• IF Annual Awards 2020• |Sheep Award P.18|

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Posted: 9 days ago


Nabz: Menu?

Pro: Check.

Nabz: Food orders?

Madz: Check.

Nabz: Buffet prep?

Mahi: Check.

Alright then let's go, in




Pro: Hello ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the IF Annual Awards 2020, Food Edition! 

Mahi: Phew! What an year it was! And as we switch over sides and step into a new-ish world (or not?) let's get going with the grand reveal of our Great Indian Buffet!

Madz: What's better than to start with the most important aspect of India FORUMS, well the name says it all.




Madz: Nabila, what are you dreaming of right now, as we utter the word 'food' ?

Nabz: It has to be the love of my life, my jaan-e-jigar, the food IN my thoughts, haaye main...

Madz: Sadke Jawan? If yes then you're quite close to this forum that has abundant species of fangirls.

Nabz: Presenting the very first category on today's menu: The Fangirling Forum and the award undoubtedly goes to RiAnsh ke deewaane 


Pro: What's up Mahi? Where are you lost? *snaps finger*

Nabz: She's finding answers for her jalebi's existence and perhaps even for my biryani's! Khair, it's just moh Maya all the way.

Mahi: Shush, I'm nothing like our next category here, which has probably given Qurbani of it's liveliness.



Madz: I'm wondering what's wrong with the Maya troopers, maybe they need some rabdi to go with their Jalebis.

Pro: That takes us further down the menu, with the Jaane Kya Baat Hai(?) Forum.

Mahi: We'll probably be hungry again till the time we figure out what's the reason of this diet-ish behaviour inspite of the show's soaring popularity.


Nabz: Well, if we have missing rabdi, we also have a contrasting spicy flavor somewhere else. But it ain't that simple. 

Pro: Absolutely. It's kabhi naram naram kabhi garam garam.

Madz: Don't ya worry, it's the Jwalamukhi Forum, aka the one that is a dormant cheese volcano.


Mahi: After this spice up, it's time for a sweet dessert.

Madz: Yes, what's your perfect welcome dessert, Pro?

Pro: Has to be my maakhan with sugarsmiley42

Madz: Gotcha! This one is the maakhan in our lives too, cause the experience in this forum is extremely silky smooooooth smiley43


Mahi: Maakhan reminds me of Kanhasmiley42

Pro: Oh you bet it does! He's the Maakhanchor.

Nabz: Girlies, we have our own Mastikhor Forum here in IF, where you can probably find Vansh ki raasleela as well smiley2


Madz: Ugh, that's too much of sweet now! I crave for something chat-pata.

Nabz: How about some street food? Chowmein?smiley27

Mahi: Idli chillysmiley42

Nabz: Biryani!smiley43

Madz: Huhhhh, I was talking of our chat-pata forum, aka the Tu Tu Main Main Forum that can satiate the daily dose of spice for you.


Nabz: What are you reading Mahi?

Mahi: It's pretty hard to find a good read these days, I'm lucky I found this good novel <3

Madz: That reminds me, we are no longer limited to hard/soft bounds anymore!

Pro: That's right because our forums are teeming with a lot of budding writers and their beautifully written literary pieces.

Nabz: But there's this ONE forum especially, that has a lot of recipes for amazing stories. And it is...


Madz: I believe we've had some good food today. 

Nabz: Absolutely, the mango pudding and the lemon pickle was the BESTsmiley16

Pro: It's showdown time and time to unravel the best of the best!

Mahi: Best of all courses and to the best of our sources, they are...

Best General Forum


Best Star Plus Show


Best Colors Show


Best Zee TV Show


Best SET Show


Nabz: That's all from our side for today.

Madz: Do join us tomorrow for Day 2! 

Pro: Yes, cause it's the rock n roll makhana day up and next!


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Posted: 9 days ago


Day 1 Credits

Chef: Mannmohanaa

Graphicers: HateSober, Koeli, Leenaaa, MsChanadlerBong


Proofreading: MsChanadlerBong

Color Coding: WildestDreams



Day 1: Forums Award Page 1

Day 2: Shows&Couple Award  Here

Day 3: Members Award Here

Day 4: Sheeps Award Here

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Posted: 9 days ago

Congratulations to the members of these forumssmiley27

Amazing siggies yaar. Loved them

PS: Good to know that the first and 2nd forum I have been a part of won one of which for being the spiciest of all aka Appy's favourite forumsmiley36

Posted: 9 days ago

IMMj forum have so many awards smiley41 smiley41

Congratulations to all the winners  smiley40 smiley40

Lovely thread smiley42 Graphics and tags are extremely gorgeous ❤️ smiley42 smiley42

Posted: 9 days ago

Amazing Threadsmiley40

Congratulations to all the winnerssmiley40

Beautiful writeupsmiley17

"Vansh Ki Raasleela"smiley37smiley37

IMMJ2 wale bacho hum kya kar rahe haismiley36

Posted: 9 days ago


IMM2 forum ko kitne sare awards milesmiley41

Wo forum hai hi sabse achcha

Congratulations IMM2 forum vasiyosmiley40

Sabse zyaada friendly forum

Posted: 9 days ago

Congratulations to all the winners smiley40

So happy to see IMMJ getting all those awards smiley42smiley41

Write up, tags and all are so amazing smiley20smiley36smiley42

Posted: 9 days ago

Congratulations to all the winners!smiley10

Glad to see IMMJ2 forum winning so many awards smiley41smiley27

Such a Beautiful thread with lovely writeup and tags smiley42smiley42

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 

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