The show is a crap now

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Posted: 3 days ago

Ques: What's going wrong with the story? 

Ans: Everything! Yes! 

Kavya is now a vamp. Vanraj is getting nicer.. and the worst was Anupama dressing up for Vanraj's birthday party and dancing. Above that making friendship. Seriously... He did so much harm to her and she sees a friend in that man. Sucks. Agree, her kids need Vanraj as their father. But she can stay away from that creep and his mistress. No need to cook his favorites. Just to please her in laws. Not acceptable. 

Instead of focusing on Anupama and her independent life, now its like a regular story with vamps and their saazish. 

Very disappointing! Sadly!

Posted: 3 days ago

There is no  friend ship talk by anupama  to vanraj. . She did not use  word friend ship at at all. She  said to vanraj  that peacefully  both should part part sway

She said na pyaar ho na nafrat ho bus  peace ho bus shaanti ho aur phir apne apne raste 

By giving white rose to vanraj anupama want end relation peace fully but  no where anupama told to vanraj that she want to be friend with vanraj 

And more over anupama Even did not eat cake from vanraj hand  . She totally refuse to eat cake offer by vanraj 

More over anupama did not dress for vanraj . She only dress for pooja  .. If anupama would have dress for vanraj then she would not feel awkward whenever vanraj come near to anupama.  When vanraj come near anupama and see anupama   anupama felt awkward 

More over if we look anupama character  . From  past episode anupama never dance on her own infront of in laws. She  always refuse to dance infront of inlaws intially  but dance due to other request 

So anupama is baar bhi  in front of inlaw dance karne ko  mana kiya hoga but due to request by family request she might have agree to do dance 

I Dont think vanraj betting nicer  he still has ego and he is still selfish  . He still think about his  own happines  not anupama happines

More over in recent episode anupama both hand get burned due to fire  that is why she was ask by principal  ki school mein teaching job tabhi resume karna when both hand fully heal and bandage from both hand removed 

It is due to bandage in both hand. Anupama did not go. To school.. . Now her both hand is free now she will resume her job

Anupama ne baa se  to yeh bhi kaha tha   ki vanraj agar resort mein birthday manana chahte with kavya to manaane dijiye  

And also from   anupama  face expression no where look that she has any excctiment for vanraj birthday  in fact anupama look serious 

And it is baa who made cake for vanraj not anupama. Anupama only write name  of vanraj on cake but there is no excitement on her face while writing name 

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Posted: 3 days ago

Lets not jump to conclusions. Anupama is trying to gracefully end this relationship and want to maintain peace and dignity in their new relationship as coparents. Regardless of what she wants, vanraaj and her will always be in each other's orbit so keeping bitterness and animosity is not going to help either in a long run. They share kids and regardless of whose side they pick, vanraaj and anu will forever be their parents. At this point it was a white flag from anu to vanraj which symbolizes peace and a fresh start but nowhere she said she wants to be friends and even if she did it is not a bad thing as her goal is to move on from all the bitterness and stress that this divorce brought upon her. She is choosing to forgive not forget  for her sakes not vanraj. Even in real life keeping the bitterness of past relationships alive in the present doesn't lead to anything but misery and stress. This is so anupama. 

Posted: 2 days ago

And   in  yesterday episode  anupama told herself alone in room that rishte chahe jitne  uljhe pur anupama tumhe nahin rishte mein nahin uljhana hai  there is clearly pain in her eyes  uske saaf chehre ke expression  ke saaf saaf lag raha tha ki anupama kis pain and pressure se gujar rahi hai   but she decide make strong herself in  such situation

This scene come after when anupama refuse to eat cake from kavya too

Posted: 2 days ago

Not liking Anipama convincing Baa to accept Kavya. Let Vanraj and Kavya do some mehnat. That was way too mahaan for me. Rest I will wait and watch to see how Kavya family separation plan goes.

Posted: 2 days ago

I don't think it's bad, it's still meaningful, entertaining and a good show imo but if they really are going  to make Anu get back together with Vee and present it like Kavya was the only problem between them (which I am suspecting but doubt at the same timesmiley5) then it will definitely become unbearable...

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Posted: 2 days ago

its only because before Anupama was shown dominated by everyone and never had a say and suddenly she is running house and everyones life so it bound to feel strange 


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