SaiRat SS "Second chance at love" updt Part 11 on pg 35 dt 29/04/21 - Page 22

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Posted: 1 months ago

Wow.....all chapters are very very beautiful 😍 ❤ 

I read all the chapters in a go.....

I really loved the way you write their inner thoughts.... they are so natural......

Both are attracted to each other and they trying to dismiss that attraction..... let's see till what point they can deny......

Keep writing more....

Posted: 1 months ago

Originally posted by ssoujanya

Wow.....all chapters are very very beautiful 😍 ❤ 

I read all the chapters in a go.....

I really loved the way you write their inner thoughts.... they are so natural......

Both are attracted to each other and they trying to dismiss that attraction..... let's see till what point they can deny......

Keep writing more....

Thanks for taking out time and reading all the chapters. 

Glad you liked it and it was worth your time.

Yes both are attracted to each other and there is an inner battle going on between heart and mind always....lets see who wins.

Will update soon

Posted: 1 months ago

when will be next part out

Posted: 1 months ago

Originally posted by Krishnaravali

when will be next part out

It will bw out soon

Thanka for waiting

Posted: 1 months ago

Part 8


Sai’s pov

Everything is fine since I have taken admission in college. Leaving the normal cat fights and bitching of the kaku and the gang about me in general on breakfast and dinner, which I have learned to ignore to maintain the sanity of my mind, everything has fallen into place.


My routine is set. Wake up early, finish my work at home, get ready for college, spent fun filled day there gaining knowledge and doing masti with friends, return to home, chitchat with aai, shivani bua and devi tai then study till virat sir comes home and then comes the time I keep looking forward to, Virat sir comes home and we have dinner together. I tell him all about my college day and he just listens to it all with a smile on his lips.

Then if I dont have any important test coming up or more homework, Virat sir tell me his stories. His stories are mostly comprises of his cases and how he solved it. I prefer getting head massage from him while listening to his stories or sometimes we just sit in the balcony watching stars.

“How romantic?” my inner voice said.

“No, not romantic. Its about being comfortable in Virat sir’s company. The rapport that we have developed. The mutual respect that we have for each other....” I struggled to find right words further to call it everything but romance.

“Huh! Liar, you are getting attracted to him both emotionally and physically.” My inner voice teased me.

“No, that is not true.”I countered.

“Oh really? Then why do you look forward to spend time with him, talk to him. Previously when he used to come back you just were ready to pick up a fight with him and ready with the list to tell him what injustice today his family has done with you. But now you dont bother to waste your time with him reciting the arguments you had with kaku and gang but you welcome him with a smile.” My inner voice reminded me of my changed behaviour around him.

“Thats because I really dont want to lose my mind over never ending arguments with elders Chavans. And what you said was only about emotional changes. There is no physical attraction between us.” I clarified.

“Chal jhuti! As if I dont know why you want those head massages from him. Because that is the only way he touches you for long time and I notice every time how you make excuse of tiredness and ask him to massage your shoulders also. And not to forget those little attempts- Virat sir, please mangal sutra pehna dijiye, I cant tie its hook. Virat sir, please wo book pass kar dijiye. Virat sir please mujhe test ke liye padhna aap apne haatho se khila dijiye. Virat sir please kya aap ye pin laga denge mere dupatte mein etc etc.” My inner voice caught me.

“I...wo to main...” I didn’t have anything to say in my defense so I just blushed.

Actually its all true.When I think about it now from the very starting, I always use to like Virat sir because my aaba always talked highly of him. Though I never agreed with aaba but subconsciously I always knew what aaba is saying is 100 % right. Virat sir is an honest cop and a gentle man. Then when we got married, I realized Virat sir is compassionate and responsible as well.

But it was the moment he stood up for me against his whole family when they objected on my admission to medical college. That moment I realized Virat sir is selfless and has golden heart. Except my aaba no one had ever done any such thing for me. I couldn’t stop my heart from beating for him in that moment.

And his handsome looks didn’t help much. I am a girl after all. Which girl would turn a blind eye to such a charming man in her close vicinity? Once the feeling that I am married to that man sunk in, compiled together with that ‘kuch kuch hota hai’ feeling, I cant stop myself from getting attracted to him. I know its deal marriage. I have to go after my college but...what to do with this stupid heart. It keeps pushing me towards him.


Virat’s pov

I was holding a case file in my hands since half n hour but I haven’t read a single line. All that is occupying my mind since morning is Sai. Today she wore that yellow kurti for college. She shines like bright sunlight in yellow dress.

“She looks hot man.” My heart sighed.

“ no..she looks...beautiful..the word is beautiful.” My mind corrected.

“Whats the difference? She is your wife. You can call her hot. No big deal.” Heart reminded me.

“It is a big deal. I cant think about her in that way. She is my wife but....oh she is just 19. And by the way I am getting attracted to her with her every little thing...its getting out of my hands. I need to control myself.” Mind tried to warn me.

No matter how much I try to avoid that sensations I get with her little touch but the truth is I am failing miserably. Her smile, her nonstop chitchat, her fragrance everything pulls me towards her.

Those little moments when she asked me to tie her mangalsutra, pass her books, feed her by my hands, in all those moments whenever our hands brush against each other I get an electric current. My heart keeps finding more excuses to stay close to her.

The only time I get to touch her for long duration is when she asks me for the head massages and for once I dont feel bad for her migraines because it provides me opportunity to give her head massage. I very discreetly try to brush my hands on her neck and shoulders.

“You naughty boy!” My heart teased.

“Hey! What to do? She sits very close in those times...all I want is to hug her and make her sit in my lap.” Mind accepted finally.

Once, she took pity on my condition, I guess, as she asked me to massage her shoulders too as she was feeling tired. I felt like I won some lottery. But the more I touched her the more I wanted. I swear if I wasn’t distracted by the phone call that time my hands would have wondered everywhere around her body.


Sai’s pov

Damn these anatomy classes! Why they have to discuss everything regarding reproduction now? And if you thought that it only happened in school when teacher explained about biology and all the dim wits girls and boys will giggle throughout the lecture then you are wrong. It happens in medical college also. Once the class was over, I thought now I will get rid of it but no. Seems like girls were in a mood to discuss physical relations today. Each one was bragging about her experience with her boyfriend and I was getting irritated by each passing minute.

“What is your problem? They are just having some fun?” My inner voice asked.

“This is a private thing. I dont want to listen to their stories.” I answered.

“Are you getting uncomfortable because their talks are giving you wild ideas and images with Virat sir in it or are you jealous as you dont have anything to share?” My inner voice laughed at me.

I had nothing to say in my defense. I was caught. I was indeed imagining Virat sir with me doing...doing...let it be.

“Sai, you tell us about your first kiss.” One of my friend Sonal asked me.

Before I could have replied, another friend Jaya teased me, “Arre ye to married hai. Isne to kiss aur make out ke aage bhi bahut kuch kiya hoga. Hai na Sai?”

My cheeks turned tomato red listening to her words then I frowned and asked, “What do you mean by makeout?”


The moment words escaped my mouth all of them began to laugh at me.

“Oh Sai, are you sure you are married? You dont know what is meant by make out?” another friend Shruti asked while others were still laughing.

“Of course I am married and I know what happens between husband and wife...I mean I have done all that but I dont know this urban lingo so...” I tried to defend myself and show how cool I am. I cant let them know the truth of our marriage for sure.

“Dont worry my Gadhchiroli village girl. We will tell you all about make out.” Sonal laughed at me.

And as soon as they explained to me what is make out I was not in a position to say anything as another round of wild...very wild scenes started playing before my eyes. I was tongue tied, all flushed with red cheeks.

“Oh God! How I will be able to flush out these images from my mind. How would I face Virat sir tonight?” I was lost in my thought while all my friends were still laughing at my naivety. I got angry on them after a while and left the place.


Virat’s pov


I walked in my bedroom hoping Sai would be welcoming me with a dazzling smile but she looked frustrated over something. I asked what happened but instead of giving reply she just looked away in anger. I thought may be kaku or someone else had created another scene today.

“Sai, did anyone say anything to you?” I asked.

“Yes, they all insulted me and laughed at me.” Sai replied.

“Who? Kaku? Pakhi? And for what?” I inquired further.

“No, not everything is about your family members. I am talking about my friends. I have a life outside this pagal khana too.” She replied and stood up after closing her book.

“Why are you behaving like this? Did you not get good marks in test or something like that or do you need or are you hungry?” I tried to guess the reason for her anger.

“Money, food, good marks in test...iske alawa bhi bahut si ichhayein hai meri. Main bolti nahi iska matlab ye to nahi ki unhe pura karne ka haq nahi hai mujhe.” She replied getting agitated.

“Tumhari aisi kaunsi ichhayein hain jo puri nahi ho rahi? Mujhe batao Sai. Tum meri zimmedari ho. Mera farz hai....” I tried to pacify her but she interrupted me.

“Jab dekho tab zimmedari, farz...iske alawa bhi kuch aata hai aapko? Gabbar, Sadu, khadoos kahi ke.” She accused.

“What? Main khadoos hoon?” I exclaimed.

“Yes, aap ho khadoos. Kathor dil hai aapka. Jisme farz aur zimmedari ka hi tape bajta rehta hai bas.” She pointed her finger at me.

She was being unusually cranky over something. I could understand that but what was the reason behind it? “Wouldnt it be nice if you tell me clearly what do you want instead of throwing tantrums?” I suggested.

“Kya fayda? Aap wo de hi nahi sakte jo mujhe chahiye.” She declared.

“Wouldnt it be better if you let me decided whether I can give that thing to you or not?” I replied.

“Let it be. I was only stupid to bring up this matter. What was I thinking.” She tried to brush away the topic.

But now it was about my pride, what she wanted that I cant give her, the question was eating my mind, so now I didn’t want to let it go. “I am not letting you go. First answer my question. What do you want Sai?” I asked holding her hand.

“Let it be. I wont say anything.” She tried to free her hand.

But I held her hand more tightly now, “Tumhe batana padega. What is it that you want so desperately?”

“Leave me Virat sir.”She warned.

“No I wont, first tell me.” I argued.

I could see she was frustrated. But I could not have even imagined what would be her answer. “Kiss, I want a kiss. Can you give me that?”

Sai’s pov


I said it. I cant believe I said it. I demanded a kiss from him...from Virat sir. I am going mad for sure. And the look on his face, oh God! What he must be thinking about me right now? Ever since I have returned from college all I could think was my friends taunt and teasing and I was getting irritated. The truth was, I was attracted to Virat sir and the fact that I was craving some physical proximity and he was showing no interest was getting on my nerves and I was frustrated and blurted out about the kiss.

He looked shocked. He kept looking at me for few seconds then his hold on my hand loosened. I felt like digging a hole in earth and hide in it. What I have done? I braced my self for scolding. May be he will insult me for thinking like this or even taunt me and make fun of me. But what he did, I was surely not ready for it.

He grabbed my hand again, this time in a very tight grip. The emotions on his face changed. They were intense. I hadn’t seen him before like this. Before I could have identified the emotion exactly he pulled me towards him.

I was afraid for a moment. “Is he going to kick you out of his house?” My inner voice guessed.

Before I could have answered he pulled me even closer. My heartbeat started racing in anticipation as what will happen with me now. I blinked my eyes quite a few times. Then I forgot to breathe when I felt his other hand snaked around my waist and getting lost in my hair from behind.

I had barely recovered out of shock when without wasting another second he placed his lips on mine.

Burnt! I was burnt in that moment. Burnt in the ecstasy, in the pleasure.

“Omg! My first kiss.” My inner voice squeaked.

But not paying any attention on it I concentrated on the kiss. I didn’t know how to carry on further. I was just standing still. All I was feeling was the pressure of his lips as if he was urging me to open them. I went by my instinct and opened my mouth. The warmth, the intensity suddenly increased  as I felt his tongue trying to mate with mine.

Heavenly! This is the only word to describe the feeling.

“Hey! Are you gonna stand here like a dead girl? Do something. Respond to him.” My inner voice chided me but I didn’t  know what to do so I decided to repeat his action and it worked.

After what felt like eternity we broke apart. My heart was still racing while I was looking down. I didn’t have the courage to meet his eyes. I was feeling extremely shy.

“Next time, tell me clearly if you want something. There is nothing which I cant give you.” Virat sir whispered in my ears.

I looked up at him embarrassed and he winked at me and walked away picking up his clothes to change.


to be continued....

precap- Sairat opening up more to each othersmiley36

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Posted: 1 months ago

OmG!! It's so hot!! I'm in loss of words tbh!! Fire was oozing from the chapter, Finally Sairat had their first kiss .   Ooo laa laa 🙈🔥🔥🔥🔥. Totally loved this update 

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 

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