SAAKK Written Updates 16 Apr 2021 Pg #6[Do Not Comment]

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Welcome to Daily Written Update and WU Archive Thread.

Please note that all written updates will be posted here for your reference.

This thread is exclusively for WU and its a READ ONLY Thread, which means all comments posted will be automatically trashed. You can use Episode Discussion Thread for discussing the episodes. Kindly refrain from commenting here.


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Story so far 

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SAAKK Live Updates for 01Mar 2021 

Episode begins with the entire family excitedly preparing for Shaurya’s birthday , they discuss how for the past many years they had never celebrated his birthday in this manner . Devi comes n asks them all to hush up n keep his as a surprise . grand daughters have planned to have a small party at the college cafe , Devi is skeptical but Tej assures they will take part in their grand children’s happiness .

Soon Shaurya arrives and he is  given a pleasant surprise by the entire family with cake, decorations and showering of greetings n good wishes on his birthday . He takes part in the celebrations reluctantly for the happiness of his family . He then leaves for college . Devi showers her affections on Shaurya . Shaan taunts his mother for taking Aastha away from Shaurya’s life , doing as she pleased n not bothering about Shaurya’s needs. After Shaurya leaves Devi asks her right hand guy to make sure Aastha stays away from Shaurya while she would take care of that naughty brat of a chick ..

At college a cafeteria Babli and Anokhi are busy with preparations for Shaurya sir’s birthday celebrations . The cafe owner Pammi aunty joins the fun n masti and helps them decorate . 
Anokhi  Has to lie to Aastha when she messages her asking if she could speak to Shaurya or not .

Anokhi discusses with Babli n decides to arrange a small gift for Shaurya sir , she seeks help from Vikky Bhaiya .

Anokhi places a bouquet n card in Shaurya’s office . Shaurya catches her in the act n scolds her for sneaking into his office in his absence . He checks the card reads greeting on his birthday from his mother Aastha . Shaurya confronts Anokhi as he recognises her hand writing .she apologises for doing this on behalf of his mother .  He scolds her for lying , tears up the card and throws it on her face . He orders her out of his office . When she asks him to accept it as blessings from his mother , he gets annoyed and chucks the bouquet at Anokhi, she gets scratches on her cheek and she is shocked at his fury . Shaurya lashes out at Anokhi for her audacity , she pleads him to put his anger away only for his birthday but he refuses , she refuses to accept his care n concern n apology for giving her bruise on her cheek on his birthday .

She assures Shaurya that today he was rejecting her n her greetings and given her this bruise on his birthday but soon a day will come when his birthday will not take place without her n he will remember his birthday for the bruise he had given her .

 Anokhi reaches cafeteria n Lies to concerned Babli about the bruises on her cheek . She decides to leave with Babli leaving Vicky in control ,Pammi refuses to let them leave as there was loads of work to be done . 
Soon the entire Sabarwal family arrives , they are very happy to see their grand children’s efforts in decorating the venue , they are sure Shaurya would love it too. Anokhi is showered with concern by Shaan sir , but she lies to him about her bruise . 
Anokhi n Babli want to leave but Pammi orders Anokhi to stay out n do her job , to get going with all the work at cafeteria .

Sabarwal family hides as they notice Shaurya arriving , Shaurya gets furious on seeing the decorations and hugs decorations n posters greeting him on his birthday, he shouts wanting to know who dunnit . Anokhi hides behind the food counter. Soon the fami,y members emerge , they shower their greetings n good wishes on his birthday, cake cutting takes place . Anokhi avoids Shaurya but he recognises her . He wants to talk to her and clarify the MU abut she avoids him . 

Devi notices Shaurya staring at Anokhi n going after her, Devi wonders what the hell was cooking between Shaurya n Anokhi !! 

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SAAKK LU /Written  Updates 02 Mar 2021

Shaurya appreciates his birthday cake n asks whose idea was this . He learns it was Anokhi’s idea . the Sabarwal family happily celebrates Shaurya’s birthday . All feed him the cake n then start the meal . Babli tries  to feed Anokhi a piece of cake but Anokhi declines 
Anokhi avoids Shaurya , he looks for her  n gets annoyed . Devi notices him searching for someone , she persuades him to join the family and enjoy with them 

Vicky plays peppy dance numbers and all dance . Kanchan is very interested in dancing with Yash , her MIL dissuades her in presence of a tau ji n taya ji . Yash feels this was students venue . Devi as expected gets furious with Kanchan .

Youngsters n cousins try to pull Shaurya to the dance floor but he declines , Devi supports him. She dances with Shaurya n showers him with her affections . Anokhi is seen watching Shaurya secretly . soon Devi asks Tej n Alok to get back home . 
babli gets calls from her hubby , Anokhi asks her to leave for home , Anokhi  offers to take care of closing up the party venue / winding up . 
As Anokhi is removing the fairy lights , she gets entangled , To her surprise Shaurya arrives h offers to help her free herself , they have nok jhok over Shaurya throwing flower bouquet at her n hurting her l also accuses him of wrongly keeping her out of his class. Shaurya apologises for both . She angrily asks Shaurya to keep away n refuses to accept his sorry . As Anokhi tries to free herself she gets more entangled , he offers to help her , also apologises for his mistake n asks her to attend classes again.

Shaurya remarks about her life choices and choice of subjects . She comp,ains about the way he avoided his own mother on his birthday , she was after all his mother n she was hurt . Shaurya warns Anokhi to pass a message to her Aastha mam that how much ever she tried he would have nothing to do with Aastha again , he refuses to have any relation ship with that woman . Anokhi is so disappointed  .

Shaurya gets back to his car , he is affected by Anokhi’s words , he come,ains to himself that she was affecting him adversely n bothering him too much . She was interfering his becoming a good teacher , a good son , a good friend . 

Aastha Sabarwal watches her son n smiles ,she arrives before his car . He gets annoyed as she greets him with a Hoagy Birthday . He refuses to accept her greetings n accuses her for being responsible for all the troubles in his entire life . He refused to accept that she was going to make him happy. She was his mother n none could deny this , not even Gods . Shaurya asks her to stop lying . Aastha states hiw she was forced to leave the Sabarwal house , she did not go away on her own . She used to wait outside the Sabarwal house for hours on end to be accepted again , to be allowed inside , to meet her son but Shaurya was snatched away from her n she was forcibly thrown out . 
Shaurya refuses to buy that .


Anokhi is horrified as she sees Aastha getting emotional n hugging Shaurya , pleading  him to believe her , to accept her , Shaurya pulls himself free from her hug .... he asks her to leave him alone, he was least bothered whether she was living or dying .. 

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SAAKK LU /Written  Updates 03 Mar 2021

Episode begins with Devi taunting Anokhi over her meeting a shaurya, talking to him and trying to attract him to herself . She taunts her of being trained by her Aastha ma’am on how to trick guys n lure them , she warns she should keep away from Shaurya as his badi maa was there to shield him.

Aastha tries her best to tell Shaurya what difficulties she had faced at Sabarwal house , how she was thrown out , separated  from her little son . How she used to come on every birthday of his but she was not allowed to meet her son . He refuses to believe her , orders her to go share her woes with her husband , Shaan . He refuses to believe her and asks her to leave him alone . Aastha laments how she had sacrificed for the sake of her son and his happiness . She had waited    this long to  share her pain with her son but Shaurya refuses to bother if she lived or died .

He walks away leaving Aastha heart broken n in tears. Aastha makes up her mind not to live here and suffer rejection n pain at the hands of her beloved son , she decides to go away from here .
 Anokhi arrives n comforts n supports her . She assures she would call Shaan n take her back to hospital as she was still weak n not fit to come out of bed . She calls an ambulance  to take Aastha back to hospital.  She returns to Aastha n is shocked to find her missing . She looks for Aastha .

At Sabarwal house the family is concerned that Shaurya departed the venue after them beubhad arrived home much before them !! They also are concerned about his driving past them at break neck speed . Shaurya expressed his hatred for Aastha n is very disturbed that Aastha had arrived to greet him on his birthday n spoilt the fun for him, Shaan tries to explain that she was after all his mother . Shaurya berates his dad for taking Aastha’s side every time . He hates the fact she had disowned / ignored him all these years. He badmouths Shaan for his wife’s entry into college premises. 

Shaan gets a phone call from concerned Anokhi , Shaan informs the entire family about missing Aastha , that he was going to look for her . 
Shaurya and Anokhi meet while searching for Aastha , Shaurya asks Anokhi to  keep herself n Aastha away from him, he was unconcerned . Anokhi confronts him asking why was he her looking for her if he hated her as much as he claimed . Shaurya is not I ter3ted n begins to walk away, but Anokhi grabs his arm n restrains him u tie he hears her out , this makes Shaurya very uncomfortable .... she warns Shaurya that she witnessed him being rude to Aastha n telling her that he was not concerned if she lived or died , this must have hurt her very much and if she took some drastic step or hurt herself she would blame Shaurya . 


Anokhi n Shaurya reach police station for filing an FIR regarding missing Aastha . Shaurya and Anokhi have a serious argument over who reached first n whose FIR should be filed first .The police inspector tries to calm them, he offers then some tea. Anokhi spills some tea on her hand , the concerned police inspector tries to help Anokhi by wiping her hand , this makes Shaurya feel a twinge of jealousy/ he dislikes what he sees .

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SAAKK LU /Written  Updates 04 Mar 2021

Episode begins with ACP Ahir in interrogation room tackling with a case of domestic violence, husband battering his wife , he sternly warns the husband n asks the wife to get treatment .

Anokhi reaches the PS and demands her Aastha mam be searched . Constable refuses to file FIR because it was not yet 24 hrs since the lady went missing . 
she then seeks help from ACP Ahir . He takes down the details . Demands a pic of her . Anokhi does not have one .

Shaurya arrives n offer to provide the pic of Aastha . He states he was Aastha’s son .  He was Shaurya Sabarwal while. Issuing lady was Aastha Sabarwal .
Shaurya and Anokhi have argument over filing FIR . He accuses Anokhi for  being responsible for missing Aastha . 
Anokhi blames him for forgetting Aastha was his mother n he was so rude and said cruel things to her . He was responsible for her going missing . 
At home Devi learns from Shaan that Aastha was missing  n Shaurya had gone to look for her n file FIR , Shaan leaves home to reach police station . Devi is furious to realise Shaurya had gone looking for Aastha , that too without Informing her . 

Her bahu Gayatri questions Devi and they have a heated argument . Devi insists Shaurya was acting out of humanity and the values Devi had taught him. Gayatri insists Shaurya had gone to look for his mother . Devi could not deny the mother n son rishtaa . Devi insists Shaurya does not acknowledge her as his mother . 

at police station ACP Ahir Chatwal calms warring duo Anokhi n Shaurya over whose FIR should be filed first . He offers them tea n reminds both had come for the same missing person . He asks Shaurya to relax because Anokhi  arrives earlier n her Anir had been officially filed . 
Shaurya declines the offer of tea and watches Anokhi accept  the cuppa and also spill some on her hand . He watches Ahir wipe her hand with hanky and comfort her . He dislikes it /resents it . 


Ahir is going in search of missing Aastha . Anokhi insists in accompanying him. Shaurya questions Ahir over his decision tk take a civilian with him in his official vehicle on official round . He was breaking rules . Ahir looks at Shaurya and replies ...... 

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SAAKK LU /Written  Updates 05 Mar 2021

Anokhi pleads AVP Ahil to let her accompany him while he is on his job of searching for Aastha mam. Ahil states it was against the rules, but Anokhi insists and remains adamant about looking for Aastha Mam. Ahil gives in n allows Anokhi to  accompany him as he goes in search of Aastha .

elsewhere Shaurya is looking for Aastha too . He recollects that moment when he rudely shouted n rejected her, pushed her away saying he was least bothered whether Aastha lived or died . He regrets it very much n gets emotional .

ACP Ahil is concerned about Aastha and offers her something to eat/drink . She agrees reluctantly . He goes to buy but he is stopped by a call. ...... from another police team informs Ahil about an unknown dead body . Ahil informs Shaurya . Ahil Shaurya Anokhi rush to wards that location .,

At Sabarwal house , Devi is seen very worried that Shaurya refused to listen to her anymore , she keeps calling him . Shaurya is annoyed by her calls n finally tales one call n informs her about a dead body being found . Devi is shocked so is Gayatri . 
Shaan who was about to leave in search of Aastha over hears about dead busy n is aghast , he is heart broken to think Aastha was no more .

at the spot Police team reveal the dead body. Shaurya and Aastha are distraught at the thought of Aastha dying tragically . Soon the.  face is uncovered . It’s not Aastha much to l Shaurya’s relief . Anokhi is very emotional and hides her face into Shaurya’s chest n weeps with relief . Shaurya also gives her a pat or two with relief . Ahil watches the two getting emotional with relief . Finally Shaurya informs Ahil that this ws bit Aastha .

Shaan too rush to the spot and he is scared of losing Aastha . Shaurya informs him that it was not Aastha . Shaan gets too emotional and hugs Shaurya . Shaurya comforts him . Shaan informs he was leaving for Kapurthala where Aastha might have gone . Shaurya dissuades him but Shaan is unstoppable .

Shaurya offers to drop Aastha home but she declines accompanying him. 
Ahil decides to resume search for Aastha , Shaurya remarks he was allowing a civilian in his jeep while on searches Ahil replies back him stating Anokhi was very much  an adult and she could take her own decisions as to where she wanted to go n whose she wanted to accompany .

Shaurya is rendered speechless n fuming .

Soon everyone fails to locate Aastha . Ahil states it was nearly morning n he wants to go for his morning rounds, he asks Anikhinto return home . Shaurya offers to drop Anokhi home  but she declines , stating she did not want to accompany him. 
Ahil assures he would keep them informed the moment they get any leads to aaastha . 
next day at college Anokhi gets a call from Ahil about two places where Aastha had been seen . Anokhi rushes to inform Shaurya sir .
Shaurya gets annoyed that Ahil informed  her  instead of Aastha’s immediate family . Anokhi is annoyed that instead of looking for Aastha Shaurya was more worried about whom ACP Ahil informed n whom he did not !! Anokhi is glad that Ahil did not inform him because he too was scared that Shaurya again might get rude with Aastha n berate her or insult her or hurt her resulting in all of them losing Aastha again. 
they have an argument . Anokhi then says they better leave and asks  Shaurya to accompany her. Shaurya asks why would he go with her ?? Anokhi states because he did not have Aastha’s location . As Anokhi turns back her hair gets stuck to his shirt button l both get extremely annoyed as Aastha is in pain but Shaurya keeps turning tugging at the lock of Anokhi’s hair trying to free it , he gives Anokhi much pain and keeps moving instead  of standing still n letting her free her lock of hair . Anokhi n Shaurya come physically very close with Anikji not realising but Shaurya gets very uncomfortable as he is affected by her closeness . Finally much to Anokhi’s shock Shaurya picks up a pair of scissors n chops off the lock of hair without any remorse or regret . 

He first scolds her for coming to his office with open hair. Then he accuses her hair of being just like her, they both keep getting tangled with unwanted /undesired persons . Anokhi is furious n fumes at his remark  .


Shaurya is frantically searching for Anokhi through riot hit market place , he looks around broken shops n houses in flames and the streets littered with the signs of recent riots . He finally locates Anokhi sitting besides a wall shocked n injured on the head...he is so relieved to find Anokhi he rushes to her n cups her face with relief .

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SAAKK LU /Written  Updates 06 Mar 2021

Episode begins with Anokhi, Shaurya having arguments as they go looking for Aastha , he accuses her of having undesired hair style , she accuses him of being unduly rude to aaastha . They both accuse eachother . Both blame eachother for Aastha’s disappearance. Both find eachother intolerable , she calls him bitter person like Karela . 

They reach a market place , where ACP had imforms Aastha had been seen , they start looking for Aastha n asking passers by by showing Aastha’s foto . But fail to get any clues of her whereabouts . Soon they get caught in a riot that breaks out as a result of a workers strike getting out of hand n turning violent .

 Anokhi gets scared of the riot . Shaurya tries his best to shield her . He holds her by the arm n pulls her away to safety .he hugs her n tries to shield her from attacking rioters .Shaurya fight off attacking rioters and tries to protect Anokhi . He grabs her hand n runs away as rioters set the market ablaze with torches . They run n run and manage to hide behind an upturned vehicle .

 Aastha wonders if Aastha could be here . Shaurya feels Aastha could never be  here , they better get out of this place . Anokhi argues that ACP Ahil had given them this location . Shaurya argues that SCP was stupid and had no idea what was happening on ground in this location . Aastha argues and decides to search for Aastha alone , Shaurya tries to dissuade her but she runs away looking for Aastha .

At Sabarwal house Devi asks Shaan to eat some thing but he is too upset over missing Aastha . She asks  Alok if he found any clues about missing Aastha. Shaan taunts Devi for pretending to look for Aastha . Devi reminds she was the one who approved his relationship with Aastha n she was the one who persuaded her husband to accept her . She had no problems with Aastha . But disapproved of what she did . devi asks Alok to send their own guys to go search for Aastha . Shaan taunts her , but she wants to do this for the sake of Shaurya as she did not want him to live the rest of his life in guilt thinking he was responsible for Aastha’s disappearance. 
After Shaan walks away Alok n Devi share their hatred for Aastha n plan to remove this Aastha out of their lives for ever .

At market place Shaurya Anokhi get separated . They struggle to find eachother . Finally they find eachother , she refuses to move away without finding Aastha , he drags her away shouting that if anything happened to Anokhi all will accuse him that he failed to protect his student . 
ACP  Ahil is  searching with his team at other location, he calls Anokhi n is shocked to be informed that she was in the industrial area where  riots had broken out l he asks Anokhi to remain safe while he reached . 
At Riot area Anokhi gets separated from Shaurya .


Shaurya searches for Anokhi frantically in the riot hit place . He finally locates her injured sitting in the ground leaning against the closed doors of a shop . He runs to her  n cups  her face n is so relieved to see her again , he showers her with his concerned.

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