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Posted: 2 months ago

Sai returns to GC and Virat learns the truth that Pulkit is only married to Devyani and he misunderstood him. He goes to Pulkit house to say sorry to him and Devyani. After saying sorry to Devyani and Pulkit he goes to his house and confronts everyone along with Pakhi and also says that he is going to GC for saying sorry to Sai and also brings her back. Virat goes to GC and says sorry to Sai and requests her to come back. Both of them had a conversation and at last Sai decides she will not come with him to CN. Virat comes back to Nagpur and declares to everyone that Sai will never return to CN, they should be happy and tell everyone he will never marry again and wait for Sai till his last breath. Pakhi is happy that she still had a chance to get back into Virat life. Here Shivani bua, Mansi bhua, Mohit and Aai are unhappy. Virat is in a depressed state not fully depressed. He is not able to forget Sai and imaging Sai everywhere in the room. He questions himself why he is imaging Sai everywhere and not able to forget him. Why is he hurt so much that Sai is not with him? After that Pakhi came to his room and she and Virat had a conversation about Sai and their past. She blames him for forgetting his vaada and loving Sai and treating him as his wife not his zimmedari. At last he realizes that he is in love with Sai.

Here Pulkit learns that Sai went to GC from Aai and she is not ready to come back to CN after Virat's behavior. Pulkit says he will talk to Sai. Pulkit calls Sai and asks her to come back as she is also missing her medical studies. Sai refuses by saying that she will never return to Nagpur (because she is still angry) and finds some other ways to fulfil her dream. Devyani learns about Sai and Virat and requests Pulkit that she wants to meet Sai. Pulkit and Devyani go to GC to meet Sai. Devyani meets Sai and Sai is happy to see Devyani's condition is getting better. Devyani requests Sai to come back to Nagpur and become a Doctor like Pulkit. Firstly Sai refuses but on Devyani insistence she says that she will think about it. Pulkit and Devyani come back to Nagpur.

In Nagpur, Virat cuts his conversation with other family and Pakhi except Aai, Mohit, Mansi and Shivani Bhua. Everytime Pakhi and other family members try to talk to Virat but Virat ignores everyone. He is also maintaining distance from Pakhi. Everyday Virat calls Sai to return back, she picks up the call but does not answer any question. Side by side he is also searching for the person who sent this letter to his house.

In GC,  Sai decides to continue her medical studies and pursue her dream. She contacts the Dean of college for a room in the hostel. Firstly he asks why she wants to stay in the hostel as she is living with her husband and her in-laws. She replies that she is not able to focus on her studies  and  wants to live in a hostel. Dean of the college says that he can see what he can do. Finally Sai gets the room in the hostel and she comes back. No one is aware that Sai came back to Nagpur. In college, Sai meets Pulkit and Pulkit is happy to see her. He says that I am happy that you came back and is ready to give another chance to your marriage. There she replies that she came back to Nagpur only to pursue her Aaba dreams. She and Virat Sir Marriage is merely a deal which is for 5 years but it is over in a few months. It is better for both of us. Pulkit asks her so you are not staying in CN so where are you living. Here she replies that she is not living  in CN, she is living in a hostel and Virat Sir and other family members didn’t know that she is in Nagpur and also don’t  want anyone to know about it. She goes for the class. After the class Pulkit meets Sai again and requests her to stay with him and Devyani in his house. She refuses. Again Pulkit says boldly that she will stay with them only in his house. She will never stay in a hostel. He says that he likes his elder brother and mentor, it's his order. He says that she has done so much for him and Devyani. Now he will never let her stay in the hostel and Devyani will also get happy to see her. Finally she agrees.

I am a silent reader in this forum and love to read everyone's comments and stories. I rarely watch any serials on ITV.  Last serial I watched was KHKT on ITV which abruptly ended. After KHKT I started watching this serial GHKPM due to his story line. I started watching this serial when Virat's job is in danger. After this sequence I  also watch some earlier episodes on Hotstar.  But from the last few episodes I am very disappointed with the story line. So I tried to write something and want such progression in this story


Continue in PART 2>>>>>>>




Posted: 2 months ago

Nice, waiting to

Posted: 2 months ago

It's amazing loved it plz continue ❤. 

Posted: 2 months ago

Wow.  I like u r sai she has some self respect

Waiting to see sai realise her dream 

Waiting to see if Virat man's up and redeems ??

Posted: 2 months ago

Nice  waiting  for more

Posted: 2 months ago

Nice update ☺️

Continue soon

Posted: 2 months ago

wow this is simply beautiful 

please do continue soon

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 

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