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There has been a lot of debate on Nepotism in bollywood. But is it just Bollywood or the practice of inheriting occupation is deeply cultural in our country. India has been a caste based society for centuries which severely restricted what occupation one can take. Even today, not a lot has changed. Sure, people have become more educated which was restricted to the elite only in earlier days, but the pattern continues - parents impose their dreams on their children or want them to take the same profession they are in. 

Another thing I have noticed is the practice of networking to get benefits - especially relatives. There are always  family friend or kid of a relative that you cannot refuse. 

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The pattern continues and will continue. 

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and the some non-talented nepo kids will be thrust on us, the audience 

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Originally posted by Maroonporsche

The pattern continues and will continue. 


And some of the (in)famous whiners also need to suck it up and stop complaining and move the hell on! Heck even a colicky baby gives up after a while

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and the some non-talented nepo kids will be thrust on us, the audience 

Thats true.. ironically, even the flag bearer of Anti-nepotism, Kangana employed her siblings. smiley36

How many of us have had tolerate someone who does thing in office all day but is somehow either related or 'making relations' with a senior. smiley36

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I think one thing people forget in their analysis is the origins and history of film mediums as well. In its early days, filmmaking was not a legitimate history. It was not easy to procure investments to make a movie. That is why film productions were either family affairs or funded by illicit people/groups. There was certain disrepute associated with being in the industry due to its illicit affiliations. So for years, filmmaking was confined to only certain circles.

Over time it grew popular. Taboos broke down and funding came in from legitimate sources, but the sense of loyalty to those who had been there from the beginning prevailed and will continue to do so for a while. 

In India, insider loyalty and nepotism are much more prevalent because it took much longer for filmmaking to be legitimized in India. Bollywood was not given an industry status until 2001. Its taken a long time to untangle out of the past and be wholly legitimate. I think it will take another couple of decades for insider loyalty to fade. 

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