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Posted: 2 months ago

Originally posted by Real.Madrid

Khalistani flag 😂 there we go again... how come the same flag is not Khalistani when the Sikh regiment uses it while defending the country? It's the Nishan Sahib which is there outside every gurdwara. The swords were in retaliation, Sikhs wear that to defend themselves. Making life difficult of whom? The locals don't seem to complaining, other than the few "locals" that got violent and started pelting stones on protesting farmers.

You denying the fact it is one of the biggest protests in human history is a joke. You almost sound like Kangana. I am from a Farmer's family, so pretty sure I know what I am talking about. And yes ofcourse the protests will be bigger in the three states mentioned.. since these states have the highest agricultural productivity rates (some Southern states too have held protests and openly said they're against the Farm Bills). If the majority of farmers are ready to give up their lives to repeal the laws and the government is simply avoiding it at all costs.. doesn't that clearly show who is ACTUALLY benefiting.

Honestly, bhakts like you are blind to this and will continue to worship the fascist government no matter how many facts I elaborate on. So I rest my case. I am glad at least my eyes have been opened by this movement. 

lmao, what a joke, Khalistanis wave the same flag, no Indian Sikh would attempt to desecrate the Indian flag by hoisting a religious flag on a secular monument on Indian republic day, it has never happened before, only Khalistanis would attempt to do this. If a Hindu mob did this by hoisting a saffron flag on the lal qila, you'd be crying Hindu terrorism/fascism,  and if it' the nishan sahib then it should be at a gurudwara, not on a secular national monument, so give it a rest.  And what exactly does a religious flag got to with farm bills? I thought this was strictly about farm bills, clearly not, not my fault if your Khalistani brethren brought religion in to it.

Biggest protest in history smiley37...  if these protests had pan-Indian support, which it never did, you'd see similar levels of protesting/rioting all over India, it's not happening, you guys don't have pan-India support, never did in the first place, which is why you're looking for support in these dumb clueless American celebs.

Everyone who is opposing the farm bills today were the very same people demanding these very same bills - the farmers, farmer unions, politicians, opposition parties - all were demanding these bills, Congress had these bills in their manifesto, all of them did a massive U-turn once they were passed, this is pure politics.

Here we go, when you have no argument, resort to name calling, two can play that.  Khalistanis like yourself have absolutely no clue what you're talking about, you've never read the farm bills, just like the majority of these people protesting, they don't have a clue, it doesn't even matter, because this was never about the bills in the first place, this is about creating anarchy and destabilisation of the country, to undermine democracy, all because they hate the government that's in power.  26th Jan opened up the eyes of the country, a shameful day, whatever little credibility this protest had, not that it had any in the first place, was over.  Enjoy looking for support from American singers.smiley36

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Posted: 2 months ago

Taapse single handedly ended the Bollywood propaganda of #IndiaTogether #IndiaAgainstPropaganda smiley32


Posted: 2 months ago

taapsee is being tipsy stupid. As the situation with trump showed, tweets and social media do have an impact on dumb deplorable people. And we got plenty of those if we count the protesters and their supporterssmiley2smiley2smiley2

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