Molkki Written Updates 14 Jan 2021

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Posted: 9 days ago


The episode begins with Purvi passing by the Mukhi family in hospital under ghunghat . Mama ji stops her by reminding about her dropped mobile . Purvi initially gets scared but then picks up the mobile n rushes away. she is relieved after she moves away .

Purvi peeps into Manas room thei the window n thinks how easily Mukhi ji declared her sauteli .
Manas snotices Haathi and screams HAATHIII 

Mukhi n Juhi who were playing are surprised . They turn back to check .

Purvi hides . She disguised as nurse with mask  asks Mukhi to go to reception to collects new drugs prescribed for Manas. Purvi sneaks into Manas room , Haathi, Genda, Khargosh have loving happy reunion. Genda reveals how Babbar sher had changed n how he cared  for Genda , then Purvi playfully shares her plan  with the kids . She pretends she is playing game with the kids n kidnaps them.

She moves kids away in auto rickshaw. She apologises to Mukhi for this as she has no option but to do this . She was blackmailed by threatening to defame her sister by releasing her rape video on internet . Purvi is shocked to see Priyashi’s  rape video on the mobile . She is asked to kidnap the kids n run away from hospital. Otherwise Pri will never ever be able to show her face to this world .

Priyashi, Purvi, Manas n Juhi reach old abandoned building . Purvi thinks this is a safe place for them to hide . Manas n Juhi state the place was dusty . Purvi explains this was a sort of hide n seek game with Babbar sher . This place was very safe n none could find them. Manas then agrees to play the game . Purvi feels sorry for the kids , that they have to come to this dirty place but she had no choice . She cleans up n creates space for the kids to sit. 

Vir is surprised as he learns from reception of hospital that there was nothing for him at reception. He rushes back to find Kids missing . He is sure that fake doctor had done this kidnapping .
Hospital authorities are apologetic n offer full cooperation to search ji’s kidnapped kids . Police inquire about his enemies or business rivals .

They watch CCTV footage . Mukhi identifies the woman in mask who had sent him out of Manas’s room.  Anjali exclaims how could the kids so readily n easily go away with a stranger ?? The police state that there is no sign of struggle or use of force in the cctv footage. The kids have gone on their own . Mukhi then zooms the face of the masked woman. All are shocked as Mukhi identifies Purvi . All ask why would Mukhiyani’ do this ?? Police ask if they had any face off with Mukhiyani ? Entire family is shocked to see Purvi’s face n even identify her jewellery.

Mukhi swears he will never forgive Purvi for kidnapping his kids . Mama ji n Prakashi are teary eyed n shocked . Anjali n Jyoti smirk . At the dilapidated-place Juhi n Manas complain about the dirty place . Juhi gets scared of lizards, no TV .   
police decide to trace the auto that dropped the kids with the kidnapper. Purvi n Pri decide to find who had recorded that video n blackmailed them . She calls up the same number that had sent her that threatening blackmailing message 
When she calls the person at the other end cuts the calls several times then switches off the phone . purvi is disappointed  n wonders  who could this be !! 

The kids dislike the place n decide to give clues to Babbar sher .The kids try to inform Babbar sher about their new location by using Haathi’s mobile but Purvi snatches away that phone in time . Vir calls back on Purvi’s mobile but gets no response . He alerts police n hosp authorities. They swing into action . They trace the auto driver n he reveals he had dropped the kids at old unused abandoned NGO building .

At the old NGO building Purvi n Pri are alarmed as they hear knocking on the door, to their relief its is Sudha who has arrived with floor mats n food for everyone . Pur is thankful . Sudha says she is grateful to Purvi for pulling her out of that living hell , she had to help Purvi by suggesting this old building which was unused n best hiding place . She also brought food for everyone . Purvi is thankful n wonders what would she do without her help . 

At haveli Vaibhav is sharing drinks with his four friends gang . He boasts about his winning the challenge l the friends feel disgusted , they swear they would never have challenged if they k ew Bai would stoop to such levels . Vaibhav  boasts that he had avenged that village girl who had slapped him. She will remember all her life . His friend states the challenge was to sleep with the girl not use force like he did , Vai supports his actions . One girl starts committing with disgust, the other girl feels teary eyed . His friend shakes his head with resentment . 
Someone sends SMS to Purvi alerting her that Mukhi with police team  was coming to nab her at old NGO building , if she revealed about rape of Priyu to Mukhi or police , her rape video would be made public . Purvi is very scared for her sister . 

Police and Mukhi arrive at the building n search for Juhi n Manas . Purvi hides , kids n the two ladies are nabbed . Purvi snatches a gun from the police office n threatens to Kill Mukhi of her sister was not let off free. Mukhi challenges her to fire .police warn her try to disarm  her In the confusion police fires n Priyu gets shot .

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Posted: 8 days ago

I wonder if I correctly updated it was Priyashi who was killed . 

Posted: 8 days ago

Thks Suta ji for the WUsmiley31

Thgs are really getting out of proportion nowsmiley44

Posted: 8 days ago

Originally posted by Ziva01

Thks Suta ji for the WUsmiley31

Thgs are really getting out of proportion nowsmiley44

Vaibhav has fall out with his friends who might reveal his horrific act .

Posted: 8 days ago

Originally posted by Sutapasima

Vaibhav has fall out with his friends who might reveal his horrific act .

Let hope dear smiley24

Posted: 8 days ago

I think it might be Anjali who is blackmailing Purvi .

Posted: 8 days ago

Originally posted by Sutapasima

I think it might be Anjali who is blackmailing Purvi .

Yeah blackmailer is a lady can be Anjali....but y dragging the kids in thissmiley44...wht abt Vai and his punishment ???

Posted: 8 days ago

It's anjali the blackmailer but mastermind is Prakashi smiley15


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