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“Don’t Akash” Anu warned him

“I have to talk to her, this is just not right”

“Nahi rehne do Bauji ki surgery ho jaaye to de lena jee bharke bhashan”

“How can you be so objective”

“I am not a saint Akash, it hurts me” she wiped tears

“I am sorry” he leaned and hugged her softly

“I don’t even know why she insists on living with us when she could be better off at the son that gave her two grandsons”

“I have asked her that”

“She acted like she loved Viveka so I guess not everything was bad last night”

The couple stayed up chatting she wasn’t going in soon either tomorrow

Bauji had a Doc apptt, Kamalji was going to go as well

“U just go to Germany when you have to don’t delay anything” he urged

“And then what? Be told bahu rani was in BIDES while my husband was in the hospital?” Anu chuckled

“Tum yaha rahogi to tumhari tareef to nahi hogi pakka” Akash was disgusted

“I hope Viveka takes a leaf out of my book and stays patient”

“She will she will” Akash nodded

Her daughter was fast asleep in her husband’s arms

When she was taking a shower he had knocked as usual

“Tum ruk nahi sakte?” she yelled

“Apparently not? I am guessing?”

She took her own sweet time getting out, and paid a price for it

He lay her down and stared down at her face

“Why a shower at midnight?”

“Bas… I am just hoping to sleep in tomorrow and not take a shower, Ma ko mat batana” she whispered caressing his cheek with the back of her hand “Everyone was so impressed with you” she said somberly

He caught her hand and smiled wickedly

“Your opinion?”

“Kyon? Sun na chahte ho sabne kya kaha?” she squirmed and adjusted her pillow readying to tease

“Umm.. no” he colored self consciously

“My Dadi is I mean, my Dadi can be random” she said politely

She didn’t know him enough to crap on Dadi

He sensed that

“Do u want to say something?” he whispered softly on her lips

“Log kehte hain lawyer se kabhi shaadi nahi karni chahiye”

“Which log?” he demanded nibbling

“ u know… Dilli ke hi log” she whispered

He gently removed her glasses

“You were fine last night”

“I changed my mind” he gently kissed her eyes

“You should have married a girl without glasses” his lips stayed still on her eyes

And he slowly raised his head and looked at him

“I am not insecure tum sach keh sakte ho” she promised

“Good to know” he whispered huskily before beginning to kiss her

“I am glad you came” she said as he pulled her tee over her head

“I was waiting for an invitation” he laughed as she dodged, grabbing her and pinning her underneath him

“Woww!” she mocked him openly laughing

“Is it funny?”

“Kitne formal ho tum” she sighed gasping

He rolled her over on top “Did u have a good day?” he asked quietly running his hands through her soft  hair

“Hmm” she nodded

“What did you do?”

“Read tons of boring journals, watched my husband charm the socks off my Dadi ate a good meal and am now umm.. u know what I am doing” she smiled kissing his chin

“I don’t know what you are doing right now so u have to tell me” he invited pressing her body down on to his

He didn’t interrogate her any more

How would he defend himself? I asked Mr Rathi?

He was beyond happy to be married to her if Dad hadn’t gotten sick and they hadn’t rushed through like this, he would not be here

She slept in his arms peacefully

He wanted to wake her at 2 AM

He gently stirred rubbing himself on her

“Raanav, not in the middle of the night” she growled trying to pull away

“Its actually morning?” he mocked

She woke up alarmed and stared at the beautiful green lawn, and fogged up glass doors

“raat kyon hain?” she asked fumbling for her glasses

“Because its technically 2 AM but not quite 6” he laughed, gathering her in his arms

“Tum law ka istemal is tarah karte ho?” she demanded

“Oh yeah” he nodded

The next morning Smrita wanted to know where they were last night

“Dad hasn’t been home much you guys are gone” she complained

Viveka quietly served herself a parantha (most breakfasts had choice of 10 things in this house)

“You should tell him Viveka, he loses himself when he sees friends”

“We were at my parents house” she said calmly

“ROHINI gaye tum log?”

“Actually I went at 6 he showed up at 7?”

“Yeah something like that” Raanav chewed on his food carelessly

Viveka had to leave early, but didn’t look like she was going to be able to

“What did he do at your place?” Smrita was jealous

“Nothing, he chilled with My Dadi mostly” Viveka laughed at him mischievously

He gave her a dirty look “That’s true actually” he nodded

“Your relatives haven’t left?”

“Has Mamaji left?” Viveka poked gently

“He has business in Delhi sorry”

“Well my Dadi is my Dad;’s Mom” Viveka sat down

Raanav acted invisible

“Lekha has eaten at home everyday, I expect you to as well”

“that’s BS Ma” Raanav lifted his head to argue

Smrita was offended

“Don’t talk to me like that”

“I am not, Rakshit anD lekha haven’t been home much”

“Well because he didn’t go on any honeymoon” Smrita mocked

“Well because he has been living with her for almost 3 years has he not?”

That was it

Smrita was unprepared for her son and DIL giving it back to her

She took her plate and left

“Why are you arguing?” Viveka mumbled

“Nope, that’s not an argument”

Viveka was quiet

“What do u have so early?” he quizzed

“I am going to go open at Shahpur Jat, so we can get ready for the New Year mela at Maurya Sheraton

Maurya was putting on a big show, not exactly IN the hotel but out in the parking lot

A five star hotel rarely had smelly dirty craftspeople inside their premises

Unless a head of state was visiting of course

“Do you want to go to a Christmas New Year eve sort of party?” he asked reaching for her hand

“Haath mat pakdo” she warned

He had woke her up at 2 and again at 5

They reveled in each other, the physical experience kindling more and more hunger with every union

“I cannot ravish you in the courtyard” he mocked

“I COULD” she looked at him outraged

“do you want to?”

“If I say yes, do I get to?” she winked

“I have until 11”

“raanav no long forep--- I want to leave by 7,” she whined

“I don’t have a meeting till Noon” he shrugged

“Well you can have  a relationship with your self” she whispered

As he began to laugh hysterically, grabbing her hand anyway

Satyen appeared with Smrita in tow

“My son better not be winning an argument

“Not a chance!! Not with her” Raanav shook his head gasping

“Aur kaisa tha khaana aapke ghar”

“Satya I want you to ask them why they told YOU and not ME”

Smrita was naïve and foolish some times Viveka realized, she had walked off in a huff only to go complain to her husband and ask for assistance

“I told her” raanav gave her a shocked look

“You said you were going to be LATE”

“Umm.. yeah” Raanav squirmed

“Smri kya kar rahe ho aap? He is newly married” Satyen looked irritated

He was walking with a cane now and looked like he was in pain

Viveka checked on him

He told her how he was doing

Raanav and his mother argued near the buffet spread

It must be tough trying to get out of the mother’s shackles Viveka mused. I bet telling her Rakshit lived in with his fiancé must have taken great courage

“Kya bana hai beta?” Satyen tried to distract Viveka by quizzing Mahesh the help

“Sir paranthe hain kayi sari variety aur bas conti (continental)

“sab de do aap mujhe I will eat” he laughed

Mahesh walked off to serve him dutifully

Raanav returned

“I see her glowing Ma keg har ki baat hi alag hai” Satyan nodded happily looking at Viveka

Smrita was newly married once she knew what the “glow” was about

She hated the fact that Viveka had him wrapped around her little finger

“smart, and hot?” “No way!” she fought inside her head

“Aaj kaha lekar ja rahe ho beta?”

“Umm.. I invited her to a pre pre pre NY party but she seems busy”


“He has 500 friends”

“and he doesn’t pay you attention”

“he does” she nodded blushing

“Phir to aapko jaana chahiye” Satyen waved his fork seriously


“Arey just because he is married he cannot be doing everything with her Satya”

“That’s exactly why he should be doing everything with her”

Viveka laughed out loud

“Dekho she agrees”

“He can go by himself when he wants to just like I do, I go to NSD, or Sahitya Kala Akademi for plays and poetry readings I wouldn’t expect him to go with me” Viveka shrugged confidently

Raanav watched her eyes sparkle with enthusiasm, enthusiasm he hadn’t noticed, well except for when in bed with him

“Kya membership hai?” Satyen asked curiously

She went on to explain what she has watched and who she had met

Smrita rolled her eyes not having a clue who the authors were or what the plays were about

“Jo aap Jaipur Lit Fest, Festival De Liege Belgium mein wagairah jaati hain, YAHA se paida hotey hain aise artists” Satyen explained to her after observing her smirk

“YOU’VE been to those?” Viveka was in shock

“haan beta” Satyen nodded casually and upon observing Viveka’s expression of longing composed himself

“Wow” Viveka sighed

“Umm.. aap jaana chaho to” Satyen began

“”Oh no”

“Go with Smrita, I am on the board someplace so I automatically receive passes to most Intl theater and perf arts festivals”

Viveka ate quietly calming down

“Those are truly amazing when those people do road shows I get to watch different plays” she said raising her head smiling

“See Satya she has ALREADY been” Smrita sighed relieved she would not have to bring her hill billy DIL along anywhere

“raanav and you should go toe the Liege in Belgium, its in odd number years, which means next year in 2021. In fact jab aapke Kamal Fa se meri baat ho rahi thi I told him I might have met him in Antwerp many years ago, and once later when I went to the Liege” Satyen reminisced

“Oh great… now we know someone that is connect to this girl” Smrita ate quietly

“Yes? No Raanav?”

“Sure” he laughed

“U take him to NSD he will bring u to Belgium” satyen was casual

Raanav knew going to Belgium would be easy, her friends and the crowd she hung out with would never accept him

He could tell from her uncomfortable smile

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Congratulations smiley32

Excited for the next phase of the story! 

Posted: 14 days ago

Delighted to continue on this journey with a new thread!

Nisha, you have crafted a set of characters who are so real, while bringing the sounds, colors and smells of Delhi to us . You force us to feel a whole plethora of emotions for them, whether it is wanting to bang dadi or Smrita's head, or empathize with Anubha as she walks on eggshells around her new SIL. I'm so glad my dear friend Kavi (@canapoem) suggested this story to me. It has been an exhilarating journey. 

Posted: 14 days ago

Congratulations Nisha

Posted: 14 days ago

Congratulations Nisha on third thread .can we have an early update in celebration of new thread 👏🎉

Posted: 14 days ago

Yaaaa..💃🏻💃🏻👌🏻Congratulations  mam🌸🌸

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