~~~ SaiRat SS - When Calls The Heart ~~~ PART 4 (Last Part) PG 12 Upda

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Posted: 3 months ago

Hello Everyone.

Tried coming up with something on Sai and Virat

The first part is all about Sai. Second Part will give Virat's thoughts.

Hope you like it.smiley1

Likes and Comments are most welcomed and appreciatedsmiley31


SaiRat SS - When Calls The Heart



Ghar chhod ke jaogi tum? Yehi kehna chahte ho? Toh jao


Two weeks had elapsed. Still, the words resonated in her ears. As she sat in her room, clutching the armrest of her chair, she thought about that unfateful night. She could still see Virat’s tired face as he came back from work and tried to engage into a conversation with her. While she intended to give him a silent treatment, she never wanted them to fight – not then, not ever. But somehow, every time they tried speaking, or voice out their opinions and point of views, they ended up fighting. And then he said those words. Being the person she was, she was deeply hurt when he said those words. She also didn’t miss the silent tear which dropped out of his eye as he minced those words to her. But still, she was hurt. Not wanting to create a scene further, she immediately took her pillows to move to Usha Mausi’s room.


But a hand held her back. “I told you before as well. Main nahi chahta ke tum iss kamre se bahar jao.”


“Aur maine bhi kaha tha, ke aap joh chahte ya na chahte hain, use mujhe koyi farq nahi parta,” she gritted the words and snapped her wrist from his hold, moving out of the room.


Sa…,” Virat tried calling her back but she was already gone.


And then the next day, she waited for Virat to go to work before coming into their room. She stayed awake most of the night, deciding what she had to do next. She packed few things, went to meet Aai and left Chavan Niwas with Usha Maushi. She had already decided that she would stay in a hostel, away from all the daily fights. It was serving her no good staying there, not with Virat’s mood swings. Giving Usha Maushi some money, she told her to go back to Ghadchiroli till she arranges for a house for them. Aai understood why she decided to stay in hostel. She didn’t stop her. The whole family had ganged up against her and she was a daily victim of their taunts. It’s better that she stays in hostel, at least, there her daughter would be able to study in peace. She did feel a little bad for Virat, but a little distance would do both of them good, Aaithought before giving Sai some money. Aai kehti ho aur paise rakhne se mana bhi kar rahe ho, she had chided her when she refused taking money from her.


As for Virat, Sai had left a note for him. Ghar chodke jaana toh nahi chahti thi Virat Sir, but I guess iss mein hum sab ki bhalayi hogi. Yahan na rahongi toh aapke dil ke bahut ache waale ghar waalon se battameezi karne ka mauka nahi miloongi. Iss tarah aap ko bhi ghar waalon se roz roz char baate nahi sunne parenge ke kaise jungle biwi leke aaye hein iss ghar mein, she had ended her note with this.


The night she left home, her phone kept ringing. She didn’t need to check her phone to know who was calling. She didn’t want to fall weak. Not after what happened. She switched off her phone and went to bed, only to face another sleepless night. The next day, she was informed that some ACP Virat kept insisting on meeting her. Her warden had personally come to inform her of same, which she politely declined. Main kissi ACP Virat ko nahi jaanti aur bila waaja main kissi se nahi milti, she had calmly told the lady.


But she spoke with Aai daily. She specifically called her during a time, she knew Virat would not be at home. Today also, she had just spoken with her before she was again lost in her thoughts.


Aai, woh ka….” She hesitated.


Virat thika nahi,” Aai replied her unfinished question. “Roz mujhse tumhaare bare mein puchta hai. Maine use kuch nahi kaha. Lekin Sai beta, main apne bete ko jaanti hoon. Woh tumhe bahut miss kar raha hain. Roz kaam se wapas aa kar apne kamre mein chala jaata hai aur wahi rehta hai”


Sai kept thinking about her conversation with Aai. Even she misses Virat. She had grown quite used to him in those 2 months. As she sat on the chair, her thoughts went back to that night. Did she overreact? Did Virat really want her to leave? She didn’t have to ask herself. She knew the answer. It was all said in the spur of the moment. He couldn’t have meant that. He would never tell her something like that. After all, he did stop her from sleeping into Usha Maushi’s. With each passing day, she wondered whether she did a mistake leaving the house. Was Virat right? She wanted to make everything fine but was her way of doing things right? Why couldn’t she put across her views in a calm way like Virat, like her Abba used to do. Did the fact that she screamed a lot make matters worse? But this is how she is. She cannot change herself just like that. She wished she kept her calm that day and didn’t take Virat’s words in the most literal way like she is used to. She shouldn’t have left the house. She knew how much Virat did for her, he bore the anger of his family members because of her, saved her from Jagtap and supported her when the family members didn’t want her to go to college. Why did she have to leave the house? She still remembered how Virat was trying his best not to spit his anger that day, how he was trying to control himself from replying her back. But he was angry, as was she and one thing led to another.


All those thoughts were eating her mind. And then his words came back to her. Roz mujhe ehsaas dilate ho ke tum mujhse pyaar nahi karti thi, mujhse shaadi nahi karna chahti thi. She didn’t miss those words. They both didn’t want to get married to each other. But they did end up getting married. Like Shivani Bua said, ab shaadi toh hogayi na, chodne ki baat nahi karna chahiye. These 2 weeks have been hell for her. As much as she was pleased with the fact tha tKaku and her team were not there to taunt her, she missed him. At night, she missed talking to him, she missed him telling her about her day. She missed studying in their room while he would pretend to read so that she doesn’t feel alone. In the morning, she missed him yelling at her to get ready on time so that she is not late for college. During the day, she missed him calling her asking if she reached safely. But he did call her, not 1 day, not 2 days, but for a whole week. She was too angry to take her call. But as days went by, and especially after speaking with Aai and knowing how he was also missing her, she started feeling low, on not receiving his calls. She wished he would call back once more. Iss baar pakka call uthaoongi, she told herself. But it’s been one week and the call didn’t come. With each passing day, she started missing him more. She would stare at the ceiling for hours at night, unable to sleep. Kya Aai sach keh rahi thi? Woh sach mein mujhe miss kar rahe hain, jaise...jaise....jaise main  kar rahi hoon???



Teri yaad mein pagal pal pal rota hain;

Bin tere na jaage yeh na sota hain;

Aksar tanhaai mein tujhe pukaare;

Na zor dil pe chale...


This is it Guys.

Next Part will be about Virat.

Hope you like it smiley1

Likes and Comments are most welcomed smiley31



PART 4 - Last

Edited by Zahra15 - 3 months ago
Posted: 3 months ago

Awww....poor Sai. Just pick up the phone and call him. 

Its so heart breaking :(

Edited by neeraja91 - 3 months ago
Posted: 3 months ago

Awesome. Please update soon.

Posted: 3 months ago

Awesome update 

Continue soon 

Posted: 3 months ago

Awwww!!!! Poor Sai. Waiting for Virat and Sai confrontation that means part 3.

Do update soon

Posted: 3 months ago

Originally posted by tinafans

Awwww!!!! Poor Sai. Waiting for Virat and Sai confrontation that means part 3.

Do update soon

Haha. Let me post part 2 first 😂 

Posted: 3 months ago

So realsmiley27

I felt Sai's turmoil and insecurities smiley38

Very well written Zahra smiley32

Posted: 3 months ago

Part 2 or 3 bhi aaj hi mil jaaye toh sone pe suhaaga hoga. Weekend hai and mujhe patience nahi hai ! Pretty pleasesmiley27smiley42

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 

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