College track for Imlie a real possibility now?

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Posted: 6 days ago

This is the main question coming out of today's epismiley36.....since Babusahib seems to have woken up from deep slumber and finally noticed that Imlie is intelligent enough to get into any collegesmiley36.

But as always, Malini didi seems to have beaten him to the finish line as the first person to actually atleast get the college admission form for Imlie as a birthday giftsmiley36.....all that remains to be seen is if Malini manages to get Imlie admitted into her own college or a bigger college as Adi wants for Imliesmiley36.....he also seemed quite happy about the possibility that Imlie will leave the house if she goes away to a big collegesmiley36.

Whatever tamasha is coming up....first with AC shouting at Imlie again and then later on with Malini's disappearance....not sure if that will again throw a wrench into the situation and everyone will forget about Imlie ka college admission againsmiley36

The other two noteworthy things today.....

a) Adi taught Cursive handwriting to Imlie and taught her how to write her name in Cursivesmiley36

b) Malini for once pointed out the obvious that hers and Adi's thinking doesn't match as much as they thought in these 7 years.....too bad, this time Adi is not in the mood to have an honest conversation and is doing his usual "I won't be distanced from you" Moon jaap. It's so rare that Malini even asks the right question and introspects about her relationship with Adi.....and still it's always rendered moot by the writers.....ah well. 

Let's see if poor Imlie gets to college this time or some Malini related drama will divert the issue yet 

Posted: 6 days ago

Did that scene where Aditya takes her into the room come?smiley36

Posted: 6 days ago

Caps from the Cursive Writing scene:

Posted: 6 days ago

Originally posted by -Sanjana-

Did that scene where Aditya takes her into the room come?smiley36

Nopesmiley36.....I'm still not sure if there is going to be any such scenesmiley36.....but the scene about Imlie getting upset and then Adi coming to console her will likely air tomorrow. 

Posted: 6 days ago

oo mkst probably kal awega,anu cheekhti,chudyl k zehar ugalne k baad smiley18

Posted: 6 days ago

acha toh matlab Imlie ki party aaj shuru ho gayi? Did they give her the surprise?smiley27

Posted: 6 days ago

There was some continuity atleast today. The whole admission process will need a week of episodes on its own considering her name has Tripathi on the certificates. Unless someone adopts her before then smiley36

But our Imlie is falling for BS. Big time. There will be a lot more drama on that front because all the blame will get laid at her door if she continues to stare at him instead of learning cursive. 

BS being ok with her leaving the house I did not think was out of the blue. He is content with his situation. I felt him missing her acutely a few episodes ago was more out of place. But that’s my pessimism talking. 

Posted: 6 days ago

Yes,Just gave her the surprise,party kal hogi..cake is yet to be cut..Dev n dadi have come..Anu Aunty thoda late tapkengi :/ You will love the epi today...ache Adilie moments hai random..Imlie felt emosonal sickness again smiley27

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