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Yeh hum hain, KUDCA fandom smiley16

Yeh humare Vashmay hain, jinki aaj Shaadi hui smiley42

Yeh humare AmDheer hain jinka kal Roka hai smiley27

Aur hum PAWRI kar rahe hain smiley40 smiley41


STARS from today's episode, 

  • Mrs.Raizada smiley32
  • Randheer Raizada smiley27
  • Uday Sahani smiley9
  • Vashma Baig Sahani smiley2

Mrs.Raizada ~ 

Phata Parda aur nikle Mrs.Raizada smiley32 This lady is soooo classy smiley27 She looked at KB for the very 1st time and she was like "YEH Randheer ki pasand kaise ho sakti hai" smiley37 Still she kept her faith over her son and husband... But the moment she realised it was KB and not Amrit she stopped instantly (That scene was so well executed) smiley32 But but the best part was the way she entered the other side legit tearing the parda smiley42 Damn do you even know how lucky you are Amrit? smiley9 The way she didn't hesitate to talk in between those males that itself says how she is the queen behind Raizada throne and that lady deserves that smiley27

Randheer ~ Just like his mother he too stopped Pagdi uncle instantly listening the name.... His hold was damn tight and Sasur Ji ka face was worth watching smiley39 He didn't hesitate even a little before taking Amrit's name. The way he confessed "Kyun Ki main Amrit ko pasand karta hnu" there was urgency in his voice... How desperately he wanted to clear everything... But the best part was him covering up certain facts and taking the whole blame of "Mohabbat" on himself just because he knows how important Sasur Ji is for Amrit smiley32 I didn't like the 'Silence' of Amrit when that useless father of hers was blaming Randheer for having eyes on every girl of his household smiley39  Like seriously Amrit? That man legit took all the blame on himself just for you smiley24

Uday Sahani ~ What a development smiley32 Usually it's Vashma but today Uday was MORE confident about the relationship.. "Humne Mohabbat Kia hai, koi gunha nehi Kia" smiley27 The way he was assuring Vashma thats exactly what a girl wish to listen from her man. 

Vashma Baig Sahani ~ Whaaaaat? Randheer is still thinking that he is getting engaged with Amrit? I am going to tell him everything right now, so what if he is on the other side of the parda? I am Vashma Baig opps now Sahani also I can even walk towards the other side of the world to convey what I have to say and what the other person needs to listen, yeh tho serf ek parda hai smiley14 smiley32 But but the best part was Vashma who never panics, for the very first time went blank listening Abrar's voice.... For her Uday... Yes love gives you strength but it makes you vulnerable too smiley28 

Honestly even I was imagining Uday, ice blocks ki jagah....Abrar k chaku k neechey smiley22 Perfectly fit ho raha tha Banda udhar smiley24 Abrar plz chaku se na marna Vashma k ish deewane ko.... smiley18 

Waise Vashma..... Yeh aaj Kya kar dia smiley6 Amrit ki earrings bol deti, Bechari Radha ki ujdi hui grihasti aise kyun latka dia? smiley24 Grahan lag geya ek Pavitra rishtey pe smiley18

Thanks for reading smiley9

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Mrs. Raizada rockedsmiley32

Sahanis shocked

For me today's show stealer was mrs. Raizada.... First sight mein hi she felt something wrong about kb... The padah tearing scene summed up the character.... She didn't believe women are below men... She had every right to interfere in the matters concerning her son... Raizada parents are the reason Randheer is so confident and progressive.... The way they said they can't sacrifice their son's happiness for some stupid vaadasmiley32.... Sahanis should learn something from them.

Its high time Amrit stands up for her love... She can't rely on others all the time.... Randheer was fighting tooth n nails for their love, she should atleast accept that she loves him too in front of her family.

Vashmay weresmiley43... No words to explain how beautiful they looked... Vashma was legit blushing like a newly wed... Uday ki confidence level increased manifolds... He was even ready to go in front of abrarsmiley42... Lage raho udaysmiley32... The nikah/shaadi was pure bliss... The way they kept saying qubool hai was music to my ears😍... They promised each other to never get seperated multiple times.. I wish cvs assure us the same way they were assuring each other.

Vashma shouldn't have taken Radha's name like that... I too thought why didn't she took amrit's name instead... Now chandra grahan will imagine weird things about Radha and Uday in his head. smiley7

Ps... Cvs should listen to audience and reduce the screenspace of negative characters... Today, the whole bunch were gathered in sahani housesmiley24

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At least Mogar Rab RAb had no hold over Mrs Raizada otherwise the way she was making ullu of the Pagdiwales  , I thought she should have been sent to sign the independence act with British .smiley18

I completely agree , no place for these stupid negative characters in the show . smiley7

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Look at the women who were saying that randhir stopped pagdi uncle because chain was light in gold weight πŸ˜‚

Posted: 4 days ago

Wonderful reviewsmiley9

"Apne vachan ki maryada rakhne ke liye main apne puttar ki khushiyon ki bali to nahi de sakta na" that's the fundamental difference between the Raizadas and the Sahanis. Just loved the way Randheer's mom was maintaining her demeanor while spilling out the facts. smiley27 For Sahanis, unki shaan aur samaj me samman jyada imp hai, and for Raizadas the happiness of their child matters the most. Amrit is so lucky to have in-laws like them. But coming to Lalaji, I don't think he will whole heartedly agree to the alliance, be it Amrit's or Uday'ssmiley13

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Yarr if Uday had such parents fir to saari problem hi khatam thi. Randheer's mom to hai hi mast but his father also said that he can't sacrifice his son's happiness for a promisesmiley32

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Originally posted by poojaaggarwal08

Look at the women who were saying that randhir stopped pagdi uncle because chain was light in gold weight πŸ˜‚

Mohalla auntiessmiley37

Posted: 4 days ago

Apne randhir ko payal collect karne ka shauk hai aur uday ko jhumke

Dono milke jewelry ki dukan Kyu nhi khol lete πŸ˜‚

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 

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