SaiRat OS : Khamosh Nazrein *COMPLETED* Updt - Pg 1

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Posted: 1 months ago

            ~~~ A SaiRat OS : Khamosh Nazrein ~~~

Sai was sitting at her stable trying to concentrate. Focus Sai , Focus ! She constantly reminded herself. But her mind was buzzing .

Sai , tumhe sirf Tamasha karna aata hai 

Tum ho ..Kaun !!

Agar batameez insaan ki batameez keh diya toh kya galat keh diya 

Tum ho ..Kaun !!

Tum mujh par apna hukam nhi chala sakti, Sai

Tum ho ..Kaun !! 

Tum mujhe nahi sikhaugi ki mujhe apni Aai se kaise baat karni hai 

Tum ho ..Kaun !!

The waves of these harsh words kept hitting her. The more she thought , the more distressed she felt.Every word of his  had pierced her heart.The only man who always stood by  her , suddenly stood against  her. He shouted at her thrice in the past two days.

Thrice !! 

Why was she so hurt ? The elders of the family always mistreated her but she never felt this kind of stinging pain.She never pondered so much over their nasty comments. Then why was it that only Virat's words were affecting her so much ! Why Why ?? 

She slammed her spiral notebook and rammed her book. A throbbing migraine headache along with some dizziness accompanied her.

She couldn't stand this pain anymore.

With all the agony in her heart and head , she quietly layed down her head on the study table and bemoaned the loss of her once carefree heart. 

Virat entered his house and a series of events flashed before his eyes. The past two nights had been terrible. He was hurt right from the moment something in him, compelled him to shout on Sai. He still couldn't fathom the divergent emotions he felt. 

He regretted losing his calm. He regretted his harsh yells . He regretted going against her . He regretted everything. But he was so muddle- headed then. 

He felt so vulnerable then .

He felt so vulnerable now .

And this regret mirrored in his eyes.

He was on the verge of a breakdown but somehow mustered the courage to gather himself. He led out a long breath and walked into his room . 

There lay her feeble body. Her head rested on her hands and her eyes lay shut. She looked like a river of calm. He was reminded of their conversation about the river. 

"Virat Sir , Waqt na ekdum Nadhi ke paani ki tarah hota hai . Nadhi ke paani ko hum sirf ek baar mehsoos kar sakte hai kyunki woh toh aage badhta jaata hai, bilkul waqt ki tarah.

The guilt returned in manifolds. He felt attacked.How badly he wished to reverse time and undo everything but the time had flown just like a river. 

" Sai, Sai . Chal na khelte hai " , an excited Devi tai came running into their room bringing Virat out of his trance.

Sai instantly opened her eyes and stood up.She smiled at Devi tai and then her eyes met Virat's eyes.

Virat Sir, when did he come ? she wondered 

Why does Sai look so pale ? he wondered

Sai , chal na ! said Devi tai dragging Sai 

Tai, abhi mera mann nahi hai , please , baad mein khelein ? 

Devi Tai pouted while Usha Maushi barged in with a medicine strip in her hand.

She handed the strip to Sai.

Sai, tumhe fever hai kya ? he rushed to place his palm on her forehead to check the temperature. He seized the medicine with his other hand. 

Sai , tumhe phir se migraine ka pain ho raha hai ?

Why didn't you inform me , baba ? Kab se ho raha hai pain ? Should we visit a doctor ? 

Sai , speak up !! he grew anxious with every question. 

Virat Sir, I'm fine , came her hushed reply.

Her big orbs suddenly seemed lifeless to him. She stood still. This was not the Sai , he knew.

Her eyes were silent. She was silent. But the storm inside her was still not silent.

Devi Tai , planted a small kiss on Sai's forehead along with get well soon wish and left with Usha Maushi.

Silence crept again ! 

Virat went to his bedside table and poured in a glass of water. Clearing the lump in his throat , he walked towards her.

" Sai , have your medicine " he stretched out the glass of water. 

Virat Sir , I will have it later she replied in a meek tone , turning  around she started to leave.

Virat tightly grasped her hands and uttered with sheer concern " Kya ho gaya hai tumhe, Sai " . She turned around. Tears welled up in her eyes. 

Her head was throbbing with ache. 

Her heart was throbbing with pain. 

And he stood there , all tormented

His emotions , his feelings had already riled up and now this silence from Sai was making him feel worse than ever before.

Aapko meri itni fikr karne ki zaroorat nahi hai , Virat Sir, aakhir Main Hoon… Kaun !!! 

Her hand slipped from his grip. These were not mere words , these were daggers which were stabbing him to death. His own words from the previous night " Tum Ho ..Kaun " had finally come to swallow him. He felt choked and strangled altogether. His body became numb to this sudden realisation. 

How could he redeem himself ? he wondered. That night the always calm and composed Virat Chavan lost his cool because he was insecure. Did he say insecure ? No , it was his protective instinct for Sai. It was just his fear , right ? Fear of the danger looming over her or the Fear of insecurity ? No No No , it was just the fear of the danger that she had willingly invited. He felt chaotic yet again. His questions had no answers. His failed assurance for his own feelings , left him all bewildered. His teary red eyes spoke volumes about the deep agony that he felt then !  

Virat Sir , main Shivani bua ke paas ja rahi hoon. She needs me. Medicine le kar , wahi sojaungi. Aap dinner kar lena ! 

This girl never failed to amaze him. Out of all her sufferings and pain , she still made sure that he had his dinner. She still made sure that she was there for his Shivani bua.


As Sai left the pain had exceeded and now his eyes were silent. But a storm was brewing inside. It was a storm of unattended questions , unacknowledged feelings , grief , remorse. He remembered Sai enacting her Aaba , watching her from behind the cupboard , Sai dancing , giggling like a little child , them laughing together , mimicking Sai and her silly antics , giving her head massage, peeking through the Sinhagad Fort just to catch a glimpse of her. All their memories revisited him.And just then light rain showers accompanied and his neighbour was playing this one song on loop .

Ye moh moh ke dhaage

Teri ungliyon se ja uljhe

Koi Toh Toh na laage

Kis tarah girah ye suljhe


these threads of attachment,

have got entangled in your fingers

I seem to get no clue,

how to solve open this knot..

The track resonated with his inner turmoil . He closed his eyes only to get lost in this track and her memories once again.


It was four in the morning. Virat woke up by a jolt. He lay on the floor. The bottom front rail of the bed supported his back . He had slept with her thought and woken up with her thought too. He wished to catch a glimpse of her. He gathered himself and reached Shivani bua's room.

He stopped midway, ran his hands through his hair and gave a long breath. He needed a black coffee now but waking up Aai would not be a great idea. He searched on YouTube for the recipe and went ahead to the kitchen. 

He was taken aback to see Sai there.

Her hair , tied in a messy bun with smaller strands falling on her face. Effortlessly, she looked beautiful ! 

Virat Sir , aapko kuch chahiye ? 

Nahi ...mujhe kuch nahi chahiye ….Actually Sai , mujhe bas black coffee banani hai .Main khud bana lunga.

Virat Sir, mai apne liye hot chocolate bana rahi hoon aap ki black coffee bhi bana deti hoon. 

Tum subah 4 baje , hot chocolate peeti ho ! 

Aur aap subah 4 baje , black coffee peete hai,  she said imitating him and then they both chuckled looking at each other. 

Albeit for a minute, they felt home .

But awkwardness returned ! 

.....Sai , saucepan pass kar do , please.

Nahi , Virat Sir , main bana rahi hoon na.

Thik hai toh main tumhari hot chocolate bana deta hoon aur tum meri black coffee bana do, Manzoor?

Done , deal ! 


The next five minutes, were filled with ruckus. Virat messed up twice , by spilling the hot water once and breaking the ceramic coffee mug thereafter. Sai and her constant instructions all went in vain.

But finally the hot chocolate and black coffee were ready.

Sai , balcony mein chale ? 

For Sai , that was the most soothing spot in that entire house. An earthy smell of soil accompanied by the cold breeze and her hot chocolate.

Perfect ! She exclaimed 

" But I doubt your hot chocolate"  said Virat sheepishly. She smiled back at him.

They both sat under the fading moon sipping their drinks.

The fading moonlight shone on her face. Her hair flew in the cold breeze. She was sipping the hot chocolate that he had made. He suddenly felt home again. His heart felt warm on a cold night. He wanted this feeling to stay forever. He was still perplexed about his emotions but if there was one thing he was sure of , it was this feeling ! 

" Sai ", his voice cracked and eyes teared.

I am sorry . Main janta hoon maine tumhe bahut kuch galat sunaya , tum par chillaya , tumhe daanta and I am sorry for all this . Sai , maine yeh kabhi nahi kaha ki tumne galat kiya, tum sahi thi bass tumhara kaam karne ka tareeka galat tha. Tumne apne aap ko risk main daal kar , woh plan banaya .  Mere mana karne ke baad bhi tum backoffnahi kar rahi thi , isliye mujhe aur gussa aaya. But I am also proud of you . You are the bravest girl I know , Sai. Tum sach main apne Aaba ki hi beti ho ! 

Sai now had tears in her eyes.

Sai , ek aur baat , tumhe pata hai agar sahi baat ko galat tareeke se bola jaye,  toh uss baat ki importance hi khatam ho jati hai. Agar tum sahi ho , toh sabke samne apni uss sahi baat ko present karna bhi sikho ,Sai . Yeh sirf family mein hi nahi , life main bhi tumhare kaam aayega. 

Aur tumne mujhse pucha tha na ki tum meri kaun ho! 

Sai, tum meri family ho ! Aur family se hum jitna bhi chahe gussa karein , woh hamare liye sabse important hote hai . 

Virat Sir, even I am sorry. Maine bhi galti ki. Mujhe aapse pura plan discuss karna chahiye tha . Agar hum dono yeh sab mil kar karte toh shayad hum ladte bhi nahi. 

Jaise humne yeh hot chocolate aur black coffee saath main mil kar banai abhi , haina ? said Virat chukling. She scrunched up her nose and laughed. Now this was his Sai ! 

They both shared banters and talked their hearts out for hours only to witness the most beautiful sunrise of their lives , accompanied by a red rainbow ! Somebody had rightly said , 

Without the storm , there would be no rainbow ! 



You guys , I have not had the time to proofread this one . So pls ignore the typos. I hope this one was long enough 😅 for you guys to enjoy ! 

Thanks for your time you lovely people .Your comments are awaited.

Love & Peace 

Ambii smiley27

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Posted: 1 months ago


Posted: 1 months ago

What! You cant end it so quickly. The chapter was just picking up steam! I was waiting to see what would happen next...this was too short :( please update the next part soon. Like now! 🙈😅 

Posted: 1 months ago

Too short

But saying says short and sweet

Posted: 1 months ago

why did you complete so soonsmiley19 in reality virat was is going to fight more.

Edited by chinnu_kaku - 1 months ago
Posted: 1 months ago

Awesome 😍😘😍😘

Posted: 1 months ago

Totally loved it ♥️

Posted: 1 months ago

Nice start 

But why end so early

Please update soon smiley1

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 

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