Happy International Women's Day - Let's Celebrate Women!

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Posted: 1 months ago


"There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish" - Michelle Obama.

Celebrating womanhood is not just about one day. It's every single day one should appreciate and celebrate being a woman. Empowering, challenging, fearless, artistic, unstoppable and a successful woman is always gorgeous and shining in whatever she does. Starting from a young child giggling at her mama's jokes to the time her skin grows wrinkles and when she places her hands on her most loved ones she is the light and one who is bright within. Her existence should be glorified for the multiple roles she plays. 


International Women's day is celebrated to remember & appreciate a year's achievement of women. The day reminds the importance and need of women's rights, gender equality and every milestone achieved by women across the globe irrespective of race, country, language and profession. This very day reminds every woman that each one of us is different and success comes in all parameters. Originated from the Women's Social and Political Union (WSPU) in the UK in 1908, purple, green and white were chosen to be the official colours representing this day. Purple signifies justice and dignity while Green symbolizes hope and White represents purity. 


Clara Zetkin, a German Marxist theorist and advocate for women's rights suggested the idea that a day should be dedicated and celebrated in the name of 'women' globally in an International Conference of Working Women in Copenhagen held during 1910. Her idea was unanimously accepted by all the women present at the conference thus paving the way for 'International Women's Day'.

Women's day was first celebrated in 1909 by the Socialist Party of America. Various countries followed celebrating and joined hands to glorify womanhood. 


Each year Women's Day is celebrated using a specific theme and this year the theme for International Women's Day is very much closely related to the pandemic. COVID-19 has created a huge setback in all lives, yet, there were women out there putting all their efforts to make a smooth recovery path from the damage. This year the theme will highlight all the efforts and new ideas put forth by women across the globe in order to achieve a bright future.


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The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has brought to light the silent contributions of several women in essential sectors. They serve at great personal risk, fighting long shifts and lack of funds and aids. Today, women account for over 70% of the global health industry.

Today, on International Women's Day, we must extend our gratefulness towards the great service rendered by these brave women. We must also remember those who have fallen in this fight.

Over the past year, female essential workers have faced several unique issues. Ranging from familial tensions to ill-fitting protective gear, they have seen it all. The most glaring of such issues is the raging disparity in the pay-grade between men and women working the same job.

According to reports, only 30% of the upper-management in the healthcare industry consists of women. In developing countries, this figure drops to a despicable 5%!


The service of women extends far beyond the confines of a medical facility. Women can be found at the frontlines of several industries like public kitchens, supermarkets, sanitation and waste disposal.

These women did not afford the luxury of isolating themselves inside their homes and instead threw themselves into their respective jobs so that our lives remained on track. They are the ones clutching on to the bravery of whom our economies still survive.


Among the remarkable women who have led the charge in the battle against COVID-19 in India, Ms Hemlata comes to mind. She, through her networks of ASHAs (Accredited Social Health Activists), tracks migrant workers returning to their village and monitors their health.

She has accomplished her mission through sheer determination and courage, even in the face of hostility from some of the workers.

KK Shailaja, the Keralan health minister has been on the frontlines against the coronavirus outbreak in her city from its very inception. Her quick actions and foresight have saved Kerala from following the rest of the world into a COVID-led massacre. Thanks to her efforts, Kerala boasts of the lowest mortality rate in India throughout the duration of the pandemic.

Dr Minal Dakhave Bhonsle submitted India's first Coronavirus testing kit for trial merely a few hours before being rushed in for a caesarean delivery.

Her kit was accepted and rolled out for immediate use. Her devotion to her job is truly commendable.


Crazy Creatives salute these brave and intelligent women.

We sincerely hope this pandemic will teach us to be kinder to these committed souls who work day and night to ensure our safety and comfort.

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I have been an epilepsy patient since the age of 10 years, when I got my first major fit, the only saviour was my mother, she taught me how to be strong in the most adverse situations.

She is the one who has taught me how to come out from my depression with her words, "Mann ke hare har hai, mann ke jeete jeet"

She has always endured life's problems with immense strength... to being tolerant, I have learnt from her only.

She is not only a mother and inspiration but also a good friend without whom I would feel so lost.

She is my whole world and I am so proud of her.



I cannot really single out any woman in my life as my sole inspiration. My mother, aunt and grandmother all are exceptionally strong women, and I am lucky to have them in my life. I have grown up listening to the stories and accomplishments of other amazing women in my family too.

I have grown to be motivated by their approach to life despite having never met them. I have seen my friends navigate their lives with such grace and strength that puts even fiction to shame!

I am lucky to be living in the Age of Information wherein I have learnt of the great women who are currently dominating the global landscape, snatching their rights from under the noses of their oppressors.

I consider myself to be a humble follower in their footsteps.

When life comes calling, I hope to be just as strong as they have been.



I think for many of us our biggest inspiration tends to come from our mothers and grandmothers and mine is no different. But besides my mother and grandmother, another person who inspired me whilst growing up was my friend in secondary school. 

She was one of those top performing students in class, the one the entire school sang praises for and the one you would look up to for motivation to study hard even in subjects that appear dull and boring. In a private, all-girls school, I can say for sure many envied her "Einstein" brain yet at times were in awe of her ability to make achieving top grades seem like a piece of cake when honestly it really wasn't. 

For me personally, whenever I felt I couldn't achieve what I wanted or was beginning to lose motivation to study, one look at or thought of my friend was all I needed to motivate myself to be just like her and study hard to achieve well academically. What made her unique and stand out was that while many at her age found it difficult to strike the correct balance between study and play, she just always got to right. 

While the marks and grades are not the only reason to pursue education and study, one cannot deny they hold great importance when moving further into higher education. So thank you T (I won't reveal her name) for motivating me and many others and for just being "Ace!"



I think we all have a woman in our life (mother, grandmothers, sisters, cousins, friends) who have set an example for us and have made us proud and inspired. I have seen and learnt something from many of them. It's amazing how everyone has something to offer, something to learn from

I had visited an organisation few years back where they gave shelter to women who have been a victim of human trafficking. They were living there because they had no place else to go. The society didn't accept them, their families, their friends didn't accept them. Their stories were unfortunate and something you didn't want to stay in your memory however their strength, their courage and their fight for a better tomorrow was truly inspiring. They had been through what can be defined as hell yet they were still strong, still adamant to make their place in this society. They were working, learning and making themselves independent as not to give the reigns of their lives to anyone else's hands. Some of them had started working and had a good job while some had already moved out and living independently. Their determination to make their lives better was something to learn from and very inspiring. 




It is really difficult to share one inspiration as I feel in some way or the other each person brings some level of inspiration in one's life. Yet, I will share with you one person that keeps inspiring me even if she is not around anymore. She was the pillar of my family, my Nani. 

She met with an accident which made her paralysed till the end. She could also not see very well. Despite all of this, she always used to keep all her pain aside and smile, crack jokes and tease me, refusing to let anything come in the way of happiness with her loved ones. 

Her sense of patience made me realize that no matter how tough a situation can be, it's important to bring that small light in others life, because you never know what they are going through. She may have left but her lessons and her adorable smile are what help me go through life with positivity. 

Nani, I love you and I miss you.


Wishing you all a Happy Woman's Day - feel free to share your individual inspirations!



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MARCH 8 2021

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I wish all the women around the world.. A Happy International Woman’s Day smiley31smiley27

Thought provoking, personal anecdotes by several woman.. smiley32 

Beautiful yet concise thread  on International Women Day by you, CC Team! smiley32smiley10smiley9

Posted: 1 months ago

Happy International Women's Day to every woman on this thread and around IF.smiley40


PS: Thanks to everyone who has wished so far and who is going to wish later in the day.


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Happy International Women's Day! 

The thread is so beautiful smiley27

Posted: 1 months ago

Happy Women's daysmiley27

The thread is so beautifulsmiley27

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