Inner Musings - a Raghvi OS 21/02/21

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Posted: 8 days ago

From Raghav"s POV

Nee jathaga nenundali

I want to be your companion forever

Till date no one had dared to question me.  Till date no one had attempted to stop me. Till date no one had tried to go up against me. What I say goes eithout a word or a doubt. ALWAYS. 

Nee yedalo nenindali

I want to be filled in your entire heart

Then from where does this chit of a girl bring the courage to push all my buttons in the wrong direction. Even though her eyes will be filled with fear but her stance will be unwavering. ALWAYS.

Nee kathaga nene maarali

I want to evolve as the story of your life 

Although I have noticed one thing about her. Whatever fight she ends up picking (because of an unbothered society), it's never for herself. It will always be for some other helpless person who do not have the courage or strength to stand up for themselves.

Nee needayi ne nadavaali

I want to be your shadow walking with you lifelong

Then he got to know the reason why. One day by chance he had gone visiting to one of his outlets which catered to the needs of middle class socio-economic status families. He was in his cabin inside talking on his phone regarding a delivery of a diamond consignment with Farhad when his eyes caught the commotion on the security monitor.

Nee nijamayi ne nilavali

I want to remain as your reality

She was standing there with her lips quivering, eyes filling up with tears and her head bending down while she was being shouted and hurled abuses at by a lady dressed in very gaudy dress-up while another lady was standing next to her, turning red in her face before she gave the gaudy lady a reality check after which she turned around grabbed Pallavi by her arm and marched out of the store.

Nee oopiri nene kaavali

I want to be the essence of your existence

He had thought that she must have tried to show her over-smartness here also but when Farhad without asking got all the info and gave it to him, it seemed like someone had pulled the carpet from beneath his feet. 

Naake theliyani nanu choopinchi

You have shown me the undiscovered part of myself

She was a widow. Shunned by part of her family while adored by the rest. No one would say looking at her interacting with her aai and baba that they were her in-laws and not her real parents. 

Neekai puttananipinchi

You made me realise that I am born for you

Orphaned at an early age. Brought up by her grand mother. Married off at a young age. Widowed soon after the wedding. Grand mother passed away while she was still in shock of her husband's death.

Nee daaka nanu rappinchaave

You have drawn me towards you

All her dreams shattered beyond repair. Her life in shambles. But still she continued moving forward. Not for herself. But for people who treated her like a daughter even after loosing their own child.

Nee santhosham naakandinchi

You bestowed me with your happiness

Taking care of a family of 8 all by herself. The only working person in her family. running around from dawn till dusk. Managing everything on her own. All the hardships and troubles with a smile on her face just so that her family can have all the happiness that they want.

Naa peruki artham marchi

You added meaning to my name

Not complaining about anything when it's related top her own self. but ready to take on the world for wrong done to others. Hiding her sadness behind such a beautiful buy still fake smile just so the people whom she loves are not worried.

Nenante nuvvani!

You made it clear that I am nothing to you

What is she made of? From what clay has she been moulded? Will I ever be able to see the real her? But why do I want to?

Nee jathaga nenundali

Nee yedalo nenindali

Nee kathaga nene maarali

Nee needayi ne nadavaali

Nee nijamayi ne nilavali

Nee oopiri nene kaavali


Do let me know how did you guys like it

Should I make it a Two-shot?

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Posted: 8 days ago

Is it a song ? I’m already exited about your OS. Upload soon dear.

Posted: 8 days ago

Excited for raghvi os

Posted: 8 days ago

Originally posted by __VIHU

Is it a song ? I’m already exited about your OS. Upload soon dear.

Yup, it's a song from a telugu movie 'Yevadu'.

Posted: 8 days ago

Originally posted by Simraf

Excited for raghvi os

Am exicted to write it.

Posted: 8 days ago

OS basically means a oneshot story. Like mini fiction written by fans.

Posted: 8 days ago

OS is One shot (one chapter story)

TS is two shot (two chapter story)

FF is fan fiction, like a complete story with multiple parts

SS is short story

I hope, I'm right!

Waiting for the OS, it will be interesting!smiley42

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 

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