OS: Imlie & Aditya - A recipe for Valentine’s

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Posted: 7 days ago

“A recipe of love, is a jar full of smiles, unlimited joy and a handful of hugs of kisses”

Since the last few days Imlie had noticed that her Babusahib had become distant once more. Ever since there ride back on his phatphatiya in the spitting rain he had neither talked or shared a smile with her. He seemed upset somewhat angry but aloof of her presence. No matter what trick she tried all her plans failed to garner his attention. From the uneaten moti rotis, to the incomplete fights with her even touching his belongings which she had strictly been forbidden from doing so. Aditya neither looked her way or acknowledged her mistakes just leaving her to deal with Malini Didi instead.

The next day was Valentine day and there was a small part of Imlie that hoped that Aditya would find a small way to show his affection for her too. He had already been buried knee high deep into his computer as she walked up towards his room carrying his tea in-toe.  As she placed his evening tea on his cabinet she stood fumbling arguing her inner battles with her best friend her Sita Mayia. Finally letting her heart win over the latter she still could not resist as she slide over to ask at the doorway anyway. "Babusahib, Do you have any work for me? Do you need something to be done? or should I just fill up my day helping the others?" Fumbling in all nervousness.

Barely looking up at her he tells Imlie in the coldest way possible to fill it. Apparently today there would be even less affection than usual, as if he had been on a mission just to make his point. She knew he would win, for her willingness to loose to him was his only way of accepting what they were. Smiling Imlie withdrew once again back to where she belonged her canopy under the hidden stars. There are many things she could do, wanted to do but for today she’ll just stick to the many things she always did, yet today she’ll just feel that little bit more lonelier then before.

The house was abuzz the following morning as the ladies floated around gathering baskets of red roses filled with chocolates cutely wrapped in between the cuddly folds of a white teddy bear. Imlie watched as the men of the house lovingly hugged there ladies mist stealing kisses. The gentle humming of classical music could be heard as Barka Kaka read across his poetic delight to a blushing Kaki whilst the youngsters watched on. 

As the words floated through the house like a silken ray Imlie watched as she sung the song of her favourite song “lagja gale kahin haseen raat ho na ho, shahid iss janaam mein mulaqaat hona ho” with longing that shimmered the soul of fallen waters to forbidden warmth. She twirled amongst the others not caring what they thought. All Aditya could do was wonder what else lay hidden in her wonder. He knew his uncle had been right as he said that the poetic delights off the past where as relevant as ever today as they were then. People can change but once’s feeling stay forever within which is why he was maybe longing to avoid the confusion of his feelings he felt due to her presence.

So lost had she been in her musing that Imlie had neither noticed or realised that her singing was no longer private or secluded. As she stumbled into a pair of familiar arms. She opened her eyes to the gawking eyes of the family whom stood in wonder. Nervous at the questions they may raise she ran off towards the kitchen to complete the final surprise of the day.

Resting her hand on her heart as she tapped her head Imlie kept scolding her self for her folie. Imlie had told herself a numerous times that what she shared or felt for her babusaheb was just an essential feeling of respect and nothing more. There relationship was neither mutual or of feelings. She didn’t even have the right to enter his room then how was she supposed to enter his heart. 

Was this not something Sundar had even had to remind her off late. As there friendship developed during their evening classes he had once again reminded her off the boundaries that existed between an employer and employee. He agreed they where friendly people but at the same time  they were also the once that employed them to carry out a job. There hundred rights would be mellowed to dust by a hue of a mistake. The help would always be blamed even when the truth was in plain sight. 

Imlie recalled her Dada’s teachings when she was a wee girl whom would cry for her wishes. She often would complain to him and ask off why her mother would cook her father’s favourite foods when he never looked back to see of they where alive. Every night on the festival of hearts the ladies would dress in red as they danced to there hearts content whilst her Amma would watch in the shadows. If imlie had envied the woman than, then today she knew of her mother’s pain, her yearning and even plight. 

Sataykaam would chuckle at the spitfire of  a girl whom he loved as a daughter. How could he explain to her that love is neither in once control nor a given right it simply happens. It was on her 11th birthday that he decided to explain that the colour red is a significance off so much more. The ladies they watched parade in the festival illuminated in all there glory were indeed not women whom needed one day to express there love but they where woman whom had been chosen by the hearts of there partner to join there destiny with. He raised his palm as he showed her that these woman dance to the power of the powder they wear in there parting the term Sindoor is not for show but a staple  that society deems given once heart the ownership of his beloved heart and soul.

It’s a promise given to stay faithful but in the end it’s only a mirage of what is expected. But Imlie couldn’t forget what he spoken in the end “one can be binded by the norms of society but the heart is not bound by rules or customs its one that flows like the tide that has no beginning nor an end it’s simply flows till we find home, your Amma is on such a journey where her yearning is shown in the plate of uneaten food”. Imlie stood in owe back then as she listen to her dada’s words. She had run off to her favourite hiding even called him several names in between but today she knew he was right once more. 

For today her work in the kitchens is to seek for the love and nourishment of her bahusahib. It’s a way of her being able to give a part of her self to him by putting her soul into the food. It’s way a way imlie knew how to claim her right on him when every path lay locket. For she was always to be faithful to him no matter the days of past but would he see the filling of empty jars for emotions that lay content with a single smile.

Her love was as free spirited as the sky and the clouds for Aditya you are the gentle river and the birds that sing. How could Imlie tell him that for her she could  feel him in the air. She may long for his touch, even recall him in a way that sends her mind, body and soul into a sparkling frenzy of belonging. He had become her balm. The light, laughter and hope he was. For Imlie had slipped a part of her heart into his pocket some time ago and there it would stay all secure and sound. If only it’s rhythm could be sung out aloud they would show the respect she holds of him. 

Clattering away at the utensils, Imlie twirled from corner to corner. Whipping, washing and drying as she recalled the smell and hugs of home. Home was where the heart was and her heart was always in the smiles of kisses. The affectionate hugs of her Satayakaam dada to her mother’s smile or her nakili nani’s scoldings for whom she would always sing her favourite song. Her tune made in her own style sometimes sweet and sometimes bitter but always full of glitter. 

So Imlie finished mist setting the roses only to ponder how funny it would have been if her Babusahib had seen her very own written recipe list of him. She hummed it again in her bubble as the words blitzed around somewhat like this..

“Babusahib hamare, laage saab se pyaare. Kuch sweet hamari amma jaisan, lekin phir bhi tikha hamari Dada ki tarah. Unka style hai ek dum se alag. Phir bhi hum waya jaen.. Ghusa rahe unki naak par phir bhi bholen hum ko wo bulakar..!

Unko nahi samajh avaat, ki unko pakani kilaye hum ko mandi nahi jawat, sirf jaahi ye emotionswaa jahiye aur kuch nahi.. Yeh lo unki leyi banawaat hum listwaa in englishmaa...

Rukye aur leta aana ye saab...

  1. A cup full of anger 
  2. Added to it a spoon full of impatience
  3. A dash of knowledgeable sharing 
  4. Combined with 3/4 of practical caring 
  5. Added to it 3 pinches of sprinkles of trust 
  6. Finally fused together with a zest of respect 
  7. Ultimately topped with a lifetime of togetherness 

Jhalli hum nahi phar wo hain hamare Sheri langoor. Saab she khatta lekin lage phir bhi methe”. She smiled in content as she reread the lullaby to herself once more. 

Her perfect recipe of her Babusahib. All the qualities she had seen within him that showed her how much he had started to love her behind the folds. She neither needed roses nor did she need expensive present for all she really wanted was a moment of friendship with him. 

Scattering the petals furthermore Imlie moved from plate to plate as she filed the dining hall with her warmth. Aditya whom had been unsettled by her longing excused himself at the pretence of getting a glass of water. He felt thirsty but not as his family had expected. As Aditya walked the halls with scurried steps his palms started to sweat. He felt nervous even somewhat excited. Wondering through the hall only to recall if she would still be singing. 

Aditya prayer had not been wasted for he was stopped in his steps, coming to a sudden halt were he could not neither move forward or return. He watched as his mouth went dry and lit up into a smile. There she stood in all her glory giggling at herself. It was as if he was watching one of nature's ongoing movie full of quiet bliss. The gentle pleasure he felt within as his heart beat a slight bit faster with each ticking second he let time fly by.

He had heard all of her blabbering, yet it had not bother him the slightest. Aditya could only recall him arguing that falling in love in this life would have been the worst of crimes, or so it had seemed till he had met his match in his firecracker. They had only ever exchanged glances, the lightest of touches, sometimes jokes with a hint of warmth and no more. Yet in his heart Aditya knew that there is no forgiveness for such moments for yearning for someone in secret is far more damaging then claiming to love someone with once heart. 

Had this been a different time or place, Aditya believed they could have been lovers. Instead they were neither friends but were bound by the soul of a promise whom love, nurture and protect. Today was the day he had felt like her "criminal,"  for in the eyes of the land he had wronged her and so had his eyes. It had become the very reason why he had been so aloof, so cold and bitter. For Aditya had never told her but for her he would take a bullet, if only so would give him a chance. So let others judge what they can't understand for he knew what they were to there very core. As he acknowledged that there unsaid trust was the core of there love. Valentine’s Day or not she was there in his soul without her having to show or believe it herself.

How many times was Aditya to remind himself that there are no perfect lovers for they both are flawed, yet understanding those flaws to then still love someone with all your heart creates the recipe of perfect love. Aditya had learnt that he will never be able to look further than her, his love. For like her song his heart hummed to the beat of a waiting flower that lay a soul waiting to bloom. The gentle kisses of her smiles is all the love  it needed for even the  rays of sunshine couldn’t provide enough warmth from within.

Leaving the restrictions of rules behind he let his heart lead the way. Aditya walked up to Imlie from behind as he engulfed her into an hug.  Just resting close enough so his hot breath could fan away at her ears. Placing the jar on the table gently, he looked into her hazel orbs with mischief “Where you saying something?” As she closed her eyes at the sound of his question.  She didn’t move or blink yet  steadied herself.“No, why did you hear something?”

Aditya smiled, smirking at her silliness. Well if she wanted to play it out this way he would. He so decided to prob further.

“Well I could have sworn I heard you say, no no maybe mumble or maybe even sing something like....” she tried to run yet Aditya held her into a firm grip pushing her back into his folds. “What’s the hurry Jhalli  we just got started? Got scared so soon? Where you not the one claiming just now that I did not understand emotions? What did you call it again? Yes emotionwaa was it not!”

It took a few moments before she opened her eyes and what he saw in them was confusion, longing and sorrow. It took all her strength as she nibbled at her bottom lip, decline to acknowledge what had just happened. Aditya watched her battle but he had been so craved to hear her voice yet again. That he decided the best course of action was to show her what he meant. He leaned down to her redden cheeks as he placed a gentle kiss murmuring once more for her to smile for every hug would be replaced by a stream of kisses.

He final heard a little whimper before she placed her lips near his. “ You have to leave babusahib, before it’s really to late.” Sighing he tugged her closer “ It’s already to late for my Jhalli, you are my open door naive like a silken soft oak set in the light of a burning fire. I have stayed away but in the end have found myself standing at your threshold looking in, watching the streams of sunlight seep within. All I long for is to come home where your smile resides with a smile of a thousand kisses. Love cannot be counted nor can it be measured within days for it is valued for its joy it can spread throughout once life. For I have a task for you your only work is to make me smile. Do you understand what I mean?”

Imlie understood what he meant she always had. However she took a few moments wanting to treasure his feel as she wound her arms in his once again. It was true there was a sense of home whenever they where together. It was so peaceful so perfect. Maybe she could have her very own fireside chair full of peacefulness just like the ladies back Pagdandiya. A moment where she and he could walk in, as they felt there joint palms gently push on the door. As they sat at the patio her snuggled in his warmth whilst the light of the sun warmed there skin.  As she feed him his favourite meal and her his from praying eyes. 

For Imlie wanted to stay with him forever not just in this lifetime but in every other there after. After all both knew in this journey, he was her one and only as she was his where they felt safe within. Aditya was her heaven and maybe she could be his.  We’re everyday was Valentine’s Day full of hugs and jars of joyful kisses sung through the stems of the open sky of mockingbirds flying by.


Hi everyone,

The OS above is my take on the event of the Valentine’s celebrations. It looks at how Imlie deals with the aftermath of the concept of Valentine’s Day and how she would plan to celebrate it with Aditya if she could.

Apologies for any errors no matter how much I edit they keep reverting to automatic correct 😒

Please do let me know if you guys would like to read more about  the events that have passed so far.

Hoped you enjoyed reading the short one shot.

Raaz 😊


Exclusively posted to Indian forums copyright protected.

Posted: 7 days ago

Beautifully written!! smiley27

Posted: 7 days ago

Had a break,opened forum ,found this and read it n now I have turned happysmiley27This is what all we dream for Adiliesmiley27Keep it upsmiley27

Posted: 7 days ago

hey raaz, beautiful OS like always. Nowadays, i eagerly wait for your OS smiley1

Posted: 7 days ago

Originally posted by mayuri099

Beautifully written!! smiley27

Thank you 😊 

Posted: 7 days ago

Originally posted by Anuannie

Had a break,opened forum ,found this and read it n now I have turned happysmiley27This is what all we dream for Adiliesmiley27Keep it upsmiley27

Glad you managed to read but furthermore it’s good to know you enjoyed the read. Makes it all worth while writing 😊

Happy to see you could connect with such a moment of there’s. ❤️

Keeping visiting as there be more of such post in the future.🙂

Posted: 7 days ago

Originally posted by ANGELshweta

hey raaz, beautiful OS like always. Nowadays, i eagerly wait for your OS smiley1

So happy to hear this was waiting for your comment and glad to see you loved it too 😊

I have to admit this one had me somewhat nervous but so happy to see that you connected with the feelings and the moment🙂

Well stay tuned will try and post something later this week. 

Maybe you could suggest an idea of what you may want to read? And I can try and see what I can post. Running out of 💡.

your comments always bring a 🙂

Posted: 7 days ago

Looking forwardsmiley27


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