Ishq Ki Nayi Soch VaNi FS

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Posted: 1 months ago

Ishq Ki Nayi Soch...A new thought of love...Part 1



Who gave me this concept to write a VaNi FS.The concept belongs to her.I put my own scenes and dialogues to present her theme.

The title credit goes to my closest friend Riana.


Bani –A famous model, but an orphan who is craving for a family.She  craves for love which is the only thing lacking in her life.She has everything in her life, but not family and a person who can love her truly.

 Veeranshu Singhaniya : He belongs to a priest family.He is a soft middle class boy.He has a part time job of 8 hours. And  the rest  of the time he works in his family temple. He has a loving family.He parents want him to marry a traditional girl who suits their orthodox family. But he just wants a nice girl who can love him truly and understand him.


We can see a stylish woman on the ramp.

She won the hearts of all who were present there.Her beauty was glowing all over there.

An announcement was made.

“The best model of the year goes to Bani”.

The stylish girl was none other than Bani.


She received the best Model award.It was not surprising as there was no one to beat her in the modelling field.

After years Bani is back to her home town to be with her family.It was a temple.

Yes,for an orphan like Bani,her only home was a temple and the only family member was God.

The temple where she spent time during her childhood makes her nostalgic even now.

 “God,after a long time I am coming before you.I really missed you”.

But when she reached the temple area,she was left disappointed.Due to renovation she was not allowed to enter there.

“Why this happened to me?After many years I came back to this place to spend some time here.But even that happiness is far away from me”.

She walked away with teary eyes.

She was in her car.While passing through high way a temple bell sound reached her ears.

She turned that side and saw a small temple there.

Hearing the bell sound again she thought:Why do I feel that the God over here to calling me there?

She parked the car near by and entered the temple.

Bani felt an unknown happiness there.

She folded her hands before the God’s Idol.

Bani:Thank you God for bringing me here.You showed me the right path.Otherwise I would not reached here.

Suddenly Bani’s eyes fell on a young man who was working there.He was none other than Veeranshu.

This temple belonged to his ancestors and he works there from evening till night.

Veer was so engrossed in his work that he ignored her.

A smile smile appeared on Bani’s face.

She thought: Wherever I go,boys recognize me as the stylish model Bani and try to seek my attention.But for the first time a young man ignored me despite of being so popular.This guy I really different and special.

She walked out.

The connection which Bani felt with the temple made her visit the temple next day too.

After praying,Veer gave Prasad to Bani.

Bani:Thank you.

He just smiled.

Bani:What is your name?

Veer:Veeranshu Singhania.

Bani:I am…

Veer:Bani.Who does’nt know you?

She smiled.

Veer walked towards other temple visitors with the Prasad.

Bani:He is really a gentle man.


Bani kept visiting the temple regularly.

One day she donated money to the temple Trust.

Veeranshu smiled at her and for the first time he took the initiative to talk to her.

Veer:You are a big celebrity.Still you came to or small temple.You helped us by donating a good amount of money.You are so humble.Thanks a lot.

Bani smiled.

Bani:No need of praising me.Now I am a celebrity.But there was a time when I found solace in a temple.Only a temple was there for me.That was a home for an orphan like me.

Veer was stunned.

Veer:Usually big people forget their roots.They try to hide their past.But you are so humble and straight forward that you are not ashamed to admit your past.

Bani:My past is my biggest truth.Then why should I hide it?I am not ashamed of my past.

Veer:Good.You really worked hard to reach this position.I really respect you now.

Bani smiled.

She does not know why,but she felt an unknown happiness when Veeranshu admired her.


Due to frequent temple visits Veer-Bani interaction increased and they became friends too.

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Posted: 1 months ago

Congratulations on your new FS

Part 1 

Wow Such A Fantastic Start

Posted: 1 months ago

thanks for the pm

amazing update

Posted: 1 months ago

Bani craves for a family. Veer craves for a good wife. The first time Veer ignored her was strange as no one would ignore a celebrity. The Prasad scene was romantic. I loved their temple bonding.

Posted: 1 months ago

Thank u each one of u 4 the comments n likes

Ishq Ki Nayi Soch...A new thought of love...Part 2


Time passed…

Unknowingly Veeranshu and Bani started getting attracted towards each other.


One day…

Bani was cracking a joke and laughing.Veeranshu got lost in her sweet laughter.

Suddenly she noticed his gaze on her and became shy.

Bani:What happened Veeranshu?

He turned off his face.


Veer:Bani…Whenever I look at you,I am falling in love with you more and more.I have started loving you Bani.

Bani was stunned.

Veer:Don’t worry.I won’t force you to love me.I know that I am not a match for you.You are a celebrity,but I am just a small town boy.

Bani smiled.

Bani:What if I tell you that you are the best for me?

He looked at her in disbelief.

Bani:You are the small town boy who has the biggest heart among the men I have met.Everyone I met treated me as a hot model.I was only a commodity for them.But you are the only person who considered me as a person and treated me with respect.

I also love you Veeranshu.

He became very happy.

They smiled at each other romantically.

Veer and Bani were standing close to each other and chatting.

Balwant saw this with a shock.His eyes became red due to anger.

Balwant:I never expected this from Veer.

But he controlled his anger as it was a public place.


When Veer reached home Balwant caught him.

Balwant:What’s happening Veer?I saw you close to a modern girl.

Veer was stunned.

Balwant:Was it true?

Veer:Yes papa.It’s true.We love each other.

Balwant and his mother Chandralekha were shocked.

Balwant:Who is she?

Veer:Her name is Bani.She is a model.

Balwant and Chandralekha were shocked.

Balwant:Oh no..that’s why I found her face familiar.She was seen in TV commercials.

Veer:Yes dad.Everybody knows her.

Balwant:But how could you love a model like her Veer?

Veer:What do you mean papa?

Balwant:We don’t want a modern daughter in law like her.

Veer:Papa,please don’t judge Bani on the basis of her dressing.She is a very strong woman.She is an orphan.But poor girl really worked hard to reach this level. she is an orphan too.I don’t want a model who is an orphan in this house.I want a cultured well mannered girl as my daughter in law.Not an ultra modern girl.

Veeranshu became upset.


Balwant:Don’t think that my ideas will change.i will stick on to my words.I can never accept Bani as your wife.

Veeranshu became really upset.

Balwant walked away.Veeranshu went near his mother.

Veer:Maa…will you accept Bani?

Chandralekha:Let me meet Bani first.Then I will decide.

Veer was silent.


Veeranshu met Bani and told her everything.

Veer:Papa is very narrow minded.He judges girls based on the profession and dressing.He is very narrow minded.I don’t think papa will ever approve of our relationship and give us the permission to get married.

Bani became upset.

Veer:But don’t worry Bani.We will be always together.Let us elope and get married.

Bani was shocked.

Bani:How can you even think of going against your father and marrying me Veeranshu?You even thought of eloping with me?Did’nt you think how much your father will get hurt if you break his heart?

Veer became upset.


Bani:Veeranshu,you have parents.But I don’t have parents.So I know the value of parents.Family is more important than anything.I have money and fame.Still I feel empty as I have no family.So I can never let a family break because of me.So only if your parents accept me I will become your wife.

Veeranshu became emotional.

Veer:You are so much considerate about my father’s feelings.I wish my father had seen your lovely heart.

Bani looked at him emotionally.They embraced each other emotionally.




Chandralekha met Bani personally.

Bani touched her feet.Chandralekha simply touched her head.

Bani:Veeranshu told me that you want to talk to me.

Chandra:Yes.I am happy that you agreed to meet me.

Bani:What are you saying aunty?You are Veeranshu’s mother.You are very special for me.How can I not come when you call me?I am very happy that you called me.

Chandralekha smiled.

Chandra:My son Veer loves you a lot.He wants to marry you.Do you love him?

Bani:Yes.I love Veeranshu very much.

Chandra:Do you really want to marry him?


Chandra:If you really love Veer,what can you do for him?

Bani:I can do anything for him.

Chandra:Are you sure?

Bani:I am very much sure.

Chandra:Our family is very traditional.It’s difficult to accept someone from the glamour industry as our daughter in law.So if you want to marry Veer you have to sacrifice your passion ie modelling.Will you be able to do that?

Bani was shocked.

Slowly she said:Yes,I am willing to leave my career for Veeranshu as I have been longing for love and family since childhood.For that I can leave my career forever.Nothing is

 more important than Veeranshu for me.

Chandralekha smiled.

She said in her mind:Veer is right.Bani is really a nice girl.She is a cultured girl who fits our family very well.





After a month…




Balwant came home happily.


Veer and Chandralekha reached there.

Balwant:I am very happy today.

Chandra:What is the matter Balwantji?

Balwant:Like I wished I found a well cultured traditional girl for Veer.

Veer and Chandraleka gave a shocked expression.

Balwant:I had noticed a traditional girl who was a frequent visitor to our temple.Her name is Chandni.I was sure that she was perfect for our Veer.I met her family and fixed Veer’s marriage with her.

Veeranshu and Chandralekha were shocked.

Balwant:You have seen Chandni.Right Veer?

Veer:Yes papa.

Balwant:I guess you have forgotten Bani and removed her completely from your heart.So you are fine with marrying Chandni.Right?

Veer said with a cold expression:Yes papa.I am willing to marry Chandni.

Balwant became very happy.

Balwant:I knew that you will understand that a traditional girl like Chandni is the best for you.

Chandralekha became dull.





After a few days….


Chandni was brought to the wedding mandap.She sat near Veer happily.


Posted: 1 months ago

It's Bani Right?

Nice New Story.

Posted: 1 months ago

Congrats on the FS

thanks for the pm

Part 1

splendid update.... well written 

Naagin 5 

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