Let's Celebrate*-* 13yearsofEmotions with Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil

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Posted: 1 months ago

Once upon a time, 13 years back, on 3rd March 2008...

An evergreen show was all set to steal millions of fans hearts...

Those fans, famous known as Deshians are still reminiscing the memories today...

13 saal yaa phir 50, show ka craze kaam hone nahin wala...

From dancing to Jugni mode, 

To awww over Premeer and singing Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil whole day, 

Wishing that Meet could atleast get proper romantic scenes...

Desh is still present, still intact, still there....

Here we are bringing you, once again, your Desh back...

Happy 13th Anniversary of Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil

Enjoy the ride...

(Thank you MsChanadlerBong for the permission) 

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Posted: 1 months ago

They made what Kis Desh is today... an EmOtIoN

Harshad Chopda (Prem Juneja), Additi Gupta (Heer Maan Juneja), 

Sushant Singh Rajput (Preet Juneja), Meher Vij (Meher Maan Juneja),

Tasneem Sheikh (Daljeet),

Manoj Chandila (Harman Juneja), Tabreez Khan (Harman Juneja / replaced Manoj Chandila),

Deepak Qazir (Lalit Juneja) , Manav Vij (Kiran), Krystle DSousa (Veera Maan), 

Shama Deshpande (Gayatri Juneja) Muskaan Uppal (Chahat Juneja),

Nidhi Tiko (Kulraj), Mihika Verma (Ashleesha), Madhura Naik (Maya Juneja),

Virendra Saxena (Balraj Maan), Tanaaz Curim (Kuljeet),

Jai Kalraj (Rishab Rampal) , Sadhna Singh (Teji Maan), 

Mahesh Shetty (Nihaal Maan), Kalyani Trivedi (Jugni) 

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Posted: 1 months ago

A special tribute to Sushant Singh Rajput 

Dear Sushant Singh Rajput, smiley27

Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil was your first show and it helped you to reach heighs...

Today, it is not only Preet that we are missing but you, SSR...

You have made Preet Juneja memorable, even today, after 13 years, how come we still remember Kis Desh? It's also because of your hard work...

Preet's attitude...

Preet's charming smile... 

Preet's teasing mode with his "Eid Ka Chand"...

Preet finding love in friendship with Meher...

Meet's romance...

Meet's nokh jhok 

Meet's support..

If only you were with us today, each fan of yours is missing you badly...

This is a tribute to you, if Premeer were the essence of the show then you were the light...

There will be noone like you...

We miss you badlysmiley28 We seriously wish you could come back and make everything finesmiley19



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Posted: 1 months ago

"Heer Prem Ka Prateek Hai Aur Prem Sabse Zyada Heer Mein Samaya Hai"

There are some love stories that are meant to be... You don't expect it or rather you expect it but you don't know in which path of your life you're going through.

Prem and Heer were meant to be with each other before they were born. Their bond was first a result of a promise between two friends Balraj and Lalit but later the relation blossomed into something even more beautiful and magical.

Prem and Heer constantly met each other, sometimes without seeing each other faces.

When Prem saved Heer at the train staion, he was introduced as a protector to Heer.
When he saw her crying at mandir, he met with her scared eyes... something happened to him... why her tears were haunting him? 

When Prem saw Heer's face for the first time, he was mesmerized and captivated by her charm...
A lot of conspiracies were done towards their relationship but it didn't stop Prem to claim his love for Heer in front of everyone and even to go against his father.

Prem and Heer relation became stronger when they were thrown out of the Juneja house... they started to feel their love for each other and this love was so strong that even after a huge storm, it won.

Prem and Heer were separated many times but their hearts continued to beat as one...  No separation, not another person could come between them because destiny brought them together forever.


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Posted: 1 months ago

They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression...


He had seen the poor orphaned girl working around his house or keeping an eye on his father by playing chess with him, but they had never really spoken before.  Today she had suddenly donned an expensive suit.  His mother's kangan were missing, and he assumed she had stolen them.  Where else would she have gotten the money to buy her new clothes?

Her day was already going bad enough.  She didn't need a rich, spoiled brat to accuse her of stealing.  He threatened to turn her over to the police.  Her eyes welled up and he accused her of shedding crocodile tears.  How dare he?!  She was a poor orphan, but that didn't mean she didn't have any self-respect!That is how Preet Juneja first met Meher Maan.  Not off to a very good start.  And certainly not the kind one would like, if you were meeting the person you were going to spend the rest of your life with.

To be fair, Preet did offer a half-hearted apology, and Meher was not the type to hold grudges.  The next time they met, he was out jogging and made her laugh.

Fate soon threw them together once again in another confrontation.  Right before a lavish party, Meher was blamed for ruining his shirt, but she denied doing anything wrong.  This time Preet remained quiet.  Her accuser wasn't a reliable person, and he didn't want to make the same mistake again.  Perhaps he was trying to avoid the scathing lecture her older sister Heer had given him last time.  Or perhaps, he had noticed how poorly Daljeet Chachee treated Meher on a daily basis.  In any case, he let it go.

This seemingly unlikely pair shared much in common.  They both enjoyed eating, cracking jokes, and were fiercely loyal to their families.  It wasn't long before their differences were put aside and they had become friends.  It also came as no surprise that Preet was on his brother Prem's side, when he found out he was in love with Heer.  And, it was no surprise he decided to help Meher, when he learned that she loved Herman.  She was right...for his family.

Then all hell broke lose.  Prem was declared dead, the Juneja mansion had been mortgaged to pay for Veera's wedding, Herman had abandoned the family and left Meher stranded at the mandap.

Preet stepped in.  Marry me, he told Meher, and together we will make everything alright.  She was startled by his proposal, but agreed.  It was the right thing to do...for the family.

How did love factor into the equation...especially when both had been in love with other people?

It began with little steps that made them stop wondering, worrying and doubting each other and themselves.  Little things that reassured them that even though things didn't happen as planned, they would turn out alright...because that's how they were meant to be.

Preet saw how Meher stood by him, at a time when he had nothing to offer her in return.  He began to notice the small wisps of hair that fell into her eyes as she sewed a missing button on his shirt...the way she would laugh at his jokes, even the corny ones...the worry lines that formed on her forehead when she was upset by how strangely her sister was behaving...the way she would restore his confidence by promising to always be by his side.  She was good for his family...and him.

Much needed relief came with Prem's return.  The atmosphere in the Juneja home returned to normal.  The old Preet was back making everyone laugh, but he didn't shy away from standing up to Maya when she insulted Meher.  How dare this new entry into his family say anything to his wife!  His wife.  Meher knew that she was his best friend, but suddenly hearing him address her as his wife so determinedly in front of everyone made her heart skip a beat.  He was good for his family...and her.

How do you tell your best friend that you've fallen madly in love them?


You catch her, then let her fall on top of you on the sofa, grasp her hand at the breakfast table when no one is looking, hold her close when you're dancing, tell her she's the most beautiful girl at the party...and when all else fails...you freeze yourself out in the snow, then spend the night in Kasauli keeping each other warm...

Fast forward through the years...Meher is expecting their second child and Preet is recording her every move.  "Mrs. Meher Juneja Preet Juneja se kitna pyar karti hai?"  He throws the million dollar question at her.  A mischievous smile appears on her face as she grabs him by the collar and pulls him towards her.  "Preet tum meri zindagi ho, meri sansain ho, mera dil ho, meri dhadhkaney ho. Preet...tum meri aatma ho."

First impressions are often misleading.



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Posted: 1 months ago

Deshians Celebrate (part 1) 










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Posted: 1 months ago

Deshians celebrate (part 2)

Trisha510's message

Wishing the whole team of kis desh mein Hai Mera dil a very Happy 13th Anniversary.. thank u Ekta ma'am @ektarkapoor for giving us beautiful concept kis desh. thank u for giving us beautiful Story @sonalijaffar maam

thank u Richa Sharma ma'am, amarpreet, Krishna for beautiful songs n also background song of kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil ..Thank u to whole cast n crew of kis desh Thank u ekta maam for giving us harshad additi as prem heer . Thank u harshiti/ premeer..congratulations once again for completing 13years

Ritiksha's message

Kdmhmd has special place in my heart..I recall my good old childhood days when I was in 7th std..I and my grandmom used to sit tv half an hour ago before tv waiting for kdmhmd to telecast..i was so much mad that I feel kdmhmd as my own family..I used to think about it whole day..and never use to miss any episode..no one could dare to touch the remote when kis desh is going on..! Me and my grandmom also used to predict what will happen in next episodes..! we laughed..cried and enjoyed watching kis desh..! 

No words can describe my feelings for Kis desh mein hai meraa dil..it is my family..its my heart..its my life❤️❤️❤️


















Special treat from sana.harshitismiley27

Happy kis desh and u complete 13 years in industry also ❤️

You are the first tellywood actress that I've actually liked . 

i fall in love with you the moment you entered in our life as heer. 

You were new, had flaws. but i loved ypur innocence 

and was sure that you will rule telly industry one day. 

and you proved me right. 

i love the way you play new ever characters 

regardless of the show, character and creatives, 

you make us watch the character to see your acting. 

love you additi. waiting to see you in a lead role soon ❤️😍Image








Special treat from Sunzz.Harshiti

Happy #13YearsOfKDMHMD. The most amazing iconic show of Ekta Kapoor and Balaji telefilms that had given us a family full of love, two soulmates forever and so many other characters without whom this show wouldn't have been so great.

@harshad_chopda and @additigupta made Prem and Heer alive with their amazing acting skills. Harshiti will always be recognized as Premeer. 

Premeer were not only two people bound by love but two would who were destined to be together. No matter what or who had tried to separate them, they always found a way back to each other. Such a pure, Heart-Touching love is rare now-a-days.

Two most adorable siblings were Preet and Meher aka Meet. Not only did they find love in each other after a massive heartbreak but also helped Premeer to regain their love. 

Even the negative characters like Daljeet Chachi, Ashlesha, Rishabh Rampal, Maya did their contributions to the show. @tassnim_nerurkar as Daljeet Chachi was the best amongst all.

Congratulations to the whole #KisDeshMeinHaiMeraaDil team for completing 13 years. ❤️❤️😘😘

The story, the characters, the songs, the background scores, the beautiful locations and the dialogues all were there to make the show an iconic, great and best show of all time. 

Last but not the least, without Sushant, Kis Desh can never be completed. We miss you Sushant 😢 we miss our Preet. 




Special treat from sadia.harshiti 

HAppy KDMHMD 13th Anniversary to all Deshians 💖 time flies but memories last forever. I Wish time machine could back us to those golden days .. It has been 13 years but still feel the freshness of every singl moment 💕💕 Yeahh proud to ba A deshian ❤



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Posted: 1 months ago


This year again, the whole thread has been based on previous years threads still available in Kis Desh forum, due to inactivity and sudden lock of our forum some time back. 

Special thanks to kksoap, Sunzz.Harshiti, Trisha510 and sana.harshiti for pushing me into making this thread. It would not have been possible without your support. 

Post 1: WU, banner: DreamyButterfly - gif: Mou 

Post 2: WU: AASUS - Banner: kiran_28 

Post 3: WU: DreamyButterfly - gifs, siggy and icons: Mou, DreamyButterfly

Post 4: WU: DreamyButterfly - banner: FaizaK, gifs: Mou 

Post 5: WU: Fatima_Q - banner: DreamyButterfly, gifs: Mou

Post 6: Credit to the respective makers 

Post 7: Credit to the respective makers

We hope you enjoyed as much as we loved making this thread for Desh. Stay safe and happy. Happy 13th Anniversary of Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil everyone! 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R0syUjtWheg smiley27

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Harshad Chopda Sushant Singh Rajput Additi Gupta Meher Vij

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