Again ruining Kartik to elevate Naira/drama

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Posted: 6 days ago

Kartik's character has been repeatedly butchered either for twists or to make Naira look better.

They're doing it again. Kartik fought with Naira to keep Kairav in his life. Didn't leave home for months to be present for all of Akshu's foetal life. Fought with Manish because he wanted to make up for the 5 years he lost with Kairav. In fact, Kartik's fatherhood had many of us much more emotionally invested than Naira's motherhood. (Specially with the Naira-Kairav mistrust track)

But now, they want to reinforce the idea that 'Kartik is nothing without Naira'. Not even a father. If not Naira, he needs her soul to remind him of his basic responsibilities.

Being in a mourning trance is fine. But the way Kairav is being ignored is downright dehumanising. This is not entertainment.

Posted: 6 days ago

Exactly... n writers forgot that right before this track they showed how it was kartik who acted as a bridge between kairav n naira.... He handled kairav very maturely like how actually a father should bond with their children....after that growth in kartik character ..... again they are back to square one...

Posted: 6 days ago


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Posted: 6 days ago

Agreed. Entire track is dehumanising & extremely sadistic tbh. 

In a way I can understand Kartik. He’s in shock, he lost her right when he thought he had saved her & don’t forget, he’s going through this trauma for the second time. 

I know this is one way to deal with grieve, people block everyone out. I expected Kartik to act this way but at the same time, I also expected him to respond to his children’s cries. 

Don’t blame Kartik but my heart goes out to Kairav. Poor kid is handling everything on his own, himself, his sister & even his father’s mental instability ( Kartik is not in his senses imo). 

Posted: 6 days ago

Karthik is shown as an extremely selfish person. I get mourning for his dead wife or being in trauma. But suicide is not acceptable at all. Not when he has two young kids and an infant completely dependent on him. If he thought that he could not live without Naira, then they should have not made children. Should have lived with each other's company. The way Kairav is suffering is agonizing. He is still reeling from his mother's untimely demise and yet is sensible enough to take care of his sister. Kairav is the only one acting sensibly while a bunch of adults are running around like headless chickens. Even Naksh is testing my patience these days. Read in written update that Naksh said that he would have preferred to die instead of Naira. What an idiotic thing to say. What about his wife, his young son and two old grandmothers. Was he ready to leave all of them alone? All this rubbish is really pissing me off.

Posted: 6 days ago

Exactly even i also felt the same thing kartik just ignored kairav and akshu for a while he din even think about them before taking an extreme step and naksh stupid nonsense he said really which is unacceptable he's got a wife a small kid and 2 granny's. I still remember when akshara died naitik never took this kind of extreme step or he never spoken this kind of nonsense.

Posted: 6 days ago

Karthik has become a very annoying,self absorbed and selfish character..the character is beyond repair now how will they fix him..he was such a cute and lovable guy at first hope they can somehow bring that back..

Posted: 5 days ago

BTW am I the only one who found the ghost Naira scene funny, especially that dance part in the end? What the heck was that? These people claim to show realistic things and yet are showing the most illogical things. Now they have shown ghost, what next... naagin, chudail, vampire? smiley39 What a way to ruin a once good show.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 

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