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Posted: 1 months ago

6th April 2021 :

Ahaan n Kartik had another round of argument over what is right n what is wrong for girls n boys in society.. Ritu Chachi stops them n Ahaan leaves to call Mayank.. 

Mayank n his mother arrives.. Ahaan after talking to Mayan realizes that he doesn't know anything about the Jagrata incident n Ishqi would be coming.. Later Ahaan calls Ishqi.. She received Ahaan's call but at the same moment received a call from the new job...

Later when Ishqi arrives Ahaan n Ishqi had another fight over each other's opinion n lifestyle.. 

Sarla Aunty taunts Daadi coz Kartik had prepared the food.. Later she misbehaved with Sonu coz Raj was helping Sonu with the food... Ishqi helps Sonu n replied back to Sarla Aunty for her behavior.. 

Posted: 1 months ago

7th April 2021 :

The families started having breakfast n Ahaan n Ishqi banters once again.. Mayank's mother asks Ishqi about her Maasi n she says Maasi will definitely attend the engagement ceremony in the evening.. 

Later in the bedroom Sonu was with Ishqi n Ritu Chachi when she realized her wedding dress wasn't altered properly.. Sonu requests Ishqi to pass some pins from her drawer.. Ishqi almost found the photo frame of Savitri inside the drawer that Ahaan threw away n Sonu had hidden it again.. Sonu stops Ishqi so that she doesn't see her mother's photo.. 

Later Sonu leaves the room with Chachi n Ishqi decides to work on her love list.. But for the 2nd time Ahaan appears .. Ishqi receives a call from her Maasi n got tensed.. She left hurriedly.. 

On reaching home Maasi informs Ishqi that her Mausa had snatched the engagement ring that was meant for Mayank.. The ring was actually bought by Mayank's mother without Mayank n Ishqi's knowledge.. 

Ishqi calls Mayank to let him know but Mayank who was busy stalking Sonu doesn't pay any attention.. Ishqi takes out all the hidden money n decides to buy the exact ring but she has to go all the way to Old Delhi coz it was a customed made ring.. 

Posted: 1 months ago

8th April 2021:

Ahaan, Daadi n Ishqi's Maasi gives their individual opinion on how things works in society for women n Ishqi says how things should be.. 

Sonu complains coz her beautician hasn't arrived in time but Daadi asks her to stop complaining n find out alternative way to make work done.. Daadi n Ahaan tells Sonu she must prepare herself for any situation in her in law coz she would have to live with someone like Sarla Aunty.. 

Sonu watches make-up video n did her makeup on her own.. Kartik kept teasing her.. Ahaan mistakenly call his GF Ishqi instead of Riya.. 

Ishqi goes to Old Delhi to make an exact ring n asked her Maasi to make an excuse that Ishqi had to go to her new job to sign contract papers.. 

Ritu Chachi gives Ahaan a box of engagement rings to return to the jewellers.. When Ishqi's Maasi arrived alone Ahaan is surprised n asks Mayank about Ishqi's parents but he misunderstood n replied about his father n left.. 

Ishqi is stuck in Old Delhi coz the ring wasn't made yet.. She sent a msg to Mayank which Ahaan sees but Mayank doesn't.. Ahaan was worried that Ishqi might be in trouble but as decided Maasi says Ishqi had to go to her new office hence would be coming late.. 

Sarla Aunty arrives with Raj n Ginni n created a ruckus about absence of band party when Raj was busy in a phone call.. 

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Posted: 27 days ago

9th April 2021: 1 Hour Special Episode

The ring was delivered to Ishqi n the makers asked for 5K cash.. Ishqi was stunned coz the price of the lost ring was 5 lakhs.. She was told that the ring delivered to her isn't gold but made of brass which looks like gold coz they don't make real gold rings.. She is shocked n shattered.. 

Sarla aunty blames Sonu for not remembering about her demand n decides to call off the engagement.. Raj reveals that it was his fault actually to which Sarla aunty made it clear it was ok for Raj to forget little things but not Sonu.. 

Kartik is offended at this partiality to which Ahaan says Sarla aunty represents society n Sonu's happiness is more important than fighting with the society.. 

Sarla aunty is furious coz Ishqi hasn't arrived yet.. Suman Aunty asks Mayank to call Ishqi.. Ishqi received Mayank's call but declines coz she was upset that Mayank hadn't called her all day when she needed help but now that she was running late, he was calling to know her whereabouts.. 

Suman Aunty suggests to start the ring ceremony of Sonu n Raj, in the meantime Ishqi would be arriving.. Ahaan agrees n Maasi decides to call Ishqi.. 

Ishqi fainted on the road near Ahaan's house coz of her diabetes.. Few people on the road rushes to save her.. One of them found the paper in her purse Ahaan gave her about she being a diabetic.. They helped her regain consciousness n told Ishqi how the piece of paper helped them understand why she fainted all of a sudden.. Ishqi realized Ahaan was actually right.. 

Sonu n Raj completes their ring ceremony.. Ishqi arrives n Maasi meets her outside.. Ishqi says everything that had happened.. Maasi decides to take the blame about the ring being lost but Ishqi doesn't agree.. 

Suman Aunty is happy to see Ishqi while Sarla aunty taunts her.. Ishqi is sorry n apologised for being late n tells about losing the ring shocking everyone.. 

While Ishqi was completely shattered, Ahaan comes to her n gives her the same ring.. Ishqi is surprised but Ahaan says she had left the ring in her new office n they had sent someone to return it.. Everyone else are convinced but Ishqi n her Maasi knew it wasn't true.. It is later revealed through Ahaan's flashback that he had witnessed Ishqi n Maasi's conversation outside the house.. The ring he gave Ishqi was another exact ring from the box of rings that Ritu Chachi had earlier given Ahaan to return back to the jewellers.. 

The auspicious time for ring ceremony was over by then.. Sarla aunty keeps blaming Ishqi n suggests Suman aunty to control Ishqi.. Karthik n Raj tried to stop her but it was pointless..

Suman aunty decides to talk to Ishqi n Mayank in private.. She tells Ishqi that she should have informed her or Mayank about the problem instead of facing it all alone n Ishqi says she did called Mayank to inform.. Mayank realized he was after Sonu when Ishqi had called.. He made an excuse about buying medicines for his father hence couldn't pay attention.. 

Ahaan n Kartik had another argument over being right n wrong.. Meanwhile Daadi n Chacha are worried for Sonu coz of Sarla.. 

Sonu was searching for Ishqi coz she wants to talk to her about Mayank.. Mayank realized what she was up to.. He started acting out guilty for his actions towards Ishqi to convince Sonu that he was regretting.. Sonu is in a dilemma.. 

Ishqi thanks Ahaan for helping her but he said whatever he did was for Mayank, Suman aunty n Ishqi's Maasi coz they were humiliated for Ishqi's actions.. Ishqi asks Ahaan how did he get that ring but he doesn't reply.. Instead he tells Ishqi to apologize to Suman aunty.. He blames Ishqi for ruining Sonu's big day n questions her family values.. 

Later Ishqi tells her Maasi that she was thankful to Ahaan n she promises to make things right henceforth.. Ahaan makes a promise that he wouldn't let anything or anyone ruin Sonu's happiness.. Mayank decides to ruin Sonu n Raj's wedding at any cost... 

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Posted: 27 days ago

12th April 2021:

Ahaan remembers Ishqi n whatever had happened in the ceremony.. Ishqi remember Ahaan helping her n then insulting her.. 

Sonu n Kartik joins Ahaan at poolside at night.. Kartik asks him why was he bothered about Ishqi's engagement to which he replied it was because of his best friend Mayank.. Kartik asks about the ring and soon figured it out that Ahaan had given Ishqi another ring not the one that she had lost.. 

Ishqi realizes that every points on her love list matches with Ahaan not Mayank.. And Ahaan makes a list too about girl that says - family should be priority, sacrifice for family happiness n marriage over love.. Kartik calls it "Anti Ishqi List"

Mayank asks for Sonu's help to cheer up Ishqi in the morning.. Sonu asks Mayank about Ishqi's favourites in front of Ahaan n Daadi.. Mayank tells she loves chaat n holi is her fav festival.. Ahaan received a call n left while other sits for breakfast.. 

Ishqi came to meet Ahaan.. She had learnt that Ahaan had actually bought the ring n she wanted to pay for it coz it was her fault the ring was lost.. Ahaan blames Ishqi's parents for her wrong upbringing.. Ishqi is upset and Ahaan left... 

Suman Aunty tells everyone that Ishqi had informed Mayank about the ring but he didn't listen properly.. Daadi advised Suman aunty to control Ishqi coz it's the duty of a mother in law.. Ahaan refused to have breakfast n Kartik realized it has something to do with Ishqi.. 

Bhola gives Ahaan an envelope with money for the ring n a letter from Ishqi that says her parents had taught her to return a favour hence she was paying back for the ring n thanks Ahaan for his help coz her parents had taught her the same.. 

Ahaan goes to Ishqi's house to return the money.. Maasi invites him inside for tea.. Ahaan sees a photo of Ishqi with her mother n asked Maasi about Ishqi's parents.. She tells Ahaan that Ishqi's parents had passed away when she was a kid.. Ahaan is shocked n Ishqi returns home at the same time... 

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Posted: 27 days ago

13th April 2021:

Ishqi returns home n sees Ahaan.. Maasi left them n goes to kitchen.. Ahaan wants to return the money but Ishqi refused to take it back.. Ishqi was still upset coz of Ahaan's behavior n Ahaan was sorry too.. Ishqi asked him to leave n he did.. Later Ahaan realized he has become like those people who taunt others over their misery.. 

Raj comes to meet Sonu n she tells him everything about Mayank.. Raj wanted to confront Mayank but Sonu stops him.. Raj adviced Sonu not to get convinced by Mayank's apology n tell Ishqi the truth.. But Sonu doesn't agree coz if Ishqi confronts Mayank then everyone will come to know the truth about Mayank being Sonu's ex.. Sonu doesn't want to disappoint Ahaan after everything he went through since childhood after their mother left.. 

Ahaan returns home n asks a favor from Kartik but he teases Ahaan, so he goes to Sonu.. Raj n Sonu were discussing about Mayank when Ahaan walks in.. Raj wanted to talk to Ahaan about Mayank but Sonu stops him.. Ahaan along with Sonu, Raj n Kartik decides to arrenge Ishqi's engagement on Holi.. 

Suman aunty n Ritu chachi too were discussing about arranging another day for the engagement.. Ahaan, Raj, Sonu n Kartik join others n suggests to arrange the ceremony the next day on Holi.. Daadi is surprised coz both Ahaan n Sonu dislike Holi but they said they will manage this time.. Daadi said Holi celebration will happen but only with one condition... 

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14th April 2021:

Daadi says Holi celebration will happen only in one condition - this time they should make a huge arrangements for dhol wale as a payback to Sarla.. 

Suman aunty calls Ishqi's Maasi n asks her about Ishqi's arranging engagement ceremony on Holi n Ishqi agrees.. Suman aunty thanks Ahaan for making the arrangements but he denies to take any credit coz apparently it was Mayank's idea.. 

Ahaan makes arrangements for Holi n Ring ceremony.. He had bought new dresses for all the women in their family n Ishqi.. Karthik teases Ahaan.. 

Daadi, Ritu Chachi n Sonu were checking their new clothes that Ahaan bought .. Sonu tries her new clothes n Mayank watches her sneakily.. Raj caught Mayank red handed n punched him n warns him to stay away from Sonu.. 

Later Suman aunty visits Ishqi n her Maasi at her place to give Ishqi her new dress.. Ishqi goes outside to see Mayank but finds Ahaan at the door.. Maasi invites Ahaan too n Ishqi goes to kitchen for preparing tea.. She was suspecting that Ahaan is up to something n absent mindedly added salt to tea.. Ahaan takes a sip n realized what Ishqi had done.. He didn't let Suman aunty have the tea.. After Ahaan n Suman aunty leaves Ishqi takes a sip of the tea n realized her blunder.. 

Ahaan had bought sneakers for everyone as Holi party theme.. Sonu n Kartik asks Ahaan it n he says it was Mayank's idea.. But it's revealed through Ahaan's FB that he remembered Ishqi wearing white sneakers on her engagement day along with blue lahenga.. Ishqi loves her dress n new shoes too n she thinks Mayank had done all of it.. 

Holi arrangements done at Ahaan's place.. Ahaan asks Mayank to manage foods n drinks.. Mayank has some idea to get back to Sonu coz Raj had punched him.. Ishqi arrives with her Maasi at the same time Raj arrives with Sarla aunty n Ginny.. Raj manages to hide holi surprise from Ishqi n texts Sonu that Ishqi has arrived.. 

Ishqi enters and everyone surprises her with Holi celebration.. Ahaan n Kartik welcomes everyone with Dhols.. Daadi tells Mayank had arranged everything for Ishqi.. Later Mayank was about to add Bhaang in Sonu's lassi but Ishqi comes n hugs him n it fell in one of the glasses without Mayank noticing.. Ishqi thanks Mayank for the surprise but he reveals it was all Ahaan.. Ishqi thanks again specially for the sneakers but Mayank says it wasn't his idea either n wearing sneakers with lahenga looks so horrible.. Mayank left n Ishqi sees Ahaan having some medicine n assumes it as drugs.. Ahaan sees Ishqi n thinks he would say sorry n all the guilts for insulting her would be finally over.. 

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15th April 2021:

Ishqi n Ahaan gets into another argument coz Ahaan had arranged Holi surprise for Ishqi out of guilt.. 

Everyone puts colors on each other n Ahaan's family learns about Ishqi being an orphan from her Maasi.. While everyone else were enjoying together, Mayank figures out which glass of thandai has bhaang in it n puts a color mark on the glass.. He was bringing thandai for everyone when Maasi asks Ishqi to help him.. Kartik takes the tray from him n asks Mayank to put color on Ishqi first.. Mayank puts colors on Ishqi n she tries to feel the last point on her love list - does her heart beats fast in Mayank's presence.. But she realized that she had to cross it out too.. 

Mayank offers Raj n Sonu each a glass of thandai making sure Sonu gets the one with bhaang.. Ahaan was so annoyed with Ishqi that he took both the glasses from Raj n Sonu n drank two glass of thandai including the one with bhaang... Ahaan left n goes inside the house but he realized his visions were going blur.. 

Everyone gathers together n chats until engagement time starts.. Daadi, Sarla aunty kept saying about a girl's responsibility to keep a family intact n Maasi agrees with them.. Suman aunty tells everyone she wants Ishqi n Mayank to shift on the 1st floor so that they should have their own space after marriage.. But Sarla aunty disapproves the idea.. 

Ishqi is frustrated with these n left coz his even though her Mausa is a drunkard n thief n commits domestic violence on her Maasi but her Maasi would be judged if she left home.. 

Kartik finds Ahaan in his room acting strange.. He realized Ahaan was high n goes out for help.. He sees Ishqi n asks her to come immediately coz it was an emergency.. Ishqi enters Ahaan's room n find him lying senseless n Kartik holding him.. 

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Param Singh Shagun Sharma Ishk Par Zor Nahi 

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