if there was something in them why did the murderer remove the shoe? They could have removed whatever they wanted and put the shoe back on. We would never have known."

Player commented, "Well maybe they wanted to make it clear that the shoe had something in it."

"Why would any murderer do that?"


"Moving on. The desk phone had blood and fingerprints on it. Something useful could come from that. The document was almost burnt. There has to be a reason for that. Examining the document or whatever is left of it can give us a reason. And the book with the blood on it was on the right hand side of the table, when all of the blood spatter was on the left-hand side. It could be the perpetrator’s blood.”

“Oh so now what?”

“Now we go digging. We find what we can find about Emil. Emma told us about Emil’s latest client. Let’s find out more about him. We also have a rival who visited him yesterday. We have a lot to find out. So let’s get cracking.”



“Alright so to recap, what have we learnt so far Player?” I asked.

“Umm…can I just share my notes with you. There are too many details to go through,” Player asked.

“Fine,” I sighed.

Player handed me their list and I went through the items one-by-one. Then I said, “Well this will give us 3 possible suspects then.”

“Who are they?” Player asked.

“Emma, Jimmy, and John. They all had something to gain from killing Emil and there is some evidence that supports each of their deaths. Go through the list yourself once,” I pointed out.


The List

1.      The gun belonged to the victim, Emil. According to Emma, Emil kept it in his study’s safe, but he also took it out every Wednesday to clean it. However, she doesn’t know why he took it out today – a Friday.

2.      The shoe had a false bottom. Forensics had found traces of a metal and an outline of a key. The safe was opened with a key and often contained sensitive or confidential information.

3.      The fingerprints on the phone did not belong to Emil.

4.      The document appeared to be information about Emma and her past life, but not a lot could be discerned from the document.

5.      The blood is not Emil’s.

6.      Based on neighbours’ statements, Emma and Emil were getting a divorce. The lawyer fighting the case for Emil said that Emma had cheated on Emil and thus they were demanding that Emma give alimony, not the other way around.

7.      Emil’s latest client, Jimmy, was fighting a case to get a man imprisoned for killing his parents, but according to the other side’s lawyer, the case was bogus and they had evidence that Jimmy had actually killed his own parents. They had also provided this information to Emil who had apparently confronted Jimmy.

8.      John Rockfort and Emil used to be partners at one time, but then Emil broke off the partnership when he caught Rockfort embezzling funds. Rockfort went on to become Emil’s biggest rival and it was possible that he might have killed Emil because Emil took many of the elite class with him as they had liked Emil better.

9.      The blood found on the book belonged to a man.

10.    According to Emil’s family, Emil used to love his secrets and would often hide them in plain sight.


After a few minutes, Player asked, “Okay what do we do from here? Talk to the suspects?”

“Correct. We’ll have to question them and see what we learn from them. They may give us something that can tell us which of them is the murderer.”

“Why would they give themselves up as the murderer? That’s just impossible.”

“Doesn’t hurt to try. At the most we can get one of them to confess. At the least, we can get some more information that can help us narrow in one of them. Holmes didn’t even have all this information and he solved the case. We can solve the case with this information. Though I have my doubts.”

“What doubts?” Player asked.

“This case seems too simple. The evidence is out in plain sight for us. We found 3 suspects too quickly and too easily. Would the killer really be so stupid as to leave the evidence out for us to find? And Emma lied. She said to us that Emil didn't have a gun. And now she's changed her statement. Again while she seems suspect is she really the killer?”

Player and I exchanged glances at a loss of words. But then I shrugged, “Oh well. Let’s go interrogate our suspects.”

“What do you think we should do next Dr. Watson?” Player asked.

“First let’s go over what we learnt from the interrogations. What did you understand from Emma?” I asked.

“Based on the interrogation, Emma was alone at home with Emil and she knew that the key to the safe was in Emil’s shoe. She agreed that she had cheated on Emil and that they were getting divorced and that she would lose access to his money and property. She lied about the gun simply to ensure that Mr. Holmes and you would investigate. She didn’t know anything about any documents about her past, but you are convinced that she was lying.”

“Yes that makes sense to me. What about Jimmy?”

“Jimmy claimed that his parents were killed by his ex-boyfriend because they found out about his true nature and told Jimmy which led Jimmy to break it off with him. He refutes having killed his parents and says that his ex-boyfriend’s lawyer is lying. The only thing they could possibly have is a letter he wrote to his ex in which he was frustrated with his parents. He refuses any knowledge of the blood on the book and says he had nothing to hide so he didn’t need to get into Emil’s safe. You believe him.”

“Alright and what about John?”

“John agrees that he stole some money, but claims that he needed it to pay off a gambling debt. He had planned on returning in with his next cases before Emil learnt of the theft. He visited Emil to discuss a potential case with him and partnering with him on it. He wanted to get back together with Emil and he had been calling Emil on that often and had then also met him. He also accepts that the blood on the book is his. He gets nosebleeds from time to time and while he was in Emil’s office, his nose started bleeding. Emil had cleaned up most of the blood, but there was some blood left on the book. You think he’s lying about something, but also believe him at the same time.”

“So what do you make from that?”

“Well I don’t trust any of them. But we need evidence now to get to the culprit. So how do we get that?”

“I’m at a loss as well. Maybe it’s time to call Holmes.”

But before I could do that, there was a knock at the door. I opened the door to see Lestrade standing there. He said, “I came to get you. Emil’s office was broken into and things have been thrown about. I thought you both might want to see it.”

“We have 3 new clues to help us out now. This key. It wasn’t there before. Where did it come from and why did the robber leave it behind? These legal documents. There has to be something in them. They were thrown about the room. Or did the robber take the important documents with them? Finally, this photo frame. We had removed the original photo and replaced it with a nature photo. Now that photo is missing. There must be something important in the original photo then,” I noted.

“Emil’s family did say he loved secrets and puzzles. Maybe he hid something in the photo and these legal documents. We could try to look for those details,” Player suggested.

“Good point. What do you want to go through?”

“The legal documents. I like legal jargon and searching for hidden messages.”

“Okay. In the meantime, Lestrade is testing that key out in every place in the house. He will find what that key is for and why it was left behind.”

“Unbelievable! All 3 of our suspects are criminals. This key led to evidence that Jimmy is a terrorist. And one of those legal documents and the photo had the messages that Emma is cheating with John and they are planning his death. So case solved! Emma and John are the murderer!” Player exclaimed.

“Not so fast. Watson I told you to call me if you ran into any trouble,” Sherlock said, from the door.

I looked at Sherlock in surprise, “Holmes what are you doing here?”

“Lestrade visited me last night. He told me that you both had decided that Emma and John are the killers but you have no evidence to arrest them. He wanted my help. Given I had solved the case of the vanishing cat, I was more than happy to make myself useful in this case, especially given that you both have arrived at the wrong conclusion,” Sherlock said, in his usual insufferable way.

“But we have the motive. Both were cheating on him! And he knew they wanted to kill him and they did!” Player objected.

“Player you have a lot to learn on observations. Answer me this – if Emil knew that Emma and John wanted to kill him, then why did he meet John the night before? If he knew they wanted to kill him, why didn’t he take measures to protect himself? No Player. Those messages were fake. In fact this entire case is fake. Well maybe not fake. But I told Watson on Day 1 that I knew the killer and I stand by my statement. I know the killer. But I will not give you this case on a platter Player. This is your first case with me. I will give you the name of the killer and motive and you will give me the proof that they are the killer. Agreed?”

“Okay,” Player agreed, hesitatingly.

“The killer is…Emil Thatcher. And he did so because of the motive you gave Player. His wife was cheating on him and he was not going to let her get away with it. He set up the entire scene to frame her and John.”

“WHAT?” Player exclaimed at the same time as I said, “Holmes that’s preposterous.”

“It’s the truth. Aren’t you both suspecting Emma and John? Anyways, go and find me the proof,” Holmes ordered.


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For Round 6, I present to you a sample of the answers that I had accepted as evidence acceptable in a court of law. Note that these aren't the only answers. I just chose the answers that at least 30 to 40% of players submitted and am sharing them here. There was a lot of other evidence presented outside this.

1) The weapon at the crime scene was one piece of evidence that most people here gave in some capacity. One it was Emil’s own gun with his fingerprints on it (an allowable inference) and with gunpowder on his fingers (again an allowable inference). Two the gun was close to the victim in a position that would usually indicate suicide.

2) Warning signs of sorts – The EMA, which disturbed Emil and gave him a lot of trouble. He has also dealt with a lot of such cases before and knows that they don’t end well because it not only kills a person, but humanity as well.

3) A few people also noted that in the evidence, it was found that Emil enjoyed secrets and puzzles, which also adds to the fact that he killed himself and set up the scene like a murder.

4) In general, the crime scene had too much evidence just lying around and setting up Emma and John Rockfort as the murderers. If they had really killed Emil, then they would have made every effort to hide this fact, not set themselves up.

5) Blood spatter indicates that it was a close contact wound and given that it was on the left hand side and Emil was right-handed, this proves that Emil shot himself. Note that this is a very brief summary. The few people who argued this had a paragraph of details and inferences that led up to this point.

6) A few people made an inference that Emil’s fingers had soot on them which would come from burning paper. This inference was allowed as well.

7) No signs of a struggle. The shoe was far away from the body, which meant it either had to be taken off or come off in a struggle. But there were no signs of a struggle in the room, which means that it came off by itself. Given the rest of the evidence so far proves suicide, it means that Emil took the shoe off himself.

8) The only evidence that someone else was in the room was the blood on the book and if the murderer had wiped away all evidence of him/her being there, why did they leave the blood on the book? Also the blood was older than Emil’s death which meant it was deposited there at a different time.

9) Emma’s statement also proves suicide. She originally lied about Emil not having a gun and then told the truth. If she was the murderer, she would never have accepted that Emil had a gun and would instead have posited that the gun wasn’t Emil’s. She lied because she wanted the insurance money which she couldn’t get if Emil’s death was proven a suicide.

With permission from the player, I also present these 2 pieces of evidence as is. My friend was highly impressed with these submissions and said that in many ways these could be used as is in a court of law. Also the way this player got these details from a very small case was brilliant. I will not reveal who this player was, but if they wish to come forward themselves then that is their wish.

Gun and Shoe :  The Gun was registered under Emil’s name . And according to Emma, Emil kept the Gun in his Study’s safe. And the Key to the Safe was hidden in his Shoe, while Emma admitted to the knowledge of Key hiding place and the Gun, she also stated that Emil has a habit of taking it out on Wednesday’s only to clean it. And the Shoe was found without the key far away from the body

Inferences and Crazy Theory :  Emil held the key to the safe with in his person(Shoe) and according to the witness statements recorded by Watson and the Player, Emma was alone with Emil at the night of the Murder. Emma or anyone couldn’t have overpowered Emil and took his shoe out while he was alive, so that they can open the Safe to get the Gun in the first place. If Emil had been alive when Emma or anyone took the Key from him. It doesn’t make sense that he would simply sit and get himself shot. Based on the Crime Picture where his body was on the Chair. And The forensics didn’t find that the body was moved either based on the blood spatter which is in accordance with the gunshot wound.

And if Emma already took out the Key from him without his knowledge, there was no need for her to take the shoe from his dead body after killing him, as she already have the key with her. If the murder was premeditated, and the Gun was with Emma long before so she can shoot Emil by surprise, then the Shoe need not be removed from his body.

But If the Murder was on impulse, then Emma or anyone couldn’t have possibly removed Emil’s shoe without him putting up a fight, and the fact they were able to shoot him while he was still sitting in his chair is highly unlikely for a possible Murder Scenario, while leads to the fact that Emil death couldn’t be a  murder as the Crime scene and the murder weapon accessibility is questioned.

Further inferences can be drawn upon the following above statements that the only other person who had easy access to the weapon remain Emil and the chances are that it was indeed a Suicide.

The Robber (Missing Nature Photo and Legal Documents, New key):  Someone had broken into Emil’s study and turn that room upside down. In the process leaving behind three more clues for the detectives to find.

Inferences and Crazy Theory 2 : The Robber who broke in to the house could either be  the murderer or someone sent by the Murderer. And his Objective was supposed to be searching for some evidence that points towards them. The Prime Suspect of the case are Emma, John and Jimmy

But the key which leads to the truth of Jimmy being a terrorist was left in the table for the detectives to find, Similarly the legal documents were thrown around the floor as if pointing the detective interest towards them and the message hidden by Emil, even if one could assume that those were mistakes made by the Thief. The missing Photo was an altogether different case.

The only thing the person who broke into Emil’s study seemed to have stolen is the Photo in the Shelf. But according to Watson’s statement, the detective had already removed the Original Photo from the Crime Scene and Replaced it with Nature Photo. But the Robber had stolen the nature Photo which has no connection to the case as it held no clue either to point towards Emil’s murderer or anything related the Murder Suspects.

Which leads to the Suspicion, the robber has been specifically assigned to steal the Original photo in the first place but stole the nature photo without realizing that it has been replaced before which means the Robber couldn’t possibly be the murderer as he  lacks the knowledge about the evidences.

But the Point to be noted is that all the action of the Robber only lead to more evidence found easily by the detectives. The legal documents were left behind on the floor, to garner the interest of the detective, so did the Key which led to the information regarding Jimmy and finally even though the Picture stolen by the thief had been wrong, it only made the detectives focus on the Original picture which was the one that held another hidden message from Emil.

Since It was highly likely that the Robber was not the Murderer, as he or she left behind evidence against them and took the one photo that actually had nothing to do with the case. And if someone hired them to find the evidence against them, he wasn’t doing his job properly either as he left behind all the evidence and stole something unrelated to the case for no reason

So the only other alternate is that someone paid the Robber to ransack the house, steal the picture and leave behind or highlight the Evidences that had Emil hidden message, and who likely to know more about the hidden messages then Emil, himself.  Which means it could be Emil who hired the Robber prior to his death.

So that all the evidence he created will likely be found including the hidden message that stated Emma was Cheating with him and that they were planning his death. So the suspicions could fall on John and Emma.

Which leads to proof this could be a pre-planned event, but unlike the possibility of  Premeditated Murder, it could be Emil motive to have revenge for his Wife affair and thus making his Suicide look like a Murder by creating hidden messages and Proof that could act as a evidence even after his death.

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Here's presenting all the alternative theories. As promised, these are completely anonymous, however, members are welcome to announce their own entries if they so wish.

Entry 1

So it's like that few years back Mr. Emil fought  a case against a boy who was involved in murder case and who had affair with his boss's wife. Boss wife and that boy had killed the boss. Emil won that case and that boy got his punishment.

Now the mother of that boy is back and she is none other than Mrs. Hudson. She came to took revenge of his son's death from Mr. Emil. She believed that his son was innocent. She is a widow. She shifted near Emil house and in short time span she had become like great friends with Mrs Emma and Mr. Emil. Emma used to trust her a lot.

One day Mrs. Hudson went to mr. Emil's house. She asked about Mrs. Emma. Mr emil informed her that Emma is not at home infact she went out of city. Mrs. Hudson asked for sugar from mr. Emil. And said that she will take it by her own self. And offered him a cup of tea. He accepted the offer and went to his study room. After sometime,  with the help of her watchman Mrs. Hudson entered in Mr. Emil's study and  first attacked Mr. Emil and made him Unconscious than they opened his safe from the key she got from his shoes (she knew about that key because she observed that several time). Now they (Hudson and her watchman) got Emil's gun and killed him by using that gun they used gloves so that their fingerprints could not come over the gun and than they put gun in his(Mr. Emil) hands so everyone consider it as suicide as now gun had fingerprints of Mr. Emil only. 

Now she is consoling Mrs. Emma so that no one would doubt on her.

Entry 2

Inspector Lestrade is the killer. Lestrade and Emma are siblings.  Actually Emil was in extra-marital relationship. That's why Emma was emotional while mentioning this to Holmes. Emma told this to Lestrade. So Lestrade got angry and he killed Emil. In that, his blood splattered on the book. He is a policemen so finding and using another gun which outside his service gun was easy for him.  He removed the shoe because shoe contained sensitive information about Emil's girlfriend and he wanted to destroy that proof. But he didn't get enough time to put the shoe back on as Emil called the  police station before dying. That's why he couldn't burn the documents fully which were the love letters between Emil & his girlfriend.  Lestrade advised Emma to go to the Holmes because he wanted a revenge on Dr. Watson. He knew Holmes will be busy in another case and can't do fieldwork. He wanted this revenge because he hated how Holmes and Watson always made him look like a fool.

Entry 3

Emma was bored of living under her husband’s rule, Emil liked being the breadwinner and often made Emma feel lesser than herself that she had been planning to leave him for awhile . But she knew if she divorced him then he will not be fair with her and she will be left destitute.

So she had been slowly stealing from Emil without his knowledge and had made a copy of his key to the study's safe to steal anything Valuable when opportunity arises. And on the night of the Murder, they had a fight again and Emil yet again put her down in front of his client and treated her as his servant than wife, that she was upset enough to use the knowledge she learnt during overhearing Emil and his client meeting.

His client had just paid Emil a substantial fees in cash and Emma knew it was in the safe until Monday, which was when Emil will deposit it in the bank.

So with that, she had planned to steal the cash and make it look like a Robber got inside the house. And knowing her husband will get upset about the cash was just an added bonus . And with that amount her plans to divorce him will come to fruition much sooner as well 

Emil retired to bed early that day unlike most day and when he sleeps nothing disturbs him either , which gave her the perfect opportunity the very same night, still she waited another hour or so ,just to be sure , doing house chores and then went to his study to steal the cash and make it look like a robber had broken in last night.

Emma knew the house, like the back of her hand , so she didn't even switch on the light and worked in the dark not to attract attention, when the door to Emil's study opened and he walked inside and sat on his chair . Emma was frozen into silence in shock.

Emma knew the moment he turns the desk lamp on his table, She would be found out with her hands in the safe, and it was when her hand accidentally found the gun in the safe and she used it to shoot him in fear of discovery. And then set the stage as a robbery gone wrong, and searched the safe for more valuables that need to be stolen for it look like a robbery. When she found a file titled Emma, she opened it to find that Emil was filling for divorce himself and he had been collecting information he can use against her, in another moment of Panic, she burnt them because she didn't want the documents to make her a prime suspect. 

She made certain to hide the money she stole from the safe. That will ensure it wasn’t found by the detectives and found that Emil’s death could  leave her with all his wealth as well, which only made her happy as she played the grieving wife and called the police.

But the Police had mistook the Crime Scene, she set as Suicide than Robbery gone Wrong. And she panicked again, because if the case was considered Suicide instead of Murder, than Emma will miss out on the Life Insurance, she will gain from Emil’s death. She knew it too be a substantial amount as Emil was a well known Criminal Lawyer, he had always prepared for the worst case scenario’s.

And in her greed to get the Insurance as well, she went to Sherlock and played the grieving widow, thinking he will read her clues right and think of it as Robbery than Suicide not realizing it will paint a target on her back instead

Entry 4

Here's my alternative ending of the case. Emil did plan to commit suicide and did all kinds of arrangements like putting his one shoe far away in the room, keeping john's bloodstained diary on the table etc. to trap Emma and John but actually he was murdered and the murderer is none other than Jimmy's boyfriend. Lemme give this man a name Sam.

So Sam and Jimmy were having an affair with each other. Both Sam and Jimmy are terrorists too who were planning to kill the town mayor. But then Jimmy's parents came to know about Jimmy's relationship with Sam and also about their murder plans so Jimmy killed his parents. The day he killed his parents there was a bitter argument between him and Sam due to money issues and Jimmy decided to get rid of Sam so he lied to the police that Sam killed his parents and also hired Emil to fight his case as he was one of the best criminal lawyers of the town but soon Emil started suspecting Jimmy to be hiding something and got to know the entire truth about Jimmy being a terrorist and him killing his own parents. Emil caught hold of some proofs against Jimmy. Now Jimmy started using Sam again. He told Sam to kill Emil and get the proofs about him. He promised Sam that they will flee from the town with all the money of his parents and start a new life in a new city.

Sam got fooled and started keeping an eye on Emil's activities. He came to know everything about Emil and also observed how Emil was doing all the stuff to trap Emma and John. Sam thought this is the perfect opportunity to kill Emil.

He sneaked into the house from the window of a room besides Emil's study room. He entered Emil's room and before Emil could do anything shot him to death with his own gun in such a way that the police will think that Emil committed suicide. Before Emma, who was upstairs and sleeping when she heard the gunshot and could come downstairs, Sam immediately removed a bullet from Emil's gun, placed it on the table and ran to the other room and got out of it.

Entry 5

Emma didn't know that Emil had another guest that day. Emma and Emil had fought the previous day, so Emma was avoiding Emil and therefore, wasn't aware that Jimmy's friend had arrived. It was Jimmy friend who killed Emil. Emil had documents that could prove Jimmy guilty of a major crime and Jimmy innocent, so Jimmy's friend was there just to steal the docs and threaten Emil for a good measure. However, Emil walked in on Jimmy breaking into his office and they had a scuffle which lead to Jimmy's friend injuring himself. Out of rage, he shot Emil and then went on to search for the documents. The scuffle had caused Emil to drop off his shoe and Jimmy's friend found the key and the documents and burnt away the documents. This caused the fire alarm to go off, so he ran away as he had entered (the door).  In the haste of the documents and the fire alarm, he forgot all about the gun and the blood.

Entry 6

So, my guess is since Emil was suspicious of his clients involvement in murder, he and his friend with criminal background hatched a plan to get rid of Emil.

Client came to meet Emil and met Emma on the way just as his friend sneaked into the house thru the open balcony door near the office. Client tried to dissuade Emil from pursuing the case against him but Emil refused to budge.

Client threatened Emil of dire consequences and they had a scuffle due to which Emil shoe fell and client tore it to find key to safe. Emil rushed to get his gun but the client friend confronted Emil and meanwhile Client found the evidence from safe and Emil had a scuffle with client friend due to which he was injured and his blood fell on the floor. Client meanwhile started to burn the evidence which Emil tried to stop but clients injured friend hit Emil with the book and he had a brain haemorage. The client called hospital to inform an injury and they took his friend and left a dead Emil on the chair.

Entry 7

Emil's client killed him.

Emil had an affair with a girl which happen to be Emil's rival's sister. He refused to take her responsibility so he came to talk to him abt it. Both got into fight due to which Rival got injured and left frm there. Then Emil's client came there nd saw Emil resting on his chair nd killed him coz he got to know that Emil know him being the murderer of the case he is fighting nd staged the scene as robbery.

Entry 8

Emil Thatcher was the murderer, he killed himself as he committed infidelity and wanted to save his face before his wife finds out and submits those documents ( proof of his affair ) to court and demand alimony from him. As a lawyer known to fight murder cases mostly involving Extra martial affairs , he wanted to save himself from shame. He died because of his guilt and pride.

Entry 9

Emil is not dead!! He has played one of his master tricks to astonish Sherlock and everyone around. If you read the story it starts with Sherlock referring to someone who is known for their unique ways to do things. It was none other than Emil. He has sent that stick to Holmes for a reason as an old proverb "Every stick has two ends" and if you hold one end of the stick you will overlook the other end (Minionite hinted about it in Rebus rotund with the stick puzzle smiley2, observe as Sherlock said from the beginning).

As Emil is a criminal lawyer and a very famous one among elites, they have known each other for long time and Sherlock understood that Emil was onto something again. In reality Emil has planned all of this and has taken a newly experimented drug which sends a person in a state of catalepsy. In this condition a person appears dead for some time and even First Responders/Investigators/Doctors initial diagnosis is that person is dead.

Emil knew about Emma-John cheating escapades however he didn’t have substantial evidence to prove in the court of law. He devised a master plan to trump Emma-John with his death, as in a hurry they will do something reckless and get caught. Also, Emil has already informed Sherlock to pretend not knowing Emma when she come to visit him.

Emma was right when she mentioned that Emil was disturbed from last couple of days but she had no idea what he was planning, on the last day despite his biggest rival visiting him, despite his client visiting him, despite Emma-Emil fight the reason he was in a good mood was because he got the positive result from his scientist friends (testing catalepsy drug) to go ahead with his plan.

Entry 10

The murderer is the cobbler (name Jason) who was fitting false bottoms in Emil’s shoes to keep the key hidden. 

The motive:

Whenever Emil bought new shoes, Jason was visiting Emil to fit false bottoms on his shoes.

During one of those visits, Jason met Emma and he turned out to be her childhood boyfriend who had to go away from the town with his parents,  when Jason and Emma were still young.

They rekindled their old love during Jason's later visits.

There is already trouble in the paradise (Emma's fight with Emil) and her first love was so overpowering that she planned to kill Emil with the help of Jason and planted enough evidence to prove John (Emil's biggest rival) killed Emil.

Entry 11

To destroy the evidences that Emil had against Jimmy.

Emil was fighting a murder case for Jimmy, but Jimmy was withholding the entire truth from Emil. In fact, Jimmy had indeed committed the murder, and he was trying to frame someone else for the crime. But Emil had come across valid evidences against Jimmy. When Jimmy came to know of these evidences, he convinced his friend (who supported Jimmy's unlawful activities) to become his ally. Both of them visited Emil's office at night and murdered Emil. Then they hunted for the evidences that Emil had got and burned them in the waste paper basket. They planted the gun at the site to make it look like a suicide.

Entry 12

Emma is the killer. it must be related to her EMA. emil ko pata chala hoga issliye....

from the very first itself she was pointing her fingers to the latest client. she said emil was disturbed due to the case

also, she mentioned about the rival.

 she was acting innocent said they had a fight.

she obviously lied about the gun.

there was something in the shoe.. it could have known by none other than emma..

Entry 13

Emma went shopping that day and hence Emil called in Sherlock Holmes for the case. Though Sherlock was least bothered he thought why not as he was bored shooting his walls.

Then he meets up with Emil in the latter's study room where Emil talks about how he needs proof for Emma's cheating with John and also how to prove Jimmy being a terrorist.

Sherlock who was already unbothered became even bored with Emil and his talks. When his eyes fell on Emil's gun and the wall infront of him. Out of boredom Sherlock takes Emil's gun and shoots the walls and Emil being who he is tunes out Sherlock so he hardly hears him shooting the wall near which he was walking. And he suddenly turns only to come on Sherlock's radar and bam Sherlock shoots him thinking it the wall.

After a few moments of just the bullets firing Sherlock looks up only to realise Emil is dead.

He thinks its good riddance but damn Sherlock is still bored.

Entry 14

The killer is Emil’s estranged son whom was tricked by Emma into believing his father was a sociopath who abused her mentally, physically and emotionally daily.

Emil’s son may have fired the gun but the mastermind is Emma.

Entry 15

Emma told Sherlock Emil was a Criminal Lawyer. he deals with Murder cases mostly. especially murder cases come out of Extra marital affairs. He believes that EMA involved murders not only kill a person, but also kills trust and humanity. Emil's latest murder case giving him sleepless nights. He's very disturbed with the case and suspected his client Jimmy wasn't telling him the entire truth and that he had indeed commited the murder.

Emma also said Emil was super happy the day before despite of their fight and his rivals are coming to his house the next day. He's a happy man and he never commits suicide. and he don't even have a Gun.

Emil was indeed disturbed regarding his new case/client. because it was an EMA involved murder case. Emil's client Jimmy's partner (say X) had an affair with other. murdered someone and framed Jimmy in that murder case to get rid of him. Emil was in so much pressure while going through this case as its not only disturbing his professional life but also personal life. because X's Lawyer is none other than Emil's rival John who's having an EMA with his wife Emma.

Despite of his fight with wife Emma, Emil was super happy the day before his death. because the next day his rival John and his client Jimmy are coming to his house. Emil made an action plan with Jimmy to catch Emma and John in the act. so that Emil-Emma can get divorced easily and he doesn't need to pay alimony and can get rid of her.

On the other hand, John is coming to Emil's house to discuss about 'Jimmy-X' case with Emil. John wanted to win this case at any cost to bounce back from career failure. John discussed all this with Emma. but Emma said Emil would never ever help him because of their affair. instead she suggested John to steal case related documents from Emil's safe and keep altered docs in place of original docs. so John changed his plan, and came to Emil's house at night to steal docs. while searching for case related docs, Emma and John found a Gun and some other legal docs of Emil's including his new Will and Testament in which he removed Emma's name and included his other family members names.

Emma got angry reading those papers and she asked John to kill Emil and alter his will. 

Emma and John made a plan to murder Emil and frame Jimmy in this murder case who's to be coming to Emil's house the next day. with this plan, they can get rid of Emil, enjoy his property, no rival in profession and Jimmy can be proved to be a habitual offender and will lose case against 'X'.

Emma and John brought Emil who's under sleep medication to the office room. make him sit in chair and shot him with his own Gun in mouth. removed his show and keep it far away from him. spread some docs on sofa, burnt some docs, apply some blood on book to create a murder scene and they also planted fake evidences/docs in Emil's safe which can prove Jimmy a habitual offender and had differences with Emil regarding his case against X. Emma also created doubts in detectives mind regarding Jimmy's character.

After questioning all three suspects, Emil's family and based on forensic reports, Detectives ( not Sherlock)  came to a conclusion that Emma and John killed Emil.

Entry 16

Emil stagged his own murder because he found out about the Extra marrital affair but then he thought if I stag my own murder than Emma and her bf will be free and take the money so he blackmailed Jimmy to kill him  as emil got to know about Jimmy's past and him being gay and all so in the end Jimmy killed emil as Jimmy had no choice. 

Entry 17

  This theory starts with Detective Lestrade and few police officers going to John Rockfort’s place to arrests him for the murder of Emil. Surprised John swears that he does not know what they are talking about, and he has nothing to do with anybody’s death, but they take him in to process him and charge him with murder. All confused, John kept insisting he is innocent and did not kill his former partner, Emil. Lestrade assured John that they have everything they need to arrest him, his fingerprints are found on the murder weapon, and there are blood and documents that prove he stole money from Emil and was sleeping with his wife. John calls his lawyer and tells him that he needs to go talk to Emma and find out what happened exactly.

 Through Emma, we got to know what really happened a few days back. (flash backs) Emma is pleading with her husband not to file for divorce and that she loves him and only had an affair because he is always busy with his work. She tells him that she stopped seeing John after discovering her husband knows they are sleeping together. The woman claims to be willing to do whatever it takes to make up for every wrong. Emil is not interested in her story and clarifies there is no way he will forgive her because she just apologized. He continued to tell her that there is no possible way they could be together after sleeping with his biggest rival, the man who stole his money and now his wife. She suggested there is a way to get back at John for all that he’s done, she suggests getting rid of him, to which Emil responds with, “It would not be the worst thing to happen,” she then proceeds to tell him about what she has in mind and asks him to lure John to his office, she will take care of the rest, Emma claims. Emil lets a moment of weakness and jealousy cloud his judgment, and he agrees. Emma then reaches out to John and tells him that her husband knows about the affair and wants a divorce; she tried everything; she cannot get Emil to change his mind. Emma informs John, Emil needs to “go” The plan is for John to call Emil to ask him to meet. She discloses that Emil is frustrated with a case he is working on, he is vulnerable right now, so it is easy to get him to agree to meet John if the idea of them working together on this case is possible.

 John calls up Emil and sets up a meeting, to which Emil happily agrees. He comes to meet with Emil the following day, ready with the plan to kill him, only to find him dead; wondering what happened, he flees the scene. John tries to reach out to Emma and ask what happened, but her phone was going straight to voicemail. It turns out Emma had her own plans, and neither Emil nor John was any the wiser.

 What happened is, Emma conspired with Jimmy and his current partner (Gavin) to kill Emil and frame John. She manipulated the guys into believing her husband and John are working together to send Jimmy to prison for having his parents killed. She also discloses just enough detail about Jimmy's involvement in terrorism to make them believe her. Trying to connect with them emotionally, Emma also tells them that her husband and John are bad men. She claims they abuse her and often pass her off to each other as she is an object. Tears in her eyes, she says her husband forces her to sleep with other men even though she is not interested in men. This time sobbing, she says, "I’m just like the two of you; that is why my husband hates me because he cannot accept the fact that I'm not interested in him.

 With the means to commit this crime provided by Emma in hand, Jimmy and Gavin hatched a plan to kill Emil. They went to Emil's office, shot him dead with his own gun, and planted the evidence. John’s fingerprints, blood, and half-burn documents (to make it seem it is what he came to get) documents that can prove he stole from Emil and was having an affair with his wife. After they were finished the guys called up Emma to tell her the job was done.She then visited Sherlock as a grieving widow and pleaded with him to take her husband's case claiming he was a good man who did not deserve to die and Sherlock took the case.

Emma is finally happy with Emil dead and John in jail, Emil’s assets all hers, also hand in hand with her is her girlfriend, Irene Norton, who also happens to be John's wife and the mastermind behind the whole plan. It turns the two lovers planned everything together and succeeded in getting away with murder for now. Sherlock pays Emma a visit at last where he tells her that he knows she has something to do with her husband’s death but admits he has not figured out how to prove it yet. Still, he assures her that he is going to catch her and her accomplices. Irene, who was hiding, hearing everything Sherlock says, tells Emma not to worry. He got anything, and we will leave the country tonight anyways.

Entry 18

Jimmy and Emil loved each other..Jimmy had written a letter to Emil confessing he was terrorist and he killed his parents cause they didn't accept his preference.Emil was an honest man and couldn't bear that his lover jimmy would kill anyone.he already knew about his wife's affair with his rival.he set up the whole murder theory thinking that he will commit suicide but these 2 should pay for their cheating.when John came to meet Emil they had some altercation and fight when john started bleeding and blood splattered on desk/book.that gave Emil idea that police will get confused and may frame John was his murder..he burned the document/letter of jimmy so that he could save his lover.

Entry 19

Murderer- Emil’s rival John Rockfort

Motive - John and Emil were thick of a friends and partners in law firm. Until Emil found evidence that John was embezzling his money. And he broke off the partnership.

John Rockfort has become Emil’s biggest rival.

But Emil was more famous than him and many elite class clients preferred Emil over John.

John has lost most of his good paying clientele to Emil and his funds were dwindling.

To save his practice he has to remove Emil from his way then he would get all his elite clients Back to him. He hatched a perfect plan.

He started pestering Emil to get back together and calling and meeting often.

John came to meet Emil on the same day he died. On the pretext of discussing a potential case with him and partnering him for it.

 John knew that Emil has the evidence against him that he is addicted to gambling and embezzling money behind his addiction and threatened him that he will make it public this might be dangerous to his reputation..

Emil knew about John’s nosebleed issue and John had a nosebleed when he was on Emil’s office and his blood was scattered on the book and his table and some on Emil’s shoes. ( which was deliberately done by John)

Emil removed his shoes and got busy cleaning The blood on table and book..John knew where Emil keeps his guns and secret documents.. So when Emil was distracted he took off the key from the shoe by trick. Opened safe when Emil might went away to get clean up.

When Emil returned, he took the gun n shot him. Then he went ahead and found the documents which contained the evidence to frame him in. Embezzlement case and even while searching for the evidence against himself  he found out about the documents and evidence contained  Emma’s past n burnt them.

He knew from his sources that Emma and Emil are fighting for divorce and Emil’s lawyers were fighting the case were demanding alimony from Emma as she cheated Emil.

So the direct blame of the homicide falls on Emma. As she was home alone with victim that day and John comes to know from Emil’s while talking that he and Emma had an argument that day.

So John might be thinking “Saanp bhi mar jaaye and laathi bhi naa toote” smiley36

John is a criminal lawyer so staged the crime scene is not so very difficult for him to make it look like Emma killed Emil because of her extra marital affair and their ongoing divorce will make Emma would lose access over Emil’s money and property.

Emil is out of his way so now his law practice will flourish by getting all the elite group of clients back. And free flow of cash to support his gambling addiction.

Entry 20

Jimmy's ex-boyfriend Harry Potter murdered Emil. If harry had not killed him, Emil could've proved in court that harry murdered jimmy's parents.

Entry 21

Emil's rival name is William Harisson. He told that he and Emil was secretly working on a case of big frauds going in banks. They were trying to collect proof against big names. He also told that Emil didn't like him  because he had cheated on his wife and they divorced after that. Emil was his wife's good friend. Before they were partners and their clients choosen him over Emil and vise versa. After that they became rivals. William approached Emil because one of Emil's client name came up and he told Emil about it. Emil agreed to work on this case. Yesterday night he and Emil was working on this case only. After that he left. In morning Emil told him on phone that he had lead and have a proof of same in chip. They were going to meet again tomorrow.

Emil's client James told that he met Emil for his case and told him that he was at crime scene at time of murder but he didn't kill someone and Emil believed him. He told that blood on book is his. He got cut on his hand and it started bleeding there in Emil's study and that is how blood got on book.

  • The gun belonged to a William. He told detectives that his gun got stolen somedays ago. He had filed complaint for the same. But detectives doesn't believe that. Sherlock seems to believe him.
  • The fingerprints and blood found on phone is Emil's. It seemed that Emil was trying to call someone.
  • The half burnt documents seemed to be bank statements. But nothing further found from it.
  • Under shoe insole there was little space made by someone and it seemed that Emil had hidden chip there.

Sherlock found out man who stole William's gun. The man told his name is Emmet. He is just small time thief. But Holmes believes that he is lying. Further investigating about Emmet Holmes found that he is assassin and his name is Elijah. 

Further interrogating Elijah told that he got assignment of killing Emil. He was also told to steal William's gun and kill Emil with it and made to look it like suside. He was also told to steal chip. After lots of searching he got chip from shoe. But before he can get  shoe back in Emil's leg he heard sound so he left shoe near door in hurry and left there. He told that he got call on his phone from a man to kill Emil and all the instructions how to do it. He got money for it in warehouse where he was instructed to drop chip.

Sherlock Holmes went alone to warehouse with his deduction skills. John Watson along with detectives going after getting address and backup.

Jim Moriarty was waiting for Sherlock Holmes and Holmes asked him about murderer. Jim told him that I am consulting criminal so I just guided him(murderer) and I knew you will know it's not a suside. You are smart you will find the murderer. Moriarty told that chip is with murderer.

 Moriarty (mock salutes): Till we meet again Sherlock Holmes. He disappear before Sherlock reached him.

Murderer: Mystery person who reached Jim Moriarty for assistance.

Motive: Emil come to know about person who doing frauds and had a proof that will expose that person.

Entry 22

Emma was the murderer as she was the only one at home at that time apart from Emil. Also, she knew the key's location... and the fact that Emil had a gun which he stored in the safe. She did it because the divorce wasn't going in her favor and she didn't have enough money to pay off the alimony.

Entry 23

well as per me the latest client jimmy can be behind emils murder and he is trying to frame emma and john for the same , since emil know very important info about jimmy and suspecting him to be not disclosing entire truth to him even suspecting him ,and he even did visit emil that day too , so i find he might have sneaked in shot emil using his own gun making sure that his finger prints are not on it , and searching for evidences to be planned against both emma and john , making it look like they were cheating on emil and planning to kill him .he might have known about the key to safe and all this planned by him leaving all traces against john and emma

Posted: 23 days ago

I hope I wasnt too fastsmiley24

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