Roka Karne Aaye The.. Roka Karke Jayenge ~ Review

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Posted: 5 days ago

STARS from today's episode.....

  • Amrit (Finally she has managed to reach here) smiley36
  • Uday smiley42
  • Mrs. Raizada smiley27
  • Randheer smiley9
  • Rab Rab aunty smiley3 smiley36

Amrit ~ "Biah karna chahta hnu main Randheer Raizada se" smiley32 Ladki boli finally smiley36 Bas that's all we wanted.... aab aur kuch nehi chahiye 🙏  So madam is not going to marry till Pagdi uncle happily says jaaa Amrit jee le apni zindegi smiley39 Han roke k baad bina Shaadi karwaye rakhega Pagdi uncle tujhe apne pass smiley23 This girl lives in some different planet. Anyways before marriage there is going to be partition and after that Amrit k pure Khandaan ko unka aukat dikh jayega..... 

Uday ~ Haaaaye kya entry tha smiley32 Unexpected but superb 👌 Even Randheer was shocked as obviously he wasn't expecting Uday to know about Amrit's feelings, woh tho apne saale ko makkhan lagane mein busy tha but "Real Brother" of Amrit tho koi aur nikla smiley36 Now I think he has realised the difference between Bhanu and Uday smiley2 Kudos to Uday for not only supporting Amrit in front of everyone but also for accepting how he wasn't there when Amrit needed him. smiley32 

Mrs.Raizada ~ She looked so impressed with Amrit when Amrit admitted her feelings smiley9 Hell with your sanskar & Izzat "Roka karne aye the, roka karke Jayenge" smiley27 This lady is awesome smiley40 Loved how she shifted the focus back to Mogar when Pagdi uncle was ignoring her fault so effortlessly. She seems obsessed with Karachi smiley24 Yeh Karachi mein Dil Chhod Jayenge smiley44

Randheer ~ "Apko problem kya hain mujhse?" Now that was a million dollar question smiley32 He is soooo amazing with his words and soooo honest about his feelings smiley27 "Meri Amrit bhi aap hain aur Meri Ranjhan bhi" smiley42 Amrit has guts, I mean seriously... It takes guts to torture such a gem emotionally smiley24 She has amazing people around her be it Randheer, her in laws, her childhood friend, her Uday Veerji but all she cares about is Pagdi uncle one weak person who can only blackmail people emotionally and talks utter rubbish all the time. smiley35

Rab Rab aunty ~ She is evil but she is a better parent compared to Amrit's parents and Uday's father. smiley6

Vashma baby your Amrit fainted, you had a glass of water in your hand but you were like "Main Uday ko bulake lati hnu" yeh kaisa logic tha? smiley3 Bhai ushko paani chahiye tha, Uday Veerji nehi smiley37 Congratulations Tannu smiley31 Your prediction about Amrit fainting saach hooooo geyaaaaa smiley41

Thanks for reading smiley9

Posted: 5 days ago

Aaj pehli baar chanda grahan sahi baat kar raha tha

Amrit ki side leke😁😇

Posted: 5 days ago

AmRay are the true siblings on the show, always standing for each other rock-solid smiley31

Randheer ki Maa ko standing ovation smiley32 

Teen Tigaada Kaam Bigaada Trio smiley24 although Brij did stand for his niece, but RadHay ke liye Chandra Grahan hi hai smiley15

Amrit confessing and the Ranjhan revelation is great! smiley20

Posted: 5 days ago

Amrit finally admitting her feelings for Randheer was great to see 

Uday being the caring and protective brother to his sister. Would love to see more Amrit and Uday scenes 

Randheer’s mum was on fire, shutting Mogar up 

Randheer smiley27

Posted: 5 days ago

Along with all of them, I want to add Brij to the list today. As usual he was an ass to his own son, but the way he stood by Amrit today was amazing. He does care for his own son and Amrit a lot, but his way of showing it is so different. With Amrit, he's the loving father that any daughter should have. He cares for Amrit and shows it. He knows Amrit can do no wrong. I'm also convinced today that when Uday and Vashma's love story comes out, he will first stand against them, but with Amrit's convincing, he will also become their biggest support.

Posted: 5 days ago

Randheer Raizada stole the show and hearts smiley27

The way he stood strong and questioned lalaji was amazing... Even after amrit's reluctance, he was confident that everything can be set straight... Amrit's behaviour was slightly annoying... All she cares about is her overdramatic father.... She needs to think about herself and the people who cares about her unconditionally. 

Uday's courage was praiseworthysmiley32... I've said this before,saying it again ... Uday is the most flawed of the 4 yet the most real.... He never shies away from apologising or taking responsibility of his actions... Loved how he apologised to amrit from heart.

Brij, i don't know how to feel about him anymore... He is still the disgusting father and husband... But he is a good uncle for Amrit... This soft side of him makes him realistic compared to one dimensional characters like mogar. 


Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 

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