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Being Holmes: Solve the Murder Thread 5

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Posted: 3 years ago

“Watson how many times have I said that you see but do not observe?” asked Sherlock Holmes, interjecting into my thoughts.

Confused I looked up and asked, “What?”

“Well you have been staring at that stick for the past 2 hours and yet have not come up with any theories about the owner of this stick. You are seeing, but not observing,” Sherlock said, standing up and taking the stick in his hand.

“Really Holmes. Then what do you make of it?” I asked, somewhat miffed by his careless attitude. Yet again he had managed to make me feel like an imbecile. Sometimes I wondered why I still stood by him after so much time.

“Hmm…now that you ask, I cannot tell you much about the owner,” Sherlock started.

If I hadn’t been so used to his ways, I would have fallen for his tricks again. But I knew that he was about to astound me again, “Go on Holmes. I know you’ve got a lot to tell me about this owner.”

However, I was doomed not to learn about the owner of this stick, for there was a knock at the door. Sherlock simply shrugged, “maybe another time Watson”, put the stick down, and called out, “Enter.”

A middle-aged woman came in with Mrs. Hudson. The woman was sobbing and Mrs. Hudson was trying to calm her down. Sherlock pointed to the sofa and Mrs. Hudson steered the woman there, “There, there Emma. We’re here now. You tell Sherlock exactly what happened and I’m sure he will help you.” To Sherlock, she asked, pointedly, “Won’t you Sherlock?”

Sherlock usually lacked in the department of emotions and barbs, but somehow, here he caught on, and immediately agreed, “Of course I will Mrs. Hudson. Any friend of yours in need will get help from Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson.”

I should have known then. He usually never mentioned me. But I guess I am an imbecile at times. Nonetheless, Mrs. Hudson managed to get Emma calmed down and then she told her story. I have presented it here word-for-word. Emma said, between sniffles, “My name is Emma Thatcher. My husband, Emil, and I have been married for 10 years now. Emil was a criminal lawyer and I would run the household. For the past few weeks, Emil had been very disturbed. Usually his cases didn’t disturb him so much, but his latest case was causing him many grey hairs. He was also staying up quite late into the night working on it. Or at least that’s what I think he was working on.”

Emma paused to catch her thoughts and Sherlock asked, “What was the case about?”

“I do not know all the details. Just that it was some type of a murder case. I think. Emil wouldn’t tell me much about his cases. I would just catch snippets here and there. Whatever it was, it was disturbing him a lot. He mentioned once or twice that he suspected his client wasn’t telling him the entire truth and that he had indeed committed the murder,” Emma replied.

“How did he die?” Sherlock asked.

Emma responded in a low voice, “The detectives are saying it was suicide.”

“But you think otherwise,” Sherlock prompted.

“My Emil was a good man. He was a happy man. This case had disturbed him, but not enough for him to kill himself. Oh, Mr. Holmes. I am sure that he could not kill himself. Please help me before his case is closed as a suicide,” Emma moaned.

“Why don’t you think it’s a suicide?” Sherlock asked.

“Because Emil would and could never kill himself. The detectives are saying that he shot himself, but Emil didn’t even have a gun! When I told them that, they said he could have bought it without telling me. But Mr. Holmes, Emil was in a jovial mood yesterday. Despite his biggest rival visiting him, despite his client visiting him, despite our fight, he was in a very happy mood,” Emma responded, earnestly.

“You said Emil was a criminal lawyer. What type of cases did he usually fight?”

“Murders mostly. Especially those that came out extra-marital affairs. He said that those were the worst kinds because they involved not only killing a person, but also killing trust and humanity,” Emma responded, in a low voice, wiping tears with her handkerchief.

There was a silence that engulfed the room after that. I expected Sherlock to ask more questions about the case, but instead he asked, “Who is investigating the case?”

“Detective Inspector Lestrade,” Emma replied.

“And has the body been moved? Or any evidence removed yet?” Sherlock asked.

“I don’t think so. When I left 20 minutes ago, everything was still in the room,” Emma responded.

“Ma’am please go back and let Lestrade know that you have hired me on the case. He will know to keep everything as is until I get there,” Sherlock instructed.

“That means you’ll take the case?” Emma asked, happily.

“Of course I will. I said as much earlier,” Sherlock said. Then he turned towards me, effectively dismissing Mrs. Hudson and Emma. Once the two had left, he said, “Watson I cannot leave these rooms.”

“But what about this case?” I demanded.

“I have already solved it,” Sherlock shrugged.

“What? But how? I heard the same details you heard and yet I have no idea who committed the murder,” I demanded. I knew that it was impossible for Sherlock to have already solved the case. He was fibbing.

“Because as usual you have not observed. But I cannot leave these rooms and catch the murderer. You know the case of the vanishing cat has been occupying my time and for that I have to be in these rooms all the time. Until I do not solve the case I cannot leave. You will have to do the groundwork for me. Find the evidence, question the suspects, and catch the murderer. Take that new assistant, whatever their name is. I will be here for consultations if you get stuck, but I cannot leave this room no matter what,” Sherlock said.

“But you accepted this case! Mrs. Thatcher will be expecting you there! And what about Mrs. Hudson?” I exclaimed. I didn’t bother providing Sherlock the new assistant’s name. Not that there was any assistant, it was just a wannabe Holmes that I had mentioned once in passing.

“I will explain the situation to Mrs. Hudson and Mrs. Thatcher will be happy to see you as well. Now go before Lestrade gives up waiting for me,” Sherlock all but pushed me out of the door.

I got out of the cab and turned to Player, “Remember keep your eyes open for any important clues. We have to solve this case together and show Holmes that we are no less than him.”

Lestrade came out of the house and sighed, “Well, well, well. If it isn’t Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson here to prove Scotland Yard idiots.”

“Lestrade you know that’s not what we do. We just help people out,” I objected.

“Yes and make Scotland Yard look like a bunch of fools. Fine. The crime scene is intact inside. You can only look, no touching, and no taking anything away,” Lestrade warned. Then he looked around, “Where’s Holmes?”

“Stuck in a pressing matter. It’ll just be myself and Player. He will help us, but we will have to go back to the rooms to call on his help,” I responded.

“Well good luck then,” Lestrade shrugged.

He stepped away and I made the way to the door, looking at the ground carefully for footprints, just like Sherlock always did. Not seeing any, I stepped into the house, followed by Player, and made my way to the crime scene, Emil’s study (or office).


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Posted: 3 years ago

You will get points for every correct solution. The points will vary per round based on the difficulty of that round, but this will be announced prior to the round beginning.

If you are able to find the culprit with the correct motive, then there are bonus points to be won that are as follows:
If solved after round 1 – 200 points
If solved after round 2 – 150 points
If solved after round 3 – 100 points
If solved after round 4 – 50 points
If solved after round 5 – 25 points
If solved after the final round – 0 points

The person with the most points will win the game!

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Posted: 3 years ago

Originally posted by: oye_nakhrewaali

Question: If we make wrong guesses about the murderer and motive during R1-R5, do we get our points cut?

Nope. The murderer and motive are ancillary - they give you bonus points not the main points. Even if you don't solve the mystery by the end, you will not lose any points. 

Originally posted by: dusk2dawn

Ek question hai.. this game doesn’t have fastest finger first na..??smiley39

Cz this time I am slowest fingers slow..smiley39

Nope. Even if you submit at the last minute, you will get at least 24 hours with the info I PM you to find the murderer. smiley14

Originally posted by: its-alexandrite


what if i miss any round in between...?  i will be out of the game ?

No. You just won't get any points for that round.

Originally posted by: ShiriFictionPen

What if we send the wrong answers 🤔

You won't get points for them and you won't get the clues early related to those wrong answers. Like if you get riddle 2 wrong, I won't give you the clue related to it in a reply PM. But you will see that clue in the next round's story.

Originally posted by: hasini009

Number announce kardo madam. sabko pata chalega hum kitne peeche/aage hai, game meinsmiley36

Arre baba fine. 2 people have gotten bonus points so far. smiley14

Originally posted by: Minionite

Future rounds have lots of points and are tougher. So it does even out. I actually played out several scenarios on Excel when deciding bonus points. It is possible for someone to get 200 bonus points and still lose. 

Originally posted by: Minionite

Yes they do. The last round has some bonus points involved with it that would give you a good chance of winning.

Originally posted by: Minionite

Exactly. Last round bps are not related to murderer. But that's all I'll say. smiley16

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Posted: 3 years ago

“Well Player, we have managed to find the clues and Lestrade has got everyone working on getting more information. And we will have to dig into Emil’s life. We need to find out more about Emil and what his past and his life is like. For that we will need to go hunting or digging for information.”

“What are we looking for?” Player asked.

“Information. Whatever we can find about Emil and why someone would want to kill him. We’ll need to go on a treasure hunt of sorts.”

“But what information will we get from the clues?”

“Well think about this way. The gun. We can get a license number from it. From that we can get the owner’s name. The shoe is interesting because it belonged to Emil, but it was found so far away. And just one shoe. Why? Was there something in them? And even if there was something in them why did the murderer remove the shoe? They could have removed whatever they wanted and put the shoe back on. We would never have known."

Player commented, "Well maybe they wanted to make it clear that the shoe had something in it."

"Why would any murderer do that?"


"Moving on. The desk phone had blood and fingerprints on it. Something useful could come from that. The document was almost burnt. There has to be a reason for that. Examining the document or whatever is left of it can give us a reason. And the book with the blood on it was on the right hand side of the table, when all of the blood spatter was on the left-hand side. It could be the perpetrator’s blood.”

“Oh so now what?”

“Now we go digging. We find what we can find about Emil. Emma told us about Emil’s latest client. Let’s find out more about him. We also have a rival who visited him yesterday. We have a lot to find out. So let’s get cracking.”


Alright everyone! Below you will find a list of 10 riddles/clues that will lead you to various places around this forum. Solve each one, head to that topic and in the first 5 pages, find the Important Document or Important Notes tags (they will look like the Details tag above). The first line will lead you to the forum and the second to a thread in that forum.

Note that the forum could be a closed forum as well! Once you find them all, PM the threads to me with page numbers (Minionite) and you will receive the important information. Round 2 ends on Mar 2nd 11:59 PM IST.

Each correct answer will give you 3 points and remember the bonus points scheme if you manage to find the culprit AND the motive.

In this round you will get 2 hints. You can either ask for the forum or, if you already have the forum, you can ask for help to the link. No points will be cut for using the hints. But use the hints effectively! PM me with the riddle that confuses you and ask for the help via PM.

1.      I have been limitless twice and yet I will continue to be limitless. Once you find me then look for that one creative place that is known by all because it is everywhere.

2.      It’s the channel of remakes and this rather popular remake has a song title. But don’t just do whatever you want when you get there and rather be sure to follow the law of the land.

3.      I am the original detective show of TV and I had the longest run ever. I am the thread about the one who was only supposed to appear for some episodes at the beginning but quickly became one of the pillars of the show.

4.      I am known for scaring people and yet I have reached the 10th year with no stopping in sight. Once you find me, come look for the place where everyone goes to learn about others.

5.      I am the place that everyone comes to for their share of gossip, discussions, and reviews on a section of the entertainment industry that has a rhyming name with a similar industry in other countries. Once you reach your destination, look for the most creative thread of all.

6.      I’m a channel that has already featured in these puzzles once, but this time you’re looking for a show with only 2 words in it. Once you get there, look for the place where you can get updates from different sites.

7.      They died in love once, and now they are ready to die in love again. But before they die, they want to express their grievances with what could have been a dream come true.

8.      I’m also a channel that has already featured in these puzzles, but this time you’re looking for the second season of another popular show. And once you find it, look for the place where you can find out more about how I’m faring on TV.

9.      This season I was more like a hotel, than a house, but I don’t care. In fact, I care so little that this gallery of mine has only reached 3 pages.

10.    I’m a rather popular comedy show with an active and recently opened forum. Now that you’re there, find the most creative thread of all.

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In Game Pics - 18shabbo

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