Kaisa yeh Pyaar Hai Fan Fic

Posted: 2005-07-05T22:08:26Z

Kaisa Yeh Pyaar Hain Part 1

Here we go..sorry guys this is my first fan fic and my hindi isnt that good..so forgive me if i make any mistakes.. Dhruv wakes up at straits goes to the bathroom to take a bath cos he was getting late for office..he comes out of the bathroom thinking what to wear ..he goes towards his closet n picks black pant and white shirt. .(perfect Colour dhruv)

Dhruv: mom mein office jara hoon.

Mom: dhruv beta nastha to karlo.

Dhruv: nahi ma mein already late ho gaya hoon.aur appko to pata hai ki mujhe late jana acha nahi lagta..

Mom: acha juice to pekar jao.

(dhruv drinks his jucie)

Dhruv: god I am getting late for office..wht will Antariksh bhaya think?

(he finally reachs to his office.dhruv is going towards his cabin then bumps in to a girl..)Guess who is it??

Dhruv: I am sorry…

The Girl: its ok sir.

(well we don't yet know the girls name but soon we will find out)

Dhruv: anyways what were you doing here?

The Girl: I was here for job but I didn't get the job. (she is sad)

Dhruv: app ka naam kya hai?

The Girl: app mujshe kyun pooch raha ho?

Dhruv: jus like that.

The Girl: Mein Niharika hoon..

( I told you guys that u will get to know the name)

Dhruv: ok.aao mera saatth..

Niharika: kaha sir?

Dhruv: ( he says with smile)apna kam karne..

Niharika: ( surprised) sir app mujhe kaisa kaam dee sakto ho?

Dhruv: kyun Antariksh mera bhai hai aur mein iss office a owner hoon.. to chale??

Niharika; ok sir..thanx


Take Care


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Posted: 2005-07-05T22:11:47Z

Great so far!!! Wonderful job Clap ....i hope its not gonna be dhruv and niharikas love story..but if it is, then i guess i could live with it LOL..but dhruv nd vedika rock Wink hahahaha....cant wait to read more Big smile

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Posted: 2005-07-05T22:20:37Z
Originally posted by srk_rulz

Great so far!!! Wonderful job Clap ....i hope its not gonna be dhruv and niharikas love story..but if it is, then i guess i could live with it LOL..but dhruv nd vedika rock Wink hahahaha....cant wait to read more Big smile

Thx..i will soon rite Part 2..we will have everyone in it..it will take time..i am glad u liked it..sorry my hindi is wuiet bad but i will try my best writing it correctly..glad u liked it..i hope u enjoy it...


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Posted: 2005-07-05T22:22:18Z
ur hindi is soooooo good, no honestly..i try writing hindi-english but im useless at it..i thought u were a natural coz from reading ur hindi it does look as if u r Big smile dont worry ill wait as long as it takes! Tongue
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Posted: 2005-07-06T01:35:57Z
ClapFab Tansha...keep it gal. Can't wait for some mroe. DO we have talent in this forum or what...Big smile
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Posted: 2005-07-06T05:19:08Z

Wow Tansha LOL Excellent Wink

Keep it up Clap And ur hindi is top! Clap

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Posted: 2005-07-06T13:59:35Z

thx guys and i have decided to chnage the title of the fan fic cos i will keep on writing..the name will be "Kaisa yeh Pyaar hai" i promise it will not be like KYPh real..

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Posted: 2005-07-06T15:37:33Z

CryKaisa yeh Pyaar Hai Part 2

                     Secretary Se Pyar At First Site??

Thanxs guys.I am glad you liked my story. This is part 2 of Kaisa yeh Pyaar Hai..I hope you guys enjoy it..


(Dhruv gives niharika the job as his secretary ..)

Its afternoon niharika goes to Dhruv's cabin.

Niharika: Dhruv Sir! Mein apse yeh poonche nahi thi ki kya koi kaam hai isse pehle mein lunch karoon?

Dhruv: Nahi niharika tum lunch karo.

Niharika: Ok sir! Thanx.

( she goes out and meets her friend 's for lunch..after a while later dhruv jumps in .)

Dhruv: niharika mujhe tumse zaroori baat karni hai.kya tum mera saat mera cabin mein aa sakti hoon?

I wonder whats the matter?

Nihariks: Jee sir!

She goes in with him to his cabin and on their way niharika twists her leg and falls.

( I hope she's ok.. its also possible that she's only joking)

Dhruv: niharika tum theek to ho na?

Nikharika: jee sir.I m ok..

She stand up but falls down cos its hurt badly.and then dhruv SIR picks her up..Cry

( oh god.I thought they were supose to discuss sumthing important paar indar to sab kuch ulta ho raha haiLOL)

They both reach in dhruv's cabin and dhruv makes niharika on a sofa and asks the puen to get some ice for her. .then dhurv SIR ice ko lakar niharika ke paao mein lagata hai..Angry

Dhruv: are you okay?

Niharika: Yes sir..

Dhruv tells niharika that its evening and its almost time to go home so she should go home now but when he sees her leg hee says niharika I will drop u home..Angry

( another bahana mil gaya dono ko saat mein jana kaa)

They both leave the office and on their way dhruv is thinking about how he picked niharika when she fell ..

( I bet he is in loveEmbarrassed)

Niharika: sir mera ghar aa gaya. Sir andar chalo? ( go dhruv u might meet another girl)

Dhruv : no nikharika its night aur mom mera intezaar kar rahi hogi.

Dhruv sits in his car goes home.

Kavita (dhruv's mom): beta ghar aa gaya tum?

Dhruv: Jee ma

He goes in his room to fresh up for dinner.

Antarriskh: ma dhruv kaha hai?

Kavita: who apna room mein fresh hona gaya hai dinner ke liya.

Antarishk: ok mom.

Kavita calls everyone for dinner..they all come in for dinner..

Antariksh: dhruv humara ek project hai Poona mein aur mein chata hoon ki tum use project ko handle karo.

Dhruv: mein?

Antariksh: kyunki mein iss dino bahut busy hoon aur who project humara liya bahut important hai ..hum use project ko delay nahi kar sakta..

Dhruv agrees and everyone seems happy and eating there dinner together.. ( I wish I get some food wiv them.LOL )Dhruv goes up in his room and in his room he thinks about niharika and those flashbacks of how niharika falls and he picks her up..

Dhruv: ( to himself) kya mujhe niharika se pyar huwa hai? Nahin yeh nahi ho sakta kyunki humhe milla huwa 2 din bhi nahi huwa..

Then he suddenly hears niharika's voice sayin Ha Dhruv Tumhe Mujhse Pyar Huwa Hai Aur Mein Bhi Tumhe Bahut Pyar Karti Hoon..when dhruv tries to come near niharika she disappears. ( I bet he was only imagining that niharika was here.I think he is in love with her..)

Dhruv says I don't knw what's happening ..and goes to sleep..( stupid tumhe pyar huwa haiLOL)


Preview: Vedika walks in niharika's rooms and wakes her up.. Dhruv is still thinking if he is in love with niharika. he tried to talk to his mom but can't..( he's scared)..Antariksh is introduced to Vedika..( i hope he doesnt fall in love with herLOL)



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