SaiRat SS "Second chance at love" updt Part 11 on pg 35 dt 29/04/21 - Page 16

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Posted: 1 months ago

Fantastic update...both apologies to each other...!!! That’s Miracle...😍 Loved it so much...getting addicted to it now so please try and update ASAP... thank you so much for update...👍🏻

Posted: 1 months ago

Originally posted by Andy3456

Interesting update!! Need more such type of Romance.


yes we all need some sairat romance

they only give us family drama

Posted: 1 months ago

Originally posted by Gurveen

Fantastic update 

Finally they apologized to each other 

Eagerly waiting for the next update 

Please update soon 


yes sairat apologized and it was also a starting of their new journey because they started felt more connected and responsible as husband and wife

updating shortly

Posted: 1 months ago

Originally posted by linakusharberry

Awww that is really cute awesome update

Loved it 

They are really adorable 

Waiting for your next update

thanks for appreciation

updating in few minutes

Posted: 1 months ago

Originally posted by Mahibeejay

Fantastic update...both apologies to each other...!!! That’s Miracle...😍 Loved it so much...getting addicted to it now so please try and update ASAP... thank you so much for update...👍🏻

thank you so much for the lovely comment

updating right now

Posted: 1 months ago

Originally posted by Bechain_Bulbul

thank you so much for the lovely comment

updating right now


Posted: 1 months ago

Part 6


Sai’s pov


I couldn’t believe Virat sir brought chocolate for me and he actually apologized. I cant stop myself from admiring him when he behaves this sweet.

“Aww, look at his smile,those shine in his brown eyes.” My inner voice reminded me and for once I was captivated with his infectious smile.

“Stop ogling at him Sai.” I reprimanded myself coming out of trance.

“You have not eaten dinner yet?” Virat sir asked when he saw the food plate placed at the table untouched.

“I know you also have not eaten anything since morning.” I replied.

“Thats not the answer of my question.” He countered.

“I didn’t feel like having anything when I realized that I shouldn’t have questioned you in front of everyone and you were upset because of me.” I replied honestly.

“I should have known your confusion. I didn’t share anything with you about my past after all.” He confessed.

I remembered aai’s advice. She told me to talk it out and clear it out with Virat sir once and for all. I brought the food plate and offered him dinner with a little chitchat with me. I thought I will ask him about Pakhi. He agreed but with a little change.

“Why dont we go out for a late night coffee?” He asked.

“Coffee date with Virat sir! Its your lucky day today. Say yes, what are you waiting for?” My inner voice urged me to get ready, already giving suggestions on what to wear.

“Stop flying and land on earth. Why he is asking for a date? Isnt this relationship supposed to be only a deal?” My mind filled with confusion.


Virat’s pov

“I know you also have not eaten anything since morning.” Sai said looking into my eyes.

“How she even knew it?”I wanted to ask but kept quiet but my heart found a little happiness in that moment that she understands me.

I could read in her eyes. There were several questions regarding my past, my relationship with Pakhi, future of our marriage. I decided to answer them all and settle this. She brought food for me and suggested we should talk while having it. I saw the plate. After whole day of not eating anything, I didn’t feel like having heavy dinner and dont know why but I felt that our house was not the place to have heart to heart conversation. Although a bedroom is private space of husband and wife but we didn’t have that kind of relationship and on the top of that I didn’t want to get interrupted by any other family member, especially Pakhi. Dont know why but she had developed this bad habit of coming into this room uninvited.

I thought after our mutual apology the moment was perfect and I can ask her out for a coffee outing at least.

“Why dont we go out for a late night coffee?” I asked.

“Oh come on, say yes Sai. I want to spend sometime with you away from this house...just you and me.”My heart repeated like a prayer.

“Dont have your hopes high. You are asking her out on a date. She can deny it.” My mind warned me.

I saw confusion and suspicion in her eyes and sadly realised that she is not comfortable with the idea. I was about to say that its ok if she doesn’t want to come but then she surprised me when she said yes coming out of her comfort zone and I was really touched by this gesture. I knew she trusted me but when she gave the proof once again by saying yes  I couldn’t stop but admire her for her understanding nature.


Sai’s pov

To be honest, I didn’t want to go. I mean my rational mind was not saying yes and of course my stupid heart was jumping with joy at the thought of going on a coffee date. I was confused what to do when I saw those sad expressions on his face and realized that he understood my dilemma. I should have felt relieved but I didn’t like that subtle but gloomy expression on the face which was glowing with smile just a while ago. Before I could have thought rationally again, my heart got control of my tongue and I said yes.

I noticed how corner of his lips curved again into breathtaking smile and I just couldn’t get over it.I ran to the cupboard to find a nice dress.

“No need to change. You are looking pretty in these clothes.” Virat sir said and my heart went to cloud nine.

I tried but couldn’t stopped the blush color that appeared on my cheeks.

We got out of our room and were about to go out of the main door of the mansion when we were interrupted points for guessing...yes pakhi, the one and only reason for our morning fight.

“Where are you both going at this time of night? And Virat, I brought dinner for you. I know your darling wife didn’t even think about you, whether you had anything or not. I saw Ashwini mami taking her dinner in the room. She must be full but I am sure you have not eaten anything. I have also not eaten anything Virat. Lets have dinner together.” Pakhi didi said as she looked at Virat sir hopefully and I saw our coffee date plan failing big time.

“Pakhi didi, for your kind information, I have also not eaten anything since morning and I brought dinner for Virat sir but he only asked me to come for coffee.” I answered her and boy her expressions on knowing about our coffee date gave me strange pleasure.

She was jealous, surely jealous and I was happy. I know I shouldn’t feel that way but I was happy.


Virat’s pov

We were just about to go out when Pakhi stopped us. She again taunted Sai. I dont know whats her problem? And what was all that? Having dinner together and all? I dont know what made her think that I will like to have dinner with her. I was about to answer her when as usual Sai couldn’t keep her calm and just jumped in between. Soon the cat fight started again. I glared at Sai and asked her to keep quiet for sometime.

“I am waiting for you outside.” Sai said and left from there without even looking at me. I know she was hurt again as I didn’t took her side but what can I do? She just doesn’t have patience. I looked at Pakhi, she looked shocked. I couldn’t understand the reason. Why she is shocked if I am going with my wife for an outing?

“May be she is missing Samrat. You have Sai by your side but Pakhi is alone and somewhere you are the reason for her loneliness. She still cares for you. She didn’t even ate anything since morning. Be considerate to her.” My heart advised me.

“You please have your dinner Pakhi. I am going out with Sai for a coffee. We will be late. Dont wait for me.” I replied to her hoping that she would understand both, the direct message and the indirect message behind my words.


Sai’s pov

The moment he glared at me for replying back to Pakhi didi, Virat sir become Gabbar again for me. I was fuming in anger. Why he always takes pakhi’s side and ask me to shut up even when I am right. What am I supposed to deduce from it? Isnt it love between them?

My mood was spoiled. I was not interested in the coffee date anymore. I was about to ask him to take u turn and drive back to Chavan mansion when he did something which again left my heart racing.

He put his hand on mine and began caressing it with his thumb.

“Calm down Sai........................” He said.

I dont really know what he said exactly after few words because my all senses were so concentrated on that little touch and the movement of his thumb.

“Oh wow! It feels nice. Just keep doing it please.” My inner voice reveled in that small touch.

“Wake up from the dream! What are you thinking stupid?” I scolded myself.

I came out of that magical moment only when he applied brake to the car. I saw we reached at the bank of river Nag. There was a food zone near the park. I smiled and came out of the car.


Virat’s pov


I could see Sai was angry. I feared she will ask me to go back to home and I didn’t want that.Today I was adamant on sharing everything with her. I didn’t know how to calm her down. I called her few times but she was so lost in her thought that she didn’t respond. As a last resort I touched her hand. I got her reaction instantly. She was surprised but didn’t pull it back.

“Calm down Sai. Please dont take it to your heart again. Give me a chance to explain. We have to come to talk about it...right? Dont be angry again.” I said and started to caress her hand with my thumb. I could see she was relaxing so I continued doing it till we reached our destination.

She once said she likes riverside and she had planned to go the river side with her aaba. So I brought on the Shore of Nag River. Its a good place to hang out. I knew she will like it and it was evident from her face when she gave her 100 volt toothy grin on seeing riverside. She was excited like a child and almost jumped out of the car leaving my hand. I instantly missed her touch. Only then I realized that I was actually holding her hand all this while.

“Wow! It was a couple thing to hold hands on first date.” My heart let out a content sigh.

“Virat Chavan, control this wayward heart. It will lead into trouble for sure.” My mind brought me to reality.

We went to the shore and sat down. We were silent for sometime but the silence didn’t feel awkward. It was comfortable.

“ I met Pakhi at yoga camp before joining duty at Gadhchiroli........” I started telling her my story without any pretext. I knew she wanted to listen it...all of it. But to my shock, she stopped me in the middle.


Sai’s pov

Virat sir started telling me how he met Pakhi didi but I stopped him.

“Virat sir, I dont want to listen to this. How you two met, what led to  misunderstanding and ultimately breakup then how she ended up as your vahini....I am asking you very clearly.Do you still have feelings for her? Do you still love her? Why you have vowed to abstain from romantic relationship and denied happiness to yourself for just a friend? Why I see guilt in your eyes? Why there is a soft corner even when you know she is wrong?” I fired questions one after another.

He was at loss of words for few seconds as if trying to figure out how to explain everything to me.Then he took a deep breath and said, “To be honest, I dont know myself what I exactly feel for her. I dont love her least not in a way I once used to love her but hey, I had a past with her. Once I dreamt of living my whole life with her. I know she took some wrong decisions and didn’t trust my love enough but...its my heart. It doesn’t come with an automatic on and off button.I cant just go on from loving Pakhi to hating her. So yes, I kind of have soft corner for her also because of Samrat going missing in action. I cant deny the fact that she is in the Chavan mansion because of me. It pains me to think of a life full of happiness with my life partner when Pakhi is just waiting for Samrat like his widow.”

When I stayed quite, he continued,“ I dont know how rational this choice is or whether it makes any sense to you but I want to assure you that I dont have any feelings for Pakhi beyond socially acceptable limits of brother-sister in law or a friend or family member but I cant just ignore her. I feel bad for her.”


Virat’s pov

I looked at Sai after I finished talking. I thought she would stand up and ask to go back to house as I know my story, my feelings are twisted. Not everyone can understand them. But the girl, whom I keep saying immature surprised me with her maturity this time.

“I cant say that I understood the depth of your feelings or your dilemma. And I dont promise that I’ll behave in front of Pakhi didi. I will surely give her befitting reply whenever she crosses path with me. But today I understood one thing for sure.”Sai said and took my hand in hers.

She looked in my eyes and said, “Aapka dil sone ka hai Virat sir. Isme uske liye bhi nafrat nahi hai jisne iski kabhi kadr nahi ki.”

Our hands resting on each others hand, our eyes locked, cool breeze blowing on the river was a perfect moment. I didn’t want it to end. Her hair came on her face interrupting my view. I put behind those lose strands behind her ear without breaking the eye contact. She blushed then stood up from there after sometime.I followed her to the coffee shop and ordered two cappuccino for us.

“I would really like you to move on in life. Whatever happened was not your fault. Somewhere you know it too but are too guilty because of Samrat dada and may be Pakhi didi also know that you are unable to move ahead thats why she keep reminding you of past. ” Sai said after taking few sips of coffee.

I didn’t know what to say? Whether I was ready to move on? I just nodded and started having my coffee.


Sai’s pov


He touched me again. He put my hair behind my ear and I blushed. The way he finds these subtle ways to touch me and dont even realize what effect it has on makes me go crazy.

I remembered aai's words again. “Are you sure you will not fall in love?” She had asked me. Though I got to know his real feelings for Pakhi didi but still I could clearly see his confusion, his denial to move ahead, his guilt which was eating him up from inside. I knew it will not be easy for him to move on.

“No, I cant get involved in such a complicated relationship. I need to focus on my dream.” I resolved in my heart again.


to be continued...

precap- Sai's admission and  Virat standing up for her

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Tagging few readers to let them know about the update.

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 

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