Anupamaa Written Update 23 Feb 2021

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Posted: 7 days ago


The episode begins with the entire Shah family standing together for  Aarti on the song ..”om Jai Jagadish “ ... all couples take turns to do Aarti by turn.... beginning with Baa babujin... VanYa  do Aarti tog , Anupama performs alone . .

Baa seeks blessings that her son should remain close to her always . Van assures he will . Kavya has a vampish glint in her eye .

Later VanAnu have awkward moments as she enters Van’s room without realising Van was  there in his vest. 
She wishes him Happy birthday , Anu expresses her wish to let go of the past dights n begin new peace with Van . She gives him a white rose . He accepts it. 

Later at night everyone is dressed in black n gold . There is a long session of mutual admirations . Van Anu have awkward moments as Van has put Anu's white rose on his pocket .

Anupama has decorated the cake baked by Baa , Kavya too has brought a cake . Van appreciates the cakes . Rakhi passes comments on the cakes . 

Van cuts the cake n offers to baa n Babuji first . Then he offers his kids . Tensed moments as he offers a piece to Kavya n she asks him to offer Anupama first .
Anupama refuses to have the cake . She recollects past celebration when Van had brought the cake for Kavya’s promotion ....and rudely snatched the knife from Anupama, and she was not offered the cake. How hurt she was then.

Today Kavya offers a piece to Anupama and tells Anupama  she had refused the cake earlier but today she had to have a bite .

Anu states her reason for refusal... that earlier it was a cake for Kavya an today the cake was for Vanraj who belonged to Kavya . So both cakes were undesirable for Anu. later Everyone shares both the cakes .

Rakhi asks Kavya why was she being so sweet today what was the matter, Rakhi was unable to digest this ultra sweetness . Kavya reveals her plan . She was unable to do anything to Shah family while staying out of it . So she has decided to join the family, destroy Anupama, throw Baa n Babuji out of the house and then throw out the rest of the members too and destroy the entire family , have Van only to herself .

Rakhi smirks .


Anupama dances on an old song  .

The entire family dances together on a peppy number .

Pakhi confronts Kavya saying she knew Papa was not happy with her n will never be . She will make sure Kavya is out of Papa’s life . Kavya smiles n challenges her saying when her mother could do nothing to throw her out of Van’s life what could Pakhi do ?? 
Pakhi’s splashes cold drink on Kavya’s face n clothes much to the shock of the entire family present there .

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Posted: 7 days ago

Thanks for update Sutapasima smiley32smiley31smiley32

Posted: 7 days ago

Originally posted by dipali13

Thanks for update Sutapasima smiley32smiley31smiley32

I always doubted Kavya had even a tweeny bit of feelings for Van .

Kavya’s villainous side was evident today smiley35.. and how Rakhi loved it smiley35.

Van deserves these two women only . smiley20smiley32he could not control his attraction for a young women ... n betrayed his loving wife n mother of his kids .. smiley35smiley35

Posted: 7 days ago

Thanks for the update.

Just watched the epi.

Anu did not offer friendship to Vanraj, what she said was that ki do logon ke bich main pyaar ya nafrat hi kyun ho, sukoon (peace) bhi toh ho sakta hai. So she wants to be just civil. I don't think we can call this as friendship.

Good Anu did not eat Vanraj's birthday cake. 

But Vanya doing the aarti was too much, did not like it at all.

Also in precap Pakhi splashes coke on Kavya's face and not hot coffee. Pakhi is turning into a rebel now. 

In precap, Anu dancing on Vanraj's bday was also too much, hope its dream of Vanraj.

When pakhi asked Vanraj to close his eyes and whatever comes first will be his bday wish and he saw Anu as soon as he closed his eyes smiley37

Waise Rakhi ne sahi bola tha vanraj ko ki nayi job ki wish maang lo smiley37

Today's baa and Rakhi's banter was cute.

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Posted: 7 days ago

Thanks dear

simply dragging Birthday track smiley26

Posted: 7 days ago

Originally posted by Bhavisweet03

Thanks dear

simply dragging Birthday track smiley26

Totally agree ... family dancing is OK ..why would Anupama dance in presence of wicked samdhan Rakho n  divorced husband n his GF for heavens sake ?? 

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Posted: 7 days ago

1. Did not like aarti scene. It was too much to show vanraj and kavya performing aarti together.  It can be progressively shown but need not be this much progressive😅. No one was happy with that except kavya. Anu was like thank god i got freedom whixh is actually good for her.

2. I take back my words on anu's mahaanta. After watching today's epi i feel anu's character is rare to find. She wants peace and happiness not only for herself but also for people who betrayed her. The rose scene was really emotional esp the flashback and hiw she got treated very badly and now how much she has grown. Anupamaa is really a gem and a very strong character.👍👍👌👌❤❤❤

3. Vanraj respectfully and genuinely said thank you to her while she gave the rose and wished him happy birthday. That was nice and when he pinned the same rose in his coat for the eve party that was something 😊😊

4. Kavya is playing double game with vanraj. She is acting as if no one is giving her respect and it's okay bcoz she wil tolerate it for her vee. She is showing only such kind of expressions with vanraj 🙄🙄 and as rakhi said this sweetness does not suit her at all 😂😂

5. Vanraj wishing for anupamaa while he closed his eyes shows that deep down he loves her maybe but keeping aside all the emotions one ques comes to my mind ' did he wish for his wife or did he wish for a glorified maid again ?'

6. I am not okay with anu dancing at van's birthday party and he sitting like a king and watching her. Like even if they had forced her to which should have not been done. She need not tolerate more for shah parivaar. Like I'm not saying its wrong its just that anu when ur so good to others they walk over you like a doormat which hurts us the audience.

7. Pakhi's actions are wrong but even if u ppl get me wrong, i am very happy that pakhi splashed coke on kavya's face. Witch deserves more 😂😂

Posted: 7 days ago

Originally posted by Sutapasima

Totally agree ... family dancing is OK ..why would Anupama dance in presence of wicked samdhan Rakho n  divorced husband n his GF for heavens sake ?? 

That only. She doesn't need to do all things.


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