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Posted: 11 days ago

Originally posted by pyaar2012

Dont cry babu! i know tum.log ko ho raha hai jo i have an experience of over 15 years.thats why i dont got affected much.But i really want to watch a royal ignoring and silent behavior of Riddhima towards Vansh.

You're right!! I have never been this engrossed with a show before isiliye shayad smiley18 

Thank you di smiley31 

I want a cold treatment too! smiley19

Posted: 11 days ago

Writers don't have creativity in show yaar, They are like ek episode banana hai, chalo Riddhima pe attack ,attack khelte hain,what the!!!!!! Now,There is literally no riansh for me,how can anybody even watch the romance in future too..........Vansh hates Ridhhima ,loathes her,hurts -physically too,mental bala torture to hum kabka picche chhod aye.So much turture,so much negativity........Oh makers u r mistaken,it is not a thriller show,it's a saas bahu show,my god!!!!!!! Sorry to say but i m starting to compare vansh with Cage of beauty hero....... literally man......just give Riddhima a break,a breaaaaak...........

                 I will never want them to be together,neverrrr.If they show , story of Riddhima making herself independent ,doing jobs, going for higher studies,,,, then also i will see,but i can not watch romance in the show man,,,,,bassss

And i want to ask why so much hatred for Riddhima,it makes me think that the writer also hates her..........even more than Vansh do.................plz cvs will you please just stop showing more hanging , chopping , stabbing ,killing tortures

P.s-riddhu is making me irritated too,what is with this nayi shuruwat s**t.......plz go away ,,,,,i beg you,i beg you,,,,,,koi mafia kidnap karo re isko,tab bhi riddhu pe kam hi torture hoga,jitna yeh log karrahe.....vansh isse accha to tum riddhima ko mardete..............There is no supporting character left with the downfall of dadi,if ever she show her fake affection on riddhu,i will literally kill herrrrrrrrr🤬

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Posted: 11 days ago

This show has negativity left only.

And I read his dialogue related to some Raaz...better they not show he has done all this crap to protect her.....smiley7

Posted: 11 days ago

I'm not sure whether is Vansh + his family's torture or Riddhima's obsession i'm most annoyed with. Guess the last one, cause Vansh was never a good person. He became good because of Riddhima and now he is worst because of her too. But Riddhima has lost it completely!smiley29

Is it because of the pandemic they are having a trouble to do the separation track? Seems like they want everyone under same roof because of that. But that does not work for the story. The story can't move forward without a proper redeem track. 

I can't even go back to the old episodes, after watching this week's episodes. They have ruined Riansh for me by torturing Riddhima limitlessly. And seeing Vansh enjoying Riddhima's painsmiley11. Can't see them romance in the near future without a proper redeem track. Redeem is not only for Vansh for the entire Rai Singhania family. But going with previous season, they love to torture the female lead and the evil wins. The female leads are always weak. C'mon we are in 2021 now! That's why I quitted last season, guess I have to do the same here as well.

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Posted: 11 days ago

Ridhhima has to teach this entire clan a lesson.

She has to Royally ignore Vansh and I want her not to be affected by dadi too (which I doubt)

I feel dadi will always b blind for her grandson.hypocrite.

P.S. Can't connect to Vansh anymore to be honest. He is least bit affected by her pains.smiley18smiley21

And if after all these everything is back to normal with a sorrysmiley7smiley7smiley7

Then toh totally ruined.

He HAS TO BEG. Nothing less.

He tortured her literally for crying out loud ( mental, emotional and physical attacks too,left her in that unknown place without any support)

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Posted: 11 days ago

Originally posted by BhataktiAtma.

Pata hai kabhi kabhi mereko kya lagta hai? At times I think Riddhima did not married Vansh due to Kabir's manipulation but has her own agenda. That's why this stubbornness to not leave VR Mansion and win Vansh iska real intention kuch aur hi hai. I could be wrong but sometimes things just does not make sense.

Yaar pata nai. Thought so initially.

And they could have taken the story in different ways. Would have been good Thrill.

But now I doubt any such thing will happen.

They are progressing the story in a predictable itv way with minor twists. Don't think the makers are thinking that creatively.

Also the great support cast is not all getting used wisely.They as used only as  Ridhima - attack- mandali

That too without any strong reason.

Posted: 11 days ago

Sahi mai yaar,hai bhagwan inki yeh week ki trp itni kam aaye ki🤬🤬🤬

Posted: 11 days ago

All r against her Ishani she is a high standard girl falling to such a low level and joining with Ahana and others to get rid of Riddhima burning all her memories and vansh watching it what ever he feels still he is supporting them hurt betrayal everything has gone beyond limit 

Coming to the precap what happened to Riddhima that she left so angrily what did they do the girl who is willing to suffer all the torture but wants to stay in the mansion waiting for tomorrow's episode

Yash Patnaik Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 

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