SKR FF 2:"Hum Sath Sath Hain.!" A modern time story.Updated @ page 82

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Posted: 1 months ago

Hello everyone ☺️

This is Saumya ❤️

I have completed my First thread of my FF "Hum Sath Sath Hain.!" A modern time story 

Following is the link for the first thread:

So here, I start my second thread.. 😊😊

Thank you all my readers for the support and immense love 🤩🤗

Love you all ❣️, Jai Siya Ram 🙏🏻

Posted: 1 months ago

Congratulations on new thread dear!!!

And outstandingly awesome update. Urmila's bday🌼🌼💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

Can't wait to see what is the surprise...

Keep going🥳👍

Posted: 1 months ago

Originally posted by ..Dharma_dasi..

Congratulations on new thread dear!!!

And outstandingly awesome update. Urmila's bday🌼🌼💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

Can't wait to see what is the surprise...

Keep going🥳👍

Thank you dear 😊💖

Stay tuned for the further updates ❣️

Posted: 1 months ago

Cute update... anything on LakshMila is bliss... Thank God that Lakshman could think beyond his January June shayari LOL! Those shayaris were really sweet, loved them.

But personally I feel this chapter could be cuter, don't feel bad please. YOU are the writer, so story will be told according to you ❤

Have you heard the song "Piya tu Piya" by Arijit Singh and Chinmayi Sripada? I think our music taste is somewhat similar, that's why I am suggesting 😊

Thank you for pm!

Edited: I have read the whole update again, and I now I think, it's cuter indeed 😊

Edited by Apukar - 1 months ago
Posted: 1 months ago

Originally posted by Apukar

Cute update... anything on LakshMila is bliss... Thank God that Lakshman could think beyond his January June shayari LOL! Those shayaris were really sweet, loved them.

But personally I feel this chapter could be cuter, don't feel bad please. YOU are the writer, so story will be told according to you ❤

Have you heard the song "Piya tu Piya" by Arijit Singh and Chinmayi Sripada? I think our music taste is somewhat similar, that's why I am suggesting 😊

Thank you for pm!

Edited: I have read the whole update again, and I now I think, it's cuter indeed 😊

Thank you dear, that's why I have offered you all to suggest me if you all have any suggestions 😅😊

Anyway, thanks for reading and thanks for the song suggestion. I will work on it soon 👍🏻

Stay tuned ❣️

Posted: 1 months ago

Hey.. dear...I am here in our new thread 💓... waiting for our writer to do magic with her beautiful brain 😍... despiratly waiting for a sira moment... missing it a lot dear... please try to give it in the grand 1st update of the of the 2nd thread 💓.. will be waiting 😁😊... Love you 💓..Jai siya ram💘

Posted: 1 months ago

Originally posted by Srinivasan.R

Hey.. dear...I am here in our new thread 💓... waiting for our writer to do magic with her beautiful brain 😍... despiratly waiting for a sira moment... missing it a lot dear... please try to give it in the grand 1st update of the of the 2nd thread 💓.. will be waiting 😁😊... Love you 💓..Jai siya ram💘

Thank you for the words 💕🙂

Yes and lots of SiRa coming soon..

Stay tuned ❣️

Posted: 1 months ago

Hello 🤩

First update of the second thread 🥳

Keep loving 🤪🤗



Siya was busy in her phone sitting on the bed when Ram enters the room. He closed the door behind him and moves towards Siya to sit beside her. She looks at him with a light smile.

SIYA- Lakshman nikal chuka hai.

Ram nods lightly when Siya told him about Lakshman.

SIYA- choti maa was telling.. that he didn't even go into the house. Bas bahar se hi... Sabse.. mil liya...

Said Siya with sadness over her face and Ram took a deep breath hearing this.

SIYA- why don't you talk with him Ram..?

Asked Siya getting tensed for which he looks at her.

RAM- regarding what.!?

Asked Ram raising his eyebrow though he knows what she is asking him to do.

SIYA- to think about getting back...

Ram bows his head down while Siya kept on looking worried.

SIYA- that day I tried to convince him. But usne nahi try once...

Siya request him to have a talk with Lakshman. Ram motioned his eyes to look at her. 

RAM- jitni fikr apko hai Urmila aur Lakshman ki.. utni mujhe bhi hai Siya..

Siya smile at him lightly. He keeps his hand on her hand and envelopes it with his both the hands.

RAM- but genuinely.. I don't think he will get agree...

Siya became surprised hearing him. Ram caresses her hand lightly and continued.

RAM- if this decision would have been of Lakshman alone, then we would have convinced him in whatever way.. but.. the thing is.. Urmila bhi Lakshman ke decision ke sath hai. And that is why we are not trying to force them..

Siya looks sad not able to find any other way. Ram caresses her face lightly gaining her attention.

RAM- aise me... There are only two options left.. one, if Urmila too leaves the Raghuvanshi palace. And second... If we get back there...

Siya closed her eyes thinking about the options Ram told her. She knows that both of them are difficult options. Will Urmila and Lakshman agrees for the first option.? And if not, then how will the second option gets fulfilled without Kranti's will. She took a long breath and opens her eyes to look at Ram who was already staring her.

SIYA- sab theek hoga na Ram..?

Ram smile at her lightly nodding his head in yes.

RAM- don't worry.. I will again try to talk with Lakshman..let's see what happens..

Siya smile and nods her head. Their conversation got interrupted by Siya's phone. Both of them looks at her phone to find Manvi calling.

RAM- you have a talk. I will be in living room. Waise bhi Lakshman ka wait karna hai..

Siya smile at him and nods lightly while Ram gets up to leave from there. Siya accepts the call.

SIYA- hello..

MANVI- one moment dii.. hold on..

Manvi keeps the call on speaker so that all the three of them could talk with Siya.

SHRUTI- hi dii.. how are you.?

Siya smile hearing Shruti's voice.

SIYA- I am fine. Tum log kaise ho..? And where is Urmila.? 

URMILA- I am here only dii..

Siya's smile widened hearing Urmila's happy voice. And she knows the reason, it's because she has spent her whole day with Lakshman. 

SIYA- oh.. so birthday girl seems to be really very happy..?

Urmila blushed looking down for a moment while Manvi and Shruti smile at her. 

SIYA- enjoy kiya .? You are happy na.?

URMILA- ha dii.. I am very happy.. thank you all for this beautiful surprise..

Said Urmila thanking each one of them by looking at Manvi and Shruti. 

MANVI- oh come on.. beheno me thank you jaisa kuch nahi hota hai.. right dii.?

Questioned Manvi while Siya giggles at them.

SIYA- absolutely correct. Waise Urmila... Why didn't you asked Lakshman to stay..?

Urmila's smile lessened hearing Siya's question. Manvi and Shruti looks at each other and then at Urmila.

URMILA- why would I say that dii.? Wo ayenge to.. aapke aur jiju ke sath hi ayenge..

Said Urmila with a sad smile while Manvi and Shruti too feels bad for her. Siya sighed looking down.

SIYA- tumhara mann nahi kiya. That Lakshman should have stayed back..?

Asked Siya again while Urmila smile at her question this time.

URMILA- kiya na dii. But then mere dil se ek awaz ayi who yelled at me that you are Siya's sister.. so how could you be so selfish..?? Just control your emotions and your feelings and let your husband go back...

Urmila acts in a funny way making Manvi and Shruti to giggle at her while Siya smile feeling the pain in her voice. 

URMILA- dii.. don't worry.. I am happy.. sach me..

Siya nods her head lightly while Manvi caresses Urmila's back. 

SHRUTI- dii.. ye sab dukhi wale bate chodo. And tell us.. what's special nowadays..? 

Asked Shruti in her original excited voice.

SIYA- nothing special.. tumhare jiju kuch jyada hi mera khayal rakh rahe hai. After that Jayant's incident..

Siya complaints about her husband while the girls giggles at her.

SHRUTI- to its nice na dii. Jiju kitne cute romantic..

Shruti commented keeping her hand on her heart while Urmila and Manvi nods jn agreement.

SIYA- but it's not fine for me sometimes.. aisa lagta hai I am caged in something..

Said Siya in a pout while the girls laughs at her.

MANVI- yes ofcourse.. jiju ke pyar me kaid...

Manvi winks at Shruti while Siya blushed hearing her. 

SIYA- shut up...

Siya nods her head in disbelief. They kept on teasing her more while Siya kept on denying them that it is not romantic. They continued their talks for sometime before going to sleep...


Ram knocks the door of Lakshman's room the next morning. 

LAKSHMAN- bhaiya.. ayiye na..

Lakshman gets up from his place as Ram enters the room. He moves towards Lakshman and indicates him to sit on the bed. Both the brothers settled down beside each other.

LAKSHMAN- when I returned last night, you said that we will talk in the morning.. kya bat karni thi bhaiya.?

Last night, when Lakshman returned back from Mumbai, Ram asked him to sleep as he must be feeling tired. Before Lakshman leaves for his room, Ram told him that he wants to have a talk with him the next morning. Ram smile at him and pats his shoulder.

RAM- just a normal talk.. 

Lakshman sighed in relief. He was thinking n number of things regarding getting frightened regarding Siya. 

RAM- so.. how was the day yesterday.?

Asked Ram with a smirk on his face. Lakshman smile at his question and looks down for a moment. 

LAKSHMAN- very good. Urmila was very happy.. indeed happy..

Said Lakshman with a satisfied smile on his face. 

LAKSHMAN- usko apka gift bhi bohot acha laga. And bhabhi ka cake.. she loved it..

Ram nods his head as Lakshman told him everything about her birthday. After a pause, Ram asked him further.

RAM- ghar me mile sabse..?

Lakshman's smile reduced for a moment as he got to know about what Ram is going to talk with him. They both looks at each other figuring out what the person sitting in front is thinking. Lakshman nods his head in yes.

LAKSHMAN- sabse mila. But ghar me nahi. Ghar ke bahar..

Answered Lakshman making Ram to give a sad smile. 

RAM- how is papa.? Unki health theek lag rahi thi.?

Asked Ram and again Lakshman nods at him in agreement.

LAKSHMAN- health to theek lag rahi thi. But somewhere he was looking tired.. as in pale.. disappointed..

Ram felt a pinch of hurt in his heart listening Dashrath's condition. He bows his head down while Lakshman continued.

LAKSHMAN- but you know bhaiya.. papa is very proud of all of us. He is not angry with you.

Ram smile looking at him and nods his head.

RAM- I know. He is not angry on us. But on maa..

Lakshman looks at other side hearing Kranti's name from Ram.

LAKSHMAN- that is obvious. Who is not angry with her accept you and bhabhi..?

Said Lakshman in an obvious tone while Ram nods at him in disbelief.

RAM- why.? Unhone aisa kya kar diya hai.?

Asked Ram while Lakshman became surprised.

LAKSHMAN- ye jo bhi horaha hai unhi ke wajah se ho raha hai.. and you are asking what did she do.?

Lakshman's voice rise for a moment talking about Kranti. His pitch was telling that he is angry on his mother. 

LAKSHMAN- you and bhabhi have to leave your house because of her. You have to leave Raghuvanshis whole wealth and property because of her. I have to leave Urmila because of her...

Said Lakshman giving him the reasons about what did Kranti do. 

RAM- but maa didn't told us to do this..

Said Ram taking Kranti's side while Lakshman looks confused.

RAM- maa hamare family ka batwara chahti thi. Meaning, each and every thing equally distributed amongst four of us. 

Ram said explaining him the meaning of what Kranti wanted.

RAM- agar hum unki sunte, to Mumbai me hi, Raghuvanshi family ki wealth and property ke sath reh rahe hote. You would have been staying with Urmila..bas the difference would be that hamari family ke char hisse hojate..

Lakshman kept on looking at him while Ram smile at him lightly.

RAM- but mene aisa nahi kiya. Mene apni marzi se ye life mere liye choose ki. So ultimately it's me who is responsible for yours and Urmila's separation..

Lakshman shook his head immediately hearing Ram's words.

LAKSHMAN- no bhaiya. Whatever you did was to just save our family. 

RAM- and whatever maa wanted to do was also to save, we four of us..

Ram answered him back again taking Kranti's side while Lakshman looks down not getting completely convinced. 

RAM- hum charo maa ki insecurities dur nahi kar paye, it's our fault. Not her.

Lakshman rolls his eyes not understanding why Ram is explaining Kranti's deeds. 

LAKSHMAN- papa ko to aisa kuch nahi laga tha. Neither choti maa was thinking like this. Why only maa..?

Questioned Lakshman while Ram keeps his hand on his shoulder.

RAM- your question itself is having your answer. Because she is our maa.. 

Lakshman bows down again not looking convinced.

RAM- Lakshman.. jo hogaya wo hogaya.. hum use nahi badal sakte. But what next.? You can't stay away from your wife forever..

Ram kept on explaining him while Lakshman listened to him this time keeping quiet.

RAM- the way you want to fulfill your responsibilities as a brother. The same way you have some responsibilities as a husband. You can't deny that.. you can't take that for granted..

Lakshman gulped his emotions as tears were forming in his eyes thinking about his and Urmila's relationship. 

RAM- fir bhi. I am not going to force you to get back. It's just a request to reconsider your decision. And to think about it..not only for the present but also for the future..

Lakshman motioned his eyes at Ram who was already smiling at him. He nods his head in yes telling Ram that he will think about what Ram is saying. Ram caresses his head lovingly.

RAM- get ready.. we have to leave for factory..

LAKSHMAN- ji bhaiya..

Ram gets up to leave while Lakshman kept on thinking about his words...


At evening, Ram and Lakshman came back from their work. Lakshman rings the door bell waiting for Siya to open the door for them. They waited for one minute but Siya didn't opened the door for them. Lakshman again rings the bell while Ram scrunched his eyebrows looking confused. 

LAKSHMAN- bhabhi door kyu nahi khol rahi hai.?

Asked Lakshman knocking the door when Ram's eyes falls on the lock. 

RAM- it's locked..

Lakshman followed his sight and found the door is locked from outside. They look at each other.

RAM- Siya kaha gayi .?

Ram asked almost to himself looking at Lakshman, thinking about her.

LAKSHMAN- actually bhaiya. Hum bhi aaj thoda jaldi aye hai..

Said Lakshman looking into his watch checking the time while Ram started thinking about Siya's whereabouts. He takes his phone from his pocket and dialled Siya's number. But for his disappointment, it went unanswered. 

LAKSHMAN- what happened.?

RAM- she is not picking up the call.

Said Ram getting worried. He started thinking n number of things about her getting more tensed. He again dialled her number but again it went unanswered. The next moment Ram started running towards the stairs to get downstairs while Lakshman followed him. They reached to the apartment's garden and started searching for Siya but she was seen no where. Ram started getting restless while Lakshman looks at him.

LAKSHMAN- bhaiya.. bhabhi kahi jane wali thi kya.?

Asked Lakshman while Ram closed his eyes in frustration.

RAM- mujhe pata hota to me aise darr raha hota kya laksh..?

Ram scolded him while he didn't said anything further. He knows that his brother is worried for Siya. Ram again dialled Siya's number but again for his frustration it went unanswered.

RAM- phone kyu nahi utha rahi hai aap Siya..??

Ram said getting tensed while Lakshman looks at the security guard moving towards another direction.

LAKSHMAN- we will ask the guard.?

Ram nods at him and both of them runs towards the guard.

RAM- Kailash bhaiya..

The security guard turns to face them.

KAILASH- ji bhaiya-ji..

RAM- Siya ko dekha hai aap ne.?

Kailash nods his head in agreement and Ram and Lakshman sighed in relief.

KAILASH- thodi der pehele didi bahar gayi hai..

Ram looks in confusion and in frustration both at the same time.

RAM- bina bataye kyu chali gayi Siya.. oh god Lakshman, how should I make your bhabhi understand..?

Ram questioned Lakshman in frustration while Kailash looks at them in confusion. Lakshman observed his expressions.

LAKSHMAN- thank you bhaiya. Aap jayiye..

The guard nods and leaves from there while Lakshman looks at Ram.

LAKSHMAN- why you are getting worried bhaiya..?

Asked Lakshman keeping his hand on Ram's shoulder while he gave an angry stare at him.

RAM- pareshan hone ki bat hai Lakshman.. you know right what had happened few days back..?

Ram again scolds him while Lakshman nods his head lightly. 

RAM- god knows where she has gone without informing me..

Said Ram keeping his one hand on his head and other on his waist looking tensed. At the next moment he started moving towards the main gate of the apartment to search for Siya, while Lakshman followed him..

Siya was walking on the road moving towards her apartment, busy looking into an envelope which she has collected from her office from where she is coming from. Janak had called her and asked her to meet him in office regarding one urgent work and hence she has to go there in a hurry. Suddenly she drops her wallet without her knowledge and someone calls her.

BOY- excuse me madam..

Siya stops in between and turns around to look at the boy who was already bending down picking her wallet from road. 

BOY- your wallet...

Said the boy forwarding her wallet to her. They both gets startled for a moment looking at each other.

BOY- Siya..??

SIYA- Akash..??

Both of them smile looking at each other getting happy.

AKASH- oh my god.. Mrs Siya Raghuvanshi.. what a pleasant surprise..?

Exclaimed Akash while Siya smile nodding her head.

SIYA- after a long time right..? Ever since we got passed out, we never get a chance to meet..

Said Siya while Akash gave her an impossible look. They both were classmates at their college time. 

AKASH- kaisi ho tum.? Aur.. tum to bilkul nahi badli.. I mean there is no difference between Siya Rajrishi and Siya Raghuvanshi..

Akash gave her a compliment for which Siya rolls her eyes in embarrassment. 

AKASH- but tum yaha Delhi me.? I mean Raghuvanshis are of Mumbai right.? 

Siya's smile lessened for a moment hearing him while Akash understood her expressions that she is not willing to answer that. 

AKASH- waise acha hi hua. We got to meet..

Siya again smile at him and nods in yes.

SIYA- what are you doing nowadays..?

AKASH- hamara to wahi yar, 9 to 5 job.. hum Raghuvanshis thodi hai..

Said Akash teasing her while she giggled at him. 

AKASH- now since you are here. Let's meet all of us yar. Our whole batch. Let's have a reunion..

Akash suggested her while Siya looks excited nodding in agreement. 

SIYA- sure.. waise bhi after college, I didn't get a chance to meet anyone..

Akash nods at her when suddenly his phone beeps. He looks at his phone checking for the message. 

AKASH- oops.. wife's message. Ab to nikalna padega.. by the way Siya.. Ghar chalo na, I will take you to meet my wife..

Akash suggested getting happy while Siya shook her head denying politely.

SIYA- I am so sorry Akash. Not this time. Actually Ram ke ghar ane ka time hogaya hai, he must be waiting for me. And unfortunately I have left my phone at home..

Siya denied him while he smile at her nodding in agreement. 

AKASH- no problem.. we all will decide to meet soon. Let's get together through our social media.?

Siya nods at him in agreement while he forwards her wallet which he was holding for so long. Siya forwards her hand to take the wallet from him when Ram and Lakshman watches them from distance. Ram clenched his fist in anger and runs towards them within a moment. 

RAM- Siya...

Ram holds Siya's arm, making her aside and stands in front of Akash. Both Siya and Akash gets surprised for a moment looking at Ram looking baffled. 

RAM- what you want.? Why you are trying to talk with her.?

Ram started questioning Akash getting angry while Siya looks at him in surprise. Lakshman too was standing beside them observing his bhaiya getting angry. 

RAM- she is not interested in having any talks.. so please... Excuse her..and don't try to trouble her..

Said Ram pointing his finger towards Akash almost warning him while Siya gets shocked hearing him.

SIYA- Ram.. what are you saying.? He is not troubling me..

Ram gets confused when Siya told him about the reality. He turns around to face Siya.

SIYA- he is my college friend. Akash.. after a long time we have met.. isliye bas thodi bat kar raha tha..

Said Siya almost shouting at him, trying to control her anger. Lakshman sighed in relief while Ram looks shocked hearing the truth from her. He cursed himself to react like that and again faces Akash. 

RAM- I.. I am.. sorry.. I thought ki.. you are... I mean.. I am sorry dude..

Ram's anger melt in a moment and he apologized to Akash who smile at him.

AKASH- it's ok Ram. I understand.. it's fine. And I am happy looking at Siya's husband's possesiveness for her.

Said Akash with a wink teasing Ram and Siya. He looks at Siya who was looking down feeling embarrassed.

AKASH- ok Siya.. I will go now.. 

Said Akash with a smile while Siya streched her lips in a light smile. He again forwards the wallet to her which she could not take as Ram interrupts them. 

AKASH- areh.. ise to lo.. Siya...

Said Akash in a wide smile when his eyes falls on Ram who was still staring him. 

AKASH- Siya.. behena...!!

Said Akash out of fear looking at Ram's stare while Lakshman pressed his laugh keeping his hand on his mouth. Ram and Siya looks down feeling embarrassed. She takes her wallet from Akash.

AKASH- nice to meet you Mr Raghuvanshi.

Said Akash forwarding his hand near Ram while Ram meets his hand with him.

RAM- again my apologies..

Akash nods at him and finally he leaves from there smiling at everyone. Ram turns to look at Siya who was fuming in anger looking at him. 

RAM- Si..Siya.. w..wo..

Ram fumbles to say anything while Lakshman watches his bhaiya bhabhi silently. Siya nods in disbelief and leaves from there towards their apartment while Ram and Lakshman kept on looking at her. At the other moment they looks at each other getting tensed. Lakshman raised his one eyebrow looking at Ram while he closed his eyes in disbelief..

RAM- oh god.. save me..!!

Ram muttered under his breath asking god's help to save him from his wife's anger...



Thank you, that's it for today 🤪

What will happen next? How Ram will handle Siya's anger? Will Lakshman comes to any decision regarding his return.? 

To know more, keep reading 🤪😉

Sayonara 🤩🥱

Do read, like and comment ❣️

Ashish Sharma Karan Suchak Madirakshi Mundle Siya Ke Ram 

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