RiAnsh FF ~ •|| The Forgotten Secrets ||• ~ Three ~ Page 10(07/04) - Page 5

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• ││One││•


Promises are the,
sweetest lies.


A man tiptoed towards, with small and quiet feet on the deserted cliff, where Riddhima was desperately waiting for him. He patted her back, naughtily, and she trembled over her feet. However, she slipped her wrist was being tightly held back, “Ahan! I will never let you go so soon”, and her lips escaped from a sigh of relief and hit his shoulder, “Kabir, you’re a monster.”

She scowled, “Mazak soojh raha hai tumhe, you are late my dear love”, and flung her arms on his neck.

“Oho itna pyaar, itna intezaar”, Kabir winked and held her palm in his and slipped a ring in her finger, which forced her to embrace him in a tight hug.

Her lips mumbled out, “I love you Kabir!” and felt, touched by his forehead too when he also expressed his feelings for her, “Love you too”, but love birds have been disturbed by a phone call which forced her to burst into laughter.

"Haha! Kabir, take the call now."She felt Kabir held on her waist.

Kabir slipped his phone to the trench when Riddhima astonished and pursed her lips, "Kabir, what did you do?", and felt a tight hold over her waist, hearing a whisper near her ear,"It is about romance my dear would-be wife", she again released laughter and joined in his naughty behavior. She ran from there, "Dulhan Ko ready hone mein time lagta hai, so I'm going a and will wait for you in the mandap", she shouted-out naughtily.

Yeh Pyar Hai Ya Phir Mujhko
Junoon Hai Tera
Tere Ishq Pe Sabse Zyada
Haq Hai Mera


Riddhima entered the VR Mansion, when a familiar voice reached her ears, "Where were you?", It was so obvious, whose voice was it, after all, she was now welcomed to the den of the demon, The Vansh Raisinghania.

"Not your business”, she was straight forwarded to him.

He jumped from his king-sized, green sofa, and uttered, "It is my business. Kabir se milne gayi thi?"

She didn't bother to answer him back and jumped the pebbles of the staircase, fast.

Vansh remained unanswered, after all, he could argue with anyone, but not Riddhima, that's why they call it love.

When she arrived at the room, she spontaneously shut the door tight and switched the fan on. She opened all the windows of the room as was feeling choked, "I feel here suffocated", sitting on the bed, closed her eyes to have a nap.


The whole VR Mansion adored like a bride. Flowers and lights were, beautifully mesmerized it. When the bride, was happily present in the mandap, waiting for her would-be husband. Her lips curved into a broad smile and her eyes were down, looking at the floor, with modesty.

It has been too long, for her to wait for her groom. However, there was no sign of his. It was expected that a storm would have been all ready, to arrive, not in the mansion, but in her life. The whole night passed, but Kabir didn't come. The guests came, went, and scoffed Riddhima.

The tears touched her eyes and destined to the floor, where Riddhima was looking and held trust that he will definitely come but he didn't.

"Anupriya! Where is your son?", Dadi screamed out, loud at her daughter-in-law.

Anupriya was extremely nervous, "Trust me, I have no idea, about him."

"How is it possible Anupriya, after all, tumhara beta to ek obedient beta hai na", Chanchal taunted her back.

"I have told you all I don't know, and I am not responsible for it," Anupriya declared before leaving the hall.

Riddhima in uttered shock didn't question Anupriya, nor did she argue with her for the sake of her destruction. She simply, left the hall when she heard, "Riddhima, you never heard me, at least today you can."

He forced her to look back in tears. Her shivered lips and teary eyes were asking him, "What do you want now, Vansh Raisinghna?"

"Marry me," Vansh didn’t intend to know her will, it sounded if he announced.

When the surface was not under Riddhima’s feet and hot tears destined to the floor.

“Give me a reason to marry, especially you, after all, I don’t believe in it, anymore”, she unfolded her will.

Dadi caressed Riddhima’s palm and requested, “Don’t say like this Riddhima. My one grandson has cheated you, but the other will hold your hand.”

“Don’t give me a shoulder to cry”, Riddhima chocked in between.

Siya gave her an assurance too, “Don’t you say this again, I promise you he will never leave your hand.”

Riddhima chuckled, “Can your son promise the same?”

"Maine tumhara haath nahi manga jo tum inkaar karo... Mai toh bus tumhe inform kar raha hoon ki tum meri patni banogi", Vansh adamantly ordered her and left while ordering Pandit ji,“Pooja shuru kijiye dulha aur dulhan dono taiyaar hain”, he darted into her eyes and pierced her heart and twisted.

Everyone looked at Vansh when he grinned, “Karogi na?”

The only thought heeded to her attention, "What should I do know? What matters to me, more? Her Self-esteem or a lifelong decision?"

Riddhima drank the blood formed in her throat when she agreed.

After all, She had to choose one of them, when she chose her self-esteem and they got married, where some forgotten secrets were waiting for her.

Iss Ishq Mein Marjawan
Kuch Bhi Kasam Se Karjawan
Hadh Se Bhi Guzarjawan
Kuch Bhi Kasam Se Karjawan

These secrets of Vansh's life unfolded one by one, from the night, when Riddhima entered his room, as Mrs. Vansh Raisinghania.

Vansh entered his room; however, everything was unidentical to him, in the environment. The whole room was adorned, with flowers. Riddhima was seated over the bed, embracing her knees. Her eyes were down when he went to her proximity, which trembled with her spine.

Vansh grasped her hand, pulling her out from the bed, all mercilessly. Her lips escaped a gasp, “What are you doing?”

He shushed her keeping his finger on her lips, “Don’t scream, koi sun lega”, at which she rolled down her eyes, but remained silent.

However, she fell a her words over the floor, “Shadi do normal logo ke bich hoti hai Vansh”, she darted her eyes into his.

“Aur humare bich normal kuch nahi hai”, he smirked again and jumped over the bed.

“Kehte hain, shadi ke baad koi tohfa dete hain…mere paas do gifts hain”, he grinned mischievously and offered two boxes.

She unpleasantly unwrapped the first gift box and found a gun in it. She immediately grabbed her feet back and looked into his eyes with fear.

He leaned over her, “Haina, Khoobsurat…Tohfa bhi aisa jo jaan hi lele”

“Well, Do logo ke bich koi bhi aa sakta hai…koi insaan, baat ya fir raaz”, he referred to Kabir and continued, “And I don’t afford that so…mujhe dhokha dene se pehle khud ko maar lena”, he winked when he opened, another one for her which was a golden rose, “Beautiful, if you will not cheat me, then your life will be like this.”

And completed, “main tumhe ek baar ko apna khoon maaf kar sakta hoon magar apne bharose ka khoon nahi”, she felt thirsty because of being frightened, but was unsympathetic and had a peaceful slumber.

Ye Zid hai to…
Zid se hi kya pata,
Bas tu Rahe.
Har Gham mera…

Riddhima sobbed hardly in the washroom when she recalled Kabir, “I hate you, just because of you I am a prey in this trap, but why?”

When she wiped her tears and beamed while she sprinkled her tears, “Wow! Glycerin what a magic”, and laughed devilishly.


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Riddhima was supposed to marry kabirsmiley29

But Kabir didn't show up and she got married to vansh. smiley24

Everything else is fine but what's up with the glycerine line? smiley3

Sab riddhima ka natak hai???smiley3smiley29



Waiting for next update aditismiley31

Posted: 2 months ago

Wait what 


Is kabir and riddhima in team ??

Waiting to know what happens next 

Posted: 2 months ago

Interesting 👌👌

Kabir ki kismat hamesha kharaab hi rahegi...🤣

Posted: 2 months ago

Interesting, very interestingsmiley39. Update soon plz ❤️

Posted: 2 months ago

Originally posted by merryyura

Riddhima was supposed to marry kabirsmiley29

But Kabir didn't show up and she got married to vansh. smiley24

Everything else is fine but what's up with the glycerine line? smiley3

Sab riddhima ka natak hai???smiley3smiley29



Waiting for next update aditismiley31

Ab wo main nahi bata sakti suspense hai🤣

Thank you 

Will update soon🤗

Helly Shah Rahul Sudhir Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 

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