New Promo: Will Mahira succeed?

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Poll Question :

Will Mahira succeed this time?

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Yes, she’ll trap Karan. Separation of Preeran.😡
Nope, flop as usual. Finally leaving Luthra house!!🙌🏽
Don’t care either way 🤷🏽‍♀️
Total Votes : 7
Posted: 29 days ago

Just saw the new promo of Kundali Bhagya with Mahira hugging Karan again in the dark and vowing that he’ll leave Preeta in 3 days.  Now we know Karan is a duffer and doesn’t believe Mahira is still after him, so he won’t be on guard.  But with Pritvi exposed what will be the storyline going forward?  We know the writers have no problem putting Mahira and her disgusting deeds in our face.  Something makes me feel like she’ll succeed this time in at least causing a major misunderstanding and we may have another separation because there is nothing else to the story now.  What do you all think?  Will it be another flop or will she have success?  We know she’ll never leave Luthra house because her mother just resurfaced and after all Tanu is back on KumKum.  That reminds us on Ekta serials the vamp is never ever gone😡

Posted: 29 days ago

Looking at today’s episode it does not look like prithvi or Sherlyn truth is out ... major drag fest again and as usual the villains win again ... smart drag tactics by showing great promos etc ... to get viewers in.... I think EK personally must have had major issues in her life to show such depressing negative story lines ... other channels are doing better shows with progressive positive stories ..I’m switching to those better shows .. at this point I’m done watching this show and don’t really care what Mahira does !😂

Posted: 29 days ago

High chances she might be successful this time. They dont have any story in actual just dragging. 

Prithvi will be exposed only after his badla is successful . It will be too late.  Luthras have lost everything to him by then and will try to get their assests back.

Badla pura hone se pehle they wont expose prithlyn. Rishlyn marriage will break. Thats all 

Posted: 29 days ago

I don't think she will succeed

but she won't leave Luthra house as wellsmiley37

Preeta will win

I just hope TKL apologise smiley20

PrithLyn exposure don't know when will it happensmiley37 

anyway I just watch for entertainment 

if it's boring, I will stop following againsmiley36

Posted: 29 days ago

smiley39 I don't care what she does. I don't care if she succeeds. But if she does, maybe the story will move forward... maybe Preeta then will have some ambition in her life 

Anyway I've stopped watching the show for months I just like coming to the forum smiley36 

Posted: 29 days ago

in 3 days never the two are married and not just a couple in love.

She will surely try to create a misunderstanding, maybe with: I am pregnant and Karan is the father. And even with this false story, Preeta will never leave Karan


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