Episode 22(23rd Feb)-Badnaam- Written Update

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Posted: 5 days ago

The episode starts with Lalaji saying that if the alliance will happen, then with Kiranbala or with no one. He asks Raizadas to leave. Randheer's mother said that how can he put the whole blame on them without asking his sister. Lalaji asked Mogar to take Kiran's Kasam and say if she did all this. Mogar says that she created the misunderstanding but for her daughter  and her deceased husband's promise. She blames Amrit and says that she knew everything from the very beginning yet did 'Nain Mattaka' with him. She showed him the letter and said that he can identify his daughter's writing. Lalaji read the letter and then asked Brij to read it, Mohar snatches the letter and said that Amrit is at fault. Lalaji took the photo of his parents and asked Amrit to spit on it, to spit on his upbringing. Rajrani tried to pacify the situation, she said that Amrit wrote this letter to clear Randheer's misunderstanding and doesn't have any desire to marry him. Lalaji asks if she is right, Amrit takes the photo from his hand and hangs it on the wall. Then she says yes, she told him that she thought the rishta was for her and that she took her steps back immediately when she came to know that it was for Kiranbala. Mogar starts questioning her character, Randheer speaks up for her and says that it was his decision to change the rishta and that's why he told his parents about it and that she wasn't involved in it. He said he started falling for everything related to her. Mogar says that Amrit has done some Jaadu Tona on him and that he is speaking her language. She adds that Amrit was hiding all this from everyone. Uday supports Amrit and said that he knew everything. He told everyone that how he misunderstood when Lalaji was talking about Randheer's rishta and that he told Amrit about it and this was all his fault. Brij says that this is the first time he is agreeing with Uday, only he can do such stupid thing. Lalaji says that you both knew everything and were betraying me. Mogar again puts the whole blame on Amrit, saying that she played this whole game. She then ran away crying, all the womens standing outside said that it's impossible for the Roka to happen today. Lalaji sits on the bed as he can't stand anymore. Amrit sits next to him and says that she never played any game. Lalaji asked her that if she fell for Randheer even after knowing that the rishta wasn't for her. She didn't said anything, he asked again and she nodded. Lalaji says that it's all his fault and he has no right to wear this Pagdi. He took the Pagdi off his head and kept it on the bed. He says that when she went to listen Ranjhan's stories secretly, she said that only reads those tales and would never do anything like that but it was a lie. He asks the Raizada family to leave and that he would never give his permission to what they want. Randheer politely asks him that what is his problem. He loves Amrit and Amrit loves him then why is he destroying their lives just for a promise. Lalaji says that its not about one promise, a person who can't keep one promise would never be able to keep seven promises. Randheer says that he would keep all the promises, as he would make those promises on his own wish and not under any pressure. He says that if wasn't in love then why would he tell his parents about it. Think about your daughter, if love was a crime then people wouldn't worship Radha Krishna. Bhanu held his collar and said that how dare he speaks to his father like this. Amrit immediately got up to stop him but Rajrani asked Vashma to take her to her room. Uday follows them and Brij also signals Radha to leave. 

Vashma and Amrit were going upstairs when Uday stopped them. He apologized to Amrit for not being there for her when she needed. He held his eyes and apologized. Amrit hugged him and then Uday signalled Vashma to her to her room. 

Bhanu asked the Raizadas to leave but Randheer's mother refused. She says that they are from a very respected family but are still taking all the insult for their son's happiness. Randheer asks her to calm down. She adds that they came here for the Roka and will leave only after that. She then left the room and sat in the hall, where the celebrations were going on and asked the women to play dhol.

Kiran was crying in her room. Mogar asks her to stop crying and assures her that Randheer will only marry her. She told her that when her husband got bankrupt, this family didn't made him their Ghar Jamai. And after his death, his family threw them out of their house and she had to come here. But you won't live such a life, you will rule your house and Amrit will cry. She told her that Randheer is a nice guy and he won't refuse to marry you if you get Badnaam.

Randheer was worried about Amrit when Mogar came there and asked him to pacify Kiranbala as she is crying a lot. Randheer agrees and left for her room.

Amrit is devastated and is throwing objects in frustration. Vashma tries to calm her. Amrit says that theirs a big difference between writing and actually doing something. In real life always Amrit wins and Ranjhan loses. She says that she can sacrifice her happiness hundred times for her father. She then began to feel dizzy, Vashma runs to get her water. Randheer saw Amrit when she was about to faint and ran to her. Here Kiran is dreaming that she will jump into Randheer's arms when he comes here(smiley37)  He saved Amrit from falling but she fainted in his arms. Vashma came and saw them, she ran to call Uday which Randheer took her to her room. The chunni accidently fell. He made her lie on the bed and sprinkled some water on her face, she opened her eyes. Randheer smiles but then looks away. Amrit realised that her chunni was on the floor, she tries to pick it up but Randheer says that he will. When he was about pick the chunni, he saw her diary lying on the floor. He picked it up and realised that it was the same diary which brought them close. Amrit got worried as if Randheer read it, she would be exposed. She tried to stop him but he had already read the name Ranjhan. He finally got to know that Amrit was Ranjhan. He was super happy.

"Aap Ranjhan hai? Aap Ranjhan hai!!!" This was all what he managed to say. But then he realised that Kiranbala lied to him and Amrit remained silent just because they were to get married. He cupped her face and said that now it's even more important to marry her as she is both his Amrit and his Ranjhan. (Kuch na kaho played in the bg) 

Here Brij asked Lalaji to give Amrit her happiness and Rajrani also said that if this rishta doesn't happen now, then Amrit will get Badnaam. Mogar came running to them and lied that Randheer went upstairs even after she tried to stop him. They all rushed upstairs.

Amrit asks Randheer to forget her while he says that he can forget breathing but not her and cupped her face. Those women saw AmDheer and started shouting and gossiping. The whole family gathers in the room. Randheer immediately stood up. Amrit wore her dupatta. Randheer tried to explain them but to no use. One of those women said "Behosh ho gyi thi ya hosh kho baithi thi" and Rajrani was about to slap Amrit when Lalaji stopped her and announced that the Rasam will be completed and the Roka will happen, Amrit and Randheer's Roka. All the family especially Mogar got hell shocked.

Posted: 5 days ago

This is my first time writing a WU guys so please Har Gustaakhi Maaf!!!smiley36

Posted: 5 days ago

Thanks for the wu vaishnavi smiley1

Posted: 5 days ago

Thanks for WU smiley31

Posted: 5 days ago

Thanks for the written update smiley31

Finally Ranjhans truth revealed smiley20

Posted: 5 days ago

It was my pleasure guyssmiley31

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Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 

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