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Posted: 2 months ago


Hello, all you wonderful F A N  F I C T I O N writers and readers!


Welcome to Featured Fiction of the Month Thread. Those who are not aware of what it is exactly, we the FF development team are selecting two outstanding / exemplary works of fiction by IF Fiction Writers as Featured FF of the month.

We had an enthusiastic response from some of you, from which we have selected two exceptional stories that we want to feature this month.

The voting/ selection was purely meritocratic based on the quality of submitted content that includes grammar, punctuation, vocabulary, ease of understanding, the flow of narration, etc. We have also considered creativity, versatility, and the genre of the work submitted.

Please bear in mind that popularity or number of comments/ likes played no part in the selection. The selection was based on content and quality alone because we want to be able to promote some exemplary work and motivate more authors.


We are thrilled to announce the winners of March 2021. A Big round of applause to

First Featured FF of the Month

A twisted fate by .iridescence


Dutta has spent most of his adult life keeping away from relationships and instead immersing himself in becoming a rich and powerful member of his community. Mission accomplished. Everyone knows he does what he has to do to get things done. Even if it’s done in the most unconventional way. Maybe that’s why he forcefully marries a woman he only met once...

Nakusha has only known a life in the slums. Having a roof over her head is what she considers a luxury. She’s treated like scum and yet does everything people expect of her out of gratitude. But all she’s ever felt is trapped and she’s prayed every day for a little happiness. Dwindling faith. Everyone knows that her fierce belief in God is the only reason she’s made it through the scuffles in her life.  But, did she survive those scuffles only to walk into a battle of a lifetime. How is she ever supposed to survive with an outlaw?

Meet the author: 

It has been almost 10 years on IF for author .iridescence. aka Daya. Apart from her duties at the hospital, she always has had an interest in writing since she was a teenager but it was IF that finally got her into writing. She began by writing FFs based on a couple from the Colors TV show Laagi Tujhse Lagan. This helped her establish her own unique writing style. Daya also reads a lot, listens to a lot of music and watches a lot of movies, all of which help inspire ideas/concepts/emotions for her own stories. 


Daya does not watch Hindi shows since she doesn't understand the language, but she loved Laagi Tujhse Lagan for its concept. She has written 6 FFs on this couple. She began rewriting 'A Twisted Fate' in 2020 when an old reader messaged her to say she would like her to repost the FFs she had removed from the forum. Daya wanted to develop the plot and relationships in-depth, and hence the rewrite.  

Daya's favorite genre for writing is romance or romantic fiction but when it comes to reading she has eclectic taste, tending towards mystery/suspense/thrillers, romance, classics or historical fiction. She also loves book series with recurring characters. Some of her favorite authors include Kristen Ashley, Kristen Proby, Harper Sloan, Jaci Burton, Katy Regnery, Adrienne Giordano, Julie Ann Walker, Lani Lynn Vale, Jodi Picoult, Pippa Grant, Sawyer Bennett, Sophie Kinsella, Tammy Falkner, and Vi Keeland.

Last year she was promoted to India Forums Development Team in one of her favourite forums, the "Writer's corner" which she wishes to develop especially encouraging original fan fiction. She has also been a part of the Crazy Creative Team back in 2015. 


Second Featured FF of the Month

Shrutakirti by Proteeti


Shrutakirti is one of the most ignored characters of Ramayana. She never basks under the spotlight, but she does not leave the stage either. The author has tried to explore her as a dynamic and empathetic character who remains with her family through thick and thin but all the same never loses sight of who she is, as a person.

Meet the author:

Born in the heritage of literature, Bengal, Proteeti is a student who enjoys writing about characters or incidents that are usually less explored. As a writer, she loves to find modern values and sentiments in age-old stories and epics.

Proteeti began writing as a part of school assignments and slowly developed a taste for writing as she began to be more aware of her internal thoughts. She uses writing as a stress-release mechanism. She considers the feedback she receives from her readers along the way as her best achievement.

Being a Krishna Bhakt, she likes writing about Lord Krishna and the extended universe around him, the characters and people closely associated with him.  Recently she's been trying to explore a wider circle outside of this universe.

Proteeti loves reading historical fiction or social dramas, which extends to her writing as well. She likes writing women's stories with hints of social messages. Her favourite author of all time is Ken Follett.

She is also India Forum's Development Team member since 2020 and is an active Crazy Creative.

FF DT would like to CONGRATULATE both the amazing writers. Please note that these fictions will appear in the featured New FF section throughout the month of March.

Above are your winning siggies! Feel free to use them.




 Writeup: LizzieBennett

Edited by: Koeli

Tags and Siggies: Grey-licious

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Posted: 2 months ago

 Note for other Fan Fiction Writers

If you want your work to be considered for Featured FF of the month please submit it here. 

Submit your FF for featuring

Readers can also submit the works of their favorite fic authors.

Stories must be posted in the new FF section. The selection can be from the fics submitted or the team could pick one from the posted works in the new FF section.

The work can be a completed/ongoing fic. For ongoing work, all we ask is at least 10 chapters of the work be posted to be considered. There is no bar on the length of the work - FF/drabbles/OS/original fiction are all evaluated with the same criteria.

The Featured FF of the month was conceived with a dual purpose: One, to highlight outstanding stories and offer talented authors a promotion for their stories to be read, liked, and commented on and thereby give them the much-needed validation that any author values. 

And Two, to encourage more authors to write and submit their fictions and allow for some hidden gems to get noticed among the plethora of works we have in our new FF section.  

With this in mind, we had asked all of you wonderful and talented writers to submit your stories to be considered for Featured FF of the month.

If you need an unbiased critique of your work before you submit it, do consider dropping it here for our Beta readers to give you their valued opinion and suggest edits/ changes, if any.

House of beta readers 


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Posted: 2 months ago

A shout out to the entire team of our newly selected Beta Readers.smiley32 Admirable work appreciated ...Well done smiley31dearies. smiley27

Heartiest Congratulations to  both our Winning Authors smiley10smiley10 iridescence & Proteeti

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Edited by Viswasruti - 2 months ago
Posted: 2 months ago

Congrats Daya and Proteetismiley27smiley40 you guys are amazing writers and we can't wait to read more works written by you guys🤩

Posted: 2 months ago

Absolutely well deserved, partner (Aka Daya but always partner for me smiley37) You know how much I loved D and N and more than that, our banter about them. Your writing is awesome and I can’t wait to read more from you smiley31

Congratulations, Proteeti smiley14 Keep being awesome!

Great thread, guys smiley16

Posted: 2 months ago

Congratulations  iridescence and Proteeti smiley40

Posted: 2 months ago

Congratulations Daya and Proteeti smiley31

Posted: 2 months ago

Congratulations both of you...very well deserved. <3

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