SaiRat SS "Second chance at love" updt Part 11 on pg 35 dt 29/04/21 - Page 12

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Posted: 2 months ago

Originally posted by fathima14

It's so beautiful loved it plz continue. 

Thank you so much

Will update soon

Posted: 2 months ago

Very interesting and mind blowing update...specially the bed sharing part...loved it so much...please update the next part soon...want know what’s the reason for first fight...I hope not Pakhi...😒...thank you so much for amazing update...👍🏻

Posted: 2 months ago

Originally posted by Mahibeejay

Very interesting and mind blowing update...specially the bed sharing part...loved it so much...please update the next part soon...want know what’s the reason for first fight...I hope not Pakhi...😒...thank you so much for amazing update...👍🏻

thanks for the lovely comment. it really motivates the writers.

will update soon

Posted: 2 months ago

 Part 4


Virat’s pov


In spite of saying no, aai organized reception party for us. I knew elders will not be happy. They haven’t even accepted Sai yet and now on the top of it, this reception. But when does my over excited aai listens to me. So here we are, at the reception party.

I was standing on the stage as guest have started coming. I didn’t know what I was feeling about all the marriage and reception thing. I was just praying silently to God that please let this function end peacefully, without any family drama. I was present there physically but my mind was wandering elsewhere. It was replaying the recent events which turned my life upside down.

I was lost in my thoughts when I saw Sai. Aai brought her down in the function and I was blown away momentarily by her beauty. She was wearing maroon heavy embroidered saree with minimal jewellery and makeup. She had kept her hair open with side partition. Her eyes were lined with kohl. I was mesmerized and looking at her without even blinking. Aai stopped in between to introduce her to some guests.She turned a little to greet them and I stopped breathing. She was wearing almost backless blouse. Her back was tempting me to touch her there.

“Who gave her that blouse? I dont think it belongs to her. The girl who cant even wear normal night clothes in front of me will definitely not wear such revealing blouse.” My mind concluded.

“Oh f**k the logic and reason. Just see her. She is looking hot.” My heart almost tried to jump out of my chest but I controlled it somehow.

I was busy ogling her when Shivani bua tapped my shoulder, “Kyu lag rahi hai na ekdum patakha. Aakhir maine ready kiya hai to achhi toh lagni hi thi.” She took the credit.

“Oh, it was you. What was the need to do all this. She is very simple girl. She must be feeling uncomfortable in these clothes.” I explained her.

“I have to say Veeru, you know her quite well. She said the same thing when I was getting her ready. And dont lie now. You did like her in this get up. I saw sometime back you were practically ogling at her.” Shivani bua teased me and my cheeks turned red at being caught. I couldn’t reply anything and she just laughed at me and went to join aai and Sai.

But I was actually surprised to see Sai like that. Till now it never crossed my mind that she is a fully grown up girl. Her body is as beautiful as her heart. Till now with Kamal sir and everyone at Gadh chiroli referring her as ‘bacchi’, ‘nadaan’, ‘immature’, I never saw her in a way in which a man looks at his spouse. Though I was distracted for sometime by her beauty at our first night and felt awkward on sharing bed with her but in my mind she was somewhere still that ‘immature bachhi’ whose responsibility was bestowed on me. But now, seeing her in designer saree with sexy blouse, all decked up for the reception, I was first time seeing her as my wife.

And did I forget to mention that most prominent piece of jewellery she was wearing was her mangalsutra. It could be seen very clearly settled on her chest, signifying my claim over her.

“Mine.” My heart acknowledged and did a somersault inside my ribcage as a wave of pure chauvinist pleasure coursed through it.

“Dont you dare go on that path. Scrap all the thoughts right now. Come on dump it. You married her just to help her in fulfilling her dream. She is your responsibility, may be incoming time you both will become friends but dont you dare think anything else about her.” My mind set me on right path.


Sai’s pov

A reception for just namesake marriage, this was the last thing I wanted. But I looked at aai’s excitement and said yes for it. I was getting ready in my room when Shivani bua and aai took me to Shivani bua’s room. She snatched my saree from my hands and gave me beautiful designer maroon saree to wear. It was a lovely gesture so I couldn’t say no but when I looked at its blouse, I was shocked. It was almost backless with just two inch strip holding it together that too way way deep than the comfortable length. I immediately chickened out and said no to Shivani bua but boy she was adamant about it. Even aai supported her saying that she wants her daughter in law to look stylish.

God knows how uncomfortable I was feeling in it. We came out and got busy in introduction with the guests. Then aai took me to the stage where Gabbar was already standing in his off white silk kurta and chudidar with maroon stoll.

“Oh, so Shivani bua made us wear matching clothes. Sweet.” I appreciated her gesture and looked at Gabbar closely as I reached the stage.

“Wow! He looks handsome in Indian aatire.” My inner voice said dreamily.

“Shut up and concentrate on something else.” I admonished her.

“But he is your husband.You can compliment him sometime. Its not that big deal.” My inner voice suggested.

“Ah...Virat sir...” I called him and he turned immediately towards me. For few seconds I forgot what I was thinking.

“His eyes...dark brown pool of chocolate caramel.” My inner voice tried to distract me.

But I came out of stupor in few seconds. “Virat are looking handsome.”

“Sai, you are looking beautiful.”

We both said almost at the same time then there was an awkward silence for few minutes until we got busy with guests.

Whenever an elder relative would come aai would ask me to touch their feet. I use to bow down feeling very conscious of my almost backless blouse. When once again an elder relative came and I was about to bow down I felt Gabbar held my hand. I looked at him puzzled but he continued to talk to the relatives without even looking at me.Then he put his hand on my shoulder casually and I saw he was holding the another corner of my saree pallu and hence covered my back with it. My heart  thanked him and I looked at him in gratitude. It was so sweet of him to notice my discomfort and helping me privately.

“Just like a husband should do.” My inner voice said in a sing song voice.

“Will you please stop it. Stop putting ideas into my head. Ok, he is a gentleman but that doesn’t mean I should nurture such kind of  ‘hubby-wifey’ hopes in my heart.” I scolded my inner voice.


Virat’s pov


Its been few days since my marriage and no matter how much I tried, my family was at loggerhead with Sai in almost all the matters. I wondered they just had difference of opinion or they wilfully picking up fights with Sai. It seemed like the whole family was divided in two teams Kaku, Baba, Omi kaka, Shonali kaku, Pakhi were in team A which was against Sai while aai, Shivani bua were in team B which supported Sai. Others were just spectators for now. But the most difficult role was assigned to me. I was a referee in all their fighting matches. On one side there was my family and on other side my responsibility towards Sai. I didn’t know which side I should pick up.

I tried to explain my situation to kaku and elders but they refused to even listen to me. I didn’t miss the fact that Pakhi was always the one to ignite the fire first. This habit of hers was becoming irritating day by day.

I also tried to talk to Sai about it but like always she would just jump at the conclusions without even listening properly and considering the fact that others come from totally different family culture, thought process and have completely opposite mindset. She should not be judgemental about everything and everyone.

We had heated argument few times. The latest one was on breakfast table this morning. Sai had made traditional breakfast for all and wanted to serve that only but since she is not expert cook, she was late and everyone was waiting since half n hour on the table.

I got an urgent call from office and stood up to leave. Kaku stopped me and asked Pakhi to make toast for me so that I will not go empty stomach. I tried to deny but Kaku made me sit down and asked Pakhi to serve. Just then Sai arrived with her traditional Maharashtrian breakfast and saw my plate was already full.

She served everyone except me. When I asked for serving she accused me of wanting to eat breakfast served by Pakhi. I was like, “What the hell?” and once Pakhi’s name was dragged in between she jumped in without wasting the opportunity and together with her team they ganged up on Sai. I was frustrated from all this and I left without having anything.

I understand that Sai was not wrong at her place most of the time but her habit of picking up fights unnecessarily irritates me to no end. I wished she would show maturity sometimes and handled the situation gracefully without indulging in cat fights.


Sai’s pov


I dont understand what this family got against me. They jump at me at the smallest of opportunity.Except Shivani bua and aai no one treats me with respect. I made the first rasoi and everyone made a fuss about it. I asked a simple question about Devi tai’s mental condition and everyone pulled out their weapons against me. I refused to change my name after marriage and everyone questioned my upbringing. I am just tired of each and everyone pointing out my mistakes. Sometimes I think they will have problem even if I take a breath.

On the top of that Gabbar always tries to lecture me about being mature. Maturity, my foot. If being mature means I have to be like his so called best friend, the prim and proper, bade khandaan wali, susheel bahu Pakhi then I am happy being immature my whole life.

I hate that woman. I know hate is a strong word but what can I do? Earlier, I used to have sympathy with her because I dont know what circumstances lead to their separation and she ending up with Virat sir’s brother but these two have lost their love. So I used to feel bad for them but that woman definitely does not deserve any sympathy. Ever since I have come in this house she has been picking fights with me, leaving no opportunity to make me feel inferior.

During one private conversation with Pakhi I said that I am not interested in Virat sir. I will go away once I become a doctor so she doesn’t need to feel insecure from me. I thought she would be happy after listening that but she refused to even acknowledge that she has feelings for Virat sir and blamed me for raising questions on their ‘paak saaf’ relationship. Such a dual character. Since that day I hate her.

She is such a pain in the a**. Never bothers knocking on our door, just enters like she is walking into her bedroom. She leaves no chance to prove to Virat sir that how incompetent I am as a wife and how much he has suffered due to his one wrong decision. I will not lie, at such times I just want to give a knock out punch to that vile woman and I absolutely hate the fact the Virat sir doesn’t say anything on that matter. I can feel that he still loves her and no matter how much I try, I do feel bad about this.

Today was no different,I thought to make breakfast for everyone but when I walked in dining area Virat sir  already had toast in his plate and that Pakhi was serving him. He shamelessly then asked me to serve him so that I wont feel bad but said no. I said it clearly on his face that he only wanted to eat breakfast served by Pakhi.

Ok, I know I shouldn’t have said that in front of everyone but...I dont know why I react this way whenever that Pakhi comes in between me and Virat sir. Ultimately he left without having breakfast and hasn’t talked to me since then.


to be continued....

precap- navra baiko manoafying each othersmiley36

Posted: 2 months ago

Loved this chapter! Thank you for this. I look forward to seeing how they manaofy each other....

Posted: 2 months ago

Hehehe their inner voice!!! Great... Plz continue soon can't wait for their manaofying😅😅

Posted: 2 months ago

Awesome .. it feels like watching the show with a new set of eyes . Precap sounds interesting. I can’t wait to see what they do to convince each other 

Posted: 2 months ago

Awesome set of chapter and also totally loved so so much.. Totally loved to read their Povs.

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 

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