Pinjara Khoobsurti Ka Written Update 22 & 23 Feb 2021

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Posted: 7 days ago


The episode begins with Omkar catching Aishwarya near Mayura’s house , he gets suspicious n confronts her . She reveals nothing . 

Mayura’s parents getting sedated soon after consuming tea .

Mayura is terrified to see her entire family sedated . She shouts for help n Neel walks in , he assists Mayura to transport Mayura’s family to hospital. On the way a mayura notices Aishwarya, she recognises her as the milk maid who had supplied milk this morning, she is sure Aishwarya had laced the milk . Soon Mayura spots omkar talking to Aishwarya. Neel points out to Mayura that Aishwarya n Omkar might have connived to harm her family . 

In hospital Neel revives Mayura’s family members . 

Omkar enters Mayura’s home n finds it deserted ,now soon learns they were at hospital . Omkar learns Aishwarya had poisoned the milk . Omkar gets Aishwarya arrested , she reveals all this was a huge plan to dupe Omkar . 

Omkar reaches hospital and is denied meeting Mayura’s parents . He wants to reveal to mayura about Aishwarya but she disbelieves him. Omkar then notices Navin who was supposed to marry Megha but had ditched her on being forced by Omkar, he was Neel’s brother . Omkar tries to reveal this to Mayura but Neel double crosses him. Omkar wonders if Aishwarya’s was speaking the truth about a huge plan by Neel against Omkar .

Pinjara Khoobsurti Ka Written Update 23  Feb

The episode begins with Omkar trying to convince Mayura that Neel was telling lies. He had come to take revenge for his brother Kundan . Mayura disbelieves him. She vouches she will marry Neel n never marry Omkar asks him to Satya way . She returns home . At home her parents have recovered n returned , they discuss about Mayura Neel marriage . 

Neel further convinced them Omkar was trying to harm him n Mayura’s family n lying about him, he fakes injuries and managed to get sympathy from mayura n her family 

Soon Mayura discovers Neel was lying n deceiving them . He was here because he wanted to take revenge for heat happened to his brother Kundan , Omkar was in fact speaking the truth n warning them about Neel’s intentions. Mayura regrets disbelieving Omkar . Mayura comfronts Neel m reveals his truth to her family . All are shocked . Neel confesses his intentions . 

Omkar is praying before Mata Rani to let the truth triumph .

Neel kidnaps Mayura n her family in an ambulance . Mayura leaves clues for Omkar all,the way ...

She prays to Mata Rani to let Omkar find them n rescue them . Omkar  follows the clues n reaches Mayura .

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Posted: 6 days ago

Nice to see truth triumphing finally 

Posted: 6 days ago

It means the story is moving on the right path.

Posted: 5 days ago

Originally posted by Viswasruti

It means the story is moving on the right path.

Yeah today 25th Feb episode Neel track was shown to get over , MayuKar reunited .

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Pinjara Khoobsurti Ka 

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