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Posted: 1 months ago

25th March 2021:

Chacha, Chachi n Kartik enters Sonu's room n finds her standing alone in a disheveled look.. They were concerned but Sonu convinced them otherwise..  Mayank was hiding under the bed n almost got caught by Kartik.. But Sonu saved the situation.. After they left Sonu asks Mayank to leave as well coz they were over n Sonu had moved on.. 

Ahaan wanted to leave but Ishqi creates a huge scene n made him stay... Later Ahaan was totally upset with Ishqi n vents out his frustration on his own car when Ishqi mentioned his mother..

Daadi is disturbed about Ishqi meeting Savitri n decides to be more careful.. 

Ahaan complains about Ishqi to Sonu n Kartik during dinner n decides to talk to Mayank about keeping her away ... But Chachi suggests that way Ahaan would lose his best friend.. Ishqi complains about Ahaan too to her Maasi n has the same idea to keep Mayank away from Ahaan.. But Maasi suggested that way Mayank would be upset with Ishqi for separating him from Ahaan.. 

Mayank calls Ishqi n asks her about the dinner n at the same time Ahaan calls him.. Both Ahaan n Ishqi disconnected the call after realizing the other was in the call too so that they can stay in clear.. 

Mayank comes to visit Ahaan the next day n he had invited Ishqi too coz he had an important discussion .. Raj arrives too n Sonu left with him..  On their way out they met Ishqi .. Sonu is surprised coz Ishqi n Raj had never met each  other before inspite of the fact that Ishqi is assistant to Raj's mother.. 

Posted: 1 months ago

26th March 2021:

Ishqi arrives at Ahaan's house n soon both of them realized neither has mentioned Mayank about their last night fight.. Mayank has an important discussion with both Ahaan n Ishqi.. But Ishqi gets a call n goes outside... 

Ishqi receives a call from an unknown no. but it was actually Daadi calling her to warn her to stay away from Savitri.. Daadi unaware of Ishqi's presence at their home comes face to face with her .. She disconnected the call n pretends talking to Sarla Aunty.. Ishqi tries to call back but Daadi switched her phone off.. 

Sonu is upset coz she can't talk to Ahaan about Mayank n share everything with Raj.. But she hides Mayank's recent actions from Raj to avoid any fight between Raj n Mayank n decides to handle it alone.. 

Daadi doesn't want Ishqi's presence at their house.. So she calls Sarla aunty n convinced her to grant Ishqi leave till her wedding was over.. 

Mayank wishes to marry Ishqi on the same day as Sonu n Raj at Ahaan's house .. While Ahaan n Ishqi are shocked.. Kartik takes Mayank out coz his new bike has arrived.. 

Ahaan plays a trick with Ishqi n tries to butter her up with pastries n sweet talks n manipulates her into canceling her wedding at Ahaan's place.. Ishqi almost falls for the trick but later realized Ahaan's plan.. Ishqi tricks Ahaan into accepting that he had been acting to make Ishqi cancel the wedding.. They both wants to cancel the wedding at Ahaan's house .. Mayank overhears n decides to hatch out another plan.. 

Posted: 1 months ago

29th March 2021:

After fighting over who would talk to Mayank regarding changing the date n venue of Ishqi-Mayank wedding, Ahaan n Ishqi decides to do it together.. But Daadi arrives n announced that Ishqi-Mayank wedding will take place at their house along with Sonu-Raj.. It's revealed in flashback that Mayank had requested Daadi to make it happen coz with Daadi's permission Ahaan n Ishqi wouldn't oppose.. 

Sonu learns about it when Kartik texts in family Whatsapp group.. Raj wants to discuss it with Ahaan but Sonu says it was okay.. 

Ahaan informs Ishqi to behave n follow some home rules now that she will be at their house n to stay away from Sonu.. Ishqi replies Sonu is an adult n she could decides things on her own.. 

Later Ahaan, Kartik n Chacha Chachi goes to Sarla Aunty's place to convince her about the double wedding.. She disapproved the idea coz Raj is her only son n she think of Ishqi as a 'maid' but Ahaan protests her thoughts about Ishqi coz she's a hardworking n trustworthy employee.. Later Raj arrives n supports Ahaan leaving no other choice for Sarla Aunty.. 

Ahaan n Kartik finds Ishqi chatting with the auto driver outside Raj's house.. Ahaan finds it annoying... Later at night he complains about the same n Sonu n Kartik teases him.. 

Ishqi keeps complaining about Ahaan too n her Maasi points out she has been thinking about Ahaan more instead of Mayank.. Ahaan decides henceforth his focus would be Sonu's wedding while Ishqi decides to focus on hers.. 

Mayank corners Sonu at night in the kitchen n tells her he had decided to marry Ishqi only to make Sonu jealous.. Sonu finds him disgusting n tries to reason with him but Mayank forces himself on her.. Ahaan was approaching towards the kitchen too while both Sonu n Mayank were unaware of his presence... 

Posted: 1 months ago

30th March 2021:

Ahaan trips at the end of the stairs n Mayank became alert.. Sonu hides n Ahaan finds only Mayank in the kitchen.. He distracts Ahaan n takes him outside ... Sonu decides to talk to Ishqi about Mayank cheating on her.. 

Next morning Sonu made up a story about one of her friends' boyfriend cheating on her with another girl n asks for suggestions if she should speak to her friend .. Ahaan n Kartik suggests she should warn her friend .. Later Ishqi arrives to meet Mayank .. 

The family later spends some time together at night near the pool while discussing about the Jagrata the next day to start the wedding functions of both Sonu n Ishqi.. Ahaan continue complaining about Ishqi n Sonu Kartik teases him.. 

Jagrata preparation starts on full swing the next day.. Daadi was teaching Sonu to prepare halwa in the kitchen .. While she was having trouble Kartik offered to help her out but Daadi asked him to leave coz cooking is meant only for girls.. Kartik disagrees n protests.. Ahaan realizes Daadi wasn't pleased with Kartik protesting so he dragged him out ..

Later Ahaan tries to reason with Kartik that Daadi is the eldest member of the family n Kartik shouldn't fight with her even if he doesn't agree with her beliefs.. 

Ishqi gets ready to go to the Malhotras but her Maasi has been tortured again by her Mausa.. She convinced Ishqi to let it go coz the wedding was more important.. Ishqi had to go alone to Ahaan's house.. 

Sarla Aunty arrives with Raj n Ginny.. Ishqi arrives too alone n Sarla Aunty taunts her coz her Maasi hasn't come.. Kartik supports Ishqi n indirectly taunts back Sarla Aunty.. Later Sarla Aunty feeds sweets to everyone in the family but left out Sonu n Ishqi.. On being questioned by Chaachi she said Sonu n Ishqi has to fast till the Jagrata coz it was their first Jagrata before wedding.. 

Posted: 1 months ago

31st March 2021: 

Sonu finds Ishqi about to faint.. Ishqi tells her she's a diabetic so she can't keep fasting.. Sonu asks her to have some food .. Later Ishqi is in a dilemma n hence like always looked up at the sky n asks her mother.. There's a little thunder and lightning n she considers it as a permission from her mother.. 

Ishqi was about to have some food when Ahaan stops her coz Sarla Aunty has asked both Ishqi n Sonu to keep fast.. Ishqi was about to reveal that she was a diabetic but decides not to.. They had few arguments n Ishqi left the food.. 

Later Sonu was about to tell Ishqi about Mayank but he overhears n interfered .. Ishqi gets a call from her Maasi n left.. Mayank then blackmails Sonu that if Ishqi learns the truth he would make sure everyone else does too n Sonu Raj wedding would be called off.. 

Ishqi n her Maasi had a hearful conversation n Maasi asks her to focus on the wedding... 

Later before Jagrata Sonu learns that Ahaan had stopped Ishqi from having food.. She was about to tell Ahaan the reason but gets interfered.. Ahaan felt bad for Ishqi coz she was alone in her wedding function.. Kartik finds both Ahaan n Ishqi staring at each other n teases Ahaan..

Sarla Aunty puts chunri over Sonu n Ishqi n asked both of them to feed sweets to their mothers.. Ahaan became upset at first n later he turned emotional when Chachi steps up n completes the ritual as Sonu's mother.. Ishqi notices Ahaan the whole time.. Later Sarla Aunty asks Ishqi to do the ritual n Ishqi became upset n Ahaan noticed it... 

Posted: 1 months ago

1st April 2021: 

Sarla Aunty asks Ishqi about her mother.. Mayank's mother completes the ritual with Ishqi ... Jagrata starts after the rituals.. After a while Mayank takes leave coz his father was sick n needed rest.. 

Later Ishqi n Sonu sees a guy harassing a girl in the Jagrata.. Ishqi stops the guy who was really drunk n he fell down.. Turned out the guy was Sarla Aunty's nephew n he blamed Ishqi that she  misbehaved with him.. Sarla Aunty creates a scene n cancelled Sonu Raj wedding.. 

Ishqi tells the truth but Ahaan refused to believe Ishqi coz the girl in question was missing.. Sonu doesn't say anything in fear of how Ahaan might  react.. Ishqi goes to find the girl.. 

Ishqi returns with the girl but Ahaan meanwhile decided to apologize to Sarla Aunty coz whatever had happened it was at his house n Sarla Aunty was offended.. Ahaan apologizes n convinced Sarla Aunty... 

Later Sonu was upset with Raj coz he didn't protest when his mother decided to call off their wedding.. Raj said he would have talked to his mother... Sonu tells Raj she has something important to share with him.. 

Kartik was upset coz Ahaan apologized to Sarla Aunty even though their family were not at fault.. Ahaan reminds everyone that in our society whatever reason might there be for a cancelled wedding the bride has to bear the burn... 

Ahaan blames Ishqi for the ruckus.. Ishqi comes in n protests coz she was nowhere at fault ..Ahaan made a derogatory comment on the girl's clothes that made Ishqi more upset..  Ahaan further blames Ishqi coz of her actions n absence of family values.. 

Posted: 1 months ago

2nd April 2021:

Ahaan cancelled Ishqi-Mayank wedding at the home n Ishqi is upset n leaves.. Everyone decides to go back to the Jagrata.. Ahaan realized it was midnight n it wasn't safe for Ishqi to go alone.. He goes after her n asks her to get inside the car but she doesn't respond.. Ishqi faints all of a sudden now Ahaan takes her to the hospital.. 

Ahaan informs Mayank about Ishqi n the later revealed to Ahaan that Ishqi is a diabetic patient n she shouldn't have fast.. Ahaan feels guilty.. Later Ishqi regain consciousness n blames Ahaan for his narrow mindedness .. 

Later Ishqi returns home n tells her Maasi about Ahaan cancelling the  wedding at their place.. Later she helped her maasi put on some makeup to hide the marks n at the same time complains about it.. Maasi tells Ishqi that their generation had been brought up in a certain way but Ishqi's generation is different n they should believe in equality in marriage.. 

Daadi realized it was a good opportunity to separate Ishqi from their family coz she knew about Savitri's whereabouts.. Daadi supports Ahaan's decision n stars blaming Ishqi.. But Ahaan returned n informs everyone whatever happened after Ishqi left.. Daadi isn't pleased with Ahaan's change in behavior.. 

Mayank calls Ishqi n she learns that the engagement next day was to happen at the  Malhotras.. 

Posted: 1 months ago

5th April 2021:

Sonu n Kartik comes to talk to Ahaan.. Both were upset over whatever happened in the Jagrata.. Sonu tells Ahaan that Ishqi wasn't wrong n she feels guilty for not supporting her when needed.. Ahaan n Kartik argues coz of their differences in opinion but later patch up.. 

Chacha Chachi are worried for Sonu coz she would have to live with someone like Sarla.. And Daadi isn't happy coz Ahaan decided to keep same wedding venue for Ishqi-Mayank wedding .. 

Maasi gifts Ishqi a necklace for her engagement n later Ishqi makes a Love List for Mayank.. But with each points she kept thinking about Ahaan instead of Mayank.. 

Ahaan was thinking about Ishqi too at night n is in a dilemma whether he should call her or not.. He decided to talk to her next morning.. 

Ahaan, Sonu, Kartik all three are in the kitchen next morning where Kartik was cooking.. While Daadi wasn't happy about Kartik n Ahaan inside kitchen.. Sonu n Ahaan were waiting for Raj n Ishqi respectively n messes up things.. 

Param Singh Shagun Sharma Ishk Par Zor Nahi 

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