SidNi ||Tera Ban Jaunga|| Chapter 11 updated Page 30

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Posted: 2 months ago

Hey guys I'm back! I think the last thing I wrote was a SidNi OS. Now I'm back with a proper story!!

I know I'm definitely not known for completing my stories lol, but I can assure you I have some chapters written already, more than usual. So I am already ahead of what I am posting. 

Some chapters will be shorter, and some will be longer, so please bear with me. I will be updating to once every 7-12 days. I cannot guarantee a specific posting period, so you have to have patience. This is a slow paced story, meaning it will be slow at times...

Under no circumstances, should this story be copied or transferred to another platform without my permission.

Now without any further ado, Enjoy ♡

Roshni Patel, a strong headed, powerful woman who gives all her attention only to her work, nothing else. She doesn't allow herself to feel any external happiness due to her excruciating past. Until she meets Siddharth Khurana, a light- hearted, casual guy who doesn't take anything seriously. He admires partying, making jokes and dislikes people who can't do so. 

One girl who's lost faith in life, and one guy who's full of it, will they ever be able to connect as their career brings them closer than they could have ever imagined?


He slightly moved in with the handshake and whispered in her ears, "One piece of advice Ms.Patel, it's not necessary to be so serious all the time, live a little"

She gulped, there was something about him that made her nervous. Out of all the people she's met, she has always managed to keep her posture and patience, but when it came to him, in one day itself, he managed to affect both.

And with that he walked to the office exit, his hands buried in his pockets. His words echoed in her ears, who the hell was he to give life advice to her?, she thought.

"Btw, It's Roshni", she yelled behind him.

He turned one last time to her, "You sure are dark for someone whose name is Roshni".

She cringed at the lame joke.

She heard him chuckle at her expressions, did he enjoy irritating her?

Whatever it was, she knew this was going to be an extra long week for her. Her stomach churned, she didn't feel good about this. His shenanigans would be the death of her.


Do like and comment, what you think :)) Until next time bye! Updates will start next week!


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Posted: 2 months ago

Nice prologue 

First time am going to read sidni story..

Waiting for first chapter 

Update soon and pm me

Posted: 2 months ago

thank you! ❣️ and yes I will 

Posted: 2 months ago

Whats the equation between these two? Are they working together?

Posted: 2 months ago

Originally posted by coderlady

Whats the equation between these two? Are they working together?

Yes I had forgotten to give a quick synopsis. 

Here - 

Roshni Patel, a strong headed, powerful woman who gives all her attention only to her work, nothing else. She doesn't allow herself to feel any external happiness due to her excruciating past. Until she meets Siddharth Khurana, a light- hearted, casual guy who doesn't take anything seriously. He admires partying, making jokes and dislikes people who can't do so. 

One girl who's lost faith in life, and one guy who's full of it, will they ever be able to connect as their career brings them closer than they could have ever imagined?

Posted: 2 months ago

I was supposed to start updates next week, but I decided why not this week itself, anyways carry on :)

Chapter 1 - New Beginnings 

12th July - 3PM (London)

"This is a joke, no this isn't real. He can't do this to me... please tell me she's joking, please", she whispered the last part shifting her gaze to him.

The guy stood tall, with strands of his brown hair slightly falling on his forehead, he gently elevated his eyes to meet hers. In an instant, he saw a girl in need of reassurance, her eyes yearned for an answer. She just wanted the mental turmoil to stop.

Her undying trust in him, made him feel extremely guilty about what he had done.

He gulped hard, before taking a step closer to her, "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry"

She held his hands, seeking comfort, "No no, you can't do this, you can't do this to me"

Tears ran down her flushed face as she breathed heavily. She didn't care about her mascara being a mess on her face nor did she have the energy to wipe it away.

Desperately searching for some kind of hint on his face, it hit her that all the rumours were true. 

She pondered away on her own and began to retrace her steps from her desk, with each distance from him, she felt her heart shattering. How delicate the heart was, in one split second, it can destroy you. 

She began to run to wherever her feet took her hoping it was a dream she could run away from, until she woke up. But he grabbed her hands firmly, in the hallway of the place they were standing in..

She creased her eyebrows at him, trying to process the truth she had just gotten to know.

" could you do this to me? I thought you loved me", she stared deep into his brown orbs trying to find some kind of solution.

His fingers delicately stroked her knuckles, in an attempt to calm her down.

"I really care about you, please just give me one more chance."

"How can you say you care about me, when you did something like this?", she tried to get ahold of her scattering emotions.

"It was a mistake, I didn't mean it"

"Do you even love me?", she had to ask.

"I do love you, just kinda happened"

She flinched at his words, and immediately released her shaking hands from his.

"Kinda happened?", she called out in a soft tone.

He knew nothing he could say, could make this better but he had to try.

"KINDA HAPPENED?", she screamed making her co workers around her jump, including him.

"Is that your explanation? How can you love someone and cheat on them?", her legs shook in disbelief.

Her voice cracked as she continued, "No seriously enlighten me, how do you look at someone in the eye, tell them you love them, and just go sleep with another girl?....God I was so wrong about you"

"I didn't mean to", he lowered his tone down, being embarrassed at himself.

"Why do you keep saying that, as if you didn't have any other choice? You had a freaking choice for God's sake"

"You were at that business trip for so long, and I have needs Roshni, I couldn't just..."

"You're kidding me? You're freaking kidding me... Oh my god, this is a joke, how disgusting can you get?! You're going to blame this on your 'needs'? You seriously think that's a valid excuse to cheat on someone?", this was getting way too painful for Roshni to digest.

"Roshni just give me a chance to..."

"NO. You know what, if this is the kind of bullshit love you have to offer, if this is your definition of what love is...then I don't want it", she clenched her teeth trying to keep her tears in. She had to be strong, she couldn't falter, especially not in front of him.

"I can't believe, I fell in love with you. How did I...I am disgusted at myself.", she backed away, taking deep breaths.

"I can fix this, I can fix us", he spoke again determined.

Before he could say another word, she signalled him to stop with her hands.

"We're over. You didn't even have the decency to respect me enough as a person, forget be in a relationship. I'm not a toy Kunal, that you can just use and throw away for your so called 'needs'. This thing, whatever it was between us, it's over", she shivered, trying to hold back the waterfall that was forming in her eyes. 

6 Months Later:

The water trickled down the dark terrace barriers, every dripping drop matching the clock sounds. Time was running, yet she stood still. She found this unknown peace in the rain.

She arched her back, leaning against the thick wall behind her, letting the rainwater hit her every once in a while. 

Her senses heightened everytime she was in the rain, maybe because it gave her a sense of belonging. She was alone in it, and being alone is something she has taught herself to be in the past few months.

In her hand, was a steaming cup of coffee, one would say the bitter taste would sting her throat, but she felt nothing.

Her eyes fixated on the view, there was what used to be a beautiful garden in front of her, with red and yellow tulips, and grass surrounding it. She scoffed, this used to be the same view that satisfied her after a long day at work.

She would come home from work after an exhausting day, and stare at the peaceful scenery. There was something so exquisite about nature that just enticed her. Nature for her, was something pure, nothing extra, nothing fake, only natural.

How perspectives have changed since then, now she'd feel nothing looking at her garden. The flowers appeared dead to her, and the grass was soggy, and dark.

A part of her desired to feel that again, the fulfilling feeling of finding solace in nature.

It frustrated her, that she was numb. She couldn't feel pain nor true happiness. 

Maybe one day, she thought. Maybe one day that feeling will come back, the flowers will have life again, and the grass will grow from its roots and begin to nurture. 

But she already decided, whatever happens, she has learnt to embrace herself, and her flaws, she has learnt she is enough and being dependent on others is one of the biggest mistakes you can do.

The media often potrayed her as a shadow of her mom, detatched and severe. Although her mom's image changed to a more positive outlook in the past months, hers only grew darker.

She would soon become the boss of DD Jewelers, and continue her mom's legacy, it was all she cared about. 

"Roshni, sweetheart, you haven't had your dinner, I made your favourite kheer too, come down", an extra sweet tone came out from behind

"I'm not hungry mom"

Her mom sighed at her daughter, she never used to be this stubborn. She repeatedly mentally cursed the guy who broke her heart like this.

"This isn't what I've taught you. You can't go to bed on an empty stomach"

"What empty stomach? I ate a little bit earlier", Roshni retorted.

"Really? And what exactly was cooked?", DD folded her hands across her chest.

"Well you know the thing...."

"And what thing is that?"

"The thing...umm..the round thing with sauce"

DD laughed, "At least your bad lying hasn't changed" and with that left the room.

A few minutes later, she came back seeing Roshni on her bed wearing glasses and typing something ferociously on her laptop.

"Poor laptop".

In her hands was a bowl of kheer, Roshni stared at it for one second before going back to typing. She could smell the sweet fragrance.

"Eat up", She shut the laptop forcefully and placed the bowl on her lap.

"What the hell mom, that was important", DD earned a stern look from her.

"I didn't know I was still raising a hormonal teenager with unnecessary tantrums."

"You didn't even raise me", Roshni muttered under her breath but DD heard it anyway.

It stung her deeply, "You're right, I wasn't there for most of your childhood. Maybe if I was, this wouldn't happen. I'm sorry Roshni", she sincerely apologized

Roshni closed her eyes in despair, she said that out of anger, it was true her mom wasn't there for her childhood. But she always understood, she had to work to provide for them. Only she knew how far her mom had come in terms of succession.

"I didn't mean that, I don't know where that came from".

"It's okay. Be mature about this, you can't take out your emotions on food. You know better than that. All the work you're doing, how are you supposed to do that, if you fall sick? I want to see that bowl of Kheer empty by the time I come back", she commanded.

Even Roshni had to admit, no matter how brave or careless she thought she was nowadays, her moms scoldings and orders were still as scary. 

And with that, her mom left with her words echoing in Roshni's mind over and over again.

The kheer did look irresistible, thought Roshni.

She slid the spoon full of kheer in her mouth moaning with delight. At least her connection to food was still intact. 

It tasted sweet and wholesome as she devoured it all in minutes.

As she ate each spoonful, she grew tired, she couldn't figure out whether it was the physical exhaustion or the emotionally draining months she's been having. 

She dozed off clutching her blankets tightly against her body. 

A little while later, her mom snuck in quietly and smirked at the empty bowl. 

She might not have been there to see Roshni's childhood but she knew her better than anyone else. No matter how bad her tantrums were or how hurt she was, she could never refuse Kheer.

DD placed a small kiss on her forehead, and massaged her head. She only prayed, her daughter would be free of this pain one day. 


She adjusted her black knee length dress before entering the building. This was an important meeting and there was no way she could mess it up. 

Roshni's self confidence had increased significantly in the past 6 months, and everyone knew she didn't give a damn about any other company, only her own. 

Which meant she was ready to do anything to achieve the highest position, even if that meant using someone else's company to improve her own.

Her assistant accompanied her, handing her, her favourite cup of morning coffee and cheesecake. 

She let the coffee burn her throat, as she drank it in one go.

"Good Morning ma'am", her workers stood up greeting her.

"Morning", came her plain reply. 

Today she was about to meet one of the most influential business company in London. She was meeting them to extend a hand of partnership, as it would be greatly beneficial to hers, especially in the media. 

Her mom had already bestowed the responsibilities of the company to her, despite not officially owning it herself.

"Ma'am, he's already here, I told him to wait for you outside your office"

Roshni turned around abruptly, "Get us some refreshments. And next time don't make him wait outside. We need him for our company to grow, we can't make a man like that wait", she sassed.

"Sorry ma'am"

"Hm", She nodded and walked on.

As she hit her heels against the sharp wood on the floor, she saw a man in front of her. A man she never saw, however it was obvious he was the famous businessman everyone keeps gushing about.

He stood against the wall, with his hands in his pocket, continuously checking the clock. His sharp features were evident, from the long eyelashes to his stiff jawline.

"Hello?", Roshni broke him out of his trance.

He rotated his head to her, and immediate pulled out his hand to shake hers.

"Oh hi. Nice to meet you, Ms.Patel", he smiled.

Roshni faked a small smile. For her this was all just a show. "Sorry to make you wait, please do come in".

She might not be feeling the best these days, but she never let that get in between her professional life. She believed no businessman or woman was completely honest anyway. 

He followed her inside to her spacious office, the walls were black, with quite huge windows. The furniture was glossy and had all sorts of stationery and white flowers on them. It appeared to be so dark yet so aesthetically pleasing. 

His eyes wandered around the room, beaming. 

"Nice office Ms.Patel", he sounded impressed.

"Thanks". This was nothing new for Roshni, she got compliments for her office all the time. Her office was a safe spot for her.

"By the way, please call me Roshni", Roshni always hated being called Ms.Patel, she thought it suited her mom better.

The man loved the gesture thinking it symbolised friendliness. 

"Of course Roshni. In that case, you can call me, Siddharth, Siddharth Khurana".

How did you find Roshni's character transformation? Wonder what role Siddharth is going to play in her life...

Next Chapter - Page 4

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Posted: 2 months ago

She did the right think walking away from that dirtbag. He has the gall to talk about his needs. He is not worth her time.

Posted: 2 months ago

Her relationship with her mother is not so smooth either. Was she more involved with her career and not so much with her child?

Ravi Dubey Nia Sharma Jamai Raja 

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