Rudhita SS || Finding Love || Chapter 12 - Apr 13 (On current Track)

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Posted: 1 months ago

This is my first Short Story in this forum. So, if you like what you are reading please leave a comment and if you don’t like what you are reading, please leave a comment without throwing any chappals.smiley36

This story is my take on the current track. I wrote in a rush. Please be generous about any typos or mistakes you find. Thank you!🙏

                                                              Finding Love

                                                                Chapter 1 - Beginning of the End 

                                                                Chapter 2 - Consumed

                                                                Chapter 3 - Domino Effect

                                                                Chapter 4 - The Crack

                                                                Chapter 5 - Calm Vs Chaos

                                                                Chapter 6 - Tangled

                                                      Same events unfolding in Anirudh's Life

                                                                Chapter 7 - Confusion

                                                                Chapter 8 - Amiss

                                                                Chapter 9 - Close but Far

                                                                Chapter 10 - Conundrum   

                                                                Chapter 11 - Strife  

                                                                Chapter 12 - Affects and Effects

PS: Hi! I came across this writing format called hyper-link a while back and always wanted to try that. So, please bear with me as I make an attempt. From the next chapter, you will see the same events/days unfold in Anirudh's life(i.e. Story narrative from his side). And you will see both their narratives coming together towards the end.


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Posted: 1 months ago

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Posted: 1 months ago


Finally smiley20smiley27

Res for now smiley36

Posted: 1 months ago

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Posted: 1 months ago

Originally posted by nims23


Finally smiley20smiley27

Res for now smiley36


You are already heresmiley31

Waiting to know your thoughtssmiley4

Posted: 1 months ago

Minnu smiley31smiley31

I will say just one thing - this is beautifully written. Loved itsmiley27

And, Nim, thank you for telling about Minnu's SS. smiley31

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Posted: 1 months ago


First of all thanks for finally posting this wonderful story !! How come you thought of skipping it?🙄

Anyways I am glad you posted itsmiley31

It’s a beautiful piece of work yaar. From Bon’s childish possessiveness to her want to do something which could make her patibabu feels proud of her!! Your description of Bon’s emotions is very apt smiley32 you described Bon very beautifully.. it’s a tendency for kids to attach someone very quickly and here too Bon did that .. for attached with krantikari didi .. but later the praises she heard from her patibabu for didi didn’t go well with her. Poor soul.. what must have she gone through thinking her patibabu can’t be proud of her!! Your description showed every emotions Bon must have felt !! smiley32

Ani unintentionally hurt Bon’s feelings .. he didn’t know but he did and the funny thing is he didn’t know he hurt Bon smiley18 he asked Bon to set her life goal .. not to follow others .. that was a best advice he gave Bon!!

Bon baby is smart and lovable.. she couldn’t see other girl getting tortured like she did ! How smartly she made the girl understand about education!! You have put a base of Bon’s future women empowerment activities here minnu.. smiley32 you showed this Bon is not only smart but intelligent too .. she smartly started teaching that girl under pretense of taking cooking classes from hersmiley36 that’s a good excuse you used here minnu smiley20

Bon’s feelings of not liking krantikari didi or patibabu staying late outside or spending more time with this  didi- everything shows her teenage possessiveness for her patibabu .. and made her determined to do something !! And when ani heard her sharing her future plans and for shock of his life that her little wifey not only thought about being a social worker who will work for women empowerment but she has already started acting on it by teaching that girl!! Ani was proud and did was shocked and impressed .. and finally Bon breathe in relief that her patibabu is proud of her and all her worries went out of the window !! Such a beautiful soul you have  described here minnusmiley27

Love this story.. smiley27smiley27

is there any chance of getting a next part or it is only two shots ?smiley44

Waiting to read more stories from you minnu smiley31smiley31

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Posted: 1 months ago

Beautiful take on the current track. Padhke maza aa gaya.

Barrister Babu 

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