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We are a family .

A family can have fun and disagreements. Important think we appreciate other's opinions .

Agreeing to disagree.

Let's enjoy our discussions and have fun as always . 

Love our little family always .

Today Veer's words.

Trust me once,I won't let you down.

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RanVeer and ViKiara smiley27

Loved loved loved Veer handling the situation. The way he was checking the documents, communicating with Vijay and then handling Rani, so proud of him! "Just trust me once, I won't break it." smiley32smiley32 My trust in Veer is at an all time high now. smiley36 As he held her hand and started walking, he looked at her to see her reaction. Seeing that she too started walking, he carried on, briefly checking in between whether she was fine. Finally she looked in front and walked out with her protector and biggest supporter after her father. They walked hand in hand, a tight grasp by both. This scene represented their relationship for me, which has strengthened into a tight grasp from both their perspectives. Rani trusts him, even if he lied to her about the accident, and Veer is in absolute aww of Rani to the point that he feels miserable seeing her broken. Even in the car, Veer's lines hit me "I want to say a lot. But everything I say will be little compared to your pain. I am a doctor but I have no medicine for your pain. But I have a promise. No matter what, I will support you Rani, fully and completely."

This is the 5th or 6th time Veer has promised himself or someone else about Rani. I feel like the CVs are almost forcing us to trust Veer post his Baliya attitude, but I don't mind smiley37 Throw more monologues at us, we will be happy to trust him. But these continuous promises represent something greater. They foreshadow that when it's time for Rani vs Ranisa, Veer will pick Rani (we can't see that now but he will).

Ranisa is a super fake woman smiley37 Her hugging RanVeer after coming back cracked me up smiley37 Kudos to Tannaz for her superb acting. Veer's care was visible through his constant look over at Rani. But Veer's "I don't trust anyone more than you Ranisa. You said this, that is more than enough for us" killed me. He said "for us", he spoke for him and his wife, HOW CUTE. When his trust breaks, he is going to be so shattered. smiley19 "How do I tell you Dr. Sahab that the Ranisa you trust so much, she is scheming something else altogether in her mind," we feel you Rani. smiley19

I loved Ramadheer-Rani scenes. So beautiful to watch. "I feel like I have already lost. I am trying to stay strong but I am very scared Dad, for you and for the time coming up." And Ramadheer's response had more meaning to it which I will share separately as symbolism. But the dream gave her the strength she needs to move forward. "Don't run like a rabbit" meaning don't rush into it, think calmly. The dream was her dad explaining to her the opposite of everything Ranisa blamed her for. I just don't know why Ramadheer said "no matter where I am, I will never forget my daughter Rani". What does that mean?

ViKiara's drunk wedding was executed beautifully. There was chemistry, comedy, and drama. Kudos to Preyal and Pulkit and the makers. When Vikram put sindoor on Kiara, she had tears in her eyes. Really felt bad for her then. But the fact that she was imagining Veer made me laugh, sorry smiley37 Veer's happy/proud face from her perspective was hilarious. "Certificate? If there is a trophy, send us that too" Vikuuuusmiley37 I have a feeling they both won't remember the wedding or they will say forget it but the certificate will end up at their house and once Rajmata knows the truth, there is no turning back down smiley37

Jai-Nandu scenes are hilarious but I usually FF through them. smiley37 Good job Nandu for calling out Jai's BS. I love seeing her as a strong girl. Even when Jai started fake crying, she rolled her eyes. But Jai blackmailing Nandini with suicide is all sorts of wrong. Now that her brothers are busy with their wives, what is going to happen? I hope they show Nandini strong and crap-resistant moving forward too smiley37

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ATBA Episode 108 23 feb21


Fantastic episode, one more for STUDENT Archive REPOSITORY,  or for the PH coffee table videos

Exuberant performance by Megha, Fahmaan, Prathish, Pulkit, Preyal and Sherish.  

Samksh was good but with the same act and dialogues so the impact was not there for that screenplay

All characters utilised, so hope they all get some good rest with less shooting hours


The episode starts with the doting husband taking full charge of the situation for his distraught wife

Keeping her seated, checking the current issue of the case that suddenly led to today, explaining to her, re=explaining to her that Vijay cannot break rules he will be in problem

It was a firm hand with care “HANDLE WITH CARE” situation


After knowing how she ruff-tuff handled the Bhaiyyaji boys in Balliya for her ancestral land, Veer knew to what extent Rani could go for her Bauji (he sees a similarity to his behavior regarding RaniSa)

We have seen how any word against Bauji she raises to defend him, now she cannot have a glimpse to know how he is doing, she could have gone to any extent which Veer surely has seen

Loved the way he calmly explained to her, never raised his voice after he knew for what she was distraught and what was her pangs of pain

As convinced he held her hand firmly with her too tightening it further,  she looks back and the loved the song  “beautiful lyrics full with meaning” (will wait for the translation on zee5) as she had her flashbacks with Bauji when young (they need to re-shoot some videos with Megha, as truncating the previous artist  and showing loses effect   or let them have new flashback of olden days)

Veer mostly addressed Ramadheer as Ramu kaka and not her Bauji  and  till now do tell him as his Bauji  the relation has not set in,  so giving a direct connect as Ramu kaka was better


He does not drag her or force her while walking it like willing to come but still reluctant – perfect stride by both VeeRani.  He checks on her as he walks and once her Bauji’s earlier advices were over, she moves seamlessly under Veer’s cover


The inner looking Veer and the outer looking Rani, and the direction now has changed,  earlier Rani used to observe Veer or try to know what he thinks about the going-on

Now it Veer looking at Rani to know how best he can take care of her, his reaffirmations many a times of not breaking a trust is one thing that he should NEVER BACKTRACK even for a moment

He breaks it for slight sec in this issue it is gone forever

The V-Day was not a day of fun and frolic, whatever was going on with VeeRani that day  all sums up to how things are going on now, the extent they have moved in their relationship was not only talking but was Walk the talk

She adjusted to his schedule, now he will have to adjust to her schedule (was thinking of this for the university track, but so nicely they put it here)

Her thoughts of her father, and how things never are getting better  (she thought her better times came, but her confidence was lost that it is not improving at all,  so later the dream when the father says use both your hands was just about it that go alone with double the confidence)


Reaching home, RaniSa  has become a dual personality,  but Veer’s watchful eyes on Rani during RaniSa talk to her, shows that he feels there is something more than what he knows.

He did not go puppy-face and  was not over top with RaniSa when she asked his confirmation. He just went with the flow but was perplexed to see Rani not utter a word

RaniSa the less said the better, the more she goes about it the deeper the ditch will be ready for her. Once her real face will be out, Veer may just go silent on her as if she never existed around

Would love a stronger payback from Veer with his vocal chords high, but doubt VeeRani are bought up like that to give back on the ones who nurtured them

Here she clearly played more with Veer than Rani  (in all this game of hers  Rani was the only target but she used Veer has the pawn, he sure will not like being used)



loved to see Nandu  strong-headed calculated mind  versus  Jai creepy mind.  She does not deserve him for a moment.  One head-strong lady.  Nice to see Sherish really excelling, waiting to see her character growing

Waiting for Birju’s re-entry, the character has not beenfully utilized yet, and  in separate frames they ooze chemistry,  would love to see Nandu’s twinkling eyes  and Birju’s serene ones in one frame

Whatever the Rajawats have bought up their kids well focused and strong headed,  they waver because of RaniSa overbearing attitude



Marriage completed, Congrats to the couple.   No OTT expression by both Pulkit and Preyal,  the way they drank without inhibitions the same way they got married too,  the Veer rant was only nice  and thanks to the director  Veer-Kiara was not in one frame in any scene and they were just 3 solo shots, lucky during phera she did not see Veer

The other BTS shots were off-screen teasers for audiences, or after all the BASHING here they decided to edit it out from AIRING



A stealth performance as Bauji-Rani by Prathish-Megha.  Their conversation grows on you (secretly and unnoticed)

The way the dream sequence was as  her bauji knows each and every moment of hers even if he is not around, she just as to call him and there he MANIFESTS himself  not as a talker, but as an action oriented-quick reasoning mentor and father

She is in his embrace as she breaks down, takes her on the staircase step and  massages her hair while talking to her

He touched every single raw point of hers, which was ripped apart by RaniSa.  The extent of damage that RaniSa wanted to make could well be seen through the lens of Bauji

Amazing clarity, oozing with positivity,  saying to change as per circumstances, harden your stance,  be the same do not change but have double confidence on yourself

whoever it be they have to call you Rani so I kept your name Rani. Meaning of the word Rani

Each sentence and each word was filled with meaning – HER GUIDING LIGHT

Loved the RABBIT analogy and how sometimes you need to take a break to rejuvenate yourself  (this was what we felt she will breakdown by her few minutes distraction from her Bauji-centred focus)

2 sentences really need to be decoded,  My hand is oil so you do with both hands  and where ever I be I will be with you


I missed  Pinkoo and Dadisaa lot today


So romance on the cards - before wedding Nandu-Jai,  after Wedding  Modern couple – Vikiara   and  Classic Eastman Couple – VeeRani

Wanted once to see how Rani vents her anger on Veer,  maybe they have kept it for some othertrack.  Would love the way they can act-react



In all of these episodes I felt bad, that once Veer never thought that 

he never worked on the promise he gave Rani to reduce the sentence 

or to work for Bauji's freedom

or tell her the truth  that he is not the culprit


I do not know if they want to show  a  Fair ML and  dusky FL.   

Natural skin complexion of  Megha-Fahmaan is perfect, the do not need to make Rani look more duskier and Veer more fairer

unless the tanned Rani in Balliya outdoor shoot was fitting perfectly to Veer's complexion, that they have decided to keep the same now

Loads of make-up, curtails facial expressions.  

Megha and Fahmaan are so agile that a single twitch and their expression speaks volumes

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Worrying and caring husband Veer smiley42












Worrying and caring wife Rani smiley42


ViKiara smiley36


Ramadheer-Rani. Love their screen presence. They are too good together.



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zee 5 link

Apna Time Bhi Aayega  Episode 108    23 Feb 2021   22m

Drama    U    Zee TV HD    Zee TV


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Rani is on the phone. she askes the lawyer to look at her fathers file just once. ranisa comes. She says if you want to beg you better beg confront of me because whatever happens now is my choice.

Veer enters the room and asks whats going to happen ranisa?

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Fahmida's WU

Originally posted by Fahmida21

WU - AK quote it please smiley27

Scene 1:

The episode starts of at the police station where Vijay is seen to be handing off a document to Veer and explains to him that the lawyer has left the case midway, and that the case will end soon. Veer asks Vijay "but what is the reason behind all this?" and Vijay replies "no idea Prince, I just got ordered to get signatures on all this"

Rani who was sitting down, gets up and says "you are a man from the law enforcement, how do you not have the answers, let me just meet my dad once, I cant just leave him like this". Veer looks at Rani and says "Rani, Vijay also cannot break the rules, you have also have to try to understand his point, even If we did break the law and went to meet Ramu Kaka, then there will be more problems for him, we will come back tomorrow and we will meet him, I promise. I will also fix the lawyer issue. But right now please come home with me. Trust me this once, I won't break it". Rani looks at Veer in hope. 

Veer takes her hand and tells Vijay that they will come back tomorrow. They walk out of the station and NAINA plays in the background and Rani remembers all her dad's words as she walks out of the station and looks back. 

Scene 2:

Vikram and Kiara are taking their pheras, still both drunk. Kiara asks "Pundit ji, we are married now right?" and the pundit says "yes, we just need to put the mangalsutra and the sindoor on you, and you will be married forever". Kiara says "oh fish, the diamond mangalsutra that I had finalised is at home, now what do I do?". Vikram asks if there is another other options and the pundit gives him a red ribbon to tie around Kiara's neck. Vikram although drunk, looks scared. Kiara thinks that Veer's is tying the mangalsutra on her. Vikram then puts the sindoor on her.  The marriage is finalised and Vikram and Kiara are about to leave but the Pundit stops them and asks them to write their names down in the registry because the marriage certificate will come from there. Vikram is surprised and says "if there is also a trophy, then also send that, write her name, Kiara Raguvanshi and my name..." Kiara says "wait ill take his name...Veer Pratap Singh Rajawat" The pundit looks confused.  Vikram says "I object my lord,  not Veer! It's Vikram Singh Rajawat" and the pundit writes that. 

Scene 3:

Rani and Veer are driving home and Rani is outminded and stares outside whilst Veer steals glances at her and thinks of all the good moment from the day, Rani dancing and having fun and thinks to himself "I do want to say a lot, but all my words will be very small in front of your pain, I'm a doctor but I don't have any medication for the pain you're going through and to lessens it. But I promise you, no matter what happens, I will be by yourself, fully by your side." On the other side, Rani thinks about the words from the evening that Ranisa told her regarding her dad's case and cries and thinks to herself "why doesn't this pain end? I had never thought that the person's who taught me how to walk, I would have to do so much just to see him once, but I won't be scared from this battle, I will fight, I will get my dad out of this false accusation." She continues to think about her father's words and his encouraging nature.

Scene 4:

Nandini's room. She thinks about what JS said to her in the party, and gets a message from him. It's a video where he says "I know you don't want to talk to me, but if you don't let me talk once, then im going to kill myself, if you don't come to meet me tomorrow then one of these knives will be inside me, decision is yours". Nandini says "what the hell" and calls him. JS is seen to be drinking and says "I knew you'd call" and picks up her call and she says "there is a limit to emotional blackmail, what video did you send me? by doing all this you're not doing anything good for anyone? you know this? I cant go against my family so stop all this and yes if you call me again, then I will have  to block you" and JS cries (fake) and says "it's easy for you to say stuff like that, but have you ever thought about me? Im so lonely, how hurt I am, how much I miss you, I can handle my brain but what about my heart, its mad, its runs after you". Nandini is left in a tensed situation.

Scene 5:

RanVeer return home and are greeted by Ranisa. She runs and hugs Veer and Rani stares at her. She says "son, Rani" and hugs Rani too and gives her a side glare. Rani has s disgusted look on her face and doesn't return the hug. Veer asks "why didnt you sleep yet Ranisa?" and she replies "when a mother's children are outside then how can the mother sleep? where did you go? if there was important work then you could have informed me and gone? Where you both aware how worried I was?" Veer says "Actually Ranisa we were at the police station" Ranisa acts shocked and asks why. Veer explains the situation to her (WHICH SHE IS VERY AWARE OF). 

Ranisa says "oh yeah, Vijay also called me and I called the lawyer at that very time and tried to explain it to him with love, when he didn't comply, then with anger but he didn't move, but I guess even he is right, there is nothing left in that case" and she looks at Rani and RanVeer look shocked. Ranisa continues "you both don't worry, there are many lawyers in this city, I will get an even better lawyer, don't worry and that do who will fight for Ramu and if that doesn't work, then I will talk to Minister Saab, I am ready to go to any length for my son and DIL" Rani looks worried and scared. 

She continues "Ramu was our most loyal and old servant, and now he is also family, so I will definitely do something". Rani looks at Ranisa and remembers her words and looks troubled. Veer looks at Rani and looks worried for Rani. Ranisa sees both of them not interacting and says "what happened Veer? don't you trust me?" with a sad tone and Veer melts (as always) and says "Ranisa, what type of question are you asking? I trust you the most in this world, you said it, that's enough for me". Ranisa looks at Rani and gies her a cunning and victorious smile. Rani thinks "how do I tell you Dr Saab, that the Ranisa that you trust so much, has something completely different in her mind?". Ranisa comes to her and says "BahuRani, do you have any doubt in my intentions, don't worry at all, all of Jaipur knows that I, Rajeshwari Singh Rajawat, do what I say". Rani again thinks about what Ranisa told her. 

Scene 6:

Rani is in the hall and her dad comes to her and says "hey Rani betiya, what happened? why are you crying?" Rani hugs her dad and says "you came back dad, you came back,  what have you done to yourself? You became so weak, isn't your health okay?". Ramu says "have you seen your face? Your face is completely dry. What is going on in my daughter's mind? Looks like she is out to fight a big battle, isn't it? Again society, against herself? isn't it?" 

Rani replies "im completely alone dad, the fight hasn't ended yet but it feels like im already losing the fight, im somehow trying to get some hope back, im really scared dad, for you and for the future, im really scared." Ramu says "you shouldn't be scared Rani, alright come" and makes her sit down and gives her a head massage. 

He says "you know, your brain is very fast, the most intelligent, comes 1st all the time, so betyia, this brain is also a machine, to which if you don't oil it properly time to time then it gets jammed. This means that yes the fight is long but taking rests between the battles isn't a bad thing, you understand?" He starts to put oil on her hair. 

He continues "you know why we left you name Rani? So that no matter what the world throws at you, no matter what you have in life, no matter how embarrassed they make you, the world still has to address you as Rani, understood? Rani is someone who stays in villages but also the Rani of Jhansi. But child, the person who can get up from the ground and the touch the sky, is also a Rani, and I made my daughter completely independent, we know that the situation is a little difficult right now, but just like how oiling your hair is going to make them stronger, just like that you have use your hope and strength to strengthen your intentions, understand?"  Rani says "I'll do it dad, I'll do everything for you, the promise I made, I will never forget it". Ramu says "no matter where I am, I will never forget my Rani betiya, I have full faith, until I have my Rani, there is nothing to worry about." and asks her to make her 45 degrees angle with her hand and put it on her heart say "Apna time bhai Aayega" and she repeats it. 

It was a dream and she wakes up in her room, on the floor and says "im not going to accept defeat, no matter what happens, I'll do what ever is needed to be done, I will get my dad out".


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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 

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