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The episode starts with Doctor saying Sia is reacting only for Ridhima and she needs to stay with her. Ishani says Ridhima tried to kill Sia while Sia is not leaving Ridhima's hands which Vansh watches. Ridhima, says it's up to them whether they want to keep relation with her or not - up to them but she will stay with Sia. Ishani says - don't agree with the doctor. Aryan tries to drag Vansh but then Vansh says - for the sake of Sia he will make sure this girl (Ridhima) will stay here. So, Vansh said family Ridhima tried to kill Sia and she is a spy. 

Ridhima says she will turn the tables and everything will be back - girl, yaar, Ridhima, cannot help. 

Vansh playing with the basketball and thinking about Ridhima's words what she said in Press conference. Vansh says - he wants to send Ridhima's out of his life. Ahana asks why he agreed for Ridhima to stay in the house and says she cannot be Mrs ASR even for one day. Vansh replies he promised that he will give her place to stay in VR Mansion but not as Wife - I love this. Ahana you deserve. So Vansh is paying her for the whole drama. He punishes himself by hurting to the nail and his hand bleeds yet he plays the game. 

Dadi enters and Vansh says, he wants to remove Ridhima from his life and that is why he did everything. Vansh says whenever he tried, Ridhima always comes back. He is breaking guys, oh broken. Tears in his eyes - ah, unable to blame him

So Vansh revealed the truth of Ridhima what he knows to Dadi. Dadi says she is with Vansh and she never expected Ridhima will betray her. Vansh says - more than their hatred, Sia's health is important. Vansh says to Angre to get the best equipment. 

Ridhima speaks to Sia, saying she did wrong but what Vansh did with her is right? Ridhima says when she wakes up, Vansh will learn the truth which Vanshw watches. 

Ishani, Ahana, Aryan and Chanchal are a gang now. Ahana says they want her to send back. Aryan says he is scared that Vansh might forgive her. Sia coughs and Ridhima sees Vansh. Vansh makes Sia drink water which Sia doesn't respond. 

Vansh says to Ridhima, she is here for only Sia. Ishani says they will make sure Ridhima to be away from Vansh and says Ahana to stay with Vansh always. Bappa, first make sure these 4 people to get out and do something with them. Seriously, they need a big lesson in their lives. 

Ishani says due to Sia she doesn't want Ridhima and Vansh to come closer. Ahana says Vansh is hers and VR Mansion, so she will make sure they never come closer. Vansh says go to guest house while Ridhima says she won't enter his room. Ridhima says he might betray the world and bring anyone but his wife can be only her, no even else. Ahana turning into obsessive - these 4 guys don't want Ridhima, for that they can join any gang. 

Vansh says due to Sia and her being party planner he says her to plan Makara Sankranthi. Ridhima says she is happy that he remembers something about her and she will plan the best festival he will never forget. What she is planning now? 

Vansh mind says he doesn't need her and his heart doesn't need her. Ridhima says, tomorrow it's Sankranthi and it would be a new beginning for them and rest too. Ridhima saying she has trust in her love and will accept in his life and room. 

Kabir sees Ridhima and Sia and his monologue says he is going to throw out of the house due to Sia. he will never live here peacefully. Everyone goes for Ridhima - kya yaar hein.? ITV we know but this modern time showing same 20 ages. 

Someone enters Ridhima room's while she is sleeping and tries to hit her. But the moment she switches the light, she won't see anyone. Ridhima opens the door hearing footsteps while it is Vansh. Ridhima asks did he saw anyone? Vansh says VR Mansion has many secrets and every time a secret comes out, toofan comes. Ridhima feels Vansh is doing this because he wants her to leave. Now, which secret he is speaking about? Something new or from something he wants to keep her safe. 

Ahana pours kerosene in the bottle of oil while Ishani and Chanchal help her. Ahana says they can go any length to make sure to remove her from this house and life of Vansh. Ridhima is coming to make prasad while Ishani says this will hurt her. 

Ridhima pours kerosene feels she is smelling something different. While the fire bursts up and Ahana says this is the trailer and many more to come. Guys this is more of domestic violence and torturing her all alone. Not fair at all. Ridhima smells kerosene and sees Ahana and Chanchal did this and follows them. Ahana says today is Lohri, a new beginning and new problems will come. Ahana says she is an outsider while Ridhiima says wind changes fastly. 

Ahana says Vansh and Ishani had put fire on the old things - while her marriage images and everything being is burned. Ridhima shouts of Ishani while Ishani says she is negative and it should be burned. Ridhima begs Vansh to stop Ishani, while he doesn't. Ridhima burns her hands while picking the images, saw a nanosecond emotion in him but then he turned to stone again. I know you're hurt Vansh, but this way beyond. Not blaming you because you were to that extent, but then again - cannot help. 

Ridhima asks will he able to burn the truth that she is his wife, her memories with him? She asks whether he will put whole fire on the house. She says to look into the mirror - I will stand beside you. 

Precap: Same as promo 


P:S - I need a separation. Not blaming anyone. But too much of negativity between them. It should be burned with time. No offence, but then again, it is needed. 

Promo is it a dream of Vansh or Ridhima. I badly hope it turns out true but the Ridhima coming back should be the Dream of Vansh. 

Posted: 11 days ago

Pata hai kabhi kabhi mereko kya lagta hai? At times I think Riddhima did not married Vansh due to Kabir's manipulation but has her own agenda. That's why this stubbornness to not leave VR Mansion and win Vansh iska real intention kuch aur hi hai. I could be wrong but sometimes things just does not make sense.

Posted: 11 days ago

High Standard ppl ke high standard harkatheinsmiley11 

Edited by jodh57 - 11 days ago
Posted: 11 days ago

Tired to see her same monologue & attitude. smiley39she believes when Sia wakes up all is forgiven! smiley35

Hoping for the best! Maybe it is her payback game.....? smiley44

Posted: 11 days ago

It was a pure torture to watch. Even after all if she forgives him and his family, I m not going to watch this show. She needs to get out of the house.. it's too much negativity. 

Posted: 11 days ago

Nahi Abhi, you have to blame. You know this is.. I need a break 

I can't believe today's episode. Vansh is a part of mahila mandali now ? 

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Posted: 11 days ago

Sab kuch jala k rakh krdo thats want he said right than I hope that's it. I hope she just be done with it now 

Posted: 11 days ago

I dont know how I tolerated today's episodesmiley11 

It was so nauseticsmiley11 

And can Ishani get a kick/slap from Ridhhima, powerful enough to make her remember her ancestors?! Please CVS please..... Just one slap ☝🙏 

Now I really don't see any future of Ridhhima and Vansh..... It's ruined beyond repair❌

Yash Patnaik Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 

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