Riansh ts- Queen VR Chap-3,page 2

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Posted: 10 days ago

Hey guys, another story your way for the current track. Few changes are there

- Riddhima also has a mafia background. And she already knows about her parents death.

-She has her agents more capable than our dear Angre.

- No pregnancy drama as of now.

 - Riddhima is has more grey shade than in the show.

Riddhima was pissed off right now, this Kabir has become a persistent fly around her all the time roaming around her, trying to talk to her, instigating against Vansh more so after the revelation in the party.

She has to give credit to Vansh he is a master manipulator when it comes her, so smoothly he lied about the death of Kabir's but it was actually Riddhima's parents who were killed by Ishani. Oh yes , she knew the truth it was her way of torturing Vansh like he tortured her mentally and emotionally,  but she has admit she had hard time doing crying nonstop and not being to enjoy her marriage rituals.

But one thing was clear this Kabir was playing a long game, and she was tensed regarding Vansh business, and her fear came true when Kabir came supporting an injured Vansh, she was feeling scared of losing him again, but mind was ringing alarm bells, Why is Kabir with him?.

R- Vansh what happened to you? Who shot you?

V- (not answering directly)- Kabir saved me.

Angre and Aryan took Vansh back to his room and i gave the first aid kit box and thanked Kabir for saving Vansh. Then i went to my room thinking 

R- If Kabir, you are anyway responsible for what happened with Vansh, i will definitely fulfill deed of killing with own hands,this time no mercy for you. 😡👿

Comments, suggestions are welcome. 


Posted: 10 days ago

This is an amazing start.

Continue soon.

Posted: 9 days ago

Chapter 1

Riddhima went to their to check on Vansh only to see a bullet wound in the leg

R- What the hell, Vansh tumne bataya kyun nahi tumhe goli lagi hain. And what are you doing, you will not  remove it on your own.

R( calling someone)- Dr Mehta, jitna jaldi ho sake VR mansion aaye.

Vansh glared at Riddhima and asked why did she call a doctor, if they ask about the bullet i don't have any answer. Riddhima assures him the doctor won't say anything and that he is a loyal friend of her. Dr Mehta comes and take care of the bullet wound and leaves after prescribing medicine and rest for Vansh.

R( hitting him) - I told you to not go today for the meeting and see what happened, when will start listening to me and my instincts. 

V- I'm sorry but today's deal was important but the deal failed someone betrayed me.

R- Can it be Kabir?, i mean the only person who knew about the deal were you and angre right, so how come he reached where the meeting was happening and also saved you when he could've very well left you to die.

Vansh was thinking that riddhima was right but then he remembered about his suprise and complimented her on how beautiful she looked, leaning towards her to get a kiss but riddhima pushes him away.

R- Your punishment for not listening to me is we wont do anything till you are fully healed. 🤪🤪 Take rest i will send haldi ka doodh for you.

Riddhima was thinking who could've have sabotaged the deal and her mind was thinking and pointing again and again towards Kabir. She thinks she has to search Kabir's room once.

Next day it was Ishani's birthday and Kabir kept the dress he wanted Riddhima to wear and she wore unknowingly thinking it is from Vansh. She helped Vansh dressing up but he was trying kiss her but pouting when she didn't allow.

She thanked him for the dress but he frowned saying he didn't but he said it looked good on her. She had a suspicious feeling who had given her and she felt disgusted by it. During the party when everyone was busy, she quickly sneaked into kabir's room.

She was disgusted and disturbed to find out her cut out in his room, she quickly searched the room, and found a safe in his cupboard it's password was the day she proposed him. 

She was happy that her suspicion was true, she quickly changed the real diamonds with the low quality diamonds she had her men brought over to her.

R(thinking)- You should not played with Vansh, Kabir and now i understand your true intentions,  you want everything of vansh that is why targeting his business,  trying to get close to me. But dont worry i will not spare you this easily. 

Riddhima messages Angre and asked him to meet her in the secret room.

An- What happened Bhabhi? Is everything okay.?

R- showed him the diamonds, Kabir is becoming too courageous and has stealing from Vansh, this cannot go on. I have plan and i need your help,this Kabir needs to be taught a lesson. 

A- of course Bhabhi, i will help but what about bhai.

R- No, if he gets to know he will not allow me fo go anywhere. 

Precap- Chang meets a person named Phoenix 🤔 who is this Phoenix?

Posted: 9 days ago

Phoenix may be ridhima


Posted: 9 days ago

Chapter 2

Riddhima was trying to feed Vansh his dinner but he was acting like a stubborn kid and making faces.

R- Vansh please eat you have to also take your medicine.

V- I dont want this, you know what can make me heal faster😋😋😋

R- Okay, how about you finish dinner and i will give you a kiss.

Vansh hurriedly finished all the dinner and riddhima was going to keep the dishes in kitchen when he called her to fulfill the deal.

R(with a naughty glint in her eyes) kissed on his cheeks 

V- Do i look like a child to you.?

R- Take rest and she kissed on his forehead and Vansh started to feel sleepy so he slept unknown that she had mixed sleeping powder in his food because she wanted to speak to Chang without any disturbance. 

Riddhima goes into the secret  room to talk because she knows someone or the other can listen in on the conversation she calls Chang.

Chang(irritated voice) Who is this?

R- My my someone is irritated, i am hurt that you didn't recognize my voice.

C- Yo-u,You ,how did you get my number?

R- That's not your business, listen to me news is you and Kabir Raisinghania, double crossed the mighty VRS. What you dont know is that Kabir double crossed you, he sold me the diamonds and is now playing with you.

C- I don't believe you.

R- Well then lets play a game call him to the address i send,tell him that you want to buy the diamonds or else you will tell vansh the truth, check the diamonds yourself 

If they are fake you will record his confession of double crossing Vansh. If you are successful, i will give you my diamonds and even give you 10% discount 

But if you think of crossing me i know where your family stays,we wouldn't want any incident happening right?

C-I will do it.

Riddhima texted him the address and ordered her men to install cctv camera and audio recording device there. In the morning she saw Kabir slinking away from the mansion.

R- Angre, this is the address my men will meet you there,make sure that they dont leave the place at any cost.

A- Ji Bhabi

Riddhima informed Dadi that she is going to mall, to buy some maternity clothes for Ishani as a suprise gift,  she changed quickly into bomber jacket and jean and left the mansion. 

She received the audio confession of Kabir wanting to destroy Vansh's reputation and how he stole diamonds from Vansh's room. She reached the area a small abandoned house, where she saw Chang threatening Kabir with a gun.

C-Dont you dare double cross me kabir,kahan hain mera diamonds. 

K- I swear i had them mujhe nahi pata woh kahan hain.

R-Tch tch😈😈 kabir tumhari logo ko double cross karne ki aadat nahi gayi na.

C&K- Riddhima 

R- I know Kabir is stupid but you don't even recognize my voice Chang.

C- Phoneix😲

K- Kaun Phoneix and Riddhima tum yahan kya kar rahi ho.?

Irritated that he touched her ,riddhima slapped him so hard that he fell down,she ordered her men to tie him up. So let's get down to business.

PS- What will Riddhima do now? Do you want Riddhima to torture Chang and Kabir.?😈😈

Posted: 9 days ago

My my....smiley39 I am loving this Riddhima

Posted: 9 days ago

Wow this is really amazing loving strong Riddhima.

I want to see Riansh fighting together as well.

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 

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