Wahi hoga jo manzure CVs/fans hoga! ~ Headcanons/Predictions Post

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Posted: 10 days ago

Dear Forumwalon, 

Hello, Namaste, Adaab, Sat Sri Akal, hope all are doing well! smiley20

Have been thinking for a while to make this post where we can present our own headcanons/twists to what we'd love to see in upcoming track and scenes, which we can share with the CVs. There have been many interesting theories shared in the DTs that we would love love love to watch onscreen too! Please feel free to keep adding to this post with your own versions and spread the smiley27

 Fingers crossed, shayad apne sapne show mein sach bhi ho jaye, but let us atleast give it a try! smiley9

~ Tannu 

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Posted: 10 days ago

Scenario: Randheer's finding out that Amrit is his Ranjhan

Headcanon: Maybe she is writing about the Tangewala and Burquewali ki love story (their first three meetings), tears the page and throws it away in frustration and it flies into his face when he is playing the mouth organ. He sees it and obviously knows it came from her window and sees her rush there to see where it went and then hide behind the curtain, so guesses Amrit HAS to be Ranjhan ๐Ÿ’•

Posted: 10 days ago

Scenario: Randheer's reaction when he finds out that KB is not Ranjhan

Headcanon: AmDheer will have an intense confrontration, Randheer will storm into his room in anger and lock it from inside, Amrit will side on the other side and they will cry their eyes out, wont eat or drink the entire day, post which she will write him a clarification letter or story with the title Masoom Majbooriyan and slide it under his door, he walks out, she faints mid-sentence of the apology, he gives her water and they will reconcile. These two are not the MU forever kind, sort ho jayega ๐Ÿ’•

Posted: 10 days ago

Awesome Thread and lovely HCs .

This is not exactly a HC but some future predictions.

My Predictions -

This engagement track is introduced to bring out Amrit's inner Ranjhan. This time she won't back out. When Pagdi uncle will question her about her relationship with Randheer she will accept in front of everyone that she loves Randheer.

One more is this entire track is leading to the ultimate exposure of Mogar. Randheer's parents (especially his mother) dot on their son. So they won't keep it quiet and they will rightfully question Mogar about this cheating. Shahani Family will also get to know how she played a dirty game to break this alliance. 

Posted: 10 days ago

Scenario: VashMay Post Partition

Headcanon: Uday will give Vashma his Beeji's wedding suit and mangalsutra and possibly fill her hairline with sindoor to hide during the final riots. They will onboard the train to Delhi together, and she will be disguised as Vani Uday Sahani for sometime. The name Vani, because she is Uday's voice and he is her heart. They might get separated in the journey with Vashma reaching Lucknow and becoming an accomplished Kathak performer, while Uday is in Amritsar and joins the Amritsar club and qualifies for the Indian team. He will make India proud by being part of the team that gets us the gold medal at the Olympics. They will meet again in 1948 at the Amritsar station, after the boys have come back after the proud Olympics win and she will run upto him and hug him  ๐Ÿ’•

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Posted: 10 days ago

Scenario: The Sahani/Baigs outcome during the 1947 Partition

Headcanon: Mogar is tempted to steal all the gold coins and hides it in her suitcase. The entire city is burning and the Sahanis are trying their best to leave their house and make their way to the station without bringing any undue attention/spotlight on them. They hide in a gurudwara or temple for sometime, but after having a close scare, they almost reach the station before Mogar's suitcase falls and all the gold coins scatter, making a resounding sound. The rioters rush to eliminate the Sahanis. 

Dr. Baig, who is helping Sahanis escape, goes to save them and gets killed, and his last wish is for ZaheedaJi and Vashma to be travel with the Sahanis, since Abrar has disowned his family after finding out about VashMay and his strong support to the League. Brij is not able to make it out alive, as he saves Radha from being taken away to be possibly exploited/raped and Radha is widowed at an early age, and in the train with raw wounds. 

They are all taken to the Puraani Delhi camps where the CVs explore how differently Hindu and Muslim refugees were treated. Zaheedaji and Vashma find themselves in Lucknow later on because Zaheedaji's relatives live there, while the Sahanis go to Amritsar to live alongside the locality where Bhanu Veerji's in-laws are. The Partition baby is born in Amritsar amidst the struggles of India waking up to Independence on exactly 15 August 1947. 

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Posted: 10 days ago

Scenario: AmDheer Post-Partition

Headcanon: Amrit and Randheer get separated too, even though they are engaged to be married, since Randheer and his family escape through the Sindh route to Kutch, while Amrit is with the Sahanis. He restarts the publishing house on her name, while she takes on his name alongside hers in her pen name and starts writing about her experiences during the Partition. They find their way back to each other through letters, radio messages and newspaper articles, emphasising on the importance of literature in their story. 

Posted: 9 days ago

Scenario AmDheer Run away Marriage 

After the engagement fiasco, Randheer sends Amrit a letter telling her to meet him at a temple. Amrit sneakily leaves the house at night with the help of Vashmay and Radha who attend AmDheerโ€™s wedding. They then make a grand entrance, Pagdi uncle& Rab Rab shocked and AmDheer rocked 

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Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 

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